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Chapter 51: Palace of Egoism

The waters started swirling around from the bottom, creating big waves on the surface. The splashes of water began raining down from the impact, yet Qian Lü’s surrounding was unaffected.

Silver glow glistened from the palm above Gu Ting Yu’s heart. Qian Lü raised his head, pressing his thin lips together.

The human’s physique was way too weakened; as time went on, the body would be crushed because of the inability to completely accommodate Ming Lei’s powers.

Currently, the five volcanic stone statues which were carved with incantation markings were only temporarily suppressing Ming Lei’s rampage inside the human’s body.

The healing technique which was used to support the primordial spirit was the [Spirit Binding Technique].

By depending solely on this unique technique, Qian Lü had been able to retrieve lost souls from the hell gates numerous times.

“For now, I shall let you live.” Qian Lü panted lightly as fine beads of sweat appeared on his forehead.

The Spirit Binding Technique was a form of medium binding a soul to a dead body. However, the actual process of making a human regain full consciousness again required more work than that.

In this land full of vitality and magic, the name [Xue Lian Insect] made people fear and yearn for it.

The Xue Lian Insect was the corresponding opposite of the Yuan Ming Flower.

The Yuan Ming Flower bloomed on the land where the Evil Source dissipated; the only living beings that could go near them were the Sacred Beasts who lived within the palaces. The surroundings were filled with deadly venom, and its dew could provide a huge amount of life force to anyone who drank it.

The Xue Lian Worm had originated from an isolated island on the extreme end of the northern countries, where a high amount of snow blanketed the land all year long. The size of it was not bigger than that of a person’s thumb. It was snow-white in color and was hard to locate, since it buried itself deep within the snow. Legends said that the blood of the Xue Lian Worm would change itself according to the surrounding temperature.

Only if its blood was clear of all impurities, would it truly be a rare form of a life-saving remedy. Otherwise, if the blood was contaminated with even the slightest redness, it would cause the patient unimaginable pain and they’d die from its poison, since there was no cure for it.

Qian Lü carried the unconscious Gu Ting Yu and placed him deep in the bamboo forest that was covered in purplish fog.

The source of the fog was the thousand-year-old bamboo which was deep purple in color.

Qian Lü split open the purple bamboo with his palm, and the bamboo leaves swayed, falling onto the ground. The thousand-year-old purple bamboo that had absorbed the spirit of the clear spring now released clear, sweet, icy-cold spring water. It flowed out from the opening. At the bottom of the emptied bamboo, there was a tiny white creature, clinging onto the stem.

And there was the Xue Lian Worm which would determine the life or death of the human.

“I’m feeding you the Xue Lian Worm that I’ve been raising for a thousand years,” he leaned forward and took it into his mouth. After adapting to its naturally cold physique, Qian Lü supported Gu Ting Yu in his arms, then leaned his thin lips onto his, “…so you better spit out Ming Lei for me.”

Their lips touched as they shared the same breath. Qian Lü’s light scent lingered on their connected lips, as the Xue Lian Worm slowly slipped into Gu Ting Yu’s throat.


Not just icy-cold; a rush of chill went surging through Gu Ting Yu’s every organ. The cold became too extreme, then the raging burning sensation took over immediately, as the two extreme powers fought against one another within the body.

Gu Ting Yu felt as though his chest would tear apart with each collision of the two forces.

The flesh that was damaged because of the fall from the cliff was healing up at an ungodly speed, as the tendons and bones seemed to be breaking and rebuilding themselves, causing unbearable pain.

Qian Lü, who was just beside him, did not pay much attention to Gu Ting Yu; he’d walked to the side of the spring to wash his lips with the waters.

“Ughhh..” the groaning came from the human behind him. Seems like the Xue Lian Worm has already seeped into the human’s bone marrow, he thought. Even with the fog, he could vaguely see Gu Ting Yu’s muscles trembling and twisting, as the intense pain caused his face to pale even further.

As the sweat and blood accumulated, Qian Lü frowned. He had a way to reduce Gu Ting Yu’s pain, but apparently, he was unwilling to do so.

In this world, only the living had the right to feel pain.

Gu Ting Yu laid on the ground as the shaking started to ease away. It’s about time… Qian Lü thought, as he carried Gu Ting Yu and leaped into the air.

Like a flash of silver that danced between heaven and earth, he stepped onto the clouds and mists to reach directly above the five mouths of the spring.

Suddenly, Qian Lü released his grip. Instantly, Gu Ting Yu fell into the center of the spring.

The clear and gentle spring water washed Gu Ting Yu’s skin like a pair of beautiful hands. As for Qian Lü, he too dove straight in after Gu Ting Yu fell into the spring.

Water droplets trickled on Qian Lü’s thin eyebrows and his long, dense eyelashes, as they both emerged from the spring. The two people were buried in the fog, and the spring water carried Gu Ting Yu as if the waves were alive.

Qian Lü glanced at Gu Ting Yu and frowned once again. He seemed to be thinking of something. A moment later, he swam over to the front of Gu Ting Yu and wrapped his arm around the other’s waist.

After having soaked in spring water, Gu Ting Yu’s fair skin appeared again as well as his firm, delicate chest and abdomen that did not have any fat. He lay in the arms of Qian Lü’s, and his body had the same scent as the pleasant spring water.

Qian Lü’s sight shifted downward and it paused at Gu Ting Yu’s member that was still submerged in the water.

He reached out his lean fingers and hesitantly brushed against the bulge… as his fingertips touched the flesh, Qian Lü couldn’t help shivering.

Gu Ting Yu could feel his skin burning and his throat was in deep pain; he woke up feeling soreness throughout his entire body.

When he opened his eyes, there was a man with long silver hair watching him, holding a bamboo tube.

“Drink it,” he said.

Gu Ting Yu’s head was throbbing in pain as he sat up with difficulty. He was now inside a room made of bamboo – the beams and the roof were symmetrically built out of bamboo, and the four walls of the building were covered with white curtain sheets. As a soft breeze blew through the room, the sound of the spring stream could be heard from outside the window. Opposite the bed, there was large shelving which had almost a thousand partitions. Every partition was filled with different types of items.

“Where am I?” The man before him had a refined temperament that rendered him speechless. For a moment, Gu Ting Yu unconsciously thought that he might have died and was seeing a deity.

“You do it.” Qian Lü finally made up his mind.

“Do what?”

Qian Lü felt at a loss for words. Then, he pointed at Gu Ting Yu’s in between and replied, “…that, you know what.”

Gu Ting Yu lowered his head and saw his manhood lying lamely. His cheeks flushed immediately, has this deity lost his mind?

“You don’t know how to?” Qian Lü questioned suspiciously.

Don’t tell me he wants me to help him…? At the thought of himself grabbing Gu Ting Yu’s ‘thing’, Qian Lü shuddered.

“It’s not that…it’s just…wait, what exactly do you want?”

Qian Lü coughed softly. Then, with a very strange expression, he picked up a bamboo stick and walked closer to Gu Ting Yu…

Under Gu Ting Yu’s gaze, he openly poked the lame organ; the other was too shocked to react.

“…why is it not ejaculating?” Qian Lü questioned with impatience as he continued to poke Gu Ting Yu with the stick.

“…” There was a three-second pause.


Qian Lü crawled up in astonishment – he couldn’t believe he just got kicked down by a human!

Gu Ting Yu, too had a startled expression, and Qian Lü was too pissed to say anything. Moments later, he tried to suppress his raging anger, “Get this through your thick skull! I saved your life!”

“That…even so, it’s impossible!”

“Huan Sheng and I made this agreement to save your life; you will give me whatever I want!”

Gu Ting Yu’s first reaction was: Huan Sheng sold him off again…

With eyes filled with anger and despair, he stared at Qian Lü, “I will never let you have your way!”

PAA!” the bamboo stick snapped instantly. Qian Lü took a deep breath, then narrowed his eyes dangerously. He stepped closer to Gu Ting Yu, “Then I’ll just have to help myself!”

Just for that wee bit of semen, the Qian Lü who had mysophobia<sup>1</sup> grudgingly grabbed the sexual organ that almost made him vomit in disgust.

The outcome, however, was that after a whole night of stroking, his hand became tired and aching, yet nothing came out.

Gu Ting Yu staked all his concentration and struggled till the end. Eventually, his body gave in due to fatigue as he fell over and collapsed onto the bed. Both his hands were now bound behind his back.

As for Qian Lü, who had never ever assaulted another being before, he was also sweating profusely. He didn’t understand why this human was showing such a big reaction.

“Scram!! Go away!!!”

“Shut up!” Qian Lü, who was already frustrated, tore a piece of the pillow cloth and shoved it into Gu Ting Yu’s mouth. Instantly, the room was left with broken mummering…

He pushed apart Gu Ting Yu’s legs as he heard the human’s desperate, low groan.

Ming Lei had already been infused into this human’s bodily fluids, and he couldn’t suck the blood out of him. Then, what was left would be to take it through the semen.

Even though the flesh before his eyes was such a hateful thing to see, Qian Lü didn’t have a choice but to think of a way to get it up.

[What the hell! Can someone please tell me how to do this?]

The bamboo stick had already been crushed earlier, he couldn’t waste time to look for something else. Qian Lü reluctantly placed his fingers onto Gu Ting Yu’s dick again.

The chilling touch made Gu Ting Yu shudder in response.

Qian Lü attempted to convince himself – I’m grabbing a bamboo… – and he grabbed tightly.


The “bamboo” did not harden; instead, it trembled and softened.

“You! Hand over Ming Lei to me!!!!” Flustered and exasperated, Qian Lü tightened his hold on Gu Ting Yu’s dick. He had never felt so defeated.

Yet Gu Ting Yu widened his eyes as he looked at Qian Lü bewilderedly. He wanted to say something, but the cloth was stopping the words from his mouth.

“Fine…Well then…” knowing that Ming Lei was just before his eyes, yet it was so unreachable, Qian Lü bit down on his lips as unwillingness and anxiety now mixed in his beautiful eyes.

The next moment, this reclusive man of royal descent from the northern country, he who possessed the ethereal beauty of a unicorn, lowered his head, leaning towards Gu Ting Yu’s groin area and shakily placed his thin, red lips onto the sexual organ before him…

Under Gu Ting Yu’s surprised watch, he swallowed the organ into his mouth.

1 – Mysophobia: also known as vermiphobia, germaphobia, bacillophobia and bacteriophobia, is a pathological fear of contamination and germs.

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