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Chapter 101: Seventh World (5)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

After learning that Bai Duan would join the radio drama and dub for the role of ‘Onmyoji,’ Liu Tao, who was originally not very interested, immediately ‘summoned up his courage’ and put forward his ‘request’ to the dubbing club. This time, he didn’t want to be passer-by A, but wanted to match a role with the ‘Onmyoji.’ What was more, this role… The first encounter between his character and the ‘Onmyoji’ was not much different from his first encounter with Bai Duan, both of which were one where he was on the verge of danger and at the critical moment ‘the hero saved the beauty.’

Although they didn’t trust Liu Tao’s dubbing ability very much, everyone in the club was still worried and guilty about their previous act of leaving him to escape. In addition, Liu Tao guaranteed that if he still didn’t match well, he would automatically quit. So the club agreed to his proposal after a discussion, and Liu Tao did not disappoint them.

Because of the similar experience, Liu Tao’s dubbing this time far exceeded people’s expectations, and even aroused the emotions of the other dubbing CVs, bringing them back to the thrilling adventure not long ago. Due to the strong sense of substitution, the action force of the club was very high this time. Within a few days, several CVs began to communicate with each other, and they quickly followed in the later stage. His brain was full of inspiration, rendering the whole radio drama with a delicate atmosphere and aura.

As a result, such a radio drama, which was excellent in all aspects and came from [Ink Black Moon], immediately attracted widespread attention and received a lot of praise once it was released.

Within hours, the forum posts of the broadcast drama had built hundreds of high-rise buildings, and the download volume had increased in a straight line. The fame of several dubbing CVs were also taken advantage of to take this drama to a higher level, and the two IDs of [Ink TaoTao] and [White Ink] had also entered the public’s vision.

Since they came from the same club, they would use the word ‘Ink’ in the member ID of all [Ink Black Moon] actors. [Ink TaoTao] was Liu Tao, and Bai Duan was too lazy to get his ID, so he simply and roughly added the word [White], which sounded quite pleasant.

[Ink TaoTao] had appeared in the CV world for more than a year, and he had been appearing in the radio dramas from the [Ink Black Moon] community, so people were not unfamiliar with this ID. However, in addition to being strangled when it first appeared, [Ink TaoTao] didn’t have any sense of existence. Later, since he was always passer-by A, he gained the ironic title of ‘passer-by professional.’

This time, the opinions of the audience changed a lot.

Although he had not been in CV in the world before, Liu Tao was a man who had won more than ten movie awards. His lines were not bad at all. In just a few words, he brought the charm of his original good voice into full play, which made his ears shine.

Compared with [Ink TaoTao]’s ‘late achievement,’ [White Ink] was a new person, and this new actor, however, was more brilliant than other old CV’s performers.

Although the radio drama was well received, most of the audience said it was too unfriendly to a timid audience.

This was originally a miraculous story. Now, with the hard performance and excellent late rendering of CVs, it was even more immersive. It seemed that they were also one of the poor people who entered the ghost cave by mistake. What’s more toxic was that the script of the drama was excellent and the plot was compact. Even if people were afraid of it, it attracted people to listen to it. The more scared, the more reluctant they were to hang in the air, the more they wanted to know the development and the end.

In such an atmosphere of terror and tension, the existence of the role of ‘Onmyoji’ was like a light that pierced the darkness. His presence not only meant the escape of the protagonist and his party, but also the audience could not help but breathe a long sigh of relief.

It was true that Bai Duan’s voice was beautiful, otherwise Lin Lin wouldn’t always be thinking about pulling her cousin into the water. However, there were plenty of talents in the CV field. Every famous CV had a good voice. Even if Bai Duan’s voice was good, it wouldn’t be considered ‘amazing.’

But in addition to the beautiful timbre, Bai Duan’s voice had a unique characteristic, which was ‘calming the spirit and calming the heart.’ Although the character’s mood didn’t fluctuate too much, the faint ‘reassurance’ not only saved the protagonist’s line in danger, but also affected the audience. Subconsciously, they relaxed their tense nerves. In the process of the plot, they couldn’t help but regard Bai Duan as the Savior. They were looking forward to his appearance and him pulling them out of the abyss of fear.

This kind of expectation and desire also extended from the drama to the outside. All of the audience who had heard the drama had a natural good feeling and trust for the CV [White Ink.] Some people even edited and spliced Bai Duan’s lines from the radio drama, and said that the ‘Onmyoji’s soothing emotions were not only applicable to the radio drama but also worked when they watched horror films. After watching a horror film, they listened to his voice and were able to settle down. They didn’t want to repeat those horror scenes again and again in their mind.

For a while, the audio clip of this line was quickly favored by the public after it was released, and its download volume was almost the same as that of the broadcast drama itself. Later, some people who were not interested in the broadcast drama but heard the magic effect of this audio ran to download it to join in the fun, and even entered the pit of the broadcast drama out of curiosity, which led to the spread of the broadcast drama.

Bai Duan’s success was not only due to himself, but also the role of the script.

“I knew it! Cousin, your performance in this play will definitely burn! Now, many screenwriters and directors came to me to ask for your contact information. I want to invite you to dub. I have seen it. These scripts and characters are very good!” Lin Lin stared at her cousin sitting at the back of his desk, “Cousin, what do you want to do? Do you want to try another role?”

“No.” Bai Duan responded without hesitation or even looking away from the book in front of him.

“… Cousin, are you still not interested in the dramas? Don’t think it’s fun? Very fulfilling?” Lin Lin’s disappointment was overwhelming. “There were many people who liked your voice online! Everyone is looking forward to your new drama! Don’t you want to make it? You just produced a drama, and you already have fans! Did you see the messages from the fans?”

“No interest, no fun, did not see.” Bai Duan’s tone was cold. He raised his hand and turned a page of the book. He was not affected by Lin Lin’s excitement at all. He promised to do the drama before just to ‘monitor’ Liu Tao since he worried about his changes. But to Bai Duan’s surprise, Liu Tao was extremely stable these days. Besides getting his mobile number from nowhere and sending ‘harassment messages’ anytime and anywhere, he was no different from ordinary students. Even at night, there were no moves made on him.

In this regard, Bai Duan really didn’t know whether he should take a breath of relief or feel lost.

Obviously, he didn’t want to show such ‘ugliness’ in Liu Tao’s hands at all, but Bai Duan had to admit that the other side’s technique was really superb, which made him feel empty and yearn every night, as if he had accumulated desire for twenty years. He finally broke through the earth, and then it was out of control.

However, Bai Duan couldn’t help feeling a little jealous and angry at the thought that Liu Tao had developed this kind of ‘technique’ in some unknown place with another person. This kind of performance, like being jealous, made him feel frightened but unable to suppress his emotions. When facing Liu Tao, he naturally couldn’t show a good face.

Liu Tao, who always thought that his lover was angry with him and had to restrain himself again and again, “…”

Lying on the desk, Lin Lin, who constantly tried to persuade Bai Duan, of course, didn’t know that her cousin was now in a state of ecstasy, and all his heart was focused on loss, jealousy and anger. Seeing Bai Duan lowering his head and looking at the book in front of him, he didn’t give her any more reactions. Lin Lin, who was thirsty, sighed for a long time and gave up trying to continue persuading him. “If you don’t want to, forget it. However, in the first place, you have joined this radio drama, so you are not allowed to quit!” His eyes widened since Lin Lin’s tone was serious, “Otherwise! Watch out for my tears!”

With a helpless glance at his cousin who couldn’t even threaten others, Bai Duan nodded softly, “Of course, I won’t be so irresponsible. Since I participated, I will do my best.”

Lin Lin sighed in relief, smiled at the success of her plot, and shook the mobile phone in her hand triumphantly, “It’s settled, I’ve recorded it! Cousin, you must not go back on your words!”

Bai Duan, “…” He felt that there was something wrong, and suddenly he had a bad feeling

Bai Duan was puzzled, but no matter how he asked, Lin Lin refused to disclose his little calculation. Bai Duan had no choice but to put the matter aside for a while he would know sooner or later anyway.

Seeing his little cousin laughing like a fox who stole a chicken, Bai Duan picked up his eyebrows and said, “It seems that you have really recovered? You’re not afraid of that thing from before?”

“… It’s impossible.” Lin Lin’s expression suddenly broke down, and she smiled bitterly. “To be honest, I also contributed to the download volume of your line clip, cousin. Now I set a loop every night when I go to sleep, which makes me feel relieved.” After a pause, her eyes drifted subtly for a moment. “As far as I know, most members do the same thing. After all, there are still some fears in the mind when we need to brew emotions to match the drama during this period…”

Bai Duan was speechless for a moment and stroked his forehead he couldn’t understand the brain circuits of these college students at all.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t want to meet these ghosts again in my whole life!” With her hands folded, Lin Lin bowed three times to Bai Duan, and then sighed with exaggeration, “Every time I meet a ghost, it will definitely reduce my life by thirty years!” With such emotion, Lin Lin didn’t know that she had set up a big flag.

Three days later, a boy jumped down from the dormitory building without warning. It was clear that the number of floors was not high, but he was killed immediately. What’s more terrible was that when he jumped from the building and died, he was smiling as if immersed in a dream.

The day after the incident, the roommate of the student who committed suicide, a member of [Ink Black Moon], sat in front of Bai Duan, pale and scared, just like a frightened bird.

Lin Lin, his cousin, who had brought the member to Bai Duan, “QAQ “

I have a crows mouth!

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That girl needs a slap! Idiot for courting death repeatedly & keeps dragging others down. People really did die because of her group’s stupidity but they don’t get it. Stupid. I really want this btch to die, it she won’t because she is the MC’s cousin. Grrrr. Need a huge fly-swagger!

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