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Chapter 100: Seventh World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Just as Bai Duan was struggling to clean his bathrobes and bedsheets, Liu Tao left the dormitory and walked to the classroom happily. He secretly recalled the boundless scenery from last night, and his heart could not help but feel some satisfied desire. That was until he stepped into the classroom door, where he converged the rippling breath of his whole body and restored the original’s cautious and non-existence style.

However, Liu Tao was different from the original. As soon as he entered the classroom, his classmates found out the changes, “Eh? Liu Tao, did you change your hairstyle?”

Liu Tao raised his head and gave a restrained smile, “Yeah, yesterday I thought my hair was blocking my eyes. I didn’t feel comfortable, so I went out to have my hair cut.”

To be fair, the original’s appearance was not ugly. The three elder sisters were also the most beautiful women in the village. He just thought that he wasn’t because he was from the countryside and a poor family. Therefore, when he came to the big city to go to university and saw the bright appearance of his classmates, he had the feeling of inferiority. It was better to be cautious and inconspicuous.

Liu Tao studied very well when he was a child and got good grades after he went to university, but that was all. He was probably the typical type of nerd. Apart from learning, he didn’t know anything, and had no artistic specialty. Even the rules of basketball and football were not clear to him, so it was difficult for him to integrate with his classmates.

And joining the dubbing club, [Ink Black Moon], was the biggest change he had the courage to make. His voice was very good, so he received an invitation from the dubbing club, and he also wanted to use it to change his too low self-esteem and habit of not daring not to speak loudly in the face of others. Unfortunately, such a character could not be reversed overnight. Although his timbre was very good, his range was very wide, and he could control various roles, but the original body had not been able to fully use its talent.

He was completely a layman for dubbing. Even if he hid alone, he couldn’t let go of dubbing, let alone let his emotions into his voice and infect others. So although he had played many roles, the effect was not ideal. At last, he gradually became a professional passer-by, almost including only three or two lines in the broadcast drama, who didn’t need an image building role.

Of course, these original difficulties that could not be overcome were not a problem for Liu Tao at all. Although he still imitated his original character, when Liu Tao looked up and smiled shyly, he immediately attracted the eyes of the students in the classroom making them suddenly realize that there was such a handsome boy in their class.

Originally gloomy and self abased, he became shy when asked a question directly. With his beautiful white face and soft and sweet voice, he became more pure and clever. He made the girls in the class look straight and made the boys want to be like him.

The boy who spoke to Liu Tao smiled slightly and sighed with emotion about the importance of hairstyle. It was clear that Liu Tao had just changed his hairstyle, but it was as if he had changed his personal style, which made him feel a huge pressure. In the future, it would be more difficult to find a girlfriend. The world was difficult.

The boy turned his head and stopped looking at the suddenly emerging competitor, while Liu Tao sat down and took out his textbook. He took a professional course seriously and practically.

At the end of the course, the professor left them with a handout, and the originally quiet classroom was boiling in an instant. The students packed their textbooks and rushed out of the classroom in twos and threes only to be surprised by the person waiting outside when they just stepped out of the classroom door.

“Bai, Bai Duan?!” Although their majors were different, Bai Duan’s face was well-known throughout the school who could be recognised at a glance by everyone. A girl bravely took the lead in the meeting, her voice trembled slightly because she was excited. “What can I do for you?”

Bai Duan looked down at the girl and gently nodded, “I have something to ask Liu Tao. Can you call him for me?”

“Senior, no problem!” The girl nodded repeatedly, turned around and ran back to the classroom quickly, while the message that the male god came to find the transparent Liu Tao exploded in the classroom in an instant.

Liu Tao’s heart was happy, and naturally there was no need to cover it up. He was flattered and widened his eyes, obviously a little inconceivable, but his body stood up reflexively, ran to the door quickly. He even stumbled over the table leg because of his hurry. However, no one in the classroom laughed at his embarrassment, and people looked at him with envy and jealousy everyone knew how cold Bai Duan, the campus god, was. Besides his little cousin Lin Lin, he never took the initiative to find a student.

This Liu Tao…they really didn’t know what shit luck he had, but he was friendly with their God.

In the eyes of the public, Liu Tao panted and stood in front of Bai Duan. His eyes were full of excitement and expectation, and his face was also flushed. He was going to play a full ten for the image of his idol’s younger brother.

Looking at Liu Tao, in Bai Duan’s eyes, he almost thought that he had misunderstood the simple student. However, on second thought, Bai Duan’s expression suddenly became subtle after all, Liu Tao was not a human at all, but a ghost without identity.

Finally, Bai Duan could not bear it. He sarcastically said, “Such a good performance.”

Liu Tao was stunned. Then he seemed to react. The blush on his face became deeper, and the smile on his lips became more excited, “Thank you, thank you for your praise… I will continue to work hard in the future!”

Bai Duan, “…”

You don’t have to work hard, thank you! Your skin thickness is amazing enough now! Taking a deep breath, Bai Duan told himself that this was not the place to talk, and quietly calmed down his impulse to beat the ‘person’ in front of him. “You come with me, let’s talk.”

Liu Tao blinked, and it was a coincidence that he followed Bai Duan, who turned around and strode away.

Bai Duan was very familiar with the school and soon took Liu Tao to a sparsely populated place. After confirming that there was no one else around, Bai Duan stopped, turned around, hugged his chest and looked at the innocent student in front of him. He felt that his teeth were itchy again, “What do you want to do?”

Liu Tao’s head tilted slightly he was used to being cute in the last world. For a while, he couldn’t get rid of these little actions, “What are you talking about, senior?”

“Don’t pretend with me!” It was a pity that the Bai Duan of this life didn’t think about how cute he was at all. He became more and more depressed. “You know what I’m talking about was that guy you last night?”

Liu Tao looked at Bai Duan. After a while, the innocent look on his face slowly faded away. Suddenly, a layer of evil appeared on the corner of his mouth, “I’m so happy that the senior student recognized me.” After a pause, he chuckled with a long aftertaste. “Did I do well last night? Did I… make you very comfortable?”

The last two words, Liu Tao said meaningfully and deeply. His voice was originally unique. The deliberately pressed ambiguous voice seemed to be like a small hook, which made Bai Duan’s heart suddenly quiver, and his whole face was covered with red clouds for a moment.

Even after so many generations, Bai Duan had made great progress in all aspects. However, Bai Duan still had a very different distance from Liu Tao in the ‘field’ of skin thickness, and had no first world war power at all.

Bai Duan almost wanted to scold his mother as he helplessly tried to suppress the heat on his cheek, but his constant upbringing made him speechless, “What are you talking about?!”

“What nonsense?” Liu Tao narrowed his eyes slightly. “I helped you shoot so many shots last night. It was so thick and white. It’s obvious that you haven’t let it out for a long time, right?”

Bai Duan opened his mouth and didn’t know how to respond. His heart was galloping, which was even worse than it being still and steady.

Unfortunately, Liu Tao didn’t mean to be restrained at all. Instead, he looked serious, “It’s not good for the body to hold out for too long. I’m worried for you, Senior.”

“Then I need to say ‘thank you’?” Bai Duan sneered.

“You’re welcome.” Liu Tao licked his lips. “You should have said ‘Thank you for your hospitality ~’”

Bai Duan was so angry that he raised his hand and threw the charm that he had been holding in the palm of his hand. Unfortunately, the charm was like the most common yellow paper, which was caught by Liu Tao. He looked down, then put it to his lips and kissed it. Liu Tao put the paper into his trouser pocket and smiled vaguely, “I’ll take good care of the ‘love keepsake’ from Senior.”

Realizing that the technique he learned didn’t seem to have half an effect on Liu Tao, Bai Duan secretly told himself not to provoke the other side, and had to suppress the boiling emotion, and ignore Liu Tao’s ‘provocation.’ “Why did you do… last night… that sort of thing?” After a pause, seeing that Liu Tao laughed loudly, it seemed that he had to say something that made him blush. Bai Duan quickly added, “Was it to suck my Yang?”

Liu Tao was stunned, and the smile on his face faded. He seemed to be in a bit of a dilemma, “Well, last night’s event, although you and I were happy, doing it occasionally, once or twice in that manner is ok. But doing it  too many times, it will really affect your health.” Taking two steps forward, he watched his sweetheart guard against him. Liu Tao’s actions were fast. He took advantage of Bai Duan’s ignorance to grasp his flexible waist, stick his lips to his ear and lick his auricle. “If Senior allows me to touch you with my body, it’s best. Moreover, in this way, we can do much more, and go deeper into more comfortable things… “

Surrounded by Liu Tao’s breath, feeling the close temperature of the other across the thin summer shirt, a current spread from his moistened auricle, making Bai Duan feel subconscious. However, he quickly responded and pushed Liu Tao away, “Think again!”

Liu Tao shrugged and regretted it. To be honest, although Liu Tao also thought it was fun to sneak into his lover’s room with a spirit gesture and ‘brew sauce’ and ‘turn over and over,’ it was not a long-term solution.

For one thing, this kind of practice would indeed burden Bai Duan’s body, so it could only be regarded as an occasional interest; for another, the original body couldn’t stand the repeated struggles Liu Tao put it through.

After all, although an agreement had been reached that the body could be used at will, the body of the task object and the soul of the task person did not originally match, so it was easy to ‘malfunction.’ Only when the body was attached for the first time, the combination of body and soul had been the closest. Once the number of times of separation was more, the degree of fit would gradually decline. At last, it was possible to control the body to walk but if attention was not paid to it, the body would ‘pop’ and separate from the soul. It would be terrible.

Liu Tao certainly wouldn’t let himself fall into such a dilemma, so even though the previous world had been separated from Bai Duan for such a long time, he didn’t want to ‘continue the front edge’ in the way of soul separation. Of course, this was also because the distance between the two people was too far, and the magnetic field of the other world was different from that of this world and didn’t support the independent existence of a soul.

Liu Tao sighed, “Don’t you like my body now? That’s a pity. I have to use last night’s method to make the schoolmaster happy for the time being.”

Bai Duan, “…” No, I’m not happy at all. Get out of here!

Bai Duan’s heart was filled with a kind of powerless emotion when he looked at the spoony ghost in front of him who was unidentified and purposeless but was obsessed with him.

Being treated like this by the other side, he clearly should hate him, despise him, and try his best to get rid of him, but in fact, Bai Duan didn’t have the slightest intention to kill Liu Tao. Instead, he was tickled by the other side and his heart beat faster.

Bai Duan was confused. He didn’t know how to deal with the current situation and the tough guy in front of him. He tried to clear his emotions, but he didn’t get a clue yet, so he was interrupted by a familiar call, “Finally found you! Cousin, Tao Tao~”

Bai Duan looked up, followed the voice, and Liu Tao also looked over. Obviously, he was not happy to be disturbed by someone and wanted to be alone with his lover.

Lin Lin came panting, stopped in front of the two men, propped her hands on her knees and panted for a while, with a coquettish complaint in her voice. “How did you two get to such a far side? It wasn’t easy for me to find you!”

“You wanted me? What can I do for you?” Bai Duan looked at his cousin who had been resting all night and finally regained her energy and vitality. His expression softened a little.

“… In fact, I’m here to find Tao Tao.” Lin Lin blinked and looked back at Liu Tao. “I’ve been calling you. Why didn’t you answer?”

Liu Tao apologized insincerely since he ignored the mobile phone that had vibrated several times in his pocket. “I left my mobile phone in the dormitory.”

“You always lose everything. You can’t forget something as important as your cell phone!” Lin Lin complained. She looked at Liu Tao, who had changed a lot and looked handsome. “Everyone from the club is gathering in the activity room. We are going to practice lines. If you don’t have anything else to do, we can go together.”

“The lines of that radio show?” Bai Duan frowned, a little frustrated. “Do you still have the heart to do that?”

“Of course!” Lin Lin straightened her chest, “We are professionals! Since I received the drama, I will do it, otherwise I’ll feel sorry for the author, sorry for the fans, and sorry for what happened to us yesterday! Yesterday… that kind of thing, everyone’s mood is at the best moment, I am sure that as long as the current state goes on, the drama will definitely burn, maybe it can become a classic!”

Bai Duan looked at his ambitious little cousin without a word, and had to ‘praise’ the young people’s dedication and heart. However, Lin Lin turned the subject to him. “Oh, we are only one ‘Onmyoji’ away from a classic!” After that, she stared at Bai Duan with burning eyes, and her tone was flattering. “Cousin, aren’t you one?”

“…I can’t do this.” Bai Duan was helpless to Lin Lin’s persistence.

“No! You don’t know that! You are the living Onmyoji! As long as you speak your lines according to your habits, it’s absolutely okay!” Lin Lin seemed to hear the looseness in Bai Duan’s words. She immediately beat the snake with the stick and said, “It won’t take you much time, I promise!”

Bai Duan frowned, but as he was about to refuse, he saw Liu Tao standing on Lin Lin’s side in a flash, and suddenly swallowed his words back.

Secretly convincing himself that Liu Tao would take advantage of the club activities to do something harmful to his cousin, Bai Duan hesitated for a moment and nodded softly, “Then I’ll try it.”

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