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Chapter 102: Seventh World (6)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Lin Lin looked at her member incredulously, and said in a strange voice, “After that time, how dare you play with a pen fairy 1?” 

“I don’t know.” The member gave a wry smile and shook his head repeatedly. “Since then, I never dared to touch that kind of thing! But I can’t control what other people do! This time, when some of my roommates played with the pen fairy, I advised them not to. They didn’t listen or believe me. I also thought… Maybe nothing would happen after all… After all, I’ve played with it by myself, but nothing ever happened… “

“But this time, something happened.” Lin Lin face expressionless was pale.

“At the beginning, we didn’t take it seriously, I didn’t participate in it, and even left it behind.” The male member’s muscles twitched on his face, and he didn’t know whether he wanted to cry or laugh. “For a while, I was busy with dubbing, and I didn’t care about their situation until I gradually felt that it was wrong. By then, it was too late.”

He choked and his eyes were red. He did not know whether he was afraid or grieving for the death of his roommate.

Lin Lin raised her hand, tapped him on the shoulder, and soothed him silently.

Bai Duan pondered for a moment and squinted at the boy in front of him. He was born with a kind of ability to sense the ‘Qi’ that other people couldn’t. Although it was not clear what this ‘Qi’ meant at first, Bai Duan now had some knowledge of it through years of learning and observation.

“You really don’t have Yin Qi left on you.” Bai Duan whispered, “It shows that you are not the target of the pen fairy.”

The boy was stunned for a moment, and then he was relieved unconsciously. But before he could relax for even a few seconds, he was petrified by what Bai Duan said, “I’m not sure whether the ‘pen fairy’ left contentedly after dealing with the person who offended him or whether he has a big appetite and is looking for prey around him as the saying goes, it’s not easy to send him away.”

After all, he was also a student in the same dormitory. He was more likely to be chosen as the next target than other people. Lin Lin was also shocked and whispered to Bai Duan, “The students in the whole school will suffer…? Cousin, can you get rid of it?”

“… I can try.” Bai Duan nodded, but not in a certain tone. He had learned a lot of theories before, but had little practical experience. He had only seen the existence of ‘ghosts’ for the first time in the air raid shelter, so he was no better than Lin Lin.

However, this time, the haunted area was not a remote area with few people, but the university campus where they lived in daily life. Bai Duan could not ignore it even if he was not sure. Instead of waiting for the ghosts to devour too many souls and become more powerful, it was better to start when they just appeared, and the odds of dealing with it may be higher.

Bai Duan was worried that he wouldn’t be able to deal with the pen fairy. But in the eyes of the rest, he was very strong and reliable.

Hearing Bai Duan’s promise, Lin Lin and the boy’s faces improved a lot. Lin Lin was the one who was most proud of her cousin, “All the monsters in the shelter were scared away easily by cousin. This time, there will be no problem!”

Looking at his determined cousin, Bai Duan was a little helpless, but he didn’t refute anything, so as to make them more frightened and uneasy. In fact, Bai Duan clearly knew that the charm he threw didn’t cause much damage to the ghosts in the air raid shelter. Instead, he infuriated the other side and asked the other side to transfer the target. As for why the ghost escaped, he didn’t know.

It was more likely that the ghost was… afraid of Liu Tao?

Bai Duan drew several Guardian symbols for the boy to give to his roommates to avoid their accidental deaths due to the influence of the ‘pen fairy.’ Bai Duan soon asked to go home, and once again went to his grandpa’s study to find a way to deal with evil spirits such as the ‘pen fairy.’

There were records about exorcising ghosts, which were numerous and complicated. There were simple ‘local methods’ similar to black dog blood, forehead sweat, willow leaf water, a peach wood branch, which could be used by everyone. There were also Onmyoji methods, such as five thunder talismans and ghost collecting talismans, which had high requirements for users. Bai Duan, a blind man crossing the river, was more dazzled and uncertain.

Just as Bai Duan was hesitating, his mobile phone suddenly vibrated, drawing his attention back. He thought of Liu Tao, but picked up the mobile phone quickly, opened the password lock, and clicked on the SMS.

It was Liu Tao who sent the text message, and the content: [It seems something changed, and it seems serious? Do you need my help? ]

Bai Duan raised his eyebrows slightly and instinctively felt that the other could not be so generous and kind, sure enough, just after he read this message, the next one arrived in a flash: [If you kiss me, I will help you~]

Bai Duan curled his mouth, scolded Liu Tao in his heart and tried to put down his mobile phone. Unfortunately, before he could even do this, another text message interrupted his action. Secretly, Bai Duan was still willing to click on every text message. [If you need help, I’ll be at your door. I can come to you at any time.]

Bai Duan was stupefied and subconsciously looked at the dark sky, worried that the other side was still wandering outside at night. But when he thought about it, Liu Tao was a ghost. He was not afraid to be haunted even when he was walking at night. If he met other bad people, he should worry about the fate of those people.

In this way, Bai Duan put his heart back, but his heart was still in a state of confusion, like a cat was scratching it. He tried to concentrate and continued to look down at the books in his hand, but ten minutes later he found that he couldn’t read a word and his mind was full of Liu Tao wandering outside the house.

Finally, Bai Duan gave up resisting, stood up and walked out of the house. It was late at night, but it was not cool outside at all. As soon as Bai Duan got out of the air-conditioned room, he felt a heat wave on his face, and his dry body was also full of sweat. Because of the discomfort, Bai Duan frowned slightly. Bai Duan’s eyes wandered around, and soon saw the familiar figure under the streetlamp beside the road.

Liu Tao noticed his arrival earlier, he raised his lips and showed a simple happy smile. Unfortunately, the smile was caught in Bai Duan’s eyes, but it was full of satisfaction and showed off. But Bai Duan knew that he could never take advantage of his quarrel with the other party, so he just put the emotion down. He walked to Liu Tao in a few steps and said, “Do you know how to get rid of the pen fairy?”

Liu Tao raised his eyebrows in surprise and smiled, “Didn’t I say I would help you when I told you how to pay me? How can we not talk?” His face showed a bit of grievance, and his tone also showed helplessness, “Although I like you and I don’t want you to be unhappy, you can’t bully people like this.”

Bai Duan got goose bumps from Liu Tao’s expression and tone, and then took a step back subconsciously, “I didn’t promise this kind of thing. If you don’t want to help, then don’t!”

He found that his sweetheart seemed to be disgusted by him. Liu Tao was a little embarrassed in his heart. He secretly scolded the old faults he had developed in his last life, but his face did not show half of his shortness of heart. Seeing Bai Duan turn to leave, Liu Tao subconsciously raised his hand and held Bai Duan’s arm and pulled him in his direction.

Recently, in addition to texting and harassing his lover, Liu Tao had been busy exercising his new body, and his exercise routine was naturally very good.

Bai Duan only felt a strong attack. Even if he had been prepared in advance, he could not help being dragged and fell in Liu Tao’s direction. Liu Tao was naturally happy to accept his sweetheart’s ‘giving up.’ He still held Bai Duan’s wrist tightly in one hand, circled the other’s waist, and hugged Bai Duan close to himself. His lips also took the opportunity to cover his sweetheart’s slightly opened lips, and took advantage of Bai Duan’s surprise or intention to scold.

His flexible and soft tongue penetrated Bai Duan’s mouth and roughly occupied this area that had never been visited by anyone. It swept over his teeth, lightly caressed the upper jaw, hooked around the other’s helpless soft tongue, and danced with it.

Bai Duan’s body quivered and a bunch of fireworks exploded in his head. He wanted to resist, but his body seemed to have gone soft and he was unable to hold himself up. Instead, he took a step backward following Liu Tao’s movements and was pushed against the wall.

His light and thin summer shirt was lifted up, warm palms were pushed under his shirt, and the other impatiently and ambiguously stroked Bai Duan’s waist and back. Liu Tao’s body was pressed tightly against his, leaving almost no gap. Not only did Liu Tao clearly feel Bai Duan’s small, hard nipples rub against his chest, but even Bai Duan immediately found Liu Tao’s enthusiasm had hardened his lower organ.

In the quiet, dark night with only insects chirping, their breathing became heavier and hotter. Bai Duan only felt that his heart was beating fiercely, his brain was a mess, and the oxygen in his lungs was decreasing, which made him dazzled and his ears ring.

Bai Duan, who was not breathing well, instinctively wanted to avoid a kiss. Finally, he was rescued by Liu Tao sucking his numb and painful lips. He heaved his chest like a drowned man, breathing fresh air.

“How can you forget how to kiss every time? I have to teach you again?” Liu Tao chuckled. Although the tone seemed to carry some blame, it was full of pleasure. He kissed down Bai Duan’s neck with a slight tilt of his head, even ripped open his neckline, leaving distinct kiss marks on his shoulders and collarbone.

Barely breathing enough oxygen, Bai Duan’s senses returned a little. He raised his hand and grabbed Liu Tao’s black hair to prevent his lips from continuing to ravage him. Liu Tao was very reluctant to do this. He felt the pain from his scalp, bowed down and bit heavily at the red tassel he had been salivating over for a long time. He heard Bai Duan’s light “hiss,” then he raised his head and buried himself in Bai Duan’s neck to calm his boiling desire.

Bai Duan felt that his neck was once again ravaged and licked by Liu Tao’s lips, but his body was trembling again. He raised his hand and tried to push his attacker’s head away, but was bitten by Liu Tao discontentedly. After all of this, he did not dare to make any more moves.

Feeling the sweetheart’s cleverness, Liu Tao was finally a little satisfied. His lower body was still close to Bai Duan’s groin, and his lover seemed to have the same reaction. The instrument slowly moved, but the expression on his face gradually became serious, “Your reward, you received it.”

Bai Duan was rubbed by Liu Tao, and his whole body was hot and his teeth were itchy. He opened his mouth and wanted to take it back. However, he was hit by Liu Tao vaguely and heavily. He suddenly changed his scolding to an uncontrollable gasp. Liu Tao went hard at the sound.

Subconsciously, Liu Tao’s palm moved down, clasped Bai Duan’s buttocks, and touched the intoxicating gap. Unfortunately, before Liu Tao went deeper, his wrist was firmly grasped by Bai Duan, who was red faced with tears as shame in his eyes. 

After a standoff with his lover, Liu Tao had to give up regretfully, so he silently let go of his salty pig’s hand and put his arms back on Bai Duan’s waist. He coughed a little, and looked like a beast. “Now that I’ve got the reward, I’ll surely keep my promise and help you to get rid of that thing smoothly and peacefully.”

Bai Duan licked his lips with his tongue and really wanted to slap the person who was pressing on him, but since he had been cheaply taken by the other party, Bai Duan would not be stupid enough to refuse the benefits he deserved.

Holding back his emotions for a while, Bai Duan let Liu Tao attach himself to his ear and spit out the plan in a low voice. The expression on his face was subtle, “I’m not afraid that it’ll be so simple. The pen fairy shouldn’t be that stupid.”

Liu Tao snorted, his tone full of disdain, “It’s a ghost that doesn’t have any divinity or instinct. It doesn’t even have intelligence. To say ‘stupid’ is to praise it.” 

Bai Duan hesitated for a moment and nodded after all after all, Liu Tao himself belonged to the ‘ghost’ side, he should know more about the existence of a ‘pen fairy’ than himself, so there would be some credibility, right?

Bai Duan decided to follow Liu Tao’s instructions, he was determined and immediately turned away. Pushing Liu Tao away with his hard-earned strength, Bai Duan tried to press down his flushed face and coldly said, “In that case, you can go back.”

Liu Tao took a few steps back and looked at his sweetheart who pretended to be cold. He blinked his eyes slightly. His eyes gave a suggestive glance downward, “Baby, are you sure you don’t need my help?”

Bai Duan, who was still hard, froze for a moment, glared at Liu Tao, then turned around and rushed into the house before going straight to the toilet.

Liu Tao watched his lover leave, gave a soft ‘tsk’, looked down at his little brother, and said to himself in a grumpy voice, “It seems that you will continue to be wronged for some time.”

The quiet little brother held his head and chest up high.

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Translator Notes:

  1. Chinese style ouija board where the pen supposedly gets possessed and the ghost writes down what it wants to say. There’s a movie out for it, Chinese of course.


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