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Chapter 107: Seventh World (11)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

“…Why? Are you interested in this kind of video?” Liu Tao asked knowingly, full of surprise.

Bai Duan was embarrassed, but the expression on his face became calmer. Only his red ears betrayed his true feelings, “How can it be possible. Didn’t you get the script for the new radio drama? There is a line in it. I… don’t really.”

“Oh, what do you mean?” Liu Tao ‘suddenly realized it,’ but still criticized, “If you don’t understand, you can come to me! Aren’t we lovers? How can you see other men and women’s nakedness?”

Bai Duan didn’t know how to respond to Liu Tao’s jealousy. Fortunately, (?) Liu Tao didn’t wait for his response at all. Bai Duan only saw the silver fog rush towards him, and he retreated reflexively for a few steps, but hit the edge of the bed and stood unsteadily. Then he was pressed on the bed by the silver fog which looked light but was heavy.

“What are you doing?!” Bai Duan tried to struggle, but the silver fog split into several things. The hand easily stopped his movement, even turned him over and put him in a prone position.

“Do you still need to say that? Of course, it’s to dub for you~” Liu Tao was a serious rascal, and his tone was full of seriousness. “Aren’t you in the H play? I’ll help you recreate the scene. Can’t I experience it more deeply?”

“Speak up if you want to! Don’t make excuses that no one believes!” Bai Duan groaned and watched his loose pajamas being ripped off by the silver fog.

“Well, I want to.” Liu Tao’s ‘mistakes can be corrected’ and quite simply admitted it.

Bai Duan, “…”

Why am I always so hated by this bastard that I can’t say a word?!

Naked, Liu Tao’s body felt totally different from the touch of human skin. The cool temperature was printed on the back of Bai Duan’s back, and seemed to extend along his vertebra like a kiss, causing him to shiver. This feeling was obviously very strange, but when he thought of Liu Tao, Bai Duan’s body got excited involuntarily, which was really like the beauty, poison, and desire blazing in the Onmyoji in the script.

The silver mist stretched out and covered Bai Duan’s whole body. Bai Duan only felt that he was loved all over. He could not bear the intense stimulation even though it was his first time.

His lips were pushed open and pushed into a small air column to lift the weak lips and tongues; his nipples were kneaded and pressed, and he was suffering from the ravages with trembling; his waist and limbs were slowly stroked, and he was suffering from crispness and itching; his lower part was raised, and was taken care of by all means, and tears quickly gathered in the corners of his eyes.

Bai Duan only felt that he was about to be driven mad, and the previously uncontrollable breath and groan now flowed out completely uncontrollably, even a saint would blush when he heard it.

It didn’t take long for Bai Duan to let go. He collapsed on the bed, tired. His head was dizzy and he could not move a finger except for his breath. But when he thought that he was finally free, he felt a thin breath lingering in his back hole for a moment, and then he was slowly penetrated.

The breath was extremely gentle, and didn’t bring any discomfort to Bai Duan, but this gentle invasion was particularly abrasive. The itch from the inner wall made Bai Duan writhe and groan uncontrollably again.

Since accepting that he had a male ‘lover,’ Bai Duan had looked up the relevant (?) knowledge  and knew what Liu Tao wanted to do now.

Unbelievably wide eyed, Bai Duan’s voice was hoarse, “You, what are you doing? You are in such a state, can you do thi…”

Bai Duan could only hear Liu Tao’s gnashing response from his brain, “How do you know if you won’t try?”

Instinctively, Bai Duan just wanted to beg for forgiveness. However, the small column in his behind suddenly grew larger and thicker. In a moment, he opened his corridor and was occupied in full.

Such a sudden stimulation made Bai Duan tense up and let out a short gasp. He opened his mouth to say something, but the pumping and moving from behind broke his voice. Even if his mouth was wide open, it could only be used for panting and groaning.

Liu Tao, who had a hard time eating meat, pulled Bai Duan along for a whole night, adding that he did it in a spiritual way for the first time. He found that such a way was even more exciting and addictive, and he could not help but become more uncontrollable.

Different from the fixed shape of the human body, the spiritual body could do whatever it wanted. Even the parts that went deep into his lover’s body could be big or small, long or short, thick or thin, and the shape and appearance could change a lot. 

Under Liu Tao’s indulgence, Bai Duan, who experienced the feeling of doing and loving for the first time, experienced this kind of stimulation and was almost lost. It was not until dawn that he was let go of by Liu Tao. Since he was in a spiritual body, he had no fatigue at all. Finally, Bai Duan’s eyes closed and he fell asleep.

Liu Tao looked at his lover who has been ‘tortured’ so much that he felt a little guilty. It seemed that he couldn’t control himself when he ate meat for the first time in this life. He could only wait until he was short of heart after the event. It was true… he couldn’t change even if he wanted to.

Li Tao began to painstakingly clean up the traces left by Bai Duan when he put the sleeping Bai Duan in place with a new quilt. The windows were opened, ventilated, and the strong smell of the house was removed; the dirty bedding was also carried to the bathroom by Liu Tao, who washed it a little bit after all, Bai Duan’s grandfather still lived here, and Liu Tao dared not use the noisy old washing machine.

If someone outside saw the situation in the house, they would shout ‘haunted’. His hard-working work came to light, and after finally completing the cleaning work, he left quietly.

Not to mention how satisfied Liu Tao was when he went back to his body, the poor ‘victim’ Bai Duan barely woke up at noon, feeling that there was no place on his body that didn’t hurt. What’s more… It was hard to sit up.

When Bai Duan’s grandfather got up in the morning, he found that his grandson’s situation was not right, but he couldn’t bear to wake him up. He could only run to see the situation every once in a while. Finally, when Bai Duan opened his eyes, his spirit was shocked, “What’s wrong Duan? Are you ill?”

Bai Duan was blinded by his grandpa’s caring eyes.

The only thing to be thankful for was that Liu Tao, as a soul body, could not leave a trace on Bai Duan. Otherwise, according to the intensity of last night, he would be covered with blue and purple. Others would know what happened at a glance, and he wouldn’t be able to hide it at all.

He nodded his head hard, Bai Duan’s eyes drifted subtly for a moment, and his hoarse voice answered softly, “I should be sick, my body… it’s not very comfortable.”

“Then what? Can you get up? Do you want to go to the hospital for an examination?” Bai Duan’s grandfather reached out to test the temperature on his forehead and found that Bai Duan didn’t have a fever which relieved him a little.

“… It’s a little difficult. I won’t go to the hospital.” Bai Duan gave a dry cough, and for the first time made up a lie to his grandfather. “Maybe it’s because of the summoned ‘pen fairy’ I helped my classmates banish the other day. I’m just tired, plus I have Yin Qi in my body, so I’m sick. I’ll recover after a rest. Don’t worry, Grandpa.”

Bai Duan’s grandfather had heard about this before. Later, the police also issued a special bonus and a certificate to reward him for helping the police solve the case and protecting the safety of citizens’ lives and properties.

In this regard, Bai Duan’s Grandpa, who had been ridiculed as a despicable staff for his whole life, was extremely proud. If he was not afraid to influence the life of his grandson, he would like to boast about it to everyone, so that everyone knew that he had a grandson with outstanding talent who inherited the blood of his Onmyoji. Even the police came to him to help solve the case!

However, such pride disappeared after seeing the pale and haggard appearance of the eldest grandson. Bai Duan’s grandfather had no doubt that he was lying because he had a good reputation since he was a child, so he was very worried.

The profession of Onmyoji dealing with ghosts was very noble and noble. Although it tended to decline now, in ancient times even emperors dared not offend them.

Similarly, such a high career also meant a great deal of effort. It was not only possible for the Onmyoji to die when fighting with ghosts, but also because he often dealt with the dead, he would be infected with Yin Qi which would affect his life span, and even suffer from heavenly punishment for spying on the fate of heaven.

As an Onmyoji, there was seldom a good ending. There was a saying that “five evils and three deficiencies” refers to those Onmyoji who reveal their opportunities, violate Yin and Yang, and are destined to have deficiencies.

Bai Duan’s grandfather was not a real Onmyoji, so his children and grandchildren were full and his life was complete. He also completely forgot the defects of these Onmyoji and hoped to revive his family name.

Now, looking at his grandson ‘being punished’, Grandpa Bai Duan’s blood was suddenly cold his family had been defeated for a long time, and it was nothing to lose. More importantly, his grandson should be safe! He secretly regretted that he had been teaching these charms to his grandson. Bai Duan’s grandfather felt that he should have destroyed them back 20 years ago.

He sat on the edge of the bed, touched his grandson’s hair, and his tone was heavy, “DuanDuan, let’s leave these things alone, shall we?”

Bai Duan didn’t know that his grandfather had so many brain supplements in just a few seconds. He was stunned, “What?”

“It’s the ghosts. Let’s not worry about them. Your parents are right. You are a good young man and should not do this.” Bai Duan’s grandfather sighed. When he was young, he developed the stubborn character of ‘hard and soft’, for which he argued with Bai Duan’s parents several times, but now he admitted his mistake for the first time.

Bai Duan didn’t understand why his grandfather suddenly changed his attitude, but he also knew that it was because he pretended to be ill.

Secretly scolding Liu Tao for being bloody and guilty, but Bai Duan couldn’t explain the real reason. He just lowered his head a little bit and tried to appease his grandfather, “OK, I know. Don’t worry, Grandpa.”

Hearing Bai Duan’s answer, Bai Duan’s grandfather finally relaxed and smiled, “Well, take a good rest, Duan, and I won’t disturb you. If it’s really hard, call grandpa again, okay?”

Bai Duan responded and saw grandpa out of the room. Then he lay back in the new bedding, grinned and turned over, and closed his eyes again.

As for Liu Tao, that bastard… Hehe, don’t even think of touching him again!

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