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Chapter 106: Seventh World (10)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Under the guidance of the spirit left by Liu Tao, neither of the two ghosts had the intention of flinching, and rushed straight towards the enemy who hindered him. However, Bai Duan stopped and didn’t run away. They acted as ‘desperate prey’ very cleverly, so that the two ghosts could ‘settle down’ and fight, instead of chasing after them first.

Although Xu Jiahong was very bold, he did not dare to look out to see the battle between the two ghosts. He could only feel the wind coming from behind, and his cold bones began to tremble, and his lips turned blue and purple. If hiding on one side gave him such a feeling, he could only imagine how terrible it would be if he was faced with the attack of these ghosts.

Observing that Xu Jiahong’s condition was not very good, Bai Duan took out a charm and patted it on his back. All of a sudden, Xu Jiahong felt warm and couldn’t help but give Bai Duan a grateful look but was blocked by Liu Tao’s possessive desire.

Xu Jiahong who suddenly became speechless, “…”

The battle between the two ghosts soon turned out with a result. It was the ‘pen fairy’ who had been injured before, so the ghost in the air raid shelter finally took the upper hand.

“It’s going to run.” Bai Duan whispered, “Don’t let it go!”

Liu Tao also nodded, “Let’s finish it.”

It was agreed so Bai Duan and Liu Tao rushed out of the hiding passage, Bai Duan raised his hand, and the five thunder talismans in his hand came out with the sound of thunder, and clapped directly on the ‘pen fairy.’

If it was the heyday of the ‘pen fairy,’ the five thunder talisman probably wouldn’t have played a key role at all, but it had been injured. Now, the shape and spirit of the one who was beaten by another ghost was not stable. Without any precaution, the five thunder talisman firmly stuck on and the ‘pen fairy’ was immediately destroyed by the power of it.

Xu Jiahong, who was behind the two men, happened to see this scene. He secretly lamented that the hero Bai Duan was a teenager, and then turned his attention to the other ghost. He was tense to prevent it from hurting people, but he didn’t know that Liu Tao had already released the previously converged spiritual force.

The ghost in the air raid shelter had been scared away by Liu Tao not long ago. Now it still remembered the oppressive feeling that made it feel scared. Besides, it was also hurt by the ‘pen fairy’ just now, and was too scared to stay for another moment.

In a flash, the old black fog technique was repeated and it slipped into the cracks in the wall before completely leaving. Xu Jiahong watched it escape, but didn’t react for a while.

“It… ran?” He stared at the crack with an unbelievable voice. In the eyes of the living, the existence of ghosts, which they can’t fight against, has always been synonymous for ferocity and terror. Xu Jiahong never expected that the other side would run.

“Well, it’s gone.” Liu Tao shrugged his shoulders. “This ghost has been around for a long time, and he knows how to seek benefits and avoid harm. Otherwise, he probably wouldn’t have been able to stay here all the time without being destroyed.”

Xu Jiahong nodded silently, digested the reality, but still felt like he had fallen into a dream, “So it’s settled? So simple? “

“Yes, that’s it.” Liu Tao picked his eyebrows and didn’t intend to explain to Xu Jiahong what complex things were hidden behind the “simplicity” after all, he and Bai Duan were just ‘ordinary’ college students. It was not a good thing to be too profound and powerful, as it would cause suspicion and increase a lot of troubles.

Bai Duan and Liu Tao took Xu Jiahong with them precisely because their method of expelling ghosts was ‘simple’ and effective. Instead of relying on their own strength, they used the power of another ghost by opportunistic means of ‘small intelligence.’

As for the next thing, Bai Duan and Liu Tao didn’t need to worry about it.

Xu Jiahong went back to the police station in a trance and sorted out the case’s closing report overnight. Bai Duan also told the relevant personnel the good news, so that two college students who were frightened and scared could have a good sleep in peace. As for Liu Tao, there was no trace of his involvement, and no one knew that he had participated in it.

The ‘pen fairy’ event was resolved, and [Ink Black Moon] was rejuvenated. Before long, the script of the second broadcast drama was sent to Bai Duan by Lin Lin, who was very excited.

Looking at his cousin, who was extremely persistent about the radio drama and seemed to be unshakable no matter what, Bai Duan sighed, took the script with interest and flipped it at will.

Originally, he participated in the radio drama to supervise Liu Tao and prevent this guy from messing up. Now that their relationship had changed, Bai Duan also gave up and really didn’t want to dub.

And this idea, when he saw the last line of the script, reached the peak.

“… What is this?” Bai Duan pointed to a few words with a certain sense of schadenfreude and bad intention [breathe, come on, CVs continue to breathe 0w0], looking straight at his brother Keng’s helpless expression.

Lin Lin was ready for this. She immediately took out her mobile phone and shook it in front of Bai Duan, “No cheating, cousin! I have evidence here!”

Bai Duan has a blue tendon on his forehead, “In this way, won’t your conscience hurt?”

“For the sake of my perfect radio drama, I can only ‘kill my family by righteousness’.” Lin Lin blinked.

Bai Duan resisted again and again the impulse to paste the desk on his little cousin’s face. He stroked his forehead, “No, this kind of thing I’m not doing it.’

“You need to learn it.” Lin Lin looked cutely at him. “Cousin, if you need it, I can give you some teaching materials. The code and artistic conception is beautiful. After reading them, I guarantee that you will learn how to be a woman. = w =  Don’t worry. I’ll give you both male and female versions. Straight men love it most. There is no man or blind man!” Blinking, Lin Lin felt pity. “Cousin, you are so cold and tall, maybe no one has shared this kind of film with you? Isn’t life without great pleasure? “

“… Lin Lin, you are a girl. ” Bai Duan took a swipe at the corner of his mouth, doubting whether the innocent little cousin was his own delusion.

“Who says girls can’t watch? Now men and women are equal! ” Lin Lin retorted discontentedly, and put her long prepared USB flash disk into Bai Duan’s hands. “These are my treasures, and the quality is absolutely excellent! Cousin, you are very old. It’s time to study these knowledge. Otherwise, what can I do about my cousin’s ‘sex life’ in the future! “

Bai Duan only felt that the white USB in his hand was extremely hot, but he didn’t refuse it. Lin Lin was already like a lively bird… she couldn’t wait to fly away.

Holding the USB with his cousin’s yaoi collection in his hand. Bai Duan, who was neither thrown nor kept, said, “…”

Cousin, you don’t need me to give him a “sexual” blessing at all. He was sure that he can play a “sexual” blessing!

Rubbing his eyebrows, Bai Duan put the USB flash drive and the script into his schoolbag and ignored it for the moment. It wasn’t until the end of the day that he slipped back to Grandpa’s house and opened the script again to study carefully in the dead of night.

After all, Bai Duan had always been serious. Since he accepted the task and couldn’t refuse it, no matter how much of a headache he had, he would try his best to finish it.

When he studied the script again, Bai Duan finally found out that it was a radio drama. The first phase focused on the spirit and horror, while the second phase focused on the emotional line, interspersed with the thriller plot, and involved the emotional development of three lovers. Among the three lovers, one pair were childhood sweethearts, the other was a teacher and student, and the other was Gao Zhihua’s Onmyoji and his loyal dog seme. As for the voice dubbing of loyal dog seme, there was no doubt that Liu Tao was the one.

In the plot, since being saved by the Onmyoji, the loyal dog seme had become the number one fan of the Onmyoji, loyal to him, and the relationship between the two was also due to an accident. When the Onmyoji expelled the ghost, he accidentally received the enemy’s poison from the dog’s blood. Although the ghost was finally eliminated successfully, the Onmyoji was in great pain. At this time, he knew that his loyal dog couldn’t bear to see his sweetheart in such a miserable state, so he ‘stood up’ and volunteered to be the ‘antidote.’

After reading the whole story without any words, Bai Duan couldn’t understand why the ‘willing to be the antidote’ one would be the seme wasn’t the more reasonable development to be God’s loyal dog?!

Bai Duan was angry, but still had to play the ‘uke’ role according to the arrangement of the script. He tried to ‘breathe’ a few times according to the script requirements, but even Bai Duan himself felt extremely stiff and perfunctory.

After several attempts, Bai Duan had no ‘progress.’ Bai Duan had a headache and stopped this meaningless, stupid and awkward behavior. He silently felt for the USB from his school bag and plugged it in. He entered the notebook computer although he was not interested in the content, he could choose a random section to imitate the ‘voice’ inside, which should be enough to cope with this hot potato… Right?

With such an attempt in mind, Bai Duan opened the folder on the USB, but before he could select the video, the screen of the notebook was suddenly cut off without warning.

Bai Duan was startled, but quickly realized what was going on.

His ears were a little red. He stood up and looked around the room and called out tentatively and softly, “Liu Tao?”

A moment later, a light silver mist appeared in front of him, gradually forming a vague figure. The scene seemed strange, but Bai Duan, who knew who he was, felt no fear at all. Instead, he was helpless, “How come you’re here again?”

Soon, a rather aggrieved voice sounded directly in Bai Duan’s mind. The voice was very strange, but with a familiar timbre. It should be ‘Liu Tao’s’ real voice, “You haven’t paid attention to me for a while. It’s really cruel. We’ve become lovers, haven’t we? If you don’t go to the mountain, I’ll come to the mountain naturally.”

Bai Duan has started a cold war with Liu Tao since the elimination of the ‘pen fairy.’ Who made the other side almost pull him to play in the former ghost cave? Bai Duan said he had to teach each other a lesson. Therefore, no matter how much Liu Tao flattered him, Bai Duan was cold faced. Even in school, there were rumors that Liu Tao, a toad, wanted to eat swan meat and pursue the kaolin flower of their school.

It was obvious that Liu Tao’s behavior had made many people very dissatisfied, especially those who adored Bai Duan but dared not pursue his confession, sneered at him.

Liu Tao didn’t pay any attention to these clowns. He even used their attack and ridicule to change the cowardly and self abased character of the original owner, encouraged himself to become tough and courageous gradually with the power of love, and tried to improve his ability in all aspects.

However, although the successful image of the original owner in the eyes of the public had been gradually reversed, just as he and his lover began to ‘love each other,’ he was treated coldly, which really made Liu Tao scratch his heart and lungs.

Today, he just got a new script from Lin Lin. he found out that he and Bai Duan had a ‘passionate’ role. He couldn’t bear it. He threw his ‘cumbersome’ body into the dormitory and ran out, just to see his lover about to open a small movie.

As a possessive seme, Liu Tao couldn’t bear it. He angrily buttoned up his notebook to prevent Bai Duan from watching others’ scenes of love. If his lover wanted to see it, he could teach him to experience it personally, personally and in-depth once or several times!

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