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Chapter 108: Seventh World (12)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Bai Duan spent a whole day in bed, so that he could go to school the next day without any exception. He also stabbed Liu Tao’s villain thousands of times.

Liu Tao, after a short period of complacency, soon fell into a nervous and worried mood. He was very afraid that his lover had a bad impression of him. Moreover, this was the first time that he had brewed sauce, but he didn’t stay behind to take care of his lover by himself. He didn’t massage, feed, wash or smear medicine on Bai Duan. Although Liu Tao was sure that he was careful and wouldn’t let Bai Duan suffer from wounds such as a hole tear, he felt very guilty and distressed at the thought of his lover lying on the bed pitifully.

So, after receiving the news that Bai Duan was coming back to school, Liu Tao waited at the gate of the campus early and searched for Bai Duan. When he saw his lover stepping into the school gate, he hurriedly squeezed out a flattering smile to welcome him.

Bai Duan’s cold eyes swept over Liu Tao’s face, but he didn’t stop at all. As soon as he turned around, he went on walking and passed him, treating Liu Tao as nothing.

Ignoring the ridicule and discussion from around, Liu Tao was focused on his lover who seemed to be really angry, and sweat appeared on his forehead. He subconsciously reached for Bai Duan’s arm and stopped his lover from leaving. His voice was full of fear. “I know I was wrong. Don’t be angry, okay?”

Liu Tao’s low-key appearance softened Bai Duan’s instinctive heart. However, at the thought of what happened the day before yesterday, he suddenly got cold again. “I can’t understand what you are talking about. Let go.” 

This refusal to talk made Liu Tao a little uneasy. He glanced at the busy crowd at the school gate and lowered his voice, “Let’s find a place where nobody is and have a good talk? You don’t want to talk to me about that in front of everyone, do you?”

Hearing the faint threat, the anger in Bai Duan’s chest immediately burned. However, he did not want to discuss such shameful things in public, so he had to hold back his anger and nodded.

Liu Tao breathed a sigh of relief, pulled Bai Duan away from the public’s eyes, entered an empty classroom, and locked the classroom door.

Bai Duan frowned at his movements, but did not stop him. “What do you want to say?”

“Babe, I know I was wrong. That night, I did it for the first time in the state of soul and body. Love, I really can’t hold it. It was too much. Did it hurt you…?” Carefully leaning towards Bai Duan, Liu Tao tried to hold his lover’s hand, but Bai Duan moved away.

Since the beginning of reincarnation, Liu Tao felt that the mood and temper of his lover was getting more and more tough. At first, the relationship between them was not only as lovers, but also the protector and the protected, the leader and the follower. But now, Bai Duan had gradually grown up to be able to work with him. Even in front of him, Liu Tao cannot help being short of heart.

Looking at such a lover, Liu Tao was very proud. He was also full of a sense of development and achievement although it meant that he would probably become a wife in the future.

“You’ve gone too far this time.” Bai Duan’s expression was serious, not softened by Liu Tao’s flattery. “It’s not just a matter of overdoing it, but you don’t pay attention to the environment and the occasion. I can’t explain it to my family at all. I can only lie to Grandpa and tell him that I was hurt because I eliminated the ‘pen fairy,’ which made Grandpa very sorry.”

To tell the truth, Bai Duan didn’t contradict the scene the night before yesterday. After all, he also tasted the sweetness, which was, do you love me?

Although the sweetness was too sweet for him to bear.

Hearing Bai Duan’s words, Liu Tao’s expression got serious, and finally realized the most important reason for Bai Duan’s anger. Because there were too many worlds to experience, most of the time his original body didn’t have a warm family, so Liu Tao’s awareness of kinship was very weak. Although he often reminded himself that Bai Duan pays great attention to his family, he also, often because of his own habits, felt it was customary to neglect this aspect.

“In the future, I will certainly pay attention to it, and it will not make you embarrassed any more.” This was his solemn assurance.

Bai Duan’s face was a little more relaxed, and he didn’t avoid Liu Tao’s tentatively extended hand again.

Finally, he took his lover’s small hand, and a big stone fell to the ground in Liu Tao’s heart. He couldn’t help but smile, and immediately beat the snake and offered the treasure on the stick, “By the way, what should you do for the part of the H drama that has been a headache? I said the day before yesterday that I would never break my promise if I helped you. I’ve already done it.” He took out his mobile phone and shook it, pleading for praise.

Bai Duan was stunned for a moment God knows, he had forgotten the damn radio drama and then his face suddenly changed. “The day before yesterday, did you record it?!” At the thought of his shameful moans appearing in the radio drama and being heard by so many people, Bai Duan almost exploded in place.

Seeing that the lover was thinking wrong, Liu Tao quickly explained. “Of course not! How could I have allowed others to hear you?” As a possessive lover, if someone heard his lover’s charming groan, he would turn into a criminal and deafen everyone’s ears in an instant. “I recorded this by imitating your voice!”

“…Did you copy me?” Bai Duan took the cell phone in disbelief.

“Un. My body has a wide vocal range, which is suitable for imitating all kinds of sounds, including you. Although there may be some differences when talking at ordinary times, it’s enough to deal with these kind of ‘mm-hmm’ lines. If you don’t believe it, will you listen?” Liu Tao unlocked the phone, found the audio, and handed him the headset attentively.

Bai Duan was slightly tickled by Liu Tao. He curiously plugged in his earphones, and soon heard the moaning and panting sound coming from inside, which was similar to his voice in eight points, and… was panting with sincerity.

Within seconds, Bai Duan couldn’t help but chuckle out loud. It was a very serious H play, but he couldn’t help but laugh. He couldn’t stop!

Seeing Bai Duan smile so happily, Liu Tao naturally smiled along with him, “How is it?”

“Well, not bad.” Bai Duan had tears in his eyes and sent the audio to his mailbox. “Then I’ll laugh and use it for the broadcast.”

“Use it, use it.” Liu Tao was full of joy and sorrow. He didn’t have a door on his mouth. “When I first saw H-play, I planned it like this!”

Bai Duan made a move and raised his eyebrows, “Oh? Who came here the night before yesterday under the banner of the radio drama?”

Liu Tao’s eyes drifted for a moment since he slapped his mouth, thrusting out his face and coquetting, “Babe, isn’t this page uncovered? Let’s not talk about it, shall we?”

Bai Duan sneered, “It’s in the past, but I still don’t want to see your face.”

After that, he opened the lock of the classroom door mercilessly and walked out. Liu Tao, who had only left a silly eye, stood in the same place and was forced to face it. He didn’t understand why the situation turned so suddenly just, isn’t it good to talk and laugh? QAQ

Although Bai Duan said that he didn’t want to see his face at present, Liu Tao couldn’t disappear otherwise, how could his lover catch up with him!

In order to keep his lover from being depressed, Liu Tao pursued Bai Duan more diligently. Wherever Bai Duan was, he could see his courteous figure. Of course, Liu Tao also knew that his lover was just having a tantrum and wanted to cure his indulgence that night. It was not so much anger, but rather it was to enjoy the feeling and interest he pursued. As an excellent partner, Liu Tao naturally catered to all his lovers’ preferences.

For a while, the rumors on campus about Liu Tao’s shameless pursuit of the Campus God were even more noisy. Even after Lin Lin got the voice of Bai Duan’s second radio drama and praised him for his good breath, she carefully mentioned the question. “Cousin, Liu Tao really is pursuing you?”

Bai Duan glanced at her and nodded softly.

Lin Lin’s face immediately wrinkled. “He… Well, it’s normal that he likes you after being rescued by a hero, but does this behavior cause you trouble? If necessary, I can tell him on your behalf to stop doing so.” Dissatisfied with Liu Tao’s behavior for a while, Lin Lin even changed his usual nickname of ‘Taotao.’

Bai Duan squinted his eyes slightly, remembered how poor Liu Tao had been flattering him these days, and the corner of his mouth involuntarily hooked up. “No need.”

Looking at her cousin’s soft and happy expression, Lin Lin was shocked, “He loves you so much. Cousin, you don’t like Liu Tao, do you?”

Bai Duan didn’t intend to deceive his relatives, though he always ignored Liu Tao in front of others. He bent his eyes and admitted frankly, “Well, yes, I like him, too.”

Lin Lin didn’t know when her cousin was in charge of a famous flower. Lin Lin felt like she was dreaming. She opened her mouth and struggled for a long time, then hesitated to persuade him. “Cousin, no you really like Liu Tao? If I don’t like it very much, do you need to think about it before you decide?”

Bai Duan took a surprised look at his little cousin, “You don’t seem to agree about us? Because of our gender? I thought you would be very happy. After all, you are so fond of watching novels and movies with same-sex themes… “

“Of course I like it! But it’s one thing to like, and another thing to have a family member on this road… ” Lin Lin was a rotten girl (fujoshi), but she was very rational. “Because of my concern for homosexual groups, I know how difficult this road is. Not to mention social discrimination and incomprehension, even at home, it is difficult to pass. Cousin, you are the only child of the old Bai family. My uncle and aunt will definitely object. Grandpa pays more attention to inheritance. If you want to come out, you will be greatly hindered. I know something about Liu Tao’s family. He has three elder sisters and is the only male in his family. In addition, their family is in a remote rural area. Their thinking must be more conservative. How can they accept the only boy to go this way. In a word, if you two want to be together, it will be very difficult. Brother, I can’t bear to see you sad…”

Lin Lin’s eyes were a little wet. It seemed that she had imagined the scene of her proud and high spirited cousin looking gradually haggard and decadent after being criticized and under pressure from others. She was afraid and distressed. However, looking at Bai Duan’s calm face that revealed no hesitation, she tried to show a bright smile and straightened her chest. “Of course, if cousin decides to take this road, I must be your strongest support!”

Listening to Lin Lin’s words, Bai Duan’s expression became softer and softer. He raised his hand and touched his little cousin’s head. Lin Lin could see that he was very happy. He didn’t hurt her in vain, “Don’t worry, I’m not so vulnerable. I will take all responsibility for my choice.”

“Un…” Lin Lin responded with a nasally sound, and rubbed close to Bai Duan’s arms. “Cousin is really powerful, it must be okay!”

In fact, Lin Lin was not only worried about Bai Duan’s future, but also blamed herself for talking about same-sex love with her cousin, and even for her drama series. Now that her cousin was bent, she also had to pay a lot of responsibilities.

However, since her cousin had made a decision, she must do her best to support and help him for the sake of brotherhood and making up for her mistakes.

Lin Lin thought he had finally relaxed. She picked up her spirits and began to have the mind of gossip, “Cousin, since you and Taotao are in love, why not be together?”

“We are already together.” Bai Duan raised his eyebrows. “It’s just that he did something that made me angry not long ago, so I’m going to teach him a lesson.”

Lin Lin saw the black air behind her cousin. She couldn’t help but light a wax candle for Liu Tao and sympathize with him. “Cousin, you can have a little fun. Now there are many rumors about Taotao in school. His situation… It’s hard. After all, there are many people who discriminate against homosexuality, and he is the pursuer. You seem to have been rejecting him all the time, so the pressure is on him. It must be very sad.”

Bai Duan was worried by Lin Lin, but when he thought about Liu Tao’s more and more unrestrained actions and more and more excited emotions recently, he remembered Liu Tao’s real identity, and then calmed down.

As an old man who didn’t know how many years he had lived, Liu Tao probably never put other human beings in his eyes. Even the fierce ghost gave up to him. He … won’t be affected by the gossip?

After a pause, Bai Duan pressed down on his feelings and smiled, “Don’t worry, I have a proper measure.”

Lin Lin said to Liu Tao in her heart, ‘I’ve tried my best,’ and without hesitation fell back to her cousin. “My cousin is so handsome and excellent, it’s normal for him to suffer and chase more! That’s right.” Blinking, Lin Lin showed a cute expression, “Cousin, who are you and Taotao when doing it?”

Bai Duan’s face was stiff, and his subconscious felt pain in his buttocks, but soon he had a profound smile, “What do you think?”

Lin Lin saw her cousin’s aggressive smile. Then she thought about Liu Tao’s weak chicken appearance and came to a conclusion, “Although you’re the master of heaven in the radio drama, it must be cousin who attacks when you’re so arrogant! How can Liu Tao attack when he’s like that!”

Bai Duan, “…”

At this time, I just need to smile.

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