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Chapter 127: Eighth World (10)
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

Nie LanLei let Bai Duan be at a loss because of his words and deeds. After a while, he stopped him, “How does this bed look? It’s said that this brand is very good.”

Bai Duan stopped, saw Nie LanLei sitting on the sample bed, then he subconsciously walked past him. Nie LanLei grabbed his elbow and dragged him onto the bed, “Come on, do you want to have a try? This is an important purpose of our trip!”

Bai Duan really didn’t know why Nie LanLei was so attached to the mattress, but when he actually sat on the mattress, he was conquered by the softness and elasticity under him.

Instinctively, he also did what Nie LanLei was doing and bounced on the mattress, and his face relaxed involuntarily. It was impossible to have such a high-grade mattress in the orphanage.

Even after getting a job, Bai Duan’s salary was not high, and he had no high demand for food, clothing, housing and transportation. Naturally, it was impossible to invest any energy in this aspect.

For the first time at this moment, Bai Duan had to admit that if he slept on such a high-grade mattress, it would be very comfortable.

Looking at Bai Duan’s satisfied smile, Nie LanLei relaxed, he lay on the mattress directly, even turned on his sides, showing a comfortable expression.

Then, he propped himself up a bit, he waved at Bai Duan, “Just sitting may not be enough, just lie down and try.”

It seemed that Bai Duan was bewitched. He also leaned back and lay on the bed. But before he could feel the softness and comfort of the advanced Simmons mattress, he found that the person beside him suddenly turned over and covered his view from atop.

It was a rather oppressive position, and Bai Duan who lay below the other was shocked and tensed up in a moment.

“What are you doing?” He stared at Nie LanLei warily, reached for his chest and tried to push him away, but in any case, Nie LanLei didn’t budge, and even deliberately pressed his body lower, and closer to Bai Duan.

“Don’t worry, I just want to try the comfort of the mattress,” Nie LanLei said with a smile as he watched his shy lover.

“…How can I try?” The gentle tone of Nie LanLei made Bai Duan relax a little bit and ask doubtfully.

“Try this,” As soon as Nie LanLei’s voice fell, he quickly and accurately caught Bai Duan’s lips. Even though Bai Duan didn’t react to him, Nie LanLei was able to pry his teeth open and found his lover’s stiff but soft tongue, because Bai Duan was too shocked.

Bai Duan, who just held hands with someone for the first time today, was stunned by the excitement.

At first, he was able to resist one or two attacks, put his head forward and tried to escape this sudden advancement that left him unprepared. However, Nie LanLei was prepared for that, he held his chin and head quickly, and kissed even deeper.

The embarrassing watery sound lingered in Bai Duan’s ear, which made his face and his ears red. He wanted to find a seam to drill into, but soon he didn’t care about it. The tongue that invaded and stirred him in his mouth made him numb and threw his armor away. He couldn’t even blush, instead he felt that his soul seemed to have been sucked out by Nie LanLei, and it was floating in the air.

Unconsciously, Nie LanLei’s hand had broken through many obstacles and tightly adhered to Bai Duan’s skin. The hotness of his hand made Bai Duan shiver slightly, but he lost his strength even more. He could only be soft and at the mercy of the other party.

Bai Duan didn’t know how many circles they had rolled on the mattress with Nie LanLei. After this fierce kiss, he was lying on Nie LanLei’s chest, breathless and his eyes were blurry.

Nie LanLei looked down at his lover, who was both satisfied and dissatisfied. He held Bai Duan’s waist with one hand, the other hand on Bai Duan’s red slightly swollen lip, wiped off the saliva overflowing from the corner.

Because Bai Duan’s whole human soul was in a state of panic, the mental power net that Bai Duan had been maintaining disappeared naturally. Nie LanLei drove those zombies that were gathering around them away again, and he calmed down the restless lust in himself while he was at it.

Since meeting with Bai Duan, Nie LanLei and Bai Duan had been eating and living together. After the big bed was finished, he even got through to Bai Duan, and they slept together in the same bed every night. Clearly they had such a close relationship, but he had to act as if he was just a freeloader in front of his uninitiated lover, really… It was so frustrating — if not for the zombies wandering around and the lack of a proper place, Nie LanLei who finally had some meat today, would not have let go of his lover so easily. He would have eaten him up clean to compensate for the hardships of his time.

After lying on Nie LanLei’s body for a long time, Bai Duan took a breath and sat up with a red face.

Nie LanLei helped him to tidy up his torn clothes, and couldn’t help but steal a kiss from the corner of Bai Duan’s mouth. His tone was full of laughter, “How does this mattress feel?”

Bai Duan’s words were pushed back by this question, and he didn’t respond for a long time.He was silent for a moment, and uttered a big truth, “I couldn’t feel it. ”

Nie LanLei, “………”

Smilingly, he rubbed his lover’s head, and Nie LanLei blinked jokingly, “It doesn’t matter. I felt it.” After a short pause, he added with satisfaction, “The mattress is very good, it’s really worth it.”

Bai Duan, “…………”

——The thickness of his skin was really amazing.

Because Nie LanLei was not familiar with this furniture mall and did not know where the warehouses of various brands were, he just tossed aside the dirty sheets, then directed the golden snub-nosed monkey to put it away after confirming that the mattress was not damaged. Finally, they successfully achieved the goal of going to the city this time.

Next, they strolled through the commodity selling area again, and still one was choosing while the other agreed, but this time, during the ‘shopping’, Bai Duan was led by Nie LanLei and he didn’t pull his hand away like he did before.

Bai Duan was flustered and confused by Nie LanLei’s sudden kiss not long ago, but he didn’t hate it at all.

Maybe Bai Duan was prepared by the joke of “newlyweds”, maybe, before he knew it, he fell in love with Nie LanLei.

In a word, although neither Bai Duan nor Nie LanLei told the truth, they were tacitly acquiesced in their love relationship — even in Bai Duan’s eyes, the relationship had been upgraded to a more stable and lasting ‘family’.

After scraping the daily necessities, Nie LanLei looked at his lover who gradually lost his shyness and became more and more calm “What else do you want?” He chuckled.

“…I want some seeds1,” Bai Duan thought for a moment, “I found some in the farmhouse before, but there are too few species.”

Nie LanLei nodded and unfolded the military map from Bai Duan, “From here to the north, there is a relatively large farmer’s market. There should be seeds in it. Let’s go there.”

Nie LanLei had made a final decision, and Bai Duan naturally had no objection.

After leaving the commodity mall, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei did not continue to support the mental force net hindering zombies’ senses. After all, there were still a lot of survivors scattered in the city, and it would cause a lot of trouble if people saw that they could move freely within the zombie group.

Of course, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei would not be afraid of zombies even if there was no mental power net. Their hands and feet were flexible and their endurance was very high. They would not be chased and surrounded by zombies. The golden snub-nosed monkey was even more excited, looking at the zombies like it was looking at crystal cores that could walk, which made Bai Duan have to stop from time to time, in order to stabilize his little friend who was eager to jump on the zombies immediately.

——Probably when zombies in the western mountainous area were wiped out, the golden snub-nosed monkey would lead its animal army to move slowly towards the urban area.

It has to be said that zombies, human beings and animals all had advantages and disadvantages in this battle of future hegemony.

Zombies needed to evolve from scratch, from a low starting point, but they could constantly transform human beings into their own companions, and they would never cease to grow; human strengths were wisdom, civilization and technology, they have stood at the peak of evolution, and they knew how to use their own minds to solve problems. However, they were afraid of the Apocalypse Virus. No matter how tough human beings were, even espers, if they were bitten by zombies’ or slashed by their claws, they wouldn’t be able to escape from the outcome of turning into zombies.

As for animals, they were more moderate and balanced. Their intelligence quotient was lower than that of human beings, but higher than zombies. They were not like zombies, who could quickly expand their own groups through the Apocalypse Virus, nor were they afraid of human beings or the Apocalypse Virus, because even if the virus entered their bodies it would not produce any adverse effects.

In the end, it would depend on which race knew how to make the best of their strengths and avoid their weaknesses, plus a small amount of luck.

By the time Bai Duan and Nie LanLei arrived at the farmer’s market, they had already been chased by a large number of zombies.

These zombies were unable to pose any threat to the two people, and they were too lazy to stop to deal with them. But in order to be able to enter the farmer’s market calmly, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei had to deal with them first.

There was abundant vegetation around the farmer’s market, and the place was surrounded by a circle of ornamental shrubs. Bai Duan looked at the environment and led the zombies towards the plants, then raised his hands, covered zombies with the branches from the bushes, and entered his power into the plants.

Under the catalysis power, the bushes grew up in a flash, and soon formed a high and wide wooden wall around zombies, surrounding the zombies that had been chasing them from behind.

At the same time, Nie LanLei also spread his mental strength and stabbed the brains of the zombies, killing them instantly.

Bai Duan’s power made the plants grow violently and consume all kinds of nutrients in them. Soon, the shrubby wall built by Bai Duan’s powers withered and collapsed, revealing zombies, who lay scattered on the ground as ‘corpses’.

After eliminating these ‘obstacles’ with tacit cooperation, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei turned to the farmer’s market. But just as they took a few steps, they heard a girl’s uncertain and cautious voice, “Xiao Duan? Are you Xiao Duan?”

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Translator Notes:

  1. Sorry, but I thought of something very evil, those are seeds too, sorta…


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