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Chapter 126: Eighth World (9)
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

The destination of Bai Duan and Nie LanLei was a large commodity distribution center located in the southwest of the city. There were shops of various brands, large and small, with all kinds of high-end products. It had always been a must for people in this city to buy furniture and daily necessities from this place, but after the end of the world, no one cared about it.

First of all, the large flow of people here led to a zombie rampage; second, the survivors had little interest in the various materials piled up here. After all, the present day’s human desire remained on the low-level demand of satiety. No one was willing to run here at risk, just to carry a Simmons mattress back.

Looking at the door of the commodity distribution center from afar, Bai Duan said with a look, “Are we really going in? There are so many zombies…”

“You don’t have to worry about that. Since I brought you here, there will be a way,” Nie LanLei chuckled, “Haven’t I taught you how to use your mental power before? Now, it can be of great use.”

“What do I have to do?” Bai Duan’s eyes brightened.

“Isolation hinting,” Nie LanLei raised his eyebrows. “Zombies have not yet developed a clear self-awareness or judgment. All their actions rely on hearing, smell, vision and other senses send feedback from the surrounding environment to the brain, and then generate reactions to stress on instinct. Our mental power can directly invade zombies’ unprotected brains, block this feedback chain, suggesting to them that we don’t exist,” After a pause, he added, “It’s not too hard to block their senses. If you master this skill, you can form a mental barrier network, affecting all zombies around you, and even in a hoard of zombies, you will be unimpeded.”

Nie LanLei’s words made Bai Duan exult, “Mental powers… it’s that strong?! ”

“… Most mental type Espers in general can’t be this strong at present, but when they reach this level, zombies will certainly evolve a clear sense of self already, and will no longer be so easily affected,” Nie LanLei coughed softly, “but you and I are special. Our spiritual starting point is much higher than others.”

Bai Duan gave Nie LanLei a strange look, and thought about how the two people with strong mental strength ‘happened’ to get together. How strange, he thought.

However, he did not resort to his doubts — after all, from the beginning, Bai Duan felt that Nie LanLei’s behavior was full of intention, totally unrelated to an ‘accident’.

He didn’t know what the purpose of Nie LanLei was, but it seemed that the other side was thinking about him. Bai Duan could not help but restrain his doubts and quietly waited for the other side to show his ‘fox tail’.

Next, Bai Duan really learned from Nie LanLei how to build a mental barrier around him, and successfully grasped the key points. In order to maximize mental power — or soul power — not only was the energy accumulated after the end of each world, but also constant exercise was essential. So from the beginning of the interstellar world, Nie LanLei had been teaching Bai Duan how to use mental power, even if his lover would forget about it in the next world, such exercise would still have a huge effect unconsciously.

Bai Duan tried to keep himself isolated from the zombies according to the instructions of Nie LanLei. Because he was too focused, in the beginning, he was unable to do anything else, Nie LanLei finally found the opportunity to hold his lover’s hand and led him slowly to the commodity distribution center.

Because it was his first time using mental power in this way, Bai Duan would inevitably make a variety of mistakes. There were always some “fish that missed the net”, they followed the ‘delicious’ hesitation, and then were expelled by Nie LanLei after they approached the two people.

It had to be said that Nie LanLei had been looking for a good place to train his lover’s mental strength. Because of the density of zombies, once Bai Duan’s mental network leaked, he would immediately get feedback, which was conducive to his rapid detection and improvement.

It wasn’t long before Bai Duan got used to the practice of holding the mental power net for a longer period of time, and finally could focus a small part of his attention on other aspects.

By the time Bai Duan’s eyes stopped focusing on one point and began to look around, Nie LanLei had led him to the area selling high-end furniture. To avoid Bai Duan’s reaction of refusing to hold hands with him, Nie LanLei raised his hand and pointed to a bedside table, “What do you think of this style?”

Bai Duan subconsciously followed Nie LanLei’s gesture and nodded, “I think it’s good.”

“Then put it away,” Nie LanLei glanced at the golden snub-nosed monkey, and the monkey, who had been oppressed by the evil Lord for a long time, reflexively jumped onto the bedside table, raised his paws, and put the cabinet into his own dimensional pocket.

Looking at such an obedient golden snub-nosed monkey, Bai Duan’s face was speechless, “Say, before, you were able to make the animals obedient, don’t tell me that you used the so-called ‘isolation hinting’ thing on them?”

“Of course not,” Nie LanLei smiled with a calm expression, “The isolation hinting has only a one-off effect. It’s too troublesome to implement them every time, so I use ‘deterrence’. As long as they have been intimidated two or three times, they are smart enough and so will naturally learn to behave well.” Looking at the golden snub-nosed monkey on Bai Duan’s shoulder again, Nie LanLei smiled kindly and spoke softly, “Right?”

The golden snub-nosed monkey was blown by Nie LanLei’s smile, and subconsciously got into Bai Duan’s arms. When Bai Duan raised his hand to hold it, he was surprised to find that he was holding hands with Nie LanLei.

He quickly broke away. Bai Duan’s face was red, his heart was beating furiously, and his hand was a little bit hot. He had never held hands with people like this before. Even when he was a child in the orphanage, he would obediently follow behind the staff, watching them holding the children who were mischievous or coquettish.

The heart rate of Bai Duan was speeding up because of his first hand holding, but Nie LanLei, who just took his lover’s little hand and was deprived of welfare soon, was upset. He looked more tenderly at the golden snub-nosed monkey, and Bai Duan hugged the monkey silently, wondering whether he should be shy or have pity for his devastated little friend.

Next, Bai Duan and Nie LanLei started to visit the furniture city. Whenever Nie LanLei saw something, he asked for Bai Duan’s opinion, and Bai Duan’s reply to him was always “good”, nothing except “good”.

——Of course, Bai Duan wasn’t giving perfunctory agreements, but he really thought that Nie LanLei’s choice was quite in line with his mind, so he didn’t have any problems.

It’s no wonder that Nie LanLei himself was not surprised by this result. After all, no one knew Bai Duan’s preferences better than him.

As such, with one person choosing and another person agreeing, Nie LanLei and Bai Duan swept all the furniture they thought necessary — even the unnecessary ones. Anyway, the golden snub-nosed monkey had a large space and everything they wanted could be stored. It was always good to be prepared.

Almost all the furniture was chosen. Nie LanLei smiled and suddenly said, “Do you feel like the two of us look exactly like the newlyweds choosing furniture for the new home?”

Bai Duan was stunned and looked at Nie LanLei. After a while, he reacted to the other side’s words and his cheeks were red.

“You, what are you talking about?!” Bai Duan glared at Nie LanLei and sped forward, but Nie LanLei didn’t go on talking about this topic. Instead, Nie LanLei had a smile on his face, he followed him as if he had just made a joke at will.

The other side’s calm response made Bai Duan feel that he was making a fuss. In fact, he really wanted to take this sentence as a simple and perceptive joke — after all, Nie LanLei always said such flowery things, always said some angry and ambiguous words, which made Bai Duan helpless, and he was basically used to the flirting from time to time of Nie LanLei, then he was able to forget and remain unmoved.

However, this time was different. Nie LanLei’s ‘joke’ really touched Bai Duan’s heart. Even though he tried to ignore it, it still lingered around his ears for a long time.

Growing up in an orphanage, Bai Duan did not experience real family life and could not imagine what the so-called ‘family’ looked like.

Unlike most orphans who dreamt of having a ‘home’ and yearned for a real ‘family’, Bai Duan enjoyed this ‘lonely’ life and felt free and carefree instead.

He never fell in love, nor met a person with whom he wanted to establish a family with, so he could not imagine what it would be like to have a family.

Bai Duan thought he would spend his whole life alone, but the sudden appearance of Nie LanLei disrupted his always calm pace and forced him into his life.

They ate together, slept together and spent time together. They cared about each other, helped each other and supported each other for the better. Bai Duan had always regarded this relationship as a close friendship, but today he heard Nie LanLei’s joke’.

The word ‘family’ came to his mind in a flash.

——The two people who lived together seemed to be more like family members than friends. Is the so-called ‘family’ like this?

It has to be said that Bai Duan didn’t hate the idea. He didn’t reject the idea of treating Nie LanLei as his family or living with each other for the rest of his life. It was really amazing.

Even though Bai Duan didn’t know anything about Nie LanLei, except that the other side was full of mystery, he doubted why the other side deliberately found him and stuck to him; if he didn’t repel it, he didn’t repel. Bai Duan couldn’t deceive himself, and even had a faint joy about it.

——Was this is kinship? Or love? If so, did Nie LanLei have the same feelings for him?

Bai Duan quietly looked at Nie LanLei, trying to further clarify his emotions, but he didn’t think that the other side had been watching him. A moment later, he happened to bump into Nie LanLei’s smiling eyes.

In the moment of looking at each other, Bai Duan seemed to see the full affection in Nie LanLei’s eyes. Looking at him seriously like he was looking at his whole world.

Bai Duan was startled. He looked away reflexively, but his heart beat more and more violently, and it was still covered with… Sweetness.

——It seems that it’s really good to have family.

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