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Chapter 61: It’s Painful

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


After returning to the palace, it was very late. Cheng Yan took Lin Mo back to their room, and it was not long before someone came in with hot water.

Helping Lin Mo clean his face, as he finished and was about to get up and wash his own face, Cheng Yan felt a tug on his clothes and looked down.

“Cheng Yan…” Lin Mo, with his eyes closed tightly, felt the familiar aura move farther away from him, and subconsciously reached for him.

Cheng Yan handed the wet towel to the waiting maid and ordered, “Turn off the light when you go out.” 

“Yes.” The maid took it, whispered respectfully, and then withdrew with the rest.

Cheng Yan took off his coat and lay next to him. Lin Mo felt him, turned over and snuggled into his arms. The last maid to leave saw this, carefully put down the bed curtain, and then put out all the lights before leaving. That night, Lin Mo couldn’t sleep well. He had a lot of dreams, the scenes changed quickly, and Lin Mo just felt very tired.

Cheng Yan watched him the entire night and didn’t sleep. Every time Lin Mo awakened, he would coax him back to sleep. It wasn’t until dawn that Cheng Yan saw that Momo was finally sleeping, and then he went to sleep with him. When Lin Mo woke up, his consciousness was still a little confused, but he still knew who the warm small stove beside him was, and unconsciously rubbed his head against his chest.

Lin Mo’s small action made Cheng Yan, who was sleeping, think that he was frightened by a nightmare again. Before he woke up completely, the palm behind Lin Mo pat him regularly to coax him. This series of subconscious reactions were because Cheng Yan didn’t sleep all night.

Lin Mo opened his eyes and looked up at Cheng Yan. He still had his eyes closed, but Lin Mo was patted regularly by the hand behind him.

Lin Mo blinked and stilled his original movement. It was not long after that the hand behind him stopped moving. When Cheng Yan woke up, he looked down to see if Momo was awake, but he didn’t think he would be looking at him with his eyes open. As soon as he saw the clarity in Lin Mo’s eyes, Cheng Yan knew that he must have been awake for a long time.

“Why didn’t you call me when you woke up?” Cheng Yan put his hand on Lin Mo’s head and rubbed it gently, his voice was low.

“Didn’t remember…” Lin Mo muttered in a low voice.

“Do your eyes still hurt?” Cheng Yan said softly. He didn’t want to leave the bed, and he had nothing to do anyway.

Lin Mo was silent for a while, then decided to be honest, “… A little bit.” 

“I’ll ask the doctor how to help.” Cheng Yan touched the corner of his eyes and saw that Lin Mo’s eyes were still red and swollen, and he felt distressed.

Yesterday, the swelling was even worse. He hoped Momo wouldn’t cry again. Cheng Yan couldn’t stand his sad look. However, Cheng Yan didn’t ask what happened yesterday. He knew that Lin Mo didn’t want to mention it.

“It’s only a few days before the examination. You should go out with your Second Brother to take in some fresh air and relax.” Cheng Yan murmured. Cheng Yan knew that Lin Mo valued his family and wanted to help his Second Brotherrelax. Lin Mo agreed.

Lin Mo raised his head and asked, “Oh, will you come along with me?” 

“Momo, of course I’ll go with you.” Cheng Yan kissed him on the forehead and smiled. “It’s spring now. We can fly kites. What shape does Momo want?”

“… An eagle.” Lin Mo reached out and touched Cheng Yan’s eyes. Cheng Yan’s eyes were as sharp as an eagle’s, which was very suitable for him.

“After the exam, Grandpa and cousin will come back from the border. I will take you to meet them then.” Cheng Yan hugged him and stroked his back.

Lin Mo had already met Cheng Yan’s brothers, and Cheng Yan needed to take Momo to see his grandfather’s family, so that he could introduce them. However, after they held the wedding ceremony, he would take Momo to the mausoleum to pay homage to his concubine mother.

When Lin Mo heard this, he was immediately distracted and asked, “General of Zhenguo? Is your cousin also a general?” 

When Cheng Yan introduced his family and the people in the palace to him, he just said a few words about his grandfather’s family. Because his Eldest Brother had been a soldier, Lin Mo had a strange affection, since he was a child, for generals and soldiers who protected the country .

In Lin Mo’s eyes, soldiers who defended the country and protected the people had the most sense of security. During the end of the world, Lin Mo was saved several times by a small military team before he was put into the Research Institute. Although because of the zombie tide, he escaped from the Institute, it was also because a team of military ability users had ambushed the zombies.

“Mn, my cousin was my deputy before, but during the time when I was missing, he should have replaced me and appeased the soldiers at the border.” Cheng Yan explained.

Cheng Yan went to Guanwai with his grandfather, accompanied by his cousin. His cousin was a few years older, and his character was calmer, but his martial arts talent was not as good as Cheng Yan’s. His grandfather used this to educate his grandson, and his tone was more iron than steel.

However, Cheng Yan thought that his grandfather was too strict with his cousin, which made it clear that his talent was much better than that of ordinary people, but his grandfather preferred him as an example. At that time, Cheng Yan was eager to hold the military power in his own hands, so that his Imperial Brother would be more secure in the future.

So Cheng Yan had no time to communicate with his cousin. When Cheng Yan was crowned Prince and given the title of God of War, he found that his cousin was more silent. In this regard, Cheng Yan had to lament the way in which his grandfather taught his son and grandson. It was just that his uncle was silent. He didn’t expect that his laughing cousin was also taught by his cold eyed grandfather.

After that, Cheng Yan planned to give the title to his cousin. His cousin’s ability was similar to his, and the neighboring countries dared not fight with them. In the next few years, there should be peace between the several countries.

Moreover, now that he had Momo, Cheng Yan couldn’t go back to guard the border.

Although Lin Mo didn’t tell him, Cheng Yan had found out that without him, Lin Mo would probably stay up all night.

In Daling village, after they got married, Cheng Yan found that Lin Mo’s state was not right. He slept most of the day, but this was only when Cheng Yan was around him. If Cheng Yan left, he would wake up. Cheng Yan had been observing for a long time before he realised that it was not easy to change the bad habits of Momo and turn it back to normal. Cheng Yan dared not disturb him.

As for the time when he had to go to the border in the future, he could wait until then. Maybe at that time, Momo would not have the habit of not being able to sleep without him. Or… maybe he would have to take Momo to the border, but this would only be a last resort.

“Will there be any more wars between us and other countries?” Lin Mo asked nervously.

“Not in these years.”

Not in these years? That meant Cheng Yan would have to go to the border? Were they going to be apart for a long time?

“Cheng Yan… Can family members follow?” Lin Mo looked up at him and hesitated.

Lin Mo, of course, knew that when a general led a war outside the pass, his family members would be ‘protected’ and correctly controlled. When there were family members, those generals who wanted to make a mistake or revolt had to weigh the pros and cons.

Although, if he went with Cheng Yan, Imperial Brother probably wouldn’t refuse, but the ministers in the Imperial Court would not necessarily agree. Maybe Cheng Yan would be the first one to refuse. After all, Lin Mo would lose his life if he was outside the Great Wall. What’s more, he did not have a good health.

However, Lin Mo still couldn’t help asking. As soon as he thought that he would be separated from Cheng Yan for a long time, and have to continue to drink spiritual water to refresh his spirit, Lin Mo felt a bit sad.

“You want to go with me?” Cheng Yan heard that, and rubbed his head. Why did he want to go with him? Cheng Yan buried his head in Lin Mo’s neck and took a deep breath. Why was it so painful? “Are you so reluctant to part?”

Lin Mo reached for his head and whispered, “Reluctant.” 

Cheng Yan rolled over and lay on his back, hugged the man close to himself, and said with a small smile. “Mn, I’ll tie you to my belt. Don’t be afraid to cry.” 

Lin Mo lay on his side, muttering in a low voice. “I won’t cry…” 

“Do you want to get up? There are the crab and shrimp dim sums you like for breakfast.” Cheng Yan ran his fingers through Lin Mo’s hair and said as he slowly combed the black tresses.

“Shrimp and crab during this season?” Lin Mo doubted.

“The day before yesterday, Imperial Brother sent some over. If you like, I’ll ask him to bring some more.”

Cheng Yan didn’t care how rare the shrimps and crabs were this season. Since Momo was wronged in the palace yesterday, whether it had anything to do with his Imperial Brother or not, Cheng Yan had to let him give blood back.

Or, move all the tributes in the palace back to the Royal Palace? Anyway, Imperial Brother wouldn’t like this.

“Mn, like it.” Lin Mo broke him away from his thoughts.

Cheng Yan and Lin Mo got up after getting bored of laying in bed for a while. The maid and the young man who were waiting outside heard the voice of the Lord calling them. They hurried to push the door in.

After washing and dressing, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan went to the hall for breakfast. It was not early at this time. Lin Xiu had woken up early in the morning and went on reading after breakfast. Now he was sitting in the arbor in the garden.

There were not many people in Prince Cheng’s mansion, only the maid and the bodyguard. During this period, the garden was the permanent residence of Lin Xiu. Sometimes when he was done with reading, he would stop and walk to the garden for relaxation.

Lin Mo often went to make some tea and chat with him. At other times, Lin Xiu would stay in his study and read books, or in his own yard. However, there were still a few days before the exam. Lin Xiu planned to go to Yu Yange to chat with other students these days. Chatting with them, Lin Xiu always got different opinions.

After breakfast, Lin Mo went to the garden to find his Second Brother.

“Second Brother, you have your exam in a few days. Let’s go out and take a break to relax.” Lin Mo sat by and suggested.

“Cheng Yan, too?” Lin Xiu asked.

“Yes, I’m going to call on A-Yuan and Zero One.” Lin Mo nodded.

As Lin Xiu was about to turn the page of the book, he stilled when he heard that An Jinyuan was going to join them.

“Zero One? Your new friend?” Lin Xiu asked. For his Fourth Brother, Lin Xiu was very concerned. Lin Mo had no friends in Daling village and it was a good thing to make friends in the Imperial City.

“Yes, he will be the Emperor’s husband in a few months.” Lin Mo nodded, although Lin Mo didn’t know how to deal with Zero One because of his father’s business, he still liked Zero One.

Cheng Yan was right. He seemed to be doing much better after sleeping.


Emperor’s husband?! Well, his brother was Wang Fu. It was nothing for him to make friends with His Highness and his future husband.

“Second Brother can also ask your friends to come and play together. We will fly kites tomorrow for relaxation. The kites will be handled by Cheng Yan.”


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