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Chapter 129: Eighth World (12)
Translated by Zombie Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Editor: Sulo

Bai Ting was a precocious and proud girl. Although she was gentle and patient in the eyes of outsiders, Bai Duan knew how ambitious she was.

Although headmistress Bai tried her best to make the orphans live better, her financial resources and social support could only guarantee their food, clothing and compulsory education. The life in the orphanage made Bai Ting clearly understand the feeling of poverty. She had no new clothes, no new toys, and depended on other people’s ‘compassion’ and ‘charity’ for food, clothing, housing and transportation. Compared with the children loved by their parents, she lacked too much and fell behind too much.

Bai Ting didn’t want to live in such a mess all her life. She wanted to be a human being and live a life better than others. So she studied hard and made everyone around her like her as much as possible, and she did. Finally, with the blessing of all people, she was admitted to a national key university and had a bright future.

The next plan of life was to find a high-income job by virtue of one’s ability and education, and a handsome and rich husband by virtue of one’s talent and appearance, so as to truly stand at the top of one’s life.

Bai Ting’s plan was ambitious but reasonable. If it wasn’t for the end of the day, she would have been able to live the life she had dreamed of since she was a child. However, the end of the world had disrupted everything.

She left the orphanage with the headmistress and the rest of the orphans in a panic. She was hiding in a precarious way. The only thing to be thankful for was that she also got the Esper powers, at least some strength to live in the last life.

However, power alone was far from enough. Bai Ting may be able to rely on power to protect herself, but she couldn’t protect the old people and children who depended on her to survive forever. These people really became a burden for Bai Ting.

After realizing that she could not take the headmistress and children to the military base on her own, Bai Ting asked for help from many people, but most of them refused her. Some of them said that they could only take Bai Ting, and even suggested that if she was willing to devote herself to them, she would not have to endure such a life of fear and struggle.

It has to be said that Bai Ting really hesitated because she was already desperate for her current life and was unwilling to take the responsibility of taking care of those ‘encumbrances’.

However, she did not take that step of leaving the headmistress and the children behind and following others. One was that Bai Ting couldn’t really make such a cruel decision because of her guilt and self reproach. The other was that she was worried since she was a girl, and if she joined other people’s team on her own, and someone overpowered her, there would be no room for resistance at all. What’s more, Bai Ting’s pride didn’t want her to give up her self-esteem and commit herself to the men she wouldn’t even look at if not for the end of the day.

She hesitated and waited, left and right, until she became more desperate and scared, and finally ran into Bai Duan. At the moment of seeing Bai Duan, Bai Ting felt like she had seen the dawn of hope and the straw of life. Before the end of the world, a successful man meant money and power, but after the end of the world, only powerful men could attract women’s attention. There was no doubt that Bai Duan’s power and beauty were almost in line with Bai Ting’s changing view of mate selection after the end of the world.

Under the ‘temptation’ of Bai Duan, Bai Ting finally plucked up her courage and took the first step of abandoning the headmistress and the children. She hoped that Bai Duan could take her — only her. After all, no matter how powerful Bai Duan was, one’s ability was always limited. What’s more, he would have to carry another useless vase who expected him to take care of so many old people and children. It was obviously unrealistic.

At the moment when Bai Duan opened his mouth, Bai Ting wanted to hold on to the man who was two years younger than herself, so that he could become an arm on which she could rely — and the fate of their childhood acquaintance made Bai Ting more confident.

If Bai Ting at this time only focused on the strength and appearance of Bai Duan, she was really moved by Bai Duan after contact.

He was indifferent and self-supporting, different from other men, and turned a blind eye to his beautiful body and face; he paid attention to affection and righteousness, refused her beautiful and capable Esper power, but willingly carried such heavy burden for the sake of headmistress Bai; more importantly, he didn’t stand up and told her off after learning her mean and selfish heart. Instead of criticizing and reprimanding, he stood in her angle to understand and comfort her, and pulled her back to the bright side, so gentle… It was irresistible to Bai Ting .

After the woman had him in the heart, she had some irrationality. Bai Ting didn’t really believe that Bai Duan could take these old people and children to the military base with his own power, but looking at his calm expression and serious eyes, Bai Ting couldn’t say her doubts at all.

In the end, she could only comfort herself to trust Bai Duan. After all, Bai Duan, like her, had been precocious since he was young, knew more clearly what he wanted and was full of motivation.

Bai Ting knew that she had to study hard in order to get into a famous university, and made great efforts for it. Likewise, Bai Duan began to work and earn money from a very young age to adapt to a working life.

Bai Duan’s academic performance had always been very good. Everyone in the orphanage thought that he would be the second famous college student after Bai Ting, and headmistress Bai even prepared materials for him to apply for college in advance. However, contrary to everyone’s expectation, Bai Duan, when he was 18 years old and got his high school graduation certificate, quickly found a full-time job without even taking the college entrance examination, and became a social person, which shocked everyone.

Although most people couldn’t understand Bai Duan’s choice, Bai Duan did have a good time, and such choice was also in line with his consistent style and planning from childhood to adulthood.

——People with such ideas and plans would not be able to make decisions that could not be reached and put themselves in danger?

“Thank you, the headmistress and the children are in here. Please,” In this way, Bai Ting finally looked at Nie LanLei, who seemed to be hostile to her all the time. For the first time, she looked at the ‘useless vase’ following Bai Duan. She asked, “This is…?”

“Nie LanLei,” Bai Duan glanced at Nie LanLei, his eyes softened subconsciously, “my lover.”

His tone was extraordinarily calm, as if he was talking about a common thing. However, his remark made the other two surprised.

Nie LanLei was both surprised and pleased. He didn’t expect his lover to be so ‘honest’ in this life. He was flattered by the fact that he had been struggling for a long time to make sure of his relationship. To Bai Ting, it was pure shock.

Bai Ting never thought that she just fell in love with someone, only to find that he had a lover — and the love rival was a man — this kind of turn of events even if she could accept, was something she couldn’t bear.

Bai Ting’s face was slightly distorted for a moment, but it soon calmed down. However, she had no intention of giving up at all — the so-called “no one is for himself, and the world will kill him”. In this difficult end, she was eager to have dependence, and Bai Duan was the first man she was attracted to. In any case, Bai Ting was unwilling to quit without even trying.

As long as you like it, you have to fight for it. For such a good man, Bai Ting felt that she might not find a second one. It was only the third party’s involvement, which was not worth mentioning in the end of the world where moral decay, murder and robbery happened.

With a friendly smile, Bai Ting nodded to Nie LanLei, but her eyes were slightly hostile and contemptuous like Nie LanLei’s — Is it the love rivals share the same wavelength?

Nie LanLei was not happy with the new woman’s delusion of his lover, but he believed in his lover’s loyalty to his feelings, and didn’t worry about anyone’s involvement. In Bai Ting’s eyes, Nie LanLei, an ordinary person protected by Bai Duan, was not an opponent at all.

Now Bai Duan indulged him just because he liked him, but it would not be long before the cruelty of the world would gradually blend this so-called ‘like;, making Bai Duan realize that only those who were Espers could go forward with him.

Bai Ting was even less worried about his sexual orientation. Bai Ting knew Bai Duan from an early age. She knew that although he had never been in love with a girl, he had never been interested in the same sex. Since the end of the world, there had been more and more couples who were men. This was only because a large number of women were not fit for the coming of the end of the world because of their physical weakness, which led to a sharp decline in the number of women. But Bai Ting believed that except those who were born gay, the vast majority of men would prefer women and instinctively be attracted to women.

——So, even if she was a little late in the game now, there was still the possibility of later generations.

With such confidence, Bai Ting soon took Bai Duan to the basement where the headmistress and the orphans were hiding.

Since she had not met Bai Duan after she became a university student, Bai Ting was eager to fill in the gap in this period and hoped to be able to quickly get familiar with Bai Duan again, but she dare not reveal her real purpose, so as to avoid the disgust and alienation of Bai Duan.

——Although it’s said that “women who chase men are weird”, looking at the appearance of Bai Duan’s previous relentless rejection of her, Bai Ting didn’t feel that she could attract Bai Duan’s empathy and love just by virtue of her identity as a woman, but made a long-term plan to cook frogs in warm water. Knowing that Bai Duan was more concerned about headmistress Bai, Bai Ting told him all the way about the situation of headmistress Bai since the end of the world, revealing her concern and care for headmistress Bai and the children without being too obvious— even though she had thought of giving them up, she was indeed their Savior.

At the same time, Bai Ting was also trying to show off her strength. She bravely faced zombies with Bai Duan, and the action of waving the iron bar was accurate. At first sight, one would know that she had been used to such a life. She was not a coquette hiding behind others.

Nie LanLei who was hiding behind others.

——Ha ha, I’ll watch you do it quietly.

——If it had not been for Bai Duan’s earlier promise to take you safely to the military base, you might not have seen the sun tomorrow.

——As a good partner, how can I go against my lover’s wishes? But it doesn’t matter. We have! A! Lot of! Days ahead!

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Aifa Phoenix
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