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Chapter 63: The Start of the Examination

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


A few days before the exam, Lin Mo stayed at his Second Brother’s side or went out with him. Lin Xiu was surrounded by his brother Lin Mo. Although Cheng Yan was his brother-in-law, Lin Xiu’s attitude towards him was not as arbitrary as before. After knowing the identity of Cheng Yan, Lin Xiu knew that Lin Mo was the only one who could get along with him as before. However, Lin Xiu was relieved to see that the relationship between the two was the same as before.

As he was the only one around his Second Brother with their parents still on their way, Lin Mo naturally needed to pay attention to the situation of his Second Brother.

In his previous life, during the first half of the college entrance examination, Lin Mo’s parents and brothers began to get nervous. In order to supplement him with nutrition, his two elders also cooked themselves. His Second Brother would personally come from the company to pick him up every day until the end of the college entrance examination.

At that time, Lin Mo only thought that they were making a fuss, after all, it was just a college entrance examination. And he was always at the top of the list, and they didn’t need to be surprised. However, Lin Mo now realised how his family felt. Even if he wasn’t going to the examination, Lin Mo still felt nervous.

These days, Lin Mo also cooked for his Second Brother. Of course, Cheng Yan, who had been neglected for a few days, had been eating with them too. His Second Brother lived in a small courtyard and Lin Mo would usually cook in the small attached kitchen. At every meal, Cheng Yan, who wanted to eat his husband’s food, would come.

“Take it.” Lin Mo cleaned his hands and ordered the boy waiting by his side. As for the cleaning of the kitchen, of course, it was left for someone else.

“Yes, Wang Fu.” The young man went into the kitchen and brought out several dishes from the stove. When Wang Fu went out, others went in and cleaned it up. Lin Mo went to the partial room and changed his clothes. When he went in, Lin Xiu and Cheng Yan had already been waiting for a long time. Lin Mo sat next to Cheng Yan once he was done.

“I will be in the exam tomorrow. Let the chef cook tonight.” Lin Xiu said.

“Mn, I’ll start to make you some dry food for the exam in the afternoon.” Lin Mo said as he ate.

There would be three examinations, one for three days, during which no one was allowed to come out. During the examination and accommodation, Lin Mo was worried that his Second Brother’s body would not be able to bear it. He planned to specially make some dry food for him.

“I will just buy the food insteadt.” Lin Xiu frowned.

Cheng Yan gave Lin Mo food, but he didn’t speak. He knew what Lin Mo was going to insist on it and no one would be able to persuade him.

Lin Mo shook his head and refused, “No, it’s not easy to buy it from the outside. What can be bought outside is too dry.” Lin Mo took a bite of the meatball Cheng Yan put on his plate and said as he chewed it, “I don’t have the ingredients yet. I have to prepare them.” 

“If our parents knew you wanted to do this, they would be mad at me for letting you.” Lin Xiu was helpless.

“When I was at home, I could cook. Why do you both treat me as a porcelain doll now? It’s not like I can’t breathe after a few steps.”

After waking up from his coma, he had been drinking his spirit spring water, and also increased the amount he had been drinking. Although his body couldn’t be transformed into his modern one, where wounds would heal quickly, at least his face had some color now.

However, the foundation of his body had been defective ever since his birth. In addition, during the ten plus years since he was born and before Lin Mo took over, he didn’t take good medicine to warm up his meridians. Now it was hard for him to get better. If he didn’t have a spiritual spring, Lin Mo would have one minor illness every three days, and one major illness every five days.

“Mn, but you still have to get better. You look a little ruddy now.” Cheng Yan nodded. He still remembered Lin Mo’s pale face and thought he looked better now.

“Do you want me to take medicine again?” Lin Mo sighed. His body was at his present state only because of his spiritual spring, it had nothing to do with those medicinal meals and medicinal soup.

Lin Mo thought that all the medicine he had to take in his previous life was enough for two lifetimes. Every day, he took medicine with his meals and soup. In fact, he cooked things himself and avoided eating these things, right? Right?

“I used to take medicine to make up for that half a month. Now I don’t need it. But I have to eat some nutritious food, such as bird’s nest porridge, ginseng soup, medlar and lotus seeds.”

Previously, the royal doctor told Cheng Yan that Lin Mo’s body was only suitable for slow warming. If he took medicine once, then he would have to take it every time.

After lunch, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan went back to have a nap. When they woke up in the afternoon, they went to the chef to test the food they needed. Cheng Yan had planned to go with him, but he was caught up with a temporary matter.

Cheng Yan stood in front of the window and looked down at the message on the note. His face was cold and his breath made the shadow guard lower his head. Cheng Yan pinched the note in his hand, looked up at the tree outside the window, and asked in a cold voice. “Recently, the Prime Minister’s office has a trace of the presence of the prince of Qi? When did he enter the Imperial City?” 

Out of the several countries, only Qi was a little weaker than Yu. The Qi’s Emperors, both former and current, had great ambitions. Although their two countries were in a state of peace, Cheng Yan knew that this was only on the surface.

After Cheng Yan regained his memory, his brother told him about the border situation. Not long after Cheng Yan was injured and disappeared, Qi Guo and them had several conflicts. But thinking of the information just obtained, Cheng Yan thought, maybe those conflicts were premeditated, right? They couldn’t wait.

He was going to start reeling in the net.

The shadow guard bowed his head and said respectfully, “Half a month ago, the prince of Qi was seriously injured and saved by the Prime Minister’s daughter.” 


“Three days ago, a group of suspicious people appeared at the gate of the city, and finally disappeared near the back door of the Prime Minister’s office. The Prime Minister didn’t seem to know about it.”

“It seems that…” That there should be a possibility the Prime Minister would have been somehow aware of this matter. However, even if it really had nothing to do with the Prime Minister, he would find a way to make sure the two would be related.

“Go to the palace and inform my brother of this.”

“Yes, master.” Shadow One respectfully left.

Since his brother wanted to fight against Prince Jing, he’d give him more chips. The coldness of Cheng Yan was growing.

“Cheng Yan, how are you? I made some cakes. Come and have a taste.” Lin Mo’s voice came from a distance.

Cheng Yan heard the voice and the cold in his eyes instantly faded away, and he rose to his feet to leave the study. “Okay, I’m coming now.”

The next morning, Lin Mo, who remembered his brother was going to take the exam, got up early. He looked out of the window, and then looked at Cheng Yan who was still sleeping. He thought about it, and carefully removed Cheng Yan’s hands from his waist.

Lin Mo, who was about to get up and cross over Cheng Yan, was suddenly pulled back.

“Did I wake you up?” Lin Mo looked up and saw that Cheng Yan had opened his eyes, seeming a little confused.

“Why are you up so early?” Cheng Yan hugged the man in his arms, his eyes half open and his voice hoarse.

“I’m going to see my Second Brother.” Besides, Lin Mo planned to prepare drinking water for his Second Brother, which could last for nine days. What’s more, he knew that for some candidates who had a background, the things prepared by their families would not necessarily be worse than those prepared by him.

“Come on, get up.” Cheng Yan stabbed a finger at Lin Mo’s clavicle. He was a little depressed. At this time, he was still holding the man emitting a soft fragrance but didn’t think he would get up an hour earlier.

Cheng Yan completely forgot that he used to practice martial arts in the yard at this time.

“Hiss, do it lighter…” Lin Mo sucked in a breath.

“Was that painful? It seems that I was too fierce…” Cheng Yan looked down.

Lin Mo’s body was too delicate. There were many bruises on his body from where he accidentally bumped into things. Cheng Yan gently touched the traces and bowed his head and gave the bruises a light kiss.

“Get up quickly, Second Brother is probably awake.” Lin Mo pushed Cheng Yan’s head away from his arms, feeling helpless.

“I’m still usually asleep at this time…” Cheng Yan sat up and watched Lin Mo get out of bed.

“You said before that you would be practicing martial arts in the yard for about half an hour by now. YanYan, do you know that you have become lazy?” Lin Mo glanced at him, picked up the clothes beside the bed and put them on.

“… I’ll come with you.” Cheng Yan choked at the nickname Lin Mo called him by, got out of bed and put on his clothes.

“Mn, YanYan is very diligent.” Lin Mo went on his tiptoes and kissed his husband with a smile.


When they finished their breakfast, it was almost time for his brother to leave. Butler Fu counted all the things and ordered people to move them to the carriage. Lin Mo, Cheng Yan and Lin Xiu went out together.

“There is a jar of ginseng slices in the food box. Second Brother must remember to eat one every day. You can’t have more.” Lin Mo explained.

He used a hundred year old ginseng and one couldn’t take too much. The ginseng slices were soaked in spiritual water, the effect was similar to the tea Lin Mo made for his Second Brother before. It was also very useful in refreshing the mind and eliminating mental fatigue.

“Mn.” Lin Xiu nodded.

What his brother prepared for him was similar to what Yu Yange talked about concerning the necessary items for entering the examination room, and he didn’t think much about it.

Lin Mo told his Second Brother all the precautions he could think of and they soon arrived at the destination. When Lin Mo got off of the carriage, the two young men had already taken the things off from the carriage. The servants in Prince Cheng’s mansion knew martial arts, so it was not difficult for them to carry several parcels and two food boxes.

The examination center was not in the palace, but on the way to the palace. Candidates needed to be searched before entering the examination room. In order to complete this step quickly, there were four entrances. Generally, those with a background would choose a convenient channel, that is, the ancient version of a VIP line.

Lin Mo stood by Cheng Yan’s carriage, looked around and found that there were many carriages parked here. Not far away was an examinee alone, carrying the package in the queue for inspection. Lin Mo couldn’t help but feel that it was good to have background and privileges.

Sitting aside, the inspector glanced at random at the carriage that had stopped, and saw that it was from Prince Cheng’s residence. His heart almost jumped to his throat. The middle-aged man took a deep breath to slow down and quickly got up, and walked over. Why didn’t anyone tell him that there were people from His Highness’s palace among the examinees of this year’s examination?!

“Your Highness Prince Cheng, why are you here in person?” The middle-aged man saluted Prince Cheng and greeted him with flattery and a smile. Although he had not seen His Royal Highness before, he could guess his identity from the clothes he wore.

“Bringing someone here.” Cheng Yan glanced at him, his face expressionless.

The middle-aged man shivered from the cold seen in Prince Cheng’s eyes, but the smile on his face was still the same. It was worthy of His Highness Prince Cheng, as his eyes were not like those of ordinary people.

“I’m fine. You two go back.” Lin Xiu took a package from Xiao Si’s hand and waved at them.

“Second Brother, remember to pay attention to your body and don’t be too worried.” Lin Mo was a little uneasy.

Lin Mo believed that his Second Brother would be able to win the first prize in the exam. However, Lin Mo was still worried that his Second Brother might have an issue. After all, he didn’t know what happened in the other life to his family before his previous scientific examination.

“Second Brother knows.”

After Lin Mo saw Lin Xiu in, he got on the carriage with Cheng Yan and left. The direction of departure was the Royal Palace’s gate. After flying kites that day, Zero One said they should go to the palace to find him today. Maybe Zero One would tell him something. At that time, the hesitation and struggle in his eyes could not be concealed from Lin Mo.

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