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Chapter 64: The Lin Family Goes to the Imperial City

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


A few days before the start of spring ploughing, Father Lin and Mama Lin were ready to plant seedlings. They planned to hire people to plant all the fields after breakfast.

“Hey?! Xiaoya, what are you doing with my eggs? Isn’t there one in your bowl?” As soon as Lin Xing had a chopstick of vegetables, he looked down and saw that the eggs in his bowl had been scooped away.

“Fifth Uncle lost the bet yesterday. Eggs are my reward.” Lin Xiaoya took a bite, and blinked at him.

“You can’t eat so much alone. Come on, Fifth Uncle will help you.” Lin Xing reached for her chopsticks and wanted to get his eggs back in his bowl.

“No, Xiaoya can finish eating. Fifth Uncle is not allowed to cheat.” Lin Xiaoya opened her small hand to cover the bowl, and chewed on.

“Xiaoya, didn’t Fourth Brother say that a good child should know how to share, and so shouldn’t you give Fifth Uncle some?” Lin Xing’s head reached over, smiling.

Lin Xiaoya’s movement stopped, and hesitated as her voice mumbled, “Did Fourth Uncle say that?”

“Of course!” Lin Xing affirmed.

“Then… All right.” Lin Xiaoya thought about it, but she still moved her little hand off the bowl.

“How lovely Xiaoya is!” Lin Xing poked the egg into his bowl, reached out and patted her head, smiled and then gave a piece of meat to her.

“Mn…” She knew how to share and was a good child.

Lin Chen glanced at them and ignored them. They would both come home once every three days, and he was happy.

Just as they were halfway through the meal, they suddenly heard a knock on the door from the yard. When Lin Cheng saw the man outside, he felt strange, but he put down his chopsticks and walked over.

“You…” When Lin Cheng opened the door, he saw a group of officers and soldiers standing outside. He was shocked and subconsciously tried to close the door, but he was blocked. Lin Cheng settled down and said in a deep voice, “Is there something you need, gentlemen?” 

What happened? Why were so many officers and soldiers with swords standing in front of their door?

People passing by saw the group and hurriedly left. They thought that this family had committed some crimes, how else would they have attracted so many officials?

“Are you Lin Cheng, the eldest son of the Lin family?” The general in charge stepped forward and asked.

“I am.”

“We were ordered to take you to the Imperial City.” A general took out a letter and keepsake and gave it to him.

Lin Cheng took the letter and glanced at it roughly. After listening to them, he closed the door and walked quickly to the lobby.

“What’s the matter? Who’s here?” Mama Lin asked as she watched her son return with a heavy expression on his face.

“A-Mo’s letter, they have arrived at the Imperial City. He sent someone to pick us up. Now they are outside.” Lin Cheng handed the jade plate to Mama Lin and told her the contents of the letter.

“It’s Mo’ger’s jade plate.” Mama Lin took it. This jade pendant was given to Mama Lin from the temple. Lin Mo had been wearing it since he was a child.

“Fourth Uncle.” Lin Xiaoya saw it and nodded her head. She had seen it many times from Fourth Uncle.

Lin Cheng sat aside and looked at the contents of the letter carefully. He rubbed his fingers against the letter paper and was a little distracted.

Prince Cheng’s reputation had spread all over the country. In the past, Lin Cheng’s impression of Prince Cheng was just like the rumors. Now, however, his impression of His Highness and Cheng Yan had coincided.

Had he recovered his memory? Lin Cheng was beginning to worry about his brother’s location. If Cheng Yan recovered his memory and his character was the same as before, what should he do?

“Are you going to find Fourth Uncle?” After listening to them for a long time, Lin Xiaoya heard what she was interested in. She jumped off the stool and lay down on her dad’s leg to see what was on the paper.

“Yes, we’ll see him in a few days.” Lin Cheng returned and touched his daughter’s head.

Today’s life was different from the past. Since his Fourth Brother wrote to tell them to move back to the Imperial City, it was safe for them. However, at the thought of their family’s encounter in the past, Lin Cheng had some conflicts with the Imperial City. Could everything really be avoided?

“Dad, is our family really the Lin family in the Imperial City?” Lin Cheng asked, holding the letter in his hand.

Father Lin was silent for a long time, “… Is it mentioned in Mo’ger’s letter?” 

“Yes.” Lin Cheng nodded.

Father Lin didn’t speak again. When Lin Cheng saw this, he also confirmed the authenticity of it. Their home was really that of the Lin family. The trend of things in this life was really different. Maybe they could avoid the past life. The letter from Lin Mo disturbed the peaceful life of the Lin family. But they finally decided to go to the capital, since Father Lin and Mama Lin were also a little uneasy about their two sons there.

In order to arrange things, Lin Cheng, Father Lin and Mama Lin also went to their shops and went back to the village to explain things clearly. During the time when Lin Mo and Cheng Yan left, the restaurant was left to Lin Cheng and the food shop Lin Mo created had good business. Originally, Lin Cheng also planned to open another branch building in Linxian County later to expand the business. Now they could go to the Imperial City and continue expanding business there.

Father, Mother and and her grandparents had left, leaving FIfth and Sixth Uncle in the house to pack things, Lin Xiaoya licked the tanghulu and walked to the door.

“Dad said we couldn’t go out.” Seeing that his sister wanted to open the door, Lin Xiaonan ran to stop her.

“Oh, all right.” Lin Xiaoya put down her hand on the edge of the door and licked the tanghulu. She didn’t want to go out, she just wanted to sit on the threshold and look out.

It was the third day after all things had been explained. Sister-in-law Lin dressed her son and daughter and led them to the door, where Lin Lan and Yan Ningxi were waiting.

“Auntie, are you going to find Fourth Uncle with Xiaoya?” Lin Xiaoya, dressed in her new clothes, was a little happy. When she thought that she would see Fourth Uncle soon, she was even happier. Her eyes were all smiling.

“After a period of time, aunt and uncle will go to see you. Xiaoya should be obedient on the way.” Lin Lan, holding a baby, said with a smile.

After all the things were packed, Lin Cheng took the things to the carriage, and Father Lin also took several boxes of books left by his father. They probably wouldn’t come back after returning to the capital this time. They had to take everything with them.

Considering the amount of people in the Lin family, the soldiers, who came, slowed down their pace of return.

Lin Mo, who came back from the palace after meeting with Zero One, was in a much better mood. Cheng Yan, sitting next to him, obviously felt his change.

“What makes you so happy?” Cheng Yan asked, touching the head on his shoulder.

“Um… Happy things. ” Lin Mo held his waist and rubbed his head on his shoulder.

Cheng Yan looked down at him, only to see Lin Mo’s mouth rising unstoppably, and his eyes were bent with a smile. Cheng Yan lifted the corner of his lips and didn’t ask him what it was.

Forget it, as long as he’s happy.

Lin Mo buried his head in Cheng Yan’s neck and took a deep breath. Although Zero One’s subsystem was not yet in shape, Lin Mo was still very happy. His main task now was to provide the spring water for Zero One to maintain energy and find the energy for the subsystem.

When Zero One asked him to enter the palace, he didn’t know what the other side wanted him to do, but he didn’t expect Zero One to bring him good news. Zero One had been transformed by Dr. Wen, and his main system was naturally strong. There were no problems creating a subsystem if he had enough energy.

When Zero One saw Lin Mo, he knew that Lin Mo had treasures. He felt the strong energy from Lin Mo, which also unlocked part of the Zero One functions, including the derivative subsystem functions. Zero One didn’t know what the rules of the world were, but feature unlocking meant it could be used. However, seeing a line of small red characters under the function key, Zero One also knew the reason.

The Lin family was very lucky and it was a pity that they met unfortunate deaths in the end of the world.

After hearing the Zero One’s statement, Lin Mo was silent for a long time. “Are you really going to do this?”

For the creation of the Zero One subsystem, he had to let the subsystem go through time and space into his previous life. Lin Mo was very moved but he hesitated at the thought that it may put Zero One’s life at risk.

Lin Mo paid little attention to the lives and deaths of other people except his family and those he was friends with. If he were still in the end of the world, maybe he would not hesitate so much. Lin Mo thought that maybe there was a reason for his father creating Zero One and he didn’t want Zero One to fall into danger.

“If I don’t, I will feel guilty towards you and your father.” Zero One said with a wry smile.

Before Zero One was transformed, he could actually hear the conversation between Dr. Wen and Lin Xuanyan. More than once, Dr. Wen said, there was a one-third chance that the experiment would fail. But Lin Xuanyan insisted on dividing half of his spiritual strength for the two-thirds success rate.

If it wasn’t for Dr. Wen’s repeated refusal, Zero One thought, the man would have preferred to use all his mental strength. At that time, Zero One didn’t generate much emotion, so he didn’t understand why that man would choose to sacrifice his chance of reincarnation for that small possibility.

However, now that he was nearly an adult, he knew that, with his love for A-Lin, that man’s feelings for his children was probably love. If he hadn’t encountered the black hole and his path hadn’t changed, he would’ve recognized Lin Mo as the main task, and then use the known history to let the Lin family avoid all disasters.

Unfortunately, there were accidents at every corner.

However, Lin Mo was also in the world, and some of his abilities had been unlocked. Although the creation of the subsystem was based on his loss of all the functions of the system and completely becoming a person, Zero One did not think it was a pity.

It was his dream to become a person. He couldn’t get rid of his machine identity as he was the main brain before. Now with this opportunity, he wouldn’t give up.

Lin Mo walked up to him and hugged him, and whispered, “Thank you anyway.” 

He knew that Zero One could have concealed all this from him, but he didn’t.

“… How can I become a person, little master?” Zero One hesitated.

Although he had human feelings, Zero One knew that he would always be a machine. Before he got along with An Chenglin, Zero One tried to think of himself as a person, but now that he really wanted to break away from the identity of the system, Zero One was scared.

An Chenglin’s love for him was different from his love for An Chenglin. There were a lot of ancient books in Zero One’s mind. The Emperor in Zero One’s head had three thousand beauties in the harem. Although An Chenglin had promised Zero One that he would be the only one.

But Zero One was still a system, and he didn’t know what to do. If An Chenglin found someone else, he would leave, continue to be a system, find a way to leave forever, and find his little master. But now that he found his little master, Lin Mo didn’t want to identify himself as his master. And he would become a human soon, so Zero One worried that he would not be able to become a real person.

“People are very complex creatures. You need to explore and understand by yourself. You’re young. You’ll know later. ” Lin Mo heard his uneasiness and comforted him.

“I’m not young. I’ve been a system for a long time.” Zero One experienced the appointment to retirement of several supreme leaders of the Federation. Human life was longer in the interstellar age. As the second generation of systems, he was more capable than the first generation. If he did not have human feelings, he could have survived even after several leaders.

“People’s age can be divided into physical age and psychological age.” Lin Mo laughed.

“A-Mo, do you think there will be any other people in the future? Isn’t it said in ancient books that there are three thousand beauties in the Imperial Palace? Are there really three thousand women in A-Lin’s harem?” Zero One asked.

“That’s why you were upset?” Lin Mo could not help laughing. If there were really three thousand concubines in the harem, he knew that just the Emperor wouldn’t be able to stand it, but even others wouldn’t either.


“Did you ask Imperial Brother, or did he promise you that you are the only one now and will be the only one in the future?”

“Yes, but I worry…” Zero One sighed.

“Since he has promised you, don’t worry. In fact, both of them are devoted people. You see, the Emperor is in his twenties now, and there is no one in the harem. Cheng Yan said that the court counseled Imperial Brother to marry an Empress, and didn’t Imperial Brother refuse?”

“That’s right…”

“Zero One, didn’t you notice? You are no longer an emotionless system.” Lin Mo said with a smile.

“Ah? Am I? I feel like I’m no different now.” Zero One looked down at himself, and still didn’t find out where he was different.

“Your emotions just showed; guilt, uneasiness, hesitation and entanglement… When you were the main system, you should not have these emotions.” Lin Mo said.

Lin Mo stood aside and watched Zero One laugh happily at his explanation. He was also relieved. It was better to be carefree and he believed that An Chenglin would not make him sad.

“I have left enough spiritual water for you. You can use it in any way, but you can’t tell anyone. Pay attention to safety. If you can’t, stop. I’ll find a way to get you the energy needed later. ” Lin Mo exhorted.

“Okay. Don’t worry.”

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