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Chapter 70: All the Dust Settled

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


On the second day of the wedding, when Lin Mo woke up in a daze, it was hard to see if Cheng Yan was still sleeping. Lin Mo nestled in his arms, only to feel his brain was so heavy that he could only close his eyes again.

Gradually, his consciousness fell into darkness.

And Cheng Yan, not long after Lin Mo fell asleep, suddenly opened his eyes. When Cheng Yan woke up from that hellish dream, he was still a little slow. The expression of pain and regret on his face made him look ferocious.

“Mn…” Lin Mo, who was sleeping in Cheng Yan’s arms, seemed to be a little uncomfortable and slightly frowned.

Cheng Yan, with a trance like expression, suddenly regained his mind when he heard the murmur.

His mood was stimulated by the scenes in the dream that Cheng Yan was at a certain outbreak point. At this time, he was like a fierce beast on the verge of losing control. But he heard the unconscious murmur of the man in his arms and pulled his reason back.

Cheng Yan tightened his body, but carefully stuck to the person in his arms without leaving a gap. The warm touch kept telling him that the man in his arms was still there, and the treasure he held in his hand was by his side at the moment.

But Cheng Yan still felt his heart was killing him.

He now knew why Momo was so sleepy. Why when Lin Mo and his two brothers were in the wrong atmosphere in Daling village, he would cry so desperately and collapse. Knowing why he was in danger, he didn’t subconsciously avoid it. Why he had an abnormal reaction when he saw Zero One and the jade.

All the questions that had left him puzzled before, Cheng Yan finally found the reason. However, Cheng Yan would rather he didn’t know the reason from the beginning to the end. Then he could deceive himself that his Momo was just a sensitive ger with poor health.

Instead of the dream, he experienced a life like purgatory, and finally let those monsters nibble at his body. The depression in Cheng Yan’s heart was so heavy on his chest that he felt very sad.

Cheng Yan loved Lin Mo, but had no choice.

Those things had happened. His Momo had been betrayed and tortured. He couldn’t stop it or make it go away. Just because of that, they were not from the same world at all.

Cheng Yan loosened the collar of the man in his arms, and saw that the light pattern under his clavicle was deeper, and his eyes turned dark.

Was this Momo’s space? The beginning of all the disasters for the Momo in that dream?

No wonder he was frightened at the sight of the jade pendant.

When Lin Mo woke up, he didn’t know what time it was.

When he had woken up earlier that morning, his head was very heavy. But now it was better.

“Cheng Yan? Why didn’t you get up?” Lin Mo looked up at him with his eyes half open and his voice soft.

“Wanted to stay with you.” Cheng Yan’s voice was low, and his mood had already calmed down.

But in Lin Mo’s opinion, today’s Cheng Yan seemed more gentle than ever before.

It was not that Cheng Yan had not been gentle before, but today he seemed to treat him like a fragile treasure. There seemed to be some pity in his voice and Lin Mo didn’t know why.

However, after all, he was used to Cheng Yan’s love for him. Lin Mo was used to it after a few minutes. It was just that Lin Mo was at a loss for his actions in the future.

He dressed him and tied his hair. That was okay. After all, Cheng Yan used to do it. Where he went, Cheng Yan would follow, just like a conjoined baby. Lin Mo didn’t care. After all, they were married, and Cheng Yan was also attached to him. However, when eating breakfast and lunch, it was impossible for him to feed himself since Cheng Yan would hold him on his leg and feed him.

He was not a two or three-year-old kid. He was not a waste without hands or feet. Was that necessary?

After lunch, Lin Mo and Cheng Yan sat in a pavilion by the lake and he watched Cheng Yan help him break the melon seed shell.

“Cheng Yan…”

“Huh? Are you in a hurry? I’ll hurry up.” Cheng Yan sped up his actions.

“It’s not that. You stop first.” Lin Mo had a headache. He could see that there was something wrong with Cheng Yan today. He was afraid that was not the only thing wrong. Everyone in his family may have noticed.

Cheng Yan finished the last one, took a handkerchief to wipe his hand, and pushed a plate of white and full melon seeds to Lin Mo.

“What’s the matter with you today? There’s something wrong with your mood.” Lin Mo told him.

“What’s wrong? Momo, you think too much.” Cheng Yan looked at him softly and chuckled.

Lin Mo saw him like this, his brow was tight and wrinkled, but he felt that the situation was a little serious, “If you don’t tell the truth, you’ll sleep in your study tonight.”

Cheng Yan: “……”

Shadow guards in the dark: “……”

Although he finally got a reasonable answer, Lin Mo still felt something was wrong. Cheng Yan must have something to hide from him. After Cheng Yan finally stopped following him, Lin Mo was relieved. After sending the maid down, Lin Mo returned to his bedroom. He made sure there were no shadow guards in the room, and sat back on the bed and put down the curtain.

Lin Mo felt that his body was not right since that morning. He was confused and his brain was heavy. Moreover, his memory of last night was only up to the moment he gave the jade pendant a drop of his blood.

In his opinion, it should be about the jade pendant. Lin Mo pulled open his clothes and looked down. He really saw that the shallow mark of the space under his clavicle was getting deeper. Lin Mo raised his hand to touch the light red dragon pattern, and his heart was cold.

The jade pendant and his spiritual space were really homologous.

Lin Mo appeared in the space in the blink of an eye. However, Lin Mo was stunned by the change of space. Lin Mo was in a trance. Was this really his barren space with only a spiritual spring and land?

His former one and his present one were different from each other.

Before Lin Mo could enjoy the fairyland like space, he was shocked by a sudden sound.

“Who are you?”

It was like a voice from outside. It made Lin Mo feel shocked.

Lin Mo looked around, but when he saw the huge statue not far behind him, the shock in his eyes rose to another level.

It was a giant dragon statue, the whole body was sapphire, but the tail and claws were a little red.

To what extent? Lin Mo only thought that standing in front of it, he was as small as an ant.

“Green… Lord Dragon…”

After leaving the palace, Cheng Yan went to the prison as fast as he could.

Cheng Yan looked at the cage. The person knelt in front of him and pleaded for mercy. At the same time, she seemed to show her weak appearance inadvertently. Cheng Yan’s eyes were colder and colder.

“Your Highness Prince Cheng…” The warden, standing behind Prince Cheng, felt that His Highness was more and more murderous, and the fear in his eyes deepened.

He didn’t know how the Prime Minister’s daughter offended His Highness. Was it not because he provoked Prince Cheng and was angered by His Highness?

“Take good care of her before her execution.” Cheng Yan’s voice was so cold that he seemed to drop ice dregs.

Listening to the meaning of Prince Cheng’s words. The warden nodded his head attentively.

His Highness had come and ordered in person. It seemed that he could take out those devices for torture. Could that woman’s weak body stand it?

After solving the problem of the Prime Minister’s office, Cheng Yan went to the palace to discuss with his brother. After the discussion, Cheng Yan realized that it was almost dusk, so he had to go back as soon as possible. Cheng Yan walked through the imperial garden and happened to meet his younger brother who was going back.

“Fifth brother…” An Jinyuan made the people who were following him step back and walked to his Fifth Brother’s side.

“What’s the matter?”

“It is… A month later, after the imperial examination, and then… That… ” An Jinyuan’s hesitation was clear, making his words difficult to understand.

“To choose your husband?” Cheng Yan asked in a low voice.

“…” An Jinyuan had a red face and dared not look at his brother.

“Do you like the person who ranked first?”

“No… No.” An Jinyuan heard the name of the person who was not in his heart, shook his head and denied.

“Then Lin Xiu.” Cheng Yan thought in his heart and came to a conclusion. He wondered why Momo asked him those strange questions before. His younger brother often ran to his mansion at that time. He liked Lin Xiu.

When An Jinyuan heard it directly from his brother, he was even more ashamed.

“When the imperial examination is over, Imperial Brother will let the first three rankers into the palace. It’s also good to add relatives.” Cheng Yan touched his brother’s head, which reached the height of his shoulders, and smiled. His younger brother, who would only follow his brothers closely, would soon get married.

In a flash, they all grew up and found their loved ones.

When Cheng Yan returned to the palace, it was time to have dinner. Cheng Yan saw Lin Mo sitting in a corner and waiting, while the servant just put the last dish down. The afterglow of dusk was thrown into the room through the window frame. A little warm light was reflected on Lin Mo, which gave him a warm appearance.

Just like in Daling village, when Lin Mo sat behind the counter of the food shop and read a book. The afterglow of winter dusk would fall on him and the look on Momo’s face would never change. There was no expression on his face when he was lost in his thoughts.

And at the moment when he saw him, there would be no disturbance in his eyes, but a myriad of expressions on his face.

At this moment, Cheng Yan seemed to understand.

For Lin Mo, as long as there was a stable place, he would accompany him. It was the same whether they were rich or poor.

When Cheng Yan came back in from outside, Lin Mo was still thinking about his space. The fairyland space was created by Cheng Yan’s jade plate. It should be known to him. What’s more, Lin Mo thought that what th green Dragon said about the descendants of the Emperor and Cheng Yan. Cheng Yan was a royal, not to mention that his dragon spirit was second only to that of the Emperor.

Just, that the green dragon… Once Cheng Yan embarked on the path of cultivation, the two of them would no longer walk together. What would Cheng Yan choose?

Lin Mo was at a loss in his mind. Why did the good ancient times bring about such mysterious things as cultivation? Was there really a world above them?

At night, after washing, Lin Mo finally made up his mind. “Cheng Yan, I’ll take you to a place, it’s… Amazing.”

Cheng Yan heard that. He was worried. Was it the one he thought about?

Seeing all the experiences of Momo in his dream, Cheng Yan knew that even though he was imprisoned in a certain place and tortured for two years, he still didn’t talk about that place with anyone.

But now, he would take him there.

Cheng Yan only felt heavy in his heart. Had he trusted him so much?

He had been hiding those memories before, and no matter how he asked, he would not say a word. He was afraid that he didn’t want him to know about those embarrassing experiences. Cheng Yan approached, embraced his husband and held him tightly.

Lin Mo was puzzled by his embrace, but he didn’t think about the reason now.

In his mind, Lin Mo appeared in the space with Cheng Yan.

Cheng Yan didn’t feel anything, but after reacting, he found that his environment had changed.

Lin Mo found that Cheng Yan was holding his hand with more force. Lin Mo took Cheng Yan through the space around, told him everything about the space carefully, and finally took him to the Dragon Statue.

When they came out of the space, it had  only been two hours outside. After the combination of spiritual space and dragon space, the time difference between inside and outside the space was doubled.

“Cheng Yan, the formula from the green dragon… You really don’t consider… ” Lin Mo still didn’t believe it. Although he guessed 80% of Cheng Yan would refuse, Lin Mo did not expect that Cheng Yan would refuse decisively before he heard it. However, he was very happy to hear Cheng Yan’s decisive refusal.

“It’s enough to live to be one hundred years old with you around.”

After practice of cultivation, one’s life would be prolonged. If they were together, it didn’t matter how long they lived. However, Cheng Yan did not want to let him find the avenue alone.

Cheng Yan promised to be with Lin Mo forever. To live in the same bed, to die in the same coffin.

“Mn.” Lin Mo buried his head in his neck, whispered, and was relieved. After a heavy stone in his heart was removed, Lin Mo thought of another important thing. He promised to find an energy stone for Zero One so as to support the subsystem back to the end.

Lin Mo thought that he would look for one for a long time, but he didn’t expect that there was one in the dragon spiritual space.

According to Qinglong, the dragon, the dragon jade space was worn by some Emperor who could not transform into a dragon. After a long time, the dragon jade became dragon Qi, which changed from a common artifact to an immortal one. But for a long time, the spirit of Qinglong dissipated almost entirely.

When Cheng Yan had been six years old, the dragon used up his last powers to protect Cheng Yan, and now he had become a storage space that could only hold things. The dragon people liked to collect treasures, even if they were not the Emperors. The spirit stone they used for cultivation were the energy stones Lin Mo needed now, and the quantity was very large.

Lin Mo thought that the former owner of the dragon jade must have had a very high position in the imperial family. He just didn’t know what the existence of the blue dragon sculpture in the dragon jade was in their family.

Lin Mo planned to find Zero One the next day, and get the subsystem out as soon as possible, so as to have a long dream. Cheng Yan didn’t say anything more when he saw him, and knew that he would not talk about his past life with him now.

His heart was lost but, at the same time, he also felt more heartache.

Maybe that secret, Momo would tell him after a long time, or it would never be mentioned again in his life. Besides, he already knew of the secret. If Momo didn’t want him to know, he would pretend not to know.

Anyway, in this life, he would spoil the man in his arms.

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