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Chapter 142: Ninth World (7)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Edited by Sulo

After a series of events, Bai Duan and Cao YuYing were finally ready for their wedding.

There were different opinions about this marriage in the capital. Some ridiculed that Imperial Counsellor Bai seemed to be upright, but in fact was so hungry for power that he’d sell his own son. After finding out that his beloved son had no future in being a high-rank official, he made him marry the princess to keep the Bai family’s prosperity. Some people also lamented that Bai Duan was ‘a flower in cow dung’ — after all, although the Second Princess rarely went out of the palace, she also attended high-level banquets such as the flower viewing banquet the First Princess held before, so the upper class in the Capital knew that she looked ordinary and had mediocre talents.

Because of Bai Duan’s outstanding appearance, the girls who had fantasies about him were heartbroken, while the male teenagers of the same age were very glad that they had one less troublesome competitor. In a word, no matter what they thought in their hearts, on the surface, they showed the attitude of blessing and joy together, congratulating the princess and Bai Duan on their marriage.

Under the attention of all the people in the Capital, the Royal Wedding finally opened on the chosen day.

One day ago, Cao YuYing’s veil was sent to the Imperial Palace. The servants all came out of the palace in an orderly fashion. The procession was almost ten miles long, which made everyone envious.

On the wedding day, Bai Duan was also wearing a big red wedding gown provided by the Imperial Tailors’ Department. He came out riding on a snow-white horse with red flowers on it. Under the guidance of the Etiquette Department officials, he led the welcoming team to stroll around on the streets.

Just as people say, “whenever there are great things, people spirits are naturally great as well”, Bai Duan was so excited at the thought that he would soon be married to the woman he liked; even though he couldn’t sleep at all night last night, he didn’t feel sleepy at all.

Riding on the horse, Bai Duan had gleaming eyes, a rosy complexion and a bright smile. Anyone could see that he was extremely happy. There were no forced expressions as some rumours went by. His happy expression emphasized his originally delicate features even more, which caused people on both sides of the road to fix their gazes on him. They must say ‘the most beautiful man in the Capital’ really deserved the name, and maybe, even if they searched the whole country, they would not be able to find a second man that was as handsome and as outstanding as Bai Duan .

At the same time, Cao YuYing in the palace also changed into a phoenix crown and a red wedding gown, then proceeded to salute the Emperor and his concubines.

The Emperor and the Imperial Concubine had no affection for the Second Princess, and naturally they could not brew any feelings of sadness at parting. They said a few random words and then allowed her to leave. The red carriage prepared by the Etiquette Department had long been waiting outside the palace for them.

Cao YuYing’s head was covered with his own hand embroidered veil. Cao YuYing got on the carriage with the help of his maid. He only felt that the carriage slightly shook under him, then a red cloth dropped down and cut him off from the outside.

He didn’t know how long he had been sitting in the red carriage, or what was going on outside of it. Cao YuYing’s mood was delicate and excited. He couldn’t bear the wait anymore, so he used his mental strength to extend his sight outside of the palace grounds. Bai Duan, who was standing next to the horse and waiting for him, was quickly found by Cao YuYing.

Finding Bai Duan, Cao YuYing’s heart quickly calmed down, leaving only joy and expectation. Just ‘look’ at his little lover getting more and more outstanding. Cao YuYing couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. He slightly opened his mouth, wanting to lick his dry lips, but he immediately restrained it — after all, his lips were still coated with lipstick. On such an important day, he couldn’t afford to mess up his makeup.

The carriage was getting closer and closer to Bai Duan, who was waiting outside the palace door. Cao YuYing’s eyes got brighter. Bai Duan seemed to have noticed something. He looked around in a daze, but very soon he was attracted by the red carriage that appeared from a distance.

——Even though he was still quite far away from the red carriage, and there was a guard in front pulling the carriage forward, plus a thick curtain blocking them, Bai Duan was somehow able to sense that he and his soon to be married wife were staring at each other with lingering gazes.

After clearing his throat and getting rid of his thoughts, Bai Duan completed the marching fleet combining ceremony meticulously, all in accordance with the instructions from the officials of the Etiquette Department. Then Bai Duan mounted his horse again, turned his horse around, and returned to his home leading the larger marching fleet that had become one.

The whole fleet was huge and stretched for several miles, which fully demonstrated the royal dignity and prestige. The celebration was full of dignity as people expected.

Imperial Counsellor Bai and all the guests had been waiting in front of the newly renovated building for a long time already. When they saw the red marching fleet from afar, they immediately moved into formation.

The red carriage landed steadily in front of the Imperial Counsellor’s house. Bai Duan got off his horse and walked quickly to the carriage. He stared as the bridesmaids arranged by the palace lifted up the red curtains. The bridesmaids helped Cao YuYing out of the carriage, and then smilingly handed the knotted red ribbon into the couple’s hands, signaling them to hold each end as they entered their new home.

Bai Duan held the red silk-made ribbon tightly while sweat gathered in his palms. He carefully led his ‘wife’ into the house. He looked back at least three times every step, fearing that ‘she’ could not keep up with himself and that something might have happened.

But Cao YuYing, who was covered by the veil did not see any of that. ‘She’ walked steadily, and did not use ‘her’ mental power. ‘She’ just followed behind ‘her little husband’ who seemed to be very nervous at the moment, and wanted to hug and comfort him right this moment.

Under the crowd’s blessing and laughter, the new couple walked into the house of happiness without any hiccups. After that, all that was left was to bow to the heavens and earth, then at last for the husband and wife to bow at each other.

Once the ceremony was completed, Cao YuYing was helped into the chamber by the maid, while Bai Duan stayed to greet the guests who came to give their congratulations.

The princess’s wedding clothes were extremely luxurious and heavy. Even Cao YuYing, who had a fine physique, felt sour after such a long time.

After entering the bedroom, Cao YuYing’s first reaction was to free his neck — God knows how long Bai Duan was going to be out there. He did want to suffer from cervical spondylosis as a result of this, but his maid stopped him immediately. Under the persuasion of all the maid, Cao YuYing thought for a moment, and finally decided to continue with the grievance. After all, he and Bai Duan would only have — certainly will only have such a formal wedding once in this lifetime. It would be much more memorable if it was done perfectly from the beginning to the end.

After rubbing his neck, Cao YuYing put on the veil again, and then leaned back on the bed, waiting patiently for his husband’s return like a wife who could not be more disciplined. Bai Duan in the hall was also in a hurry, and wished he could immediately go to the bedroom and keep his wife warm.

The guests were all important officials in the court, so he had to be patient and accept the congratulatory words of the guests together with Imperial Counsellor Bai.

Because of the Royal prestige, the guests did not dare give the wife any trouble, so all their enthusiasm was naturally put on toasting the groom instead.

Imperial Counsellor Bai was not addicted to alcohol, and Bai Duan had no friends he could drink together with, so he couldn’t quite hold his liquor. After three or five cups, he got dizzy. After more than ten cups, he couldn’t even distinguish southeast from northwest. However, due to his strong mental power, he still had bright eyes and good mannerisms even though his consciousness was vague.

Many people praised Bai Duan, but they didn’t really dare to force too much alcohol down the groom, afraid that it would affect the princess’s night. So, quite soon, the guests laughed kindly and allowed Bai Duan to leave, leaving only Imperial Counsellor Bai to continue entertaining the guests.

Bai Duan seemed to be only slightly drunk, but his body was no longer listening. He stumbled to the bedroom with the help of his servant. He had just opened the door when he tripped over the door frame. If the maid at the door did not quickly give him a hand, he would have made a fool out of himself.

The maid who was brought to the house by Cao YuYing had been imprinted with mental hints from him. Naturally, she dared not do anything to seduce his husband.

Seeing Bai Duan steady himself, the maid quickly stepped back and respectfully handed over the Jade of Bliss, which was for lifting the veil.

Bai Duan’s brain had stopped, but he instinctively knew what to do next. He took the jade and went over to where his wife was sitting. In front of Cao YuYing, his arms trembled slightly, but they were very stable at the movement of lifting the veil.

Under the veil, Cao YuYing with heavy make-up actually had the feminine beauty of a woman. ‘Her’ lips were red, ‘her’ eyebrows were long and soft, ‘she’ was full of charm. ‘She’ slightly lowered ‘her’ head, pretending to be very coquettish, but the depths of ‘her’ sparkling black eyes were full of lust and sharpness as she stared at ‘her’ prey.

Bai Duan’s vigilance had been paralyzed by alcohol, and he had no idea that the shy bride in front of him was a fierce beast. He just stared at the even more beautiful and stunning ‘wife’ of his under the candle lights, his heart was so hot. Until the maid beside him interrupted them gently, which made him suddenly come back to his senses.

Next, Bai Duan and Cao YuYing did the crossed-arms drinking ceremony, and had a bit of food together in the same room, which finally marked the end of the whole wedding ceremony. Then the maid took off the complicated robes for them.

Bai Duan, who was never too comfortable with people getting too close, waved away the maid after she helped take off his robe. However, Cao YuYing was troubled for a long time, it took ages just to take off the Phoenix crown and wash ‘her’ makeup away.

The real Cao YuYing had the exact appearance of a young man, but the maid in the house wasn’t shocked. She only made sure that the ‘princess’ didn’t need her anymore before leaving quietly.

Bai Duan, who was drunk, had never seen the ‘princess’ with such a handsome face before, but he did not even react. He only knew to sit by the bed and stare at his own ‘wife’ with a silly expression, not realizing that ‘her’ gender was not as he had thought. Seeing his little husband’s simple and silly appearance, Cao YuYing’s body was slightly hot. He went to the bed and stroked Bai Duan’s cheek with his hand that was then grasped by the other side and rubbed with delicacy.

Cao YuYing made a deep chuckle. With one hand on Bai Duan’s cheek and the other hand on his shoulder, he pushed his husband onto the bed.

Bai Duan was completely held down by Cao YuYing. He moved a little uneasily, but was soon comforted by his partner’s familiar breaths. He was drowsy and drunk. He accepted the falling kisses from his partner obediently.

——At this moment of unconsciousness and instinct, he didn’t find it strange to be pressed down by his wife, or that such a posture was oddly familiar to him. Even when Bai Duan was out of breath, and pushed against Cao YuYing’s chest, his flat and strong chest to be exact, he did not doubt anything.

Cao YuYing pulled open the outer robe and did the same with the inner one, to finally expose Bai Duan’s white skin, which seldom had the chance to see the light of day. Cao YuYing looked at his lover lying under him on the red new-weds’ bed. He lifted up a strand of his long black hair. His gaze grew more and more hot. He couldn’t help lowering his head and tasting his lover from head to toe meticulously.

Of course Bai Duan could not bear so much stimulation, so he started sobbing in no time at all. He was covered with red marks all over his body, even on his private parts.

Seeing that his lover was completely lost and soft, ready to bear with him. Cao YuYing put him in a position where he would not easily get hurt, and then pointed his body part that had long endured to the point of bursting, at Bai Duan’s entrance. He pushed in slowly but resolutely.

The maid outside listened to the groans, moans, gasps, and creaks of the bed. Though her mind was a bit hazy, it was just clear enough to hear them getting more and more intense. She moved her feet expressionlessly and stood farther away, but was still wary of any suspicious people.

The spring is strong and the night has just begun. It would seem that… tonight would be a long one.

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