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Chapter 143: Ninth World (8)
Translated by Shiya of Exiled Rebels Scanlations
Edited by Sulo

The embarrassing sounds in the room did not subside until the outside was getting brighter. The other servants outside the room looked at each other, and immediately a maid retired to prepare the hot-water bath for the newly married couple. When the hot water was ready, it was not long before the ‘princess’ called for hot water.

The servants poured the hot water into the bathtub, adjusted the water temperature and left quietly. When the servants in the room retreated, the red curtains concealing the bed were lifted by a hand, revealing the ‘princess’ with a rosy and satisfied face. Beside him was a drowsy husband who had been eaten whole.

Cao YuYing casually put on a big red middle robe, and didn’t even bother to tie the belt. He bent down and picked up his little husband.

Bai Duan was suffering all over. He was both reassured and ‘scared’ in the familiar arms. He could not help but squirm a little and let out a whimpering moan, “No more…”

“Yes, no more. I’m just cleaning you up,” Cao YuYing bowed his head and kissed Bai Duan who had tears in his eyes. He walked to the bathtub and chuckled, “He really is a ‘little scholar’, isn’t he? He has such poor physical strength. Has he been sitting in the study reading all day, too lazy to do any sports? It’s a waste of my efforts in improving my physical fitness after I came to this world.”

Cao YuYing’s laughing voice was full of teasing. It lingered in Bai Duan’s ear making him unable to sleep. He could not help but rub against the culprit’s arms again to get rid of the disturbing voice.

Cao YuYing didn’t say anything more. He carefully put Bai Duan into the water that was of a proper temperature, and added some concentrated recovery liquid he got from the system’s store. After all, he wanted to have tea together with his father-in-law and his husband in the morning. He couldn’t really do that if Bai Duan wasn’t able to wake up.

Due to the addition of restorative liquid in the water, Bai Duan felt very comfortable. His frown slightly loosened, and there was a sweet smile on his face. Cao YuYing was itching outside, and couldn’t help but step into the bathtub as well — fortunately, he had been prepared for this, and the tub was big enough — he brought his husband back into his arms again.

Lifting up the water and cleaning the sweat stains on Bai Duan’s body, Cao YuYing was dissatisfied to see the red marks on his lover’s skin quickly dissipate under the effect of the restorative liquid, but he also understood that he would have to ‘win some and lose some’.

With a sigh of regret, Cao YuYing’s hand gradually slipped down Bai Duan’s waistline, and then, with the lubrication of the warm water, penetrated into the entrance that had just finished accommodating himself, and was still quite loose.

Bai Duan moved restlessly in his sleep, trying to stop the invasion of the foreign object, but instead, he made Cao YuYing, who was already having a hard time restraining himself to get more out of control.

Cao YuYing, who only wanted to clean his lover up, endured for a moment and soon lost his patience. He looked at his little lover apologetically, pulled his finger out, only to replace it with something much more powerful.

——Afterall, the bathtub was full of the restorative liquid. He could heal him again, so it didn’t matter, did it? →_→

With such an idea, ‘Her Royal Highness’ again tossed ‘her’ little prince against the side of the bathtub for a long time. At last, he finally restored him with the elixir while feeling a little guilty. Then, he brought him back to the bedroom, which had already been tidied up and cleaned by the servants.

Cao YuYing had a good night’s sleep with the white, tender lover who had just soaked in the restorative liquid. Though Bai Duan was ‘tortured’ for quite a while, the restorative liquid produced by the system was so extraordinary that even he managed to have a good night’s rest, and then wake up in the morning.

The soft quilt, familiar breath and warm arms made Bai Duan feel comfortable and reluctant to move. He just rubbed against his lover’s chest by instinct and felt the warmth of his skin.

A moment later, Bai Duan’s consciousness had just cleared a little. He slowly opened his eyes, looked at the flat and solid chest laid bare in his field of vision, right where he had just rubbed against. His brain was blank for a moment, and then he raised his head abruptly.

Cao YuYing was already awake when Bai Duan cuddled with him. He was smiling at his ignorant lover, he also replied to Bai Duan’s gaze when he looked up.

He lowered his head and kissed Bai Duan who had completely blank eyes. Cao YuYing chuckled and said in a hoarse voice, “Good morning, my little husband.”

Bai Duan:“…………”

——You wait, slow down!

Although he was drunk last night, Bai Duan’s strong mental strength was still strong. So, when he tried to recall last night’s situation, he quickly got the answers he wanted to know.

Bai Duan recalled how he ended up getting drunk and walked into the wedding room last night, how he watched his wife take off ‘her’ makeup and clothes, and how… he was pressed onto the bed by his newly wedded ‘wife’, then in the tub… ‘she’ did this and that to him.

For a while, Bai Duan had a bit of a breakdown, but what made him even more devastated was the thing still pointing at him — he felt a hard, hot object stuck on his lower abdomen, and Bai Duan immediately recalled how it went deep into his body and made a mess of him last night.

With such a vivid memory, Bai Duan’s body which had just been fully ravished got slightly feverish. The organ sticking to him seemed to have sensed that, and it got harder…

All of a sudden, Bai Duan’s handsome face turned red, and the corner of his mouth could not help but twitch.

Cao YuYing paid attention to every expression of his lover and smiled, “My little husband is really young and vigorous. Didn’t I satisfy you last night?”

Although it was known that his quick recovery was the result of a powerful restorative liquid, Cao YuYing would not let go of any chance to flirt with his lover. During the conversation, he slid the hand that was free to hold Bai Duan down. Then he grasped their sexual organs at the same time.

Bai Duan let out an uncontrollable gasp. He wanted to reach out with his own hand to block it, but he quickly fell under the superior skill of the other party. After he again climaxed in Cao YuYing’s hand, he could only feel ashamed and embarrassed. He covered his own eyes to try deceiving himself of what was happening.

Cao YuYing had shot out his seeds, while chuckling, and he picked up the wedding robes that had been carefully folded by the maids. They were temporarily placed at the foot of the bed. Cao YuYing wiped off the white liquid on their lower abdomen, then lifted the quilt blanket and sat up.

After a while, Bai Duan, who reluctantly accepted this fact, finally put his hand down from his face. He looked at the person leaning against the head of the bed, still naked with
his strong chest exposed. His ‘wife’ did not look like a female in the slightest, his lips trembled slightly, “How did this happen?”

“As you can see,” Cao YuYing blinked, “I am a man. I had to pretend to be a woman ever since I was a child.”

Bai Duan went silent. Some days before the wedding, he had a detailed understanding of some things about the Imperial Court and the harem, all information straight from his father. Naturally, he knew that the Enchantress was stirring up trouble there, and that all the princes and the princesses were struggling in the palace. Thinking of the fate of the other princesses, Bai Duan did not fail to understand why Cao YuYing had disguised as a princess, but… but…

“How can you deceive me and do this to me?”

“Do what to you?” There was a dangerous look in Cao YuYing’s eyes, and his gaze swept across Bai Duan’s tender body, causing him to shrink back into the quilt. “That kind of thing? Didn’t you have fun last night? Don’t you feel happy?”

“I…” Bai Duan wanted to refute, but remembered last night’s enchanting experience. He was always honest and couldn’t lie with his conscience in the way.

“What’s more, I already said it when you and I met in the forest for the second time.” The expression on Cao YuYing’s face was lonely, and his tone became heavy and sad, “I said that even if I lied to you, you can’t be mad with me. You agreed,” After a short while, his eyes turned red. “Do you dislike me just because I’m not a female? Or… Do you want to publicize this fact, tell everyone that I am actually a man? And let the Enchantress push me into fire, watch me get tortured, maimed or even killed by her?”

“Of course not!” Bai Duan was startled by Cao YuYing’s red eyes and plaintive words. His mouth was faster than his brain, and he blurted out without thinking. When his voice fell, he couldn’t help but want to slap himself in the face — anyone with eyes could see that Cao YuYing was acting. However, Bai Duan was so naive that he was fooled into making a promise with such few words.

Sure enough, upon hearing his answer, Cao YuYing’s eyes were suddenly no longer red, and there was a slight smile on his lips. He raised his hand to pick up a wisp of Bai Duan’s long hair, and twisted it in his fingers, “I know from my heart that my dear husband would never want to let me suffer.”

Bai Duan’s vein was bulging on his forehead. He quickly grabbed his hair back, and sat up again, “You, speak with manners!”

“I still need to dress up as a female until I can get rid of the Enchantress. Hope my dear husband can get used to it,” Cao YuYing chuckled, then leaned on Bai Duan’s shoulder, and breathed into his ear. He watched in satisfaction as the white auricle quickly dyed red.

——This person was more like an enchantress than ‘The Enchantress’…

“You, you—” Bai Duan was not good with words. He couldn’t stand against Cao YuYing who had experienced over many battles. He was so angry that he couldn’t even complete a word.

Because this person was Cao YuYing, Bai Duan didn’t feel that it was hard to get married with a man or even to be loved by a man. However, the education he received from childhood to adulthood made Bai Duan know how deviant and secular this was.

If Cao YuYing didn’t marry him as a woman, and quickly hit home base, it would take a long time for Bai Duan to accept this. But now that he was married and even had sex, they had done everything. So, Bai Duan, on the one hand, should take responsibility, but on the other hand, did not want to give in.

Although Cao YuYing was not a woman, Bai Duan found that he himself still seemed to like him very much. After all, the deep feeling of falling in love at first sight and reunioning was not easy to erase in a moment — let alone the fact that the two of them had such close contact, and they were now husband and wife.

The Enchantress was still covetous in the palace. Due to a sense of responsibility and his care for Cao YuYing, Bai Duan was unable to reveal his gender and put him in danger. Therefore, Bai Duan still needed to pretend to be a loving ‘couple’ with Cao YuYing, so that everyone could believe that they were harmonious and happy — even Imperial Counsellor Bai couldn’t know the news, because Bai Duan was really worried that his father would faint.

Although he secretly decided to help Cao YuYing continue to cover up and maintain his identity as a ‘princess’, Bai Duan was not willing to be played by the other side. It made him think that to Cao YuYing, he wasn’t that important, so he was so unscrupulous in deceiving him. The other side had ‘mocked’ him, used him, and put him in such an embarrassing predicament.

After suppressing the bitterness in his heart, Bai Duan straightened his face and tried to make himself sound cold and heartless. Then he pushed away Cao YuYing, who leaned on his shoulder softly, “I can continue to help you and be your apparent ‘husband’, but our relationship is only that. Don’t do these misleading actions, and don’t make fun of me.”

Hearing Bai Duan’s cold words, Cao YuYing felt a ‘thumping’ in his heart. He suddenly realized that he seemed to have played with fire, which really pissed off his sweetheart.

He subconsciously reached for his hand, wanting to grab Bai Duan, and explain to him that he didn’t tease him — well, he did, but there was no malice in it. But Bai Duan pushed him away and got out of bed. Then his legs buckled and he almost fell on the ground.

“Be careful!” Cao YuYing was shocked and quickly reached out to help Bai Duan.

I feel that I’ve made a fool of myself. The anger and bitterness just brewing had all disappeared. Only the embarrassed Bai Duan was left, “…………”

——It’s not easy to pretend to be mean, how can it be so difficult!

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