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ARC 10: Beast World; Misguided

Ch 157 to 173


Chapter 157: Tenth World (1)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

In the sunshine outside, Bai Duan carefully moved along the wall and walked quietly. He could touch the door and embrace the beautiful spring light at once. However, just when he wanted to speed up his steps, he felt pain from his tail and gave a scream, “Squeak~”

However, the person behind him didn’t show any pity. She still stepped on Bai Duan’s tail, and when she opened her mouth, she used the tone of a kind of sinister interrogation, “Where are you going?”

Bai Duan, with the sharp pain coming from his tail, silently shrank into a snow-white mass, shivering slightly, and occasionally letting out a whimper or two of grievances. But he dared not resist at all because he knew that only his mother could be so cruel.

Mama Bai sighed helplessly, and finally moved away her foot on Bai Duan’s tail, then picked him up by the fur on his neck, “How many times have I said that it’s dangerous outside! There is danger outside! You’re still young. You can’t even transform into a human form. Your beast form is so small that others can trample you to death. How dare you try to run out every day? Are you that impatient?”

Although the tone she spoke with was very harsh, Mama Bai still held Bai Duan in the palm of her hand, pinched his tail and relieved his pain.

The pain on Bai Duan’s tail came and went quickly, and soon stopped shaking. Mama Bai knew Bai Duan was comfortable, and she turned to hold his sharp ears, forcing him to lift his head, revealing a pair of black eyes with tears and a guilty heart, “Did you hear what I said?”

“Zhi~” Bai Duan gave a flattering cry, which was soft and sweet to the heart. It was a pity that his flattering had been used up a long time ago. Although Mama Bai’s stern look softened, she still had no plan to indulge her son.

Holding Bai Duan in her hand, she went to the backyard, and then put him on the ground. Mama Bai squatted down. Then she poked Bai Duan’s forehead, “Stay here, don’t run anywhere, do you hear me?”

Bai Duan let out a ‘whimper’ and was poked again. Then he licked the finger and shook this long, fluffy tail.

“Come on, I know you are all lively and active. When you grow up, I don’t care if you run out into the forest! But now! No way!” Rubbing Bai Duan’s head, Mama Bai stood up and left the yard to continue her work. While Bai Duan was huddled in the sun, looking at the scattered and not strict wooden fence around the yard, he was eager to get out. But soon, recalling Mama Bai’s temper, the light in Bai Duan’s eyes faded again, and he no longer wanted to run out and play.

In fact, it was not accurate to say play. To be exact, he just wanted to see a certain male.

Thinking of the male beast, Bai Duan’s eyes fell a little bit, and his tail shook involuntarily. He turned over and grabbed at his neck with his little claws. Then he grabbed a pendant made of straw rope from under his thick fur.

The material of the pendant was very rough, but the style was quite exquisite. There was also a lilac flower on it. Unfortunately, after a night, the flower no longer had its delicate appearance, and had withered and lost its bright color — it was still very beautiful, of course.

In recent days, Bai Duan had been running out every day to find the male that sent him the necklace. Bai Duan didn’t know how the other had wandered into the tribe where he lived. It was clear that the male beast was fierce and had a very fierce smell. It should be a large beast, but Bai Duan liked him instinctively.

He wanted to get close to the other, play with the other, and be held in the arms of the other to kiss and do other things. Even if the strong and soft male beast was all muscle and no softer than his fragrance, Bai Duan only wanted to be in his arms and was reluctant to leave.

Bai Duan was not yet an adult and his body and mind had not fully developed. He did not know what his feeling of “missing in one day, liking the next three years” was like. But when he thought that he couldn’t see the other today, he was so upset that he couldn’t sleep in his favorite warm sunlight. His mind flew to the male beast who called himself ‘Bazel.’ He was very worried about whether the other was waiting for him at this moment, and whether he would be angry because he lost his faith and didn’t find him.

With his ears down, Bai Duan was lying in the sun like a dead mink, with his head full of wild thoughts — but soon he heard a sound, as if it was coming from their wooden fence?

Bai Duan woke up, raised his head abruptly, his eyes were full of dark vigilance, and then, “Squeak?”

“Umn, it’s me.” There was a low chuckle outside the fence, which made Bai Duan jump up. He leaped to the fence in three steps, propped up his body with his two front paws, trying to see the appearance of the male beast behind the fence through the dense green vines.

These unbridled vines with branches and leaves were really a big headache for Bai Duan, who was small in size and not strong. But for the male beast outside the fence, they were like decorations without any protective effect.

Soon, the thick vines were pulled apart by Bazel, the male beast outside. It was more convenient for Bai Duan to see the male beast this way, and it was also convenient for him to extend his hand and rub his head, “I knew that you would be  locked at home by your mother.”

Bai Duan skillfully rubbed against the broad and calloused palm of the male beast, squeaking and squealing, complaining to him about his miserable experience of not being able to sneak away this morning and how his mother had severely trampled on his tail.

Hearing Bai Duan’s grievance, Bazel was heartbroken but also found it funny. His fierce brown eyes were full of smiles, “Your tail? Does it still hurt?”

Bai Duan shook his head and tail. All of a sudden, there seemed to be something flashing in his mind, which made him pause in action, and made his eyes a bit dazed.

“What’s the matter?” Bazel asked with some concern.

Bai Duan crooked his head and made two squeaks.

Bazel understood what he meant, gave a dry cough, and covered his fleeting heart, “What did you say? How can I pull your tail? It’s too late for me to hurt you.”

Bai Duan also couldn’t remember the other side treating him so roughly. Although Bazel was tall and big, he always touched him gently and never brought him any discomfort. But somehow, just when recalling the scene when he was trampled on his tail, Bai Duan felt that Bazel had tossed him like this before, which made him feel wronged and… fear?

Bai Duan blinked, wondering why he had such a thought. Fortunately, he had a big heart and after thinking for a while, he soon left it behind and continued to flirt with his ‘new friend’.

Bazel listened to Bai Duan’s chirping gently. With his free hand, he took out a clean fruit and peeled off the skin, revealing the juicy and crystal clear flesh inside.

Bai Duan’s attention was immediately attracted by the pulp. He put his little nose to smell the clear and sweet fruit fragrance, and his eyes were bright.

“Eat.” Bazel chuckled and adjusted his posture so that Bai Duan could easily bite the flesh — his only regret was that he could not carry him into his arms to feed him, but the regret soon disappeared when he watched the mink eat so happily.

Bai Duan ate the fruit very fast, but his movements were very delicate. He didn’t stain any place except a small piece of fluff near his mouth. After eating, he stretched out his little red tongue and licked it once again, and then he returned to his clean appearance.

“Is it delicious?” Bazel asked, nodding slightly after getting a positive response, “This is zhu rongguo, which is good for your health. I’ll find it again for you next time.”

Bai Duan didn’t know how precious and rare the zhu rongguo he had just eaten was. He grew up on a high cliff, so naturally he didn’t hesitate to respond. After eating zhu rongguo, he was more energetic. He only felt that his whole body radiated a comfortable warmth from the inside out. His voice was also too happy and he had an uncontrolled amplification with his squeak.

Just as the so-called ‘complacency,’ Bai Duan was in such a state at present, and could also ‘generate sadness.’

Bai Duan’s clear and cheerful cry soon caught the attention of the busy Mama Bai in the room. She was puzzled and curious again. She ran to the backyard to have a look during her break, but only one glance was enough for her to lose her color and be frightened. However, even though she was scared, her instinct as a mother still urged her to run into the backyard quickly, reach out and hold the silly son on the fence into her arms, then ‘pedal’ back a step and distance herself from the fence.

Bai Duan was suddenly held away from his ‘little friend’ and was not happy. However, he felt the familiar embrace and did not struggle, but looked up at his mother, confused.

It was a pity that his mother didn’t care about her son at all now. All her heart and soul was on the male beast outside the fence.

Gazed at with such vigilance by his sweetheart’s mother, Bazel was helpless. He stood up. His tall body was like a wall, half higher than the fence. The heavy shadow completely covered the mother and son, making Mama Bai feel the real meaning of ‘the shadow of death.’

It was not just the oppressive height, it was Bazel’s ferocity. His lips were thin, and he seemed to be angry when he didn’t laugh. He had a sharp eagle’s nose, sharp eyes, thick eyebrows that flew into his temples, and his whole face was fierce and handsome. There was a black eye patch covering his right eye. Under the mask, one could see a scar running through his right eye, which made his face more and more attractive.

Mama Bai held Bai Duan tightly, and under the gaze of Bazel, a battle broke out. She could not even gather the strength to escape. After a while, she finally couldn’t bear the threat and fear from the other side. A “squeak” escaped and she turned into a beast, but she still managed to press her son under her body and regarded herself as a shield to protect her son.

He didn’t know what happened at all. Bai Duan, with a dazed face, “…???”

Standing by the wall silently, watching two snow-white minks shaking in front of him, “I’m sorry.”

He had completely ignored his race because his lover had always been very intimate and relaxed in front of him. In retrospect, the large golden eagle belonging to large raptors… They should be… a natural enemy of minks?

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May 25, 2020 8:47 am

thank you for the chapter! Hhhhh Mink Bai Duan is so cute… Made me remember of Pixie&Brutus….

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Thank you for the chapter.
So. Mink and a hawk/raptor, nice set-up.

June 30, 2020 10:44 am

Finally… My dream came true!

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Ah so finally Bai Duan is a mink/ ermies!

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Mwhahahha at ML becoming his lover’s natural enemy 😂
MC squeaking and jumping about in his mink body makes for a cute mental image. Cute minks are cute.

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Minks are so cute! Also happy that MC is not a bunny, I like bunnies, just a bit overused in my opinion.
Thank you for the chapter!

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