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Chapter 158: Tenth World (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Bazel had no choice but to frighten his future ‘mother-in-law’ to her original shape. He tried to make his whole person — no, he wanted to seem gentle and harmless. He tried to appease Mama Bai and her son, “Don’t be afraid, I don’t mean to hurt you. Your son and I are friends. It’s just that I didn’t see him today, so I came to see if something had happened.”

Bai Duan, who was not responding, raised his head and used his tongue to lick and comfort his mother.

Under such double consolation, Mama Bai finally calmed down a little and her trembling body returned to normal.

When she moved her body, she had blocked her son, who was under her body and was a little ‘deformed’ behind her. Mama Bai listened to her son’s ‘squeaking’ that agreed with the golden eagle’s ‘friend’ speech. She could not help but want to cram him back into her stomach and give birth to him again. He actually thought that their natural enemy was a friend. How bad was his brain?!

Bai Duan’s mother gave him a fierce look, and then he shrank his head in silence. He didn’t dare to keep talking. Bazel saw the state of his young lover and had to flatter his mother-in-law. He reached for his fur coat and pulled out a beautiful grass chain with beautiful flowers.

No matter which world, ‘females’ always liked beautiful and exquisite ornaments, even this simple and crude world was no exception.

The fierce looking male carefully held the delicate and beautiful grass chain in his hands. The contrast was so strong that it was a bit ironic. It seemed that there was another contrast? Mama Bai, who had been tense, tried to smile, and her subconscious relaxed a little bit.

Bazel raised a hand to hold the fence, which was very easy to cross, but he was willing to be blocked by the fragile fence, as he leaned forward and stretched his hand holding the grass chain, as if trying to pass it to Mama Bai — as if he was clumsy.

Mama Bai hesitated for a moment, recovered her human shape, watched out for Bazel’s changes, and stooped to pick up Bai Duan and hug him in her arms.

After finishing this series of actions and confirming that Bazel didn’t intend to launch an attack, Mama Bai’s vigilance towards him finally returned to normal value — although the natural enemy aura of the opponent still made Mama Bai a little uneasy.

“This is… for him?” Mama Bai asked in a feeble whisper.

Seeing that his mother-in-law finally spoke to him, Bazel couldn’t help but brighten his eyes — which made his mother-in-law tremble again — and quickly gathered up the essence in his eyes, “I like Little Duan very much.”

Mama Bai looked down at her son, who had a bad heart. She could see that there was a grass chain under the fur on his neck.

Raising her hand, she took out the grass chain on Bai Duan’s neck, and saw the same fine texture and flower that had already withered, Mama Bai’s eyes showed some incredulity. “This… Did you make it for little Duan?” 


For the first time, Mama Bai felt that these fierce raptors, these golden eagles… ‘had clever hands and good sense’ and were ‘beautiful and intelligent’. She only felt that she was in some strange world… it was a little fantasy like.

“Umn, if he likes it, I’ll make more for him.” Bazel gave a ‘naive’ smile. Since the last world lit up the skill of ‘good wife and good mother’ and he even embroidered the red wedding veil, Bazel didn’t think it was too ‘feminine and disgraceful’ to do this kind of thing. Instead, Bazel especially liked to make some small ornaments to hang on his lover, just like a kind of exclusive mark. This habit, even when he was later an emperor, didn’t change. It was conceivable to be his mark… When the eunuch saw the Emperor’s hand embroidering sachets for the first time, the expression on his face was so broken.

It had to be said that the ‘simple and honest’ appearance of Bazel reassured Mama Bai. She hesitated for a long time, and saw that Bazel was still holding out his arm stubbornly. It seemed that he would not give up until he reached his goal. Finally, she tentatively moved and approached a little bit. Then she slowly extended her hand and quickly retracted it, holding the straw chain placed in Bazel’s hand.

“… Thank you.” Maintaining a delicate expression, Mama Bai said thanks in a soft voice, bowing to hang the grass chain on her son’s neck, replacing the one that had lost its vitality.

The grass chain with flowers on Bai Duan’s snow-white fur looked very beautiful, which made Mama Bai’s face soften a little — however, considering that the grass chain was made by their natural enemies, Mama Bai felt numb.

Bazel was satisfied that he had sent out his own woven ornaments and received thanks from his mother-in-law. Although he was very eager to have a good relationship with the ‘Bai family,’ he also knew what was too much and couldn’t eat his hot tofu in a hurry. Only step-by-step and letting them see his heart for a long time could he completely dispel the vigilance of Bai Duan’s parents.

Showing his ‘good intentions’ let poor Mama Bai ease her mood. Bazel stood up straight, stepped back two steps, and smiled at Mama Bai, “Then I’ll go first. Tomorrow, I’ll find little Duan.”

Mama Bai barely held in her grimace and really wanted to say ‘don’t come later’. However, she didn’t dare to say more. She just nodded casually and hurriedly went back to the house with her son in her arms, then closed the door tightly.

Feeling as if he had been closed out, Bazel, “…”

With a helpless sigh, Bazel moved his shoulders for a while. In the next moment, a pair of black wings stretched out from his back.

Bazel’s body was tall, and his wings were naturally wider and stronger than the common purple and gold eagles. Two huge wings fanned out, bringing up a strong airflow. Then, Bazel bent his knees a little and jumped up abruptly, flapping his wings at the same time. His whole body leaped into the air, quickly skimmed over the village where Bai Duan lived, and was covered by towering trees.

When the aura of their natural enemy completely disappeared, the dead quiet village finally regained a little vitality. One by one, people or mink like villagers leaned out of their homes and observed from left to right. After they were sure that they did not see the horrible figure again, they were relieved and felt that their lives were saved.

Of course, Bazel knew how much psychological pressure his arrival would bring to the various ‘minks’ in the village, but he didn’t care at all. In other words, Bazel would be happier if the minks kept away from his young lover because he was worried that his little lover would like to go to a female mink and give him a green prairie.

Since the original body of his little lover was a mink, in Bazel’s mind, his little lover’s preference should be ‘man < woman < mother mink’. He believed that Bai Duan’s ideal partner in the future would have been a vivacious and beautiful female mink if he didn’t meet him, so how could Bazel be rest assured that the world wouldn’t throw his lover into the ‘female mink group’?!

So, the first time when he came to this world, Bazel got rid of all difficulties and found his young lover, and became just like a dragon guarding his treasure, and stayed by his side quietly. He believed that as long as he had his own presence, even across different races, his little lover would not be seduced by another mink.

And if a female mink wanted to hook up with his lover… then he’d eat it! The world’s food chain was like this, even if they could turn into a human form, food was food, and it was something he should eat… Still to eat his lover… = w =

Bazel was very satisfied with this simple and rough world, in which the one with the biggest fist was the one who could determine everything. Otherwise, he would not have chosen this place after the end of the last world.

In the last world, Bazel was Emperor for half his life, laborious and unending. Even when he was ‘Emperor’, he couldn’t be alone. He couldn’t wait to meditate, and then fulfill his promise to travel around the world with his ‘Queen’, but his brain cells died when the Emperor was still in office.

In this world, Bazel didn’t want to go through any more intriguing conflicts, so he took a look at the world that could be run over by force without thinking — and he was indeed one of the most powerful races in the world. There was no doubt that the purple golden eagle was the king of the sky.

However, there were gains and losses.

The world of beasts was simple and clean. They were very calm about life, old age and death. Few of them would die of resentment and unwillingness. What’s more, they were also very open about ‘feelings and desire’ — in short, there was ‘no view of chastity.’

All the male and female beasts, who were adults and had entered the stage of heat and love, would spend a period of ‘harmonious and friendly’ days brewing heterosexual sex. If they didn’t fit well, they would split up after the end of the heat period. If they felt good about each other, they would form a stable family relationship and have children together.

Therefore, as long as he was an adult beast, he would basically have relations with the same race and opposite sex, which was not a topic for Bazel, who didn’t care whether his original body was ‘pure’ or not, but his lover’s words in the last world of ‘cutting him if he was not pure’ were still in his ears. Bazel decided to find a ‘virgin’ in order to achieve emotional harmony and avoid helping the original body carry the black pot, so as not to ‘have a dirty body’ that would not match his clean little lover.

‘No relationships with a female’ and ‘willing to give up the body’ left Bazel little choice. He did not hesitate for a long time, and finally chose the original’s body.

The original was from a handsome and strong race. Although it was much older than his young lover, the original’s body was still in the prime of life. Besides, the life span of the golden eagle was longer than that of the mink, and it was not hard to say that ‘he was just born, but I’m old’ — what’s more, the original’s wish was simple… he had no desire at all.

In other words, he was also a hard-working child. When he had not yet become an adult, he went out with his father to learn hunting skills, but unfortunately encountered a sudden storm. No matter how strong the golden eagle was, it couldn’t compete with the power of nature. The father and son finally survived the storm and stumbled back to the gathering place of the birds of prey. They were already injured and dying.

In order to protect the original’s body, the father of the original body suffered most of the injuries, and finally because the injury was too serious, the treatment would not work. Although the original body survived in his father’s shelter, he hurt an eye and broke a wing, becoming a ‘disabled bird of prey’.

With an injured eye, the original body did not have the sharp vision which birds of prey were proud of; with a broken wing, the original’s body also lost the qualification to fight in the sky and soar in the sky. Although his clan didn’t give up on him, and his mother raised him even though she later established a new family, the female bird of prey in the clan were not willing to choose the original body to be the object of intercourse and mate with when the time came, and the original body also suffered from an inferiority complex. He never actively pursued a female, and the original body had already been an adult for several years, and each heat period was survived by himself. Now he was still considered a ‘child bird of prey’.

For his own experience, the original body had no anger or grievance, but felt… that it was very boring to live and he couldn’t see any hope. He didn’t want to drag down his own clan, so he spent his first time in heat alone and then left the settlement and wandered outside alone.

Since he couldn’t use his golden eagle wings, he could only use his human form to hunt and kill enemies. In this way, he could have a stronger physique than other golden eagles. But without the racial advantage, even though he barely survived, he didn’t live well. He was hurt all over. If he didn’t exchange with Bazel, he would have died quietly in some battle within a few years.

For his own future, the original’s understanding was very clear, and he also frankly accepted it. So after being found by Bazel, he just hesitated for a moment and promised to deliver his body to his family, and even quite straightforwardly didn’t ask for any exchange — for the original body, it didn’t make much difference between death and life, if the body could help others, then he was willing to contribute.

In the face of such generosity, Bazel naturally laughed. Behind him, he directly used the medicine to cure the broken wings and the hidden wounds in his body and return to the status of king of the sky. It was a pity that the right eye of the original body had been completely destroyed and there was no possibility of recovery, but Bazel’s mental power could completely replace the eye and judge the surrounding environment 360 degrees without a single dead angle.

After regaining his strength and making sure that he could walk across the world, Bazel quickly found that his lover was born in the mink clan. He could tell because of the soul match, and led his little lover, who had sneaked out, to play to him by virtue of the basically unsealed contract, and fell in love with him at first sight.

As for the next step, Bazel, who had nothing to do with Bai Duan, could guard his lover until he grew up and entered his heat, and then… take him back to the nest and brew some sauce.

It was so beautiful~

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