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Chapter 159: Tenth World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

As Bazel had hoped, he gew up quietly guarding his treasure, more carefully and properly than raising his young. Under the care of Bazel, Bai Duan grew up very healthy. His white fur was bright and glossy. He didn’t have any other colors. His body size was also a circle larger than that of the young minks of his age. He was the strongest and most beautiful baby in the whole village.

Just as the so-called ‘beauty is worthy of the heart’, with Bazel’s perseverance, Bai Duan’s parents finally accepted the fact that his son had a natural enemy as a friend… Rather, they became completely numb to this.

After all, when they opened the door every morning, they would see Bazel squatting quietly at the door of their house, and behold him as a ‘watchman’s stone’. If it wasn’t for the smell of a natural enemy, the Bai family would think that this guy’s body was actually a loyal big dog.

Unfortunately, such a ‘simple and honest’ Bazel could only be seen by the Bai family. As for the other minks in the village, they were not treated so well.

Except for Bai Duan’s parents, other minks in Bazel’s eyes were still plates of fresh meat, especially those who tried to get close to his lover. They often felt Bazel’s death gaze, as if in the next second they would be swallowed into his belly, leaving only a skeleton without blood.

As a result, wherever Bazel went, the minks retreated. Every day, the whole village’s minks were nervous, and their complaints were huge. They dared not show any negative emotions to Bazel, so they had to go to Bai Duan’s parents to complain. In order to appease the discontent of the minks in the village, Bai Duan’s parents had to ‘sacrifice’ their son, allow him to play outside the village with his ‘friend’, and let Bazel get what he wanted and take his little lover away.

Bai Duan’s parents were full of fear that their son would never return after he left with his natural enemy. However, it turned out that this was a complete alarmist thought — Bai Duan was more relaxed when he left the village.

Under the protection of Bazel, Bai Duan was unbridled, completely releasing his nature of playing and running. It could be said that he walked across the whole forest.

Bazel indulged his young lover’s curiosity and allowed him to explore freely in the forest; he taught Bai Duan how to hunt, and even how to use his mental strength to ‘cheat’ in the battle and win while weak. He would turn into a bird of prey, let his lover lie on his back, take him to soar in the blue sky and climb the mountains; he would also hold Bai Duan in his human shape and dive into the deep pool to watch his lover play in the cool pool with his four claws.

In the last life, Bazel wronged his lover and spent most of his life in the Imperial Palace. In this life, he naturally wanted to double his compensation. Bazel loved Bai Duan to the sky and fully experienced the fun of nurturing Bai Duan. He was not only a lover, but also a son… or a pet. He devoted all his patience and love to him.

Before long, all the nearby beasts knew that the mink and eagle were close and inseparable. They felt it unbelievable at the beginning and showed shock their eyes. Then, they became accustomed and indifferent.

So, after that, Bai Duan was safer in the jungle. After all, he was not easy to bully himself. Behind him, there was a purple golden eagle that had a short fuse and was unreasonable and powerful enough to be matched by no other beast. However, all beasts who wanted to live would voluntarily walk around Bai Duan and dare not provoke him at all.

After occupying this jungle as his own territory and taking Bai Duan’s oath of ownership, Bazel’s strict care of his lover relaxed a little, occasionally letting him play alone, while he went to some more dangerous places to pick his lover’s favorite fruits and vegetables — and of course, zhu rongguo, his favorite.

On this day, Bazel crouched for a while and watched as the zhu rongguo finally matured. He gave Bai Duan a warning and flew to the high cliffs.

Bai Duan watched Bazel disappear into the sky, shook his tail and lowered his head, then continued to play with the groundhog he had just caught. The groundhog’s squeal was very interesting. Bai Duan played with his paws and listened to his screams. He had a lot of fun. 

However, while playing, Bai Duan realized something was wrong — recently, he had learned how to use mental power under the guidance of Bazel, and his perception of danger was more acute.

Releasing his paws and letting the groundhog slip away, Bai Duan tensed his body. He seemed relaxed, but in fact, he raised his vigilance to the peak. The next moment, he found himself completely shrouded in a shadow.

Bai Duan, who had been prepared for a long time, didn’t panic, and rushed out like lightning, just to avoid the flying attack of the air attacker, and to widen the distance. Instead of being anxious or aware of difficulties due to successive failures, the attacker still vowed to keep up with Bai Duan — even though it was true.

Bai Duan was very familiar with the behavior patterns of these birds of prey, because Bazel often turned their ‘play’ with him to teach him how to deal with natural enemies. Therefore, the trained Bai Duan was also very calm at this time. While constantly changing his escape route and making efforts to create difficulties for the high-altitude predator, he slowly extended his mental strength and completed the encirclement net. He only intended to heavily bind the attacker and counter defend before they attacked.

Bai Duan’s plan was very good, but his ‘flower protector’ was not ready to let him show his skill.

After picking zhu rongguo for more than ten minutes, Bazel, who sensed that his little lover was in danger through the contract, rushed back, blaming himself and burning in anger. Believing in the strength of Bai Duan, Bazel was not blinded by anger, but that didn’t mean that he was willing to let go of the bold person who dared to touch his beard.

With zhu rongguo in his mouth, Bazel turned into his beast form and flew to Bai Duan as fast as he could. When he saw his little lover ‘struggling’ under the claws of another purple golden eagle, his eyes turned red.

Covering his whereabouts with spiritual force, Bazel quietly flew to the head of the other purple golden eagle, just like a dark cloud brewing with lightning. He flashed two sharp claws, jumped down from the air and tore the other’s body without any concern for ‘friendship of the same family.’

The other purple golden eagle only reacted when Bazel was close to him. He dodged in a hurry and barely avoided the fatal attack. However, he sent his equally precious right wing to Bazel’s claw and was severely scratched, leaving several bloody scars.

The purple golden eagle made a sad cry and tried to keep his wings steady, but the injured right wing was useless. After fanning off dozens of bloody feathers in vain, the purple golden eagle finally fell to the ground heavily, breaking numerous branches.

Bazel looked at this scene with cold eyes, converged his wings, landed gracefully beside his little lover, and then put the undamaged zhu rongguo in his mouth in front of him. Later, Bazel rose up again. He had to attack again and put the opponent to death. Suddenly, the purple golden eagle, who had no fighting power, let out a cry for help.

After hesitating for a moment, Bazel took back his attack posture, fell back to the ground and became a human.

Slightly frowning, Bazel couldn’t kill the ‘enemy’ and was deeply depressed. “You know me?” He asked in a low voice, with a tone of deterrence.

“Of course I know you!” The wounded purple golden eagle also changed into a human shape and stood up faltering, “Bazel, have you forgotten me? I’m Nina Jia!”

The purple golden eagle was a woman with a hot body. Her lips were red and her eyes were bright. Her skin color was a healthy light brown. Her features were gorgeous and dazzling. It was a pity that the right side of such a beautiful woman’s body was dripping with blood. Her wound was deep, and her eyebrows were slightly furrowed in pain, bringing out a trace of vulnerability that made others feel pity.

Bathed in the expectant eyes of the purple golden eagle, who called herself Nina Jia, Bazel pursed his lips and finally found a similar figure from his original’s memory.

Nina Jia, a female who grew up with his original body, was very popular among the young birds of prey at that time. Before she became an adult, many male young birds of prey were attracted to fight for her favor several times.

At a very young age, Bazel was the strongest of the young birds of prey and had a good relationship with Nina Jia. But later, because of the accident, he was disabled in the storm, and his character became silent and incoherent, and he gradually separated from his childhood friend. In the memory of the original body, he often hid not far away, silently watching Nina Jia shining in the stars and the moon of the other young male birds of prey. Obviously, he had a soft spot for this beautiful female bird of prey, but he was afraid to approach because of his shame. Finally, the original body chose to leave the clan, among which there were many reasons why he did not tell Nina Jia.

Feeling the feelings for Nina Jia left in his heart, Bazel’s face was dark. It was really a ‘new hatred and old hatred’. He wished he could clean up the dark history immediately. However, the original gave up his body to Bazel without asking for anything. Bazel was really not good at ‘vengeance’, and it would hurt his sweetheart.

The only consolation was that the original body hid his feelings very well. No one knew that he had delusions about Nina Jia. The only connection between the two birds of prey was her being his childhood playmate.

“God! Bazel! It’s very kind of you to be alive! ” Nina Jia was not angry because Bazel had just hurt her. Instead, she looked very excited. A pair of tiny phoenix eyes were full of joy. Staring at Bazel’s eyes like she was seeing one of her… favorite prey.

Bazel didn’t like the look very much. He was calm and didn’t answer. At his feet, Bai Duan, who was satisfied with the relief of the crisis and holding the zhu rongguo, suddenly became alert, and turned his unhappy eyes to Nina Jia with his ears up.

Bai Duan, who was not an adult and was not enlightened, didn’t know what this extremely uncomfortable feeling in his heart meant. He just instinctively realized that this purple golden eagle, named Nina Jia, wanted to steal something that was very important to him.

In any case, Bai Duan would never allow her to succeed!

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