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Chapter 160: Tenth World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Silently putting the zhu rongguo in his paw aside, Bai Duan turned to hug Bazel’s ankle. The fluffy touch made Bazel look down, and his face softened a little.

“I remember you.” Looking up to Nina Jia again, Bazel’s expression was cold, “Long time no see.”

Nina Jia pursed her lips. She was always admired by the male birds of prey. For a while, she didn’t adapt to Bazel’s attitude of rejecting someone thousands of miles away. But thinking how he showed the same ‘reticence’ before he left the tribe, Nina Jia didn’t care too much, “Your wing… has it recovered?”

“Mmn, it’s a blessing in disguise.” Bazel didn’t intend to go into detail, but rather perfunctorily answered.

Nina Jia also realized that Bazel didn’t seem to want to talk more, and she didn’t continue to ask, “It’s so nice to see you flying in the sky again!”

Nina Jia was really happy. Even though she had just been attacked, Nina Jia’s body trembled with excitement when she recalled Bazel was a huge bird of prey, and had strong wings and claws that easily tore her wings. Nina Jia was used to seeing her admirers fighting with each other, but this was the first time that she realized the strength of the males — not to mention that Bazel was more fierce than all the males she had seen, even the chiefs of the purple golden eagle clan did not have such strength.

Although Nina Jia was the most popular female bird of prey, she had a high vision. Otherwise, she would have formed a family with the male birds of prey. At this moment, Nina Jia finally experienced the taste of lust. Her fiery eyes swept over Bazel’s strong body with smooth lines, and her body was slightly feverish — it was clear that she had not yet reached the stage of having a heat, but Nina Jia had already begun to yearn for the feeling of mating with the other.

The beasts were very honest about lust. They didn’t think it was shameful to have sex with the opposite sex. Even the highest appreciation of a female for a male was to have sex and have children.

Nina Jia’s straight eyes made Bazel’s face colder — God knows, how long had he not tasted the feeling of being looked at and eye raped? It was really a sour feeling. If it wasn’t for the original’s ‘grace’, the female purple golden eagle would have died.

Even Bai Duan was also stimulated, instead of hiding at Bazel’s feet, he went around to the other side, blew his hair and made a “squeak” scream. He tried his best to pose a threat with his soft appearance — though he was not very successful.

Bai Duan’s action attracted Nina Jia’s attention, but the proud purple golden eagle didn’t put the ‘little prey’ in her eyes at all.

She raised her mouth and smiled. Nina Jia raised her eyebrows and looked at Bazel. “Is this your pet? It’s good to raise! I saw it in the sky!”

She didn’t apologize frankly since she didn’t feel she had done anything wrong — it was just too normal for a purple golden eagle to hunt a fresh fat white mink for food.

Bai Duan was swept by Nina Jia’s salivating eyes, and his snow white hair couldn’t help but bristle again. It was a pity that Nina Jia didn’t feel his protest at all, and she only regarded Bazel’s cold, dreary expression as his dissatisfaction that his pet was almost killed by other birds of prey.

And Bazel also knew that he couldn’t let Nina Jia, a native purple golden eagle, understand the deep relationship between himself and Bai Duan, so he simply didn’t bother to talk to her. He stooped to pick up Bai Duan at his feet, combed his fingers through his hair, and then went straight to the subject, “How did you get here?”

It was far away from the settlement of purple golden eagles, and it had never belonged to the hunting range of any purple golden eagles. At least Bazel had been the ‘king of the forest’ for a long time, but he had not been provoked by any rivals.

“Oh, that’s it.” Hearing Bazel’s inquiry, Nina Jia’s reply was very straightforward. “Recently, another group of young eagles have grown up. In order to facilitate their hunting, adult purple golden eagles chose a hunting ground close to the settlement and opened up new territories outside.”

Bazel frowned and said away without hesitation, “It belongs to me. You and any other people, go to other places.”

Nina Jia was not surprised. Generally, there was only one purple golden eagle activity in a territory. She met Bazel here, which meant Bazel had claimed this territory. “Sorry, I didn’t know it was occupied before.”

“Now that you know it, leave!” Bazel’s voice was cold.

Nina Jia, however, did not leave. She blushed, with a rare blush, “Then… Would you like to share this territory with me?”

As an independent purple golden eagle, the only reason why one could share territory with another was to mate with each other and have children together. This was Nina Jia’s first suggestion to accompany a male bird of prey. Even though she was always straightforward, she had a unique feeling of shyness.

It was a pity that Bazel didn’t show any gratitude, and didn’t appreciate the embarrassed beauty, “No, I don’t want to.”

Nina Jia was stunned for a moment, but she didn’t expect the other side to refuse so simply. But then she found a reason for Bazel’s refusal.

Bazel was injured and disabled when he was very young. Since then, he had become very independent and had left the clan. As an adult, he had never asked any female eagles for help because of his disability. He seemed to have no feelings for the opposite sex at all. He was probably not clear about the implications of being in the company of another purple golden eagle.

“No, I didn’t mean to rob your territory. You misunderstood me!” Nina Jia quickly explained. She could not care anymore about being a reserved female. “I mean…”

“I know what you mean.” Bazel strongly interrupted Nina Jia’s words, “I didn’t misunderstand either.”

Nina Jia opened her mouth and didn’t know what to say.

“Now, please leave.” Bazel’s sharp eyes were fixed on Nina Jia, and the black wings behind him were raised slightly and tensely, posed in an offensive gesture, “Otherwise, don’t blame me for being rude.”

Nina Jia looked at Bazel in shock. Her aching right half of her body and sharp nerves in her brain reminded her that the other side was not joking — if she didn’t leave immediately, she would be killed by the other side!

Nina Jia’s body trembled a little, but this time it was not because of excitement, but because of fear. Her eyes were red and her face was pale. She moved her lips for a while, but she could not make any sound. At last, she covered her injured right arm and walked away quickly. She was so embarrassed that she did not dare to look back.

Seeing that the female bird of prey that got in the way finally left, Bazel took back his cold expression, looked down at the hairy furball in his arms, and stroked his back tenderly. “She’s gone, don’t be afraid. Were you scared?”

Bai Duan moved Bazel’s arms, then jumped out of his arms and grabbed the zhu rongguo that he had dropped

Even though the blinding object left, Bai Duan still felt uncomfortable. He didn’t know what this sour and astringent discontent meant, but Bazel clearly felt the jealousy of his little lover from the contract.

Chuckling, he took Bai Duan and the zhu rongguo back in his arms, and then sat down against the thick trunk. Bazel tapped the tip of Bai Duan’s nose, “Why? You don’t like me being in contact with other female birds of prey?”

Bai Duan subconsciously shook his tail, glanced aside and dared not look at Bazel, but he was quite honest, “Squeak~”

Bazel’s fierce face overflowed with a satisfied smile, which softened the cold and hard facial lines in an instant. “Why are you so sorry about this? I don’t like you being in contact with other females either. We are all the same.”

Bai Duan was immediately comforted. He turned his head to see Bazel and rubbed his fingers.

“So… Grow up quickly. I’ve had a hard time the past few years… ” Bazel’s eyes narrowed slightly and his tone was meaningful.

Bai Duan’s fur, which had been touched, suddenly exploded again, and his body also showed a light heat. While beasts did not deliberately avoid others when they were ‘mm-hmm-ah’, it was also normal for them to have sex occasionally. Even though Bai Duan was not yet an adult and had not experienced a heat period, he had also received a lot of ‘sex education’ imperceptibly. Naturally, he knew what kind of behavior ‘mating’ was — needless to say, he still kept a covetous purple Golden Eagle all the time, even when he was in heat he was unwilling to leave half a step.

The beast’s heat periods were so violent that even Bazel’s strong willpower couldn’t completely control it. Of course, the most important reason was that his little lover was always around and exuded the smell of ‘temptation.’

Although Bai Duan, a minor, couldn’t turn into a human and know the joy of being like a fish in water with Bazel, this didn’t prevent the bird of prey from being impatient… and do something incongruous to his little lover.

When Bazel, in beast form, pressed Bai Duan under his body and held his neck for the first time, the mink was helpless and thought that he was going to be eaten by the other party! Bazel’s sharp beak clearly stuck on his most vulnerable neck, but did not make him feel any pain, and finally let Bai Duan calm down quickly.

Later, he felt Bazel’s rapid and fierce continuous rubbing on the fur of his tail with Bazel’s tail vertebra, until he thought that his fur of the lower half of his body had been rubbed bald, which ended the inexplicable ‘torture.’

Later, Bai Duan gradually understood what Bazel was doing to himself, but unexpectedly, he didn’t hate the other side’s actions, instead, he felt complacent and desire that Bazel had found him when he was in heat rather than do it with other beasts to vent.

After finding out that Bai Duan did not reject him, Bazel’s action naturally became more and more excessive. Later, after the end of his heat period, the fur on Bai Duan’s lower half body… was really thin.

Recalling the ‘absurd’ heat, Bai Duan only felt that he had a fever. He took two bites of zhu rongguo, trying to calm himself down, but he didn’t expect that his body was getting hotter and hotter — even later, he was dizzy and didn’t know the southeast, northwest and northeast.

Bazel, who had been holding his little lover, naturally felt the abnormal heat on Bai Duan, and his mood was also in a mess for a moment. He held Bai Duan in front of him, rubbed the hot white ball with his cheek, and his voice was anxious, “Little Duan? What’s going on? What’s wrong?”

Bai Duan heard Bazel’s anxious inquiry, but his drowsy head couldn’t understand what he was saying at all. He just instinctively gave out a soft response, which made Bazel more anxious.

Holding his lover firmly in his arms, Bazel spread his wings and rose up in the air. He flew to the mink village like lightning.

In this primitive and rough world, getting sick is a big thing, let alone a sick cub. A little carelessness could easily lead to disaster. In any case, Bazel would never allow his little lover to have an accident!

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Maybe MC is getting his human form? 🤔 I think all the novels describe it as getting a fever then ‘*poof*, you’re a human’

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