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Chapter 164: Tenth World (8)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Bazel felt his heart was stuck in his throat the entire way, and finally decided that ‘the boat will go straight to the bridge’. In the world of life, where couldn’t they go? As long as one was cheeky enough, there would be a solution to everything!

Comforting himself, Bazel took Bai Duan to the direction of the space fissure, and under the guidance of the system, he found the ‘intruder’ quite easily.

When Bazel saw the ‘intruder’, he felt extreme danger — for the intruder who was being stared at by a boa constrictor as thick as a bucket, and was experiencing a moment of death.

The intruder was human, male, in his twenties. He was wearing a T-shirt with a handsome anime hero, big flower boxers — and maybe, slippers? It was just that he didn’t know where he had been thrown during his escape, so he was barefoot.

The young man’s physical strength was obviously very bad. It was not so much that he escaped the pursuit of the boa constrictor, but that he was teased by it and crawled around. His white body was easily covered with cut wounds from plants and trees because he did not see the sun all year round. The boa constrictor stimulated by the red blood was more excited. It’s eyes circled around the youth, and from time to time, it stretched out it’s tongue and licked his red blood. The naked limbs caused the youth to scream with exhaustion and hysteria. He was scared to death… pale as a ghost.

Bazel held Bai Duan and stood on the high branch of the tree. He looked at the young person struggling under the boa constrictor coldly, but he had no intention of helping them.

He came here mainly to judge the danger of the ‘intruder’. If it would cause trouble to himself, he could easily clean up and eliminate the hidden danger. After all, he still had to experience sweet honey with his little lover in this world. Where was the time to waste on this ‘intruder’?

However, the level of this ‘intruder’ was too low. Bazel didn’t even bother to take the initiative to clean it up. He couldn’t even live alone in this dangerous beast world. Bazel didn’t need to worry about it at all.

Satisfied, Bazel relaxed his tight body and planned to watch the ‘intruder’ die. However, Bazel’s plan was changed by his little lover.

Nestled in Bazel’s arms, Bai Duan looked at the young person who was being teased by the boa constrictor. His soft lips gradually puckered up. His fingers also slowly tightened and slightly forced to grasp Bazel’s shoulder. He was a little restless.

Feeling the difference, Bazel lowered his head and asked softly, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Duan shook his head in silence for a moment. Suddenly, he pointed down to the young man, “Shall we help him?”

Bazel was stunned for a moment, and didn’t expect that his lover would make such a request — although Bai Duan’s temperament seemed soft and cute, it was not inferior to Bazel’s indifference. He never indulged in mindfulness, but he knew the truth of being wise and protecting himself.

In fact, Bai Duan should have been used to such hunting scenes in the world, but this time he suddenly wanted to save people, which surprised Bazel.

With no one to say yes or no, Bazel met Bai Duan’s eyes and calmly expressed his doubts, “Why save him?”

Bai Duan seemed to be confused, raising his hand and pressing his chest, “Because it’s stuffy and uncomfortable here. It’s like I have experienced the same thing and can understand his feelings at this time…” After a pause, Bai Duan frowned and turned to look at the young man. He saw his desperate and confused eyes, but he didn’t know why he fell into a nightmare. “Flustered and helpless, confused and uneasy… All of a sudden, everything around is totally different. I didn’t know what to do next… Where to go? How to… live?”

Bai Duan’s voice was very erratic, and his expression was also very confused. Maybe he couldn’t make sense of it and didn’t know how to express his feelings at the moment — however, he trusted Bazel very much, and he confessed his ideas to him openly, obeyed his mind and made a request.

Bai Duan didn’t know why he felt this way, but Bazel knew and loved it. He tightened his arms and kissed his face in silent comfort, gradually calming the inexplicable uneasiness and confusion in Bai Duan’s heart.

Bai Duan’s feeling was because he was once such an ‘intruder’. Like the young person under the tree, he suddenly appeared in a totally strange world in a dazed and confused way and didn’t know where to go.

Because the experience was similar, he felt the same.

Of course, Bai Duan was luckier than his youth. He didn’t encounter such a dangerous situation when he first came around, but he also suffered a lot for this. He deeply experienced the situation of being scared and lonely.

Recalling that when he picked up his little lover and took him home, he was dirty, thin and dark, so Bazel couldn’t help apologizing. But he also knew that if time reversed, he would still make the same choice, watching Bai Duan struggle in a strange world, and even thinking maliciously about whether to deal with him in advance in order to avoid trouble, just as he was now treating this ‘intruder’.

Although after falling in love with Bai Duan, his little lover seemed to have completely forgotten his bad experience, as always, he was lively and lovely, and liked to play. But obviously, this period of time had been deeply engraved in his memory and caused him indelible damage.

It was just that Bai Duan had always covered up so well that even a sharp person like Bazel didn’t realize it — or maybe even Bai Duan himself didn’t realize it. Only after losing his memory, could he show it without any cover.

Of course, if Bai Duan was not spoiled and taken care of by Bazel, as naive and carefree as he was when he was born, this sudden and unpredicted negative feeling would not affect him so strongly, but would be suppressed, restrained and ignored by him — the request of ‘saving someone’ was indeed indispensable to ‘harmony of time, place and people’.

Bazel was very grateful for such a coincidence, so that he could detect the deep fear of his little lover. However, he couldn’t change his past, and could only try to comfort his little lover with his current actions — even if it may cause him a problem later.

“Don’t feel bad. I’ll save him.” Bazel said with a chuckle and heartache. Bai Duan’s eyes brightened and he nodded. He bent down and put his lover on the branch of the tree and whispered, “Sit here, don’t run around, or fall down. I’ll pick you up when I’m done, okay?”

“Okay!” Bai Duan sat steadily on the hard branches of the tree, shaking two white and tender legs. “You should also pay attention to safety, don’t get hurt!”

“That boa constrictor can’t hurt me.” Bazel’s tone was understated. He settled down his little lover, and in a flash he turned into a huge one-eyed black bird of prey, spreading his wings, like a cloud brewing with death. He was silent but moved at lightning speed towards the boa constrictor under the tree.

The boa constrictor had solely focused on playing with the young person, without any sense of the danger approaching. Until it felt the sudden change of the upper wind direction, it realized that it had become prey for a hunter.

The boa constrictor suddenly turned to escape, but it was too late. The sharp claws of the black bird of prey were deeply embedded under its scales. When it turned to struggle, it cut several deep wounds. 

The red and stinking snake blood splashed in large quantities, dyeing the surrounding green plants red. The snake was enraged, curled up and wanted to attack the black bird of prey. However, it was thrown up by the black bird of prey cunningly and skillfully. It was severely pecked by the sharp beak at the most lethal place, it’s heart, and then caught from the position of the most vulnerable part of its spine. 

The black bird of prey held the part of the snake’s body and shook it twice. He could almost hear the crack of the boa constrictor’s vertebrae. Being caught in such a crucial position naturally led to the snake’s more intense struggle.

The young man who escaped from death looked at this scene stupefied. For a while, he didn’t believe his good luck. He stayed for a long time, shaking his aching body and climbing up in embarrassment. He seemed to want to take the chance to escape, but before he could take a step, he found that the black bird of prey, who was fighting with the boa constrictor, glancing at him. Only one of his eyes was open, which seemed to threaten him to ‘try and run’.

Subconsciously, the young man sat on the ground with his legs soft. He couldn’t believe that he could understand the meaning of the black eagle’s gaze. He only thought that he should be confused because of his psychological function — but in any case, the courage of the young man was completely washed away by the black eagle’s gaze, and he couldn’t recall the idea of running away quietly, so he just sat there and watched the scene of ‘snake versus eagle’.

After hinting at the youth with mental strength and forbidding him to run around, the black bird of prey once again focused on the snake. The boa constrictor was not an opponent of the black eagle who could fly up to the sky. In addition, it was attacked successfully by the black eagle first, and then thrown up into the wind in an instant. It failed to find the time to fight back several times.

The black bird of prey was well prepared and energetic, while the snake’s body was injured more and more seriously. After fighting with the black bird of prey with all his strength for a while, he was gradually exhausted.

The snake dare not fight, and was struggling to escape, but the black bird of prey obviously did not intend to let it go. While the snake tried to escape with several wounds on its body, he seized its heavy body, trying to bring it to the sky to kill it.

The boa constrictor was forced to retreat by the black eagle several times, and finally realized that he was doomed. Although it was useless to beg for mercy, the snake must try it as long as there was a trace of life.

As soon as it turned around and turned into a snake ball, the boa constrictor’s voice was hoarse, “Let me go! This game belongs to you. Please let me go! As long as you let me go, I can promise you any request!”

The half-human shape of the snake was very soft and beautiful, with a kind of unspeakable evil spirit, which added a bit of fragile style at this time; eight abdominal muscles were arranged on the snake’s body in a neat way, bending in a very attractive curve when twisting the tail of the snake. “It” breathed heavily, its chest fluctuated violently, and its tight muscles matched with the scars, showing a kind of abused beauty.

Unfortunately, no matter how charming his appearance was, he was only a prey in the eyes of black bird of prey. As for the snake’s prayer, the black eagle turned a deaf ear, and the huge body soared again. He rushed down without pity. The sharp claws stained with snake blood continued to scratch the deep visible bone wounds on the boa constrictor’s body.

In a short time, the snake, which was at the end of its life, collapsed under the claws of the black bird of prey and had no strength to move any more. One claw of the black eagle landed on the ground, one claw stepped on the snake’s body, the sharp beak ripping open the python’s chest three or two times, and then pulled out the still beating heart, and threw it aside.

The python’s body twitched for a while, and then there was no movement. The appearance of the human body of the snake was hard to maintain, and it became a complete snake body, which was opened and broken, and meandering in the blood pool without any sound.

It was confirmed that the boa constrictor couldn’t die any more. The black bird of prey finally relaxed its suppression, flapped its wings to one side, shook some messy feathers caused by the fight, and shook off the snake blood stained on it.

He cleaned himself up, and stretched out with satisfaction. Then… became a handsome tall man.

The young man who sat on the ground with a dull face as he supported his body, “……”

I was first chased by a boa constrictor, and then saw a battle of an eagle versus snake.

While fighting, the snake suddenly became a beautiful man with human body and snake tail. Then it was killed by the cruel and bloody heart cutting black eagle. Finally, it defeated the boa constrictor… and also became a man.

Damn crossing the great God, what kind of mysterious world did I come to?! QAQ

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