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Chapter 163: Tenth World (7)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Although he asked for the ointment from the doctor, Bazel did not immediately comply with his desire. He hoped that he would swallow his coveted lover into his stomach. After all, what the doctor said was also reasonable. Bai Duan’s body had just matured, and the difference between the two’s beasts type was too big, so it was better to wait.

Bazel was ready to wait for Bai Duan to experience his heat, and then take action. Because at that time, Bai Duan’s body would be really ready to bear desire. Bazel also hoped that his little lover could really like this kind of ‘sport’, and experience the supreme happiness and enjoyment from it, rather than just to meet his own desire and hope as a ‘sacrifice’.

Bai Duan, who didn’t know that he was still in the process of being ‘fattened up’, was still happily clinging to Bazel, while the rest of the adult minks had learned the ‘truth’ from Bazel’s undisguised hot eyes.

In response, all minks remained silent, even Bai Duan’s parents. When it was heard that Bai Duan wanted to live in Bazel’s nest since he was an adult, Bai Duan’s parents just confirmed their son’s intention again, and once again, let him go.

For one thing, Bazel had fully proved his care and love for Bai Duan during this period of time, making Bai Duan’s parents believe that their son would not be harmed; for another, because Bai Duan was now grown up, he could choose his next path independently.

In this world of beasts, cubs were precious and needed to be taken care of. But once they grew up, their parents had already done their due duty and would not have to take care of them anymore.

The young beasts must grow up quickly and learn how to survive independently, especially the male beasts, which was a requirement more demanding for them. Even some parents would drive their adult children away from home. Even if the young beasts were struggling, they would refuse to help. After all, at that time, most of the parents had new babies and needed to feed the younger ones with the food at hand.

This was the rule of the beast world. Although they could transform into human form, the nature of beasts still dominated. Here, everything was straightforward and cruel — for the beasts who were still struggling with food and clothing, and had underdeveloped productivity, only ‘individual survival’ and ‘clans’ were the most important, and everything else needed to serve these two points.

As a result, when Bai Duan grew up, his parents no longer restricted his actions as they did when he was young, but allowed him to do what he wanted to do and fight for his own survival. As for the next step, no matter what road Bai Duan chose or how he walked, he was not under the jurisdiction of his parents.

Since the beasts had long been accustomed to leaving home when they grew up, when Bai Duan left the tribe, there was no scene of tears spilling on the spot or being reluctant for the other to leave.

Bai Duan happily said goodbye to his family and friends, as if he was just going on a tour, while his parents, brothers and sisters were just more earnest than usual. And then he took their blessing. His family watched him and Bazel leave together.

Finally, Bazel was able to take his little lover back to his nest. Bazel’s mood was more joyful, as he patiently and meticulously protected Bai Duan, who had left home for the first time after becoming a human, and was full of curiosity as he frolicked in the jungle. Although Bai Duan was familiar with this area, he still found many different pleasures after he became a human and observed everything from another angle.

Even though his body was grown up, Bai Duan’s heart was not mature, and he was still childish. Bazel was willing to pamper and indulge him. He didn’t intend to let his little lover experience any ‘life tribulations’ and become strong, mature and reliable.

Under the protection of Bazel, Bai Duan walked and stopped for most of the day, and finally came to the nest not far from the mink village.

Bazel’s ‘home’ was located on the branch of a big tree in the sky. The root of the huge tree was deep and leafy, and the thickest trunk was so thick, even more than ten people would find it hard to embrace.

Standing under the tree, Bai Duan looked up at the tree house, which was almost one with the trees in the shade. Bai Duan couldn’t help but widen his eyes and marvel at it.

“Do you like it?” Bazel chuckled, rubbed his little lover’s head, and said with a faint pride, “When you get in, you’ll like it more.”

This tree house was built by Bazel after finding Bai Duan. It naturally integrated Bai Duan’s preferences and Bazel’s pursuit of quality of life. As for building a house on a tree, it was because a purple golden eagle liked to live in high places; the other was that it was safer and more hidden; the third was that he could have his lover all to himself.

Bazel’s gaze was deep. He looked down at his little lover who couldn’t wait to go up the tree and enter the house. Unexpectedly, he spread his arms with trust, “Hurry up, take me up!”

“Okay.” Bazel lifted up his lips and held his little lover in his arms, holding his buttocks in one hand and his waist in the other, “Hold me tight.”

Bai Duan did not doubt him. He put his arms around Bazel’s neck, and his soft body was tightly attached to the other’s chest. Bazel felt a soft mass in his arms, unfolded his wings contentedly and rose into the air. Then, with light fans, he landed steadily on the platform set up in front of the tree house.

After flying into the tree house, Bazel did not put Bai Duan down, but carried him straight into the house. Bai Duan was busy looking at the scenery around him. He didn’t find anything wrong and didn’t understand the careful thought of the person holding him.

Bai Duan’s excited eyes glowed, “God! This is great! Good view, more beautiful scenery!” 

Bazel smiled and put his little lover in his arms on the big bed that he had prepared carefully.

Bai Duan was surprised by the soft touch under his body, and couldn’t help bumping on the landing surface, “What is this? How soft!”

“After hunting, I would collect the softest fluff from the prey, and finally gathered them together to make this set of bedding.” Bazel raised his eyebrows happily. “Later, we will sleep here.”

Bai Duan had never seen such a comfortable big bed. His family’s bed was nothing more than a combination of hardwood and then a layer of beast skin. Lying on the bed and feeling it was still not enough. Bai Duan simply turned into his beast form and rolled in the bedding several times, which made him feel satisfied. He stayed on the same soft pillow and continued to observe the other furnishings in the room.

Although there was no bed as luxurious as this one, the rest of Bazel’s furniture was also exquisite and convenient, which was much richer and more advanced than what the beasts usually used. Bai Duan looked at everything curiously. Although he felt it was very strange to see these furnishings, he could understand the function at a glance and he didn’t need Bazel to introduce them one by one.

After looking at the structure of the whole room, Bai Duan was more satisfied. He swung his big tail and purred happily.

Bazel sat on the edge of the bed, looking at the white mass on the bed, and licked his lips vaguely, “How is it? Do you like it?”

“Zhi ~” Bai Duan raised his head and responded happily. 

Bazel’s smile deepened, and he reached out and touched Bai Duan’s small, velvety body, “You like it. We will live here from now on.”

Bai Duan tilted his head and felt that Bazel’s tone was a little strange, but he didn’t think much about it. Instead, he turned his head and licked the other’s fingers.

Feeling the soft and hot touch on his fingers, Bazel narrowed his eyes slightly, and his heart changed a little. The satisfaction of his state became more and more expansive.

——He built a house on a tall tree, so that whether he left or came home, his lover only needed to rely on him, as if… Bai Duan was imprisoned by him in this comfortable and beautiful birdcage, and became his own ‘princess in the tower’ and a ‘canary in a cage’.

Although Bazel didn’t really mean to imprison Bai Duan, such a scene really satisfied his desire. Somehow, since he came to this world, Bazel’s desire to possess Bai Duan became more and more intense, probably because of the influence of this body, which infected the nature of the purple golden eagle.

Looking at his ‘little princess’ and ‘canary’ who was happy in their comfortable and beautiful new home, Bazel just wanted to suggest something for them, but suddenly frowned and looked in a certain direction.

Bai Duan also seemed to sense something. He stopped moving and tilted his ears in a certain direction.

Bazel turned his head and looked at Bai Duan, then his eyes returned to softness. He gently nodded his head and told him softly. “I have an urgent matter to deal with suddenly. You stay at home and don’t run around. There are fresh fruits on the table. If you are hungry, you can eat some food first.” 

Bai Duan “squeaked”, rolled into a human shape, grabbed Bazel’s finger and said, “I’m going too!” After a pause, he blinked in a daze, “I also feel that something happened… Is it… something that doesn’t belong here that has appeared?”

Hearing Bai Duan’s words, Bazel was stunned, “Do you feel it too?”

“Umn.” Bai Duan nodded his head cleverly, then wondered, “What is it?”

“One… A guy who could cause trouble.” Bazel shrugged his shoulders and reached for Bai Duan. “Now that you feel it, let’s go and have a look.”

“Okay!” Bai Duan nodded and was very happy — with Bazel by his side, he was not worried about the danger he would encounter.

Bazel took Bai Duan out of the treehouse, spread his wings and rose into the sky.

Although the speed was extremely fast, Bazel’s attention was not at all focused on the goal, but around his little lover. Bai Duan sensed the fluctuation of the invader when they entered the world, which meant that his spirit had reached a certain level, and could basically be accepted by the ‘gray space’ and really become a part of it.

In this regard, Bazel was happy and worried. Happy that his goal was about to be achieved, he and his little lover would be able to live forever. At the same time, he was worried about how to find forgiveness when Bai Duan recovered all his memories.

If he was once a soft and tender little lover, Bazel believed that as long as he had a sincere self-examination, pretended to be pitiful, and then coaxed and flattered with good words, he would be able to survive the rain successfully. But after so many worlds, Bai Duan, whose character had become more powerful and fierce, would not just forgive him.

Obviously… it was not that easy.

At the thought of how to face his lover who would recover all of his memories, from the first world to the present, Bazel who had played a lot with his little lover’s amnesia, felt that he had lost his hair, had no bottom in his heart, and had never been more afraid.

Sure enough, he always had to pay it back in the end. It was not the end of the day!

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May 31, 2020 3:03 pm

thank you for the chapter! QAQ we are in the final arc? I’ll miss them

May 31, 2020 4:22 pm

OMG…… I hope that Bai daun forgives him when the time comes because they love each other so much and have been through a lot.

August 6, 2020 11:54 am

I really hope Bai Duan won’t forgive him that easily because our gong needs to learn his lesson!! But obviously i also hope after some time he forgives and they live happily ever after~~♡

October 12, 2021 10:59 am

I see. So they had to have that contract so that MC can become a ‘mender’ like the ML. As for why his memory had to be erased – atm I’m assuming it was so that the MC could better integrate in the different worlds he transmigrator into. Whilst the ML transmigrated into someone else’s body with the price paid being the fulfilment of a wish,

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