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Chapter 165: Tenth World (9)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo


Looking at the ‘hero saves beauty’ and this man, Bazel looked down and wiped off the blood on his body. The young man shook his lips. He wanted to thank him, but he couldn’t make a sound for a long time. He could only look at the man stupidly and was at a loss.

The man’s face was that kind of fierce and sharp handsome, his right eye was covered, and his tall and strong body was stained with blood. It seemed like he had come out of the bloody sea of hell, and was pretty and a Shura. His bloody and fierce spirit made the young man submit to his feet.

At the very least, the young person dared not breathe in front of man for fear that he would not be attentive and make the man unhappy. He… he pecked the other guy to death.

The ferocity of the man who just used his beak to open the boa constrictor’s belly and cut his heart and lungs really left a deep psychological shadow on the youth. At the sight of the man, the young person couldn’t help but feel his chest ache — well, it was more terrible than his balls aching.

In his mind, the young man looked at the man clean up the bloodstains, looked up to his direction, and suddenly he was so scared he almost peed.

Fortunately, the man seemed to have no interest in him at all, just looked away from him and walked to a tall tree not far away.

Standing under the tree, the man’s cruel and cold expression suddenly softened. He raised his head, spread his arms towards the tree crown, and said softly, “Okay, come down, don’t be afraid. I will catch you.”

The young man saw that the crown of the tree moved and a small white head stuck out. Then, an elf like young man with white hair fell into the man’s arms like a feather, and was firmly held by him.

“Any injuries?” Bai Duan clung to Bazel’s shoulders and looked worried — although he didn’t see Bazel get bitten by the boa constrictor while watching the battle in the treetop, there would inevitably be some bumps between the tangled fights.

“Don’t worry, I’m not hurt.” Bazel smiled and kissed Bai Duan on the tip of his nose. Then he put him down, turned around and walked to the body of the snake. He easily lifted it up, swung it in two circles, and hung it on his broad shoulder. “This boa constrictor has good meat quality. Tonight, I will make you snake soup, which is nutritious and delicious!”

Bai Duan could not help swallowing his saliva and his eyes brightened — although his intention was to save the person, it would be better if he could also add a delicious meal!

The young man foolishly looked at the man and the young man talking and laughing, carrying the snake as they turned around to go, and immediately could not care about the fear. Rolling and crawling, he stumbled after them. “Wait, wait!”

To be able to save people is a matter of utmost benevolence and justice. Bazel didn’t pay any attention to it. Apart from his current little lover, Bazel had never offered a helping hand to a ‘straggler’. At the very beginning, Bazel was able to ‘help’ Bai Duan only because he was idle and had watched for a long time. It was determined that Bai Duan was kind-hearted and innocent, and even when he was in trouble, he didn’t hurt anyone. Then he took the idea of having a pet to amuse him back home.

The young ‘intruder’ at present had much better treatment than what Bai Duan received from Bazel.

However, Bazel didn’t care. Bai Duan stopped and looked at the youth, “What’s the matter?”

“Please, please take me with you!” The young man insisted on asking. Although he felt that it was not prudent to follow a fierce and powerful stranger, he had no other choice.

The snake just now had taught him a profound lesson. At the very least, the people in front of him had saved him and didn’t mean to eat him. It was much safer being with them than wandering in the jungle alone.

Bai Duan hesitated.

According to his mind, he didn’t want to have another creature between himself and Bazel, but the youth seemed to catch the only piece of driftwood after falling into the water, which made his heart move again, with a ripple like resonance. After a moment’s hesitation, he frowned, “Who are you? Where did you come from? Why are you here?”

“My name is Zheng Kun! I come from — er — a far away place, and I don’t know why I suddenly came here…” The young man who called himself Zheng Kun was at a loss and murmured, “I just went downstairs to buy instant noodles…”

Zheng Kun was an otaku. After graduating from college, he lived at home and worked as a game host. Occasionally, he would play competitive games, do game testers or substitute exercises to earn some extra money. Games were a career for Zheng Kun, and his usual pastime was to read novels online — at this moment, he naturally realized that he had gone to another world with his ‘shit luck’.

Zhang Kun had no worries, and did not deny that he dreamed of crossing into different worlds, killing all sides and embracing all sides. In the novels, no matter what kind of environment the protagonist went through, he could get out of danger, get fortune from misfortune, and go to the peak of life. He had also seen a lot of literature that followed primitive society or the beast world, and where the protagonist used modern science and technology to dominate the world.

However, on the first day of crossing, Zheng Kun was hit hard by reality. He did cross into a wild and primitive world of beasts like the protagonist; he did encounter danger like the protagonist and was rescued and escaped from death; something wanted to kill him and finally the ones who saved him were indeed “beauties” with high beauty value — although they were men — but Zheng Kun did not have the excitement of becoming the protagonist of the novel at all. He just felt that he was in a nightmare, confused and uncertain.

In the end, Zheng Kun still used Bai Duan’s heart and his compassion let him successfully follow Bazel and Bai Duan to the treehouse where they lived — without permission, of course.

At this moment, he was sitting in the shade of the tree with his shoulders shrunk, pitifully, holding a bowl of steaming snake soup in his hands, watching Bai Duan and Bazel leaning near the fire, chatting and laughing.

Feeling Zheng Kun’s gaze, Bai Duan blinked and looked at him doubtfully, “What? Won’t you eat it? The snake soup is delicious. Bazel’s skill is very good!”

Zheng Kun wriggled his lips for a while, only to feel some acid in his stomach.

Although he now knew that most of the beasts in the world could transform into human beings, at the thought of the shape of the snake’s body and tail, Zheng Kun couldn’t help but feel that… it was like eating another person. He would become a cannibal!

The shape of the snake in human form was extremely handsome and beautiful, even if Zheng Kun was a straight man — although he had been hanging around on the Internet, selling rotten content extremely skillfully — he had to admit the charm of the shape of the snake.

However, now, the first ‘beauty’ he met after crossing had been made into a pot of snake soup, which was hot and seduced his appetite.

Eat, or not? This was really a difficult problem.

Although he had experienced some struggles, Zheng Kun was still struggling with his inner discomfort and ate the ‘beauty’ into his stomach. After the snake soup, Zheng Kun only felt warm in his stomach and finally recovered a little spirit.

In order to survive, Zheng Kun really had no room for affection. After all, it was obvious that the two ‘people’ who saved him were not so kind and considerate as to find food for him alone. Even if he only got a share, Zheng Kun would bear the glare of the fierce black eagle, and would not dare to put forward any extra requirements at all.

However, although Zheng Kun felt that he had enough low-key insight, he still attracted some evil spirits’ dissatisfaction.

Seeing Zheng Kun frowning and swallowing the snake soup in his stomach, Bazel narrowed his eyes slightly, only to feel that he was in a worse mood. He worked hard to make a delicious snake soup for his little lover, only for it to be held in the hand and swallowed by an unrelated passer-by. The ‘lucky’ guy, not only didn’t feel grateful, but also showed such disgust, as if he was taking drugs. The expression was really… what a let down!

In his heart, Bazel decided would not make the other person feel better. He watched Zheng Kun finish eating the snake soup and suddenly said, “Do you know why the snake could easily swallow you, but it did not do so?”

Zheng Kun was stupefied for a while and shook his head carefully. 

Bazel picked up the corner of his mouth with a kind of unknown malice, “Because, before eating you, he still wanted to fuck you.”

Zheng Kun, “…!!!”

Seeing Zheng Kun’s complexion turning white again because of the snake soup, Bazel felt happy, “In this season, the boa constrictor’s heat has not completely passed. The snake nature is original. You have delicate skin and flesh. Maybe he liked it very much. He wanted to use you to cool his rut before eating you.”

Zheng Kun’s face was whiter — although he had sold a lot of rotten things on the Internet, he never thought that he would be below a half-snake half-man!

Involuntarily, Zheng Kun remembered that he had entered some novel by mistake, which was also a passage through the beast world. The protagonist was also a straight man at first, but later he was forced to bend by the beasts — there was also a snake — and then he finally gave birth to a baby!

Frightened by his own imagination, Zheng Kun thought it was more likely that he would be a weak chicken? In this beast world, probably no girl could see him. Instead, a male python chased him for a great harmony of life. It was just… Damn it. 

Seeing Bazel smiling and chatting, he didn’t seem to know at all… When he said something scary, Zheng Kun felt that he was not only distressed, but even his buttocks began to ache, and his subconscious contracted for a while to escape a disaster, which was still intact.

“By the way, what race are you? You look so weak. You’re not a rabbit, right?” Bazel picked up his eyebrows and said, “In your bowl of snake soup, I’ve filled it with a chopped snake penis to help your body. Otherwise, you’re weaker than the female. It’s not good!”

Zheng Kun felt like he had a lump in his throat. He could not help but cover his mouth, turn his head and run away. He lurched behind the bushes not far away and spewed so much that the whole person was about to take off.

The beast had almost inserted it into his chrysanthemum, but now he swallowed it into his own stomach. Such an impact was dozens of times worse than eating a bowl of beautiful snake and Zheng Kun completely could not bear the thought!

Listening to Zheng Kun’s vomiting, Bai Duan frowned, secretly glad that he had finished his meal. He looked at Bazel, who was laughing badly, and blinked, “You’re messing with him by saying he ate snake penis?”

“Of course. Is my cooking so delicious?” Bazel sneered, “He can have such an honor, but he doesn’t cherish it very much. Instead, he put on such a forced and helpless face — since he doesn’t want to eat, I will let him spit out as much as he can.”

Bai Duan, “……”

Although it was the first time he had heard such a bandit theory that didn’t follow logic at all, he felt a deep sense of familiarity and helplessness.

Seeing his little lover’s speechless face, Bazel laughed softly, raised his hand and rubbed his head, “What’s more, a snake’s penis is such a good tonic, I was reluctant to give it to him.”

“Then… Who ate it?” Bai Duan had a bad feeling.

“Of course I did.” Bazel replied with a smile.

Bai Duan, “……”

Suddenly, he felt a pain in his ass, and his chrysanthemum was a little cold.

Sure enough, he and Zheng Kun were really brothers in the same boat.

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