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Chapter 168: Tenth World (12)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Although it was expected that a ship would capsize in the future, Bazel had to explain to his little lover his hard work. Fortunately, Bai Duan’s optimistic nature was not the kind that would go to the extremes and break through to ask for reasons that were not necessary. He had largely let go of his partner who looked uneasy and smiled, “Don’t worry, I won’t be angry with you when I don’t remember anything.” Blinking, he added, “You said I’ll know everything one day. At that time, let’s talk about it.”

Bazel, “…”

His little sweetheart smiled considerately, lovable and beautiful, but somehow, he seemed to feel a faint blackness. Probably… Was it the illusion of ghosts in his heart?

All in all, the conversation ended after Bazel got a death sentence with a reprieve, and left no trace in Bai Duan’s life. He was still the heartless and happy little white mink who lived under the protection of his partner’s wings. The only thing he did every day was contribute to Zheng Kun’s weapon manufacturing business.

With the help of Bai Duan, Zheng Kun’s weapon production was progressing smoothly. Though Bazel was not involved, he kept an eye on his every move and stopped Zheng Kun when he was alone one day.

Even after ‘living’ together for a while, Zheng Kun still had a deep fear for the silent and cold purple golden eagle. So, when Bazel put forward a request to him, Zheng Kun didn’t even think about it, and he agreed.

Bazel was satisfied with Zheng Kun, who was so ‘witty’, and rarely gave him a slightly relaxed face. Looking at Bazel’s back as he turned away, Zheng Kun, who had agreed to something, wanted to cry without tears.

“Can these things I make now be accepted by the mink people?” The dejected Zheng Kun found Bai Duan and anxiously asked for help. Although most of the protagonists in the novels made their fortune by relying on ‘science and technology’ and went to the top of their lives, Zheng Kun had been hit hard here by Bai Duan, who was a ‘native’ but knew more about how to make weapons than himself. He dared not look down upon the intelligence of the beasts any more.

“I don’t know.” Bai Duan shook his head, honestly, “I’m young, I’ve never been involved in the decision-making of the clan, and I don’t know what the chiefs and elders will think of it.”

Zheng Kun, who was not comforted, cried out, “If I am not accepted by the minks, what should I do? Bazel doesn’t seem to want to keep me anymore…”

Bai Duan patted Zheng Kun on the shoulder, speechless.

“If, I mean, if I’m really rejected by the minks, can you please ask for a favor and have Bazel keep me around?” Zheng Kun looked at Bai Duan and prayed for a way out.

Unfortunately, the little angel Bai Duan didn’t respond to Zheng Kun’s plea this time. He bit his lips and blushed slightly, “Mmm I want to help you, too, but… It’s really inconvenient to continue living together…”

“Inconvenient? Why?” Zheng Kun was dazed.

“Because… my heat is coming.” Bai Duan was a little shy, but his tone was calm. “It’s not convenient if there’s an outsider.”

Zheng Kun, who was covered with dog food, “……”

As a dead house that even his younger sister’s hands hadn’t touched, he really didn’t adapt to the world of beasts that didn’t know what was implicit…

Zheng Kun, who was rejected by the little angel under the pretext of ‘Pa Pa Pa’, suffered from mental trauma. He had to put all his heart into it, and was taken to the mink village by Bai Duan uneasily.

The arrival of the three people caused great shock in the mink village. Of course, this was not because of how popular Bai Duan was, but because of Bazel, the evil star that had come back.

The village, which had been quiet for less than half a year, fell into the familiar panic again when Bazel approached. The patriarch and elders rushed to the village entrance one after another, and met the ‘natural enemy’ who was fearlessly sending out a threat and announcing his arrival.

Bai Duan hadn’t come to the mink village to abuse the elders. Bazel glanced at the mink tribe. He saw that several minks with the right to speak were all present, and was satisfied and gave a sign to Zheng Kun.

Zheng Kun swallowed his saliva and felt that his whole body was slightly shaking, but now, he could not tolerate having stage fright.

Anyway, he used to be a game host. Zheng Kun’s eloquence was not bad, and he was not afraid to speak in front of others. He settled his mind, stepped forward, and began to tell the minks about his ‘wandering’ experience. He took out his own weapons and expressed his sincere desire to join the mink tribe.

Fortunately, even if they hadn’t seen the bow and arrow weapons, the minks who could hold the posts of clan leader and elders would never lack vision, and they would find the benefits of ‘weapons’ at a glance.

When the two sides met, there was nothing wrong with Bai Duan and Bazel. Bai Duan resolutely left Zheng Kun and ran to his parents, brothers and sisters happily. Bazel saw that the minks seemed to have some private words to say, so he didn’t follow, just stood not far away and watched with a smile.

Mama Bai carefully glanced at the tall and strong Bazel, pulled her little son’s arm, and lowered her voice, “Have you had sex as an adult? Is he your mate?”

Bai Duan blushed and shook his head softly, “Not yet.”

Mama Bai breathed a little sigh of relief, “If he can endure it till now, it seems that he really loves you.”

After all, since Bai Duan grew up, Bazel was so hot that he could not help swallowing. Mama Bai really thought that her son would be eaten, dried and wiped clean immediately after he was taken back to the nest by the purple golden eagle.

“Of course!” Bai Duan smiled and squinted, there was no doubt about it.

Mama Bai licked her lips, totally unable to understand what her son really had to show off, and couldn’t help feeling pity and touching her son’s head, “You’re going to go into heat, and you’re going to have to make love with him and become mates — then, no matter how hard or painful, you won’t be able to resist, you know? Otherwise it will hurt even more.”

Bai Duan’s smile was stiff and his chrysanthemum was tight, “Okay… Does it hurt a lot?”

“Yes.” Mama Bai nodded heavily, “After all, you and this bird of prey, no matter what form, do not match. You are too small, and he is too big.”

Bai Duan looked at Bazel and compared himself. He was speechless.

“Here is the cream I asked the family doctor for.” Mama Bai put a small box into Bai Duan’s hand and sighed, “I was going to send it to you in a few days. Now that you are here, I will give it to you.” She pinched her son’s hand and said solemnly, “Remember to use it before and after mating!”

Bai Duan… kept the box carefully in silence.

Bai Duan was ‘intimidated’ by his mother. In that chamber, the patriarch and the elders had a careful discussion and accepted Zheng Kun’s request to join the village. Of course, this was not only because the production methods of weapons and traps he brought were recognized by the patriarch and the elders, but also because he was brought by Bazel, which made the minks dare not refuse.

In a word, Zheng Kun, who found his real foothold, and Bazel, who finally left the light bulb, were quite satisfied with this result. Only Bai Duan was very worried about the upcoming event. His heat was mixed with a little anxiety, and anxiety from the initial simple joy and expectation.

Bazel, who saw everything, didn’t know how to comfort his little lover. All he could do was to wait for Bai Duan’s heat to come, and then take practical actions to dispel Bai Duan’s doubts.

With the development of his heat, Bazel and Bai Duan were busy. Bazel began to store a large amount of food with long shelf lives, rich in nutrition and easy to digest, while Bai Duan watched Bazel’s preparation as if they were going into winter. His sense of urgency was growing, and he was deeply aware of himself…. It seemed like he would be stuck a few months in bed in the future.

In order to relieve this kind of tension, Bai Duan played happily every day, as if to make up the activity time in the next few months in advance. Looking at the ‘full of vitality’ Bai Duan, Bazel smiled — it was also a good choice to exercise more before the arrival of his heat.

After hoarding enough food, Bazel stopped going out. He just stayed by Bai Duan’s side every day and waited with burning eyes. The heat of the purple golden eagle was not the same as that of a mink. Bai Duan thought that though it was going to be him who would be in heat, Bazel was the one who was more worried.

In this way, under the watchful eyes of Bazel, Bai Duan’s heat finally came. When Bazel woke up in the early morning with the warm stove in his arms, the smile on the corner of his mouth almost eclipsed the sun.

Bai Duan’s first experience with a heat, coupled with the traction of the contract and the silent temptation of his partner, how could he control it? These days, Bai Duan’s fear of his buttocks blooming was completely forgotten. Bai Duan stuck to Bazel’s body, rubbed and bit. His eyes were full of desire as he begged, full of supplication. The little brother who rarely responded before was also hard and hot at the moment, which made Bai Duan instinctively wriggle his waist and grind on Bazel’s solid abdomen.

Bazel’s mouth was raised, and he indulged his lover in getting angry with him. Compared with the green Bai Duan, he had endured several heats. However, his body temperature, which was a little hotter than Bai Duan, showed that Bazel was not as calm and self-contained as he appeared on the surface.

The palm of his hand stroked along Bai Duan’s smooth back, and slid down vaguely until it covered soft and elastic skin. Bazel’s voice was deep, and the gentleman asked politely, “Do you want to do it?”

“Yes!” Bai Duan’s eyes had been burning red for a long time, and he was only thinking about how to release it. Let it out and make himself comfortable. What else could he worry about? Being seduced by Bazel, he became dizzy.

Bazel narrowed his eyes and chuckled. He fixed his lover in his arms, sat up and opened the drawer of the bedside table.

Bai Duan was full of lust. He followed Bazel’s actions subconsciously and looked at the opened drawer — even so, he was shocked by the full drawer and the neatly stacked small boxes.

“How can there be so many?!” Just a few days ago, Bai Duan got the same thing from his mother. Naturally, Bai Duan could see what was in those boxes, and could not help blurting out.

“Well, in order not to hurt you, it’s going to take a lot. You have to prepare more.” Bazel took out a box with one hand, opened it, and revealed the light green paste with the fragrance of grass and trees. “These are all what I have been asking for from your mink doctor, which should be enough for us to pass your heat.”

Bai Duan looked straight at the drawer full of ointment, “QAQ”

Even the little brother who had been disobedient to show his sense of existence suddenly softened a little.

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