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Chapter 167: Tenth World (11)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Zheng Kun’s desire for his hometown was too strong. In addition, during this period of time, he was with the ‘innocent’ Bai Duan. In a moment of excitement, he revealed the biggest secret he had been trying to ‘hide’.

Although the word ‘crossing’ had never been heard before, when Zheng Kun uttered these two words, Bai Duan was instantly blessed and understood the meaning of the word. Although he was surprised, for Bai Duan, it was not an accident. After all, when he sensed Zheng Kun’s presence, he had already realized that this person did not belong to the world, but came from an unknown place outside the world. And then, all of Zheng Kun’s clumsy disguises showed his unusual behavior, speech and way of thinking, which were quite different from the beasts in the world.

Zheng Kun’s words were no different from nonsense in anyone’s ears, but for Bai Duan, they made him feel moved. It seemed that there was some truth floating in the air, and it was about to come out – Zheng Kun was a ‘transmitigator,’ he came from another world, so… How about himself? Like he said, was he also a ‘transmitigator?’

Bai Duan was sure that he had no memory loss from childhood. He clearly remembered how he grew up with the care of his parents, brothers and sisters, clansmen and Bazel. But instinctively, he felt that he had a delicate distance from the world.

Bai Duan liked his family. He enjoyed their love and tried his best to give back his feelings. But sometimes, emotions were not as clear as ‘1+1=2.’ Even though Bai Duan really loved his family, there was always a wonderful premonition in the dark, reminding him he was missing something.

Only Bazel was different. He was the only one who didn’t make Bai Duan feel estranged or even dislike at first sight. Because of this estrangement, Bai Duan did not hesitate to leave his family and tribe and follow Bazel in ‘wandering the world.’ Otherwise, according to Bai Duan’s nature of being coquettish and loving, he would never be willing to leave his family and ‘home’ that he had already identified.

What’s more, if he was the same ‘transmitigator’ as Zheng Kun, it would also explain why he had a sympathetic pity for him, or even an abnormal meddlesome habit?

However, although there was some understanding in the dark, Bai Duan did not show any abnormality on the surface. In this life, though Bai Duan was pampered by Bazel and grew up on the top of his heart, never suffered any setbacks and troubles, and he was an ignorant, pure and sweet man who was not familiar with the world. However, the caution and vigilance accumulated in previous generations had already been integrated into his blood, and became his natural instinct.

Bai Duan didn’t want to think and do everything he wanted, just because he didn’t want to hide his disguise in front of Bazel and his family. But for Zheng Kun, Bai Duan had no such sincere trust. Although Bai Duan and Zheng Kun got on well with each other and looked like good friends these days, in fact, Bai Duan didn’t really regard Zheng Kun as ‘his own person’ or open his heart to him.

For Bai Duan, Zheng Kun was, at best, a special and interesting ‘playmate’ to pass the time.

When Zheng Kun’s words made Bai Duan feel a threat of ‘the truth has been discovered,’ his instinctive vigilance appeared in a flash. He seemed to be offended by that. His white hair stood up, he was emotional and angry, and full of resistance. “What are you talking about?! I didn’t forget any memories! My family, my people are all here! I belong here!”

Bai Duan’s voice was determined, and the anger brewing in it immediately poured out Zheng Kun’s burning heart of ‘seeing a friend’ with only a blue smoke. Facing Bai Duan’s firm and bright eyes, Zheng Kun soon realized how bad his words were when he was just excited. If he lived a good life in the original world, and someone suddenly came out and told him ‘you don’t belong here,’ he would think that they were crazy too! What’s more, it was just…there seemed to be some arbitrary speculation. Maybe Bai Duan was really just… innately intelligent?

Seeing that his benefactor ‘little angel’ was really angry, Zheng Kun didn’t dare to say anything more. He stayed with him for a long time, but he didn’t speak, which made Bai Duan laugh again. At last, he was relieved and turned this thing over.

Zheng Kun’s heart was big. Even if he encountered a crossing and had an uncertain future, he could live safely without life threats. So despite some doubts, he was easily fooled by Bai Duan’s acting skills, left the matter behind, and continued to develop his own weapons conscientiously.

However, Bai Duan, secretly kept the incident in mind.

When Bazel came back from hunting, he took Bai Duan away from Zheng Kun and flew to the tree. Instead of leaving Bazel’s arms as usual, he tightened his arms around his neck and attached himself to him more closely.

Bazel realized that the little lover was different today, so he asked softly, “What’s the matter?” 

“Talked to Zheng Kun today, he said I’m also a ‘transmitigator.’” Bai Duan whispered, “What is a transmitigator? Am I like him…from another world? I… Am I really the same as him?”

Looking at his lover who was in a low mood, Bazel’s face moved, but he didn’t say no. Instead, he asked, “Do you know if you’re asking me like this?”

Bai Duan pursed his lips and remained silent for a long time. Finally, he rubbed Bazel’s neck and nodded softly.

Suddenly, Bazel knew.

Under the baptism of the energy of so many worlds, Bai Duan’s spirit was already powerful to a certain extent, otherwise it would not break the seal of the contract, and it would not be different from him when a ‘wrong entrant’ entered the world.

The growing strength of the spirit meant that Bai Duan was more and more detached from the world, no longer an “’ndigenous’ person in the world, but a ‘maintainer’ who belonged to the gray space and could freely shuttle between different worlds.

Although Bai Duan had not found his own memory yet, the powerful and detached spirit had made him realize that he was different from the world and other residents of the world, and the arrival of Zheng Kun had promoted this process, catalyzing Bai Duan to realize his own ‘reality’ faster.

“He’s right, but not right.” After touching the head of his troubled little lover, Bazel smiled, “You are indeed like him, from another world, but you really belong to a place far beyond his imagination.”

Bai Duan was comforted by Bazel, feeling the temperature and weight from the top of his head, and his heart quickly settled down. “Where do I really come from?”

“It’s hard to tell you now. You’re from a higher place, you’ve traveled through many worlds, and it’s just a small part of your journey.” Bazel shook his head, his tone was complicated, he seemed to be looking forward to it, and he seemed to be worried. “When the time is right, you will know everything – and this day, it is not far away.”

Hearing Bazel’s words, Bai Duan, who trusted him so much, and didn’t harass him. He quickly skipped the question and focused on the more important ‘point’ for himself, “What about you? You’re from the same place as me, aren’t you?”

Bai Duan put his hands on Bazel’s shoulders, straightened up, eyes wide, serious and focused. Bazel looked at him for a few seconds and raised his mouth in a smile, “Of course. No matter what world we are in, we are always together and will never be separated.”

Hearing Bazel’s promise, Bai Duan was immediately happy and quickly let go of the last worry in his heart. Although it was frightening to suddenly know that he came from another world, as long as he was with Bazel, there was nothing to worry about.

He leaned into Bazel’s arms and listened to the steady and powerful heartbeat. Bai Duan’s eyes were bent and full of intoxicating sweet trust. “Then I’ll be rest assured! We agreed to stay together all the time! Don’t break your promise!”

“Mn, I’ll never break my promise.” Bazel stared at the back of Bai Duan’s white head with a gentle smile, but his eyes were very deep and firm. “Even if one day you are angry with me and don’t want to see me again, I will follow you closely and never let you leave my sight.”

Bai Duan, “…”

Somehow, with Bazel’s earnest eyes fixed on him, Bai Duan opened his mouth to say, ‘There will never be a day when I don’t want to see you,’ but he couldn’t say.

For a moment, Bai Duan’s eyes drifted subtly. He silently blew up his hair. Suddenly, he had a premonition that he might regret today’s promise. After three seconds of silence, Bai Duan gave a slight cough and hesitated to suggest, “If you do something wrong and make me angry, maybe I will disappear for awhile. It will be better if I get angry…?”

Bazel,“…Ha ha, what you think is absolutely impossible!” Pressing Bai Duan back into his arms, Bazel narrowed his eyes. “I’ll only pester you to death. I’ll fight and scold you until you get over being angry!”

Bai Duan, “…What did you do to make me angry?”

Bazel, “…… →_→”

I’m really more and more worried about the days after my future lover recovers his memories. I feel that this is the calm before the storm, and the two of us, on our ‘great ship of love,’ are about to face the test of a storm.

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June 4, 2020 2:05 pm


June 4, 2020 4:30 pm

Thank you for the chapter. The foreshadowing is so heavy. I’m excited and nervous to find out what our little maintainer did to BD. I’m sad to see the book end, but except that all things must move forward.

March 19, 2022 6:31 am

Is it me or is this the funniest arc so far!!! I have been laughing my ass off for the past few chapters. 😀😀😀😀

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