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Chapter 171: Tenth World (15)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

Bai Duan and Bazel were addicted to ‘hedonism’ and didn’t care about the world. They almost completely forgot about Zheng Kun. So, when they saw Zheng Kun holding a weapon under the tree house, and his face withered, they were stunned for a moment.

Bai Duan was taken down from the tree house by Bazel and stood in front of Zheng Kun. He looked at the long lost “little friend” curiously with his eyes.

After this period of life in the mink tribe, Zheng Kun obviously adapted to the world and changed more. He had already taken off his flowered underpants and T-shirt which was not suitable for the world, and put on the fur and leather pants of the beasts, but the style had changed a little. His white skin, which was a result from staying at home for many years without sunshine, had also been sunburned into a light brown, with scars of large and small. The once thin body had become strong, showing the rudiments of muscles, and lines were… quite smooth; his short hair was also very long, and it was in disorder.

From a pale chicken man to a sunny sports man!

“You seem to have changed a lot!” Bai Duan blinked, glanced at Zheng Kun’s black and blue eyes, which could not be concealed, “Can’t you adapt to the world? You don’t look very well. You look very haggard.”

Zheng Kun opened his mouth and looked at the ‘innocent’ and carefree ‘little angel’ in front of him. The expression on his face brought out some guilt, “I’m sorry.”

If Bai Duan had not kindly introduced him to the minks, the minks would not face such a difficult situation now. Zheng Kun sincerely felt sorry for this and felt that he had failed Bai Duan’s trust.

“Why apologize?” Bai Duan’s eyes were more confused, and he subconsciously frowned.

Zheng Kun sighed and slowly said one by one what happened in this period of time. He came to Bazel’s tree house very early — Bai Duan and Bazel had “played” late last night and got up later today — squatting under the tree and thinking uneasily about how to say it, so now the narration was clear.

Hearing Zheng Kun’s words, Bai Duan’s once relaxed and curious demeanor became serious. The wrinkles between his eyebrows became deeper and deeper. Although he left the tribe and kept a distance because of the faint awakening of his memory, this did not mean that he no longer cared about his tribe.

Bai Duan knew that Zheng Kun’s continuous improvement of the mink’s life had no bad intentions and agreed with the changes he had made. But too much was not enough, being too impatient and rash could only do bad things even though it came with good intentions.

Zheng Kun had brought troubles to the mink people. Bai Duan naturally got angry with him. His eyes couldn’t help but get cold.

Although Bai Duan was soft and cute in appearance, the deterrent power accumulated from nearly ten worlds had been deeply buried in his bones. Zheng Kun was a little short of heart. Now he looked at him like this and shivered. He buried his head and dare not look at Bai Duan.

Bai Duan licked his lips and looked away from Zheng Kun. At this point, it was useless to complain about Zheng Kun. He could only try his best to solve it. He looked at Bazel on his side and asked silently.

Bazel rubbed his little lover’s head and smiled, “What do you think should be done?”

“The technology that other tribes want must be shared, otherwise it will never be solved.” Bai Duan sighed, “But we can’t share it for free, otherwise we will only encourage the rest of the tribes to look down on the mink and get used to the mink’s efforts.”

“Not bad.” Bazel nodded and agreed with his lover who was no longer silly and sweet. Turning to Zheng Kun, he said coldly, “The knowledge and technology of the minks will only be shared with allies. You go to the head of the mink clan and tell him to develop an alliance.”

“But the minks are now in a weak position and have no prestige. Even if they do so, other races will not accept them, will they?” Bai Duan shook his head.

“So, this matter can’t be opened up by the mink clan. The mink clan head can work out a constitution, and I will do it.” Bazel shrugged his shoulders — to be honest, he didn’t want to participate in the incident at all, but the mink family was Bai Duan’s ‘mother’s home’. In case of any problem, his little lover would be sad. Bazel had to come to solve the problem for the mink family and the intruder.

Of course, though he was ready to step in, Bazel didn’t plan to arrange everything properly for the mink family. Naturally, he could easily come up with a comprehensive covenant, but what was the point? The mink tribe had been once harmed by the “advanced” technology brought by Zheng Kun. Bazel didn’t want them to “grow up” for the second time, as it was not conducive to the growth of the mink tribe — sometimes, only by taking a detour and learning a lesson could one get real improvement.

…Of course, there was also a lazy reason under Bazel’s grand heart.

Bazel’s words were final and there was no room for discussion. At the same time of making a decision, he also expressed the intention of driving away the light bulb.

Zheng Kun was both respectful and afraid of Bazel. Even though there was still no clear vein in his mind, he dared not entangle it at all. He nodded his thanks and left quickly.

Seeing Zheng Kun disappear in the trees, Bazel turned his head and taught his little lover, “As I said, ‘whoever enters by mistake’ is a bit of trouble. Even if he is quiet, he will more or less cause trouble, or he will die directly, which is more relaxed and easy.”

Hearing the words from Bazel, Bai Duan picked his eyebrows and was a little unhappy, “I vaguely remember that I am also one of the ‘intruders’.”

Bazel was silent for a few seconds, then he gave a dry smile, bent down slightly to drag his little lover up. He held him in his arms, kissed him on the brow, smiled and sighed, “Aren’t you? You’re the biggest ‘trouble’ I’ve ever had, and I lost all my lives!”

Bai Duan’s heart was softened by his seemingly complaining love words. He couldn’t help but smile and soon put aside the melancholy caused by the plight of the mink tribe.

Bai Duan and Bazel were very sweet. Zheng Kun, who hurried back to the minks, was also impatient to find the mink clan leader. He repeated Bazel’s words exactly.

In this period of time, the patriarch, who was so worried that he was going to lose his hair, was surprised and delighted. He quickly called the elders together and began to discuss the so-called ‘covenant’.

The mink people were presently in hot water and a lot of difficulties. The patriarch was also in a hurry to seek medical treatment. As long as there was a glimmer of hope, he was willing to work hard to achieve it. Moreover, Bazel was very famous in this area, not only because of his purple golden eagle identity, but also because he was generally far more powerful than the King purple golden eagle.

Although Bazel had nothing to do every day, it seemed that he had already lived a life of “supporting the aged” with his lover, but in fact, the bloodbath of the jungle had not been far away.

Bazel was born arrogant, never willing to succumb to others. Since he had occupied this area as his own territory, he must be the one at the top of the pyramid. The higher the status, the more fierce the fight.

Bazel came and went alone without the help of his people. Naturally, there were many beasts living in groups who wanted to pull him off by relying on the “beasts” and many powerful people. However, Bazel had never been defeated even if he was fighting alone, and all those who wanted to challenge his authority were ultimately defeated and obedient. Since then, those who met Bazel fled with their tails in their hands.

At present, the beast society was still determined by who had the biggest fist. In the provocations and fights again and again, Bazel had become the uncrowned king of this area. Previously, he was homestead and lazy. He never meddled in other races’ affairs, but if he really opened his mouth, other races would certainly give him face.

As long as Bazel was in town, maybe this “alliance” could really be established? And as long as there was an alliance, the mink tribe would no longer be a lone target.

With such an expectation, the chiefs and elders of the mink tribe were quickly busy, and Zheng Kun was also involved in it, occasionally offering his own suggestions.

In fact, the mink people were not stingy and clung to the things in their hands, but the food of other races was too ugly. They wanted to get but didn’t  want to pay, which aroused their rebellious psychology aggressively. What’s more, they also knew that sometimes, as long as they gave at once, they would never be able to stand up.

Now, with Bazel’s approval, the mink tribe had some confidence. Of course, they did not dare to inflate too much because of Bazel’s care, and fought for the rights and interests of the minks. Most of the agreements they made were ‘I’m good, everyone is good’, which could be accepted by other races. As for the supreme leader of this alliance, it was not a mink, but Bazel.

When the chiefs and elders of the mink clan respectfully praised the agreement to Bazel for review, Bazel was quite satisfied with the vision of the mink clan. Although there were many loopholes in this covenant that could be drilled, it showed the sincerity of the mink people to be able to do so from scratch.

“Yes.” He closed the agreement in his hand and handed it back to the head of the mink clan. Bazel nodded condescendly in the eyes of the minks. “Make dozens of copies of the agreement, and I will distribute them to the tribes in this area. Half a month later, if there are any tribes who want to join the league, they will send representatives to me to negotiate a final constitution. As long as you join the alliance, they can send a certain number of clansmen to study in the mink tribe. However, the allies must keep watch and help each other, never betray their faith, or they will be punished by me.” 

The minks nodded and sighed with relief. As long as they could get Bazel’s approval, the mink tribe had done their best. As for whether they could succeed in the end… they could only do their best to listen to heaven.

A few days later, the minks sent the copied alliance documents to Bazel, while Bazel found a group of gray eagles, ordered them to distribute the documents to all tribes, and also brought their attitude of supporting this alliance.

The gray eagles, oppressed by violence, had no power to resist. They had to hold, one by one, the animal skin paper that had the written covenant and fly high. The first multi-tribe alliance with epoch-making significance was quietly born with these distant gray figures, which opened a new chapter for the change of the whole beast social form.

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