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Chapter 172: Tenth World (16)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

For the coming alliance talks half a month later, the mink tribe was ready, while others who received the alliance information from the grey eagles were all forced.

They didn’t know what the word “alliance” stood for — but there were many benefits described in the “covenant”, so the various tribes paid more attention to the benefits that were coming soon.

The mink tribe had originally been in all directions and were were on the verge of falling down. They couldn’t stand the pressure of other races. They bowed their heads and almost gave up their skills, when unexpectedly a purple golden eagle, who was domineering and defiant, was brought into the picture and he broke up all the arrangements.

All races secretly scolded the “minks’ shamelessness” in their hearts! ——They had known for a long time and also dedicated the most beautiful child in the tribe to the purple golden eagle!

Bazel, the uncrowned king, had a mink companion, which was well known in the region. Seeing the show of love without any concealment, the beasts had become accustomed to it, but never thought of its ‘deep meaning’.

Pillow wind or something, really couldn’t be underestimated!

The minks were shameless. They even sent their most beautiful boy to seduce Bazel early on. Now, that it was hard for the mink people, Bazel couldn’t watch it. His partner frowned and tears flowed. Did Bazel feel sad? After all, male animals loved and cared for their partners, and they would try their best to coax them to give them face.

Seeing the mink people turn a corner because of Bazel’s actions, all the other tribes felt that they had opened the door of the new world and realized the importance of ‘tribute’ and ‘marriage’. In any case, they could only recognize it with their noses. After all, while they could provoke the mink people, they were determined not to offend Bazel.

Bazel made the alliance for the minks. Even if all the tribes were unwilling to participate, they would never oppose it. Fierce races such as tigers and wolves disdained the so-called ‘alliance’ and chose to wait and see its changes, while weaker races such as rabbits and sheep, after reading the contents of the alliance, decided to join the alliance after careful consideration. On the one hand, it was more important to learn the skills of the minks, and on the other hand, they wanted to obtain the asylum of Bazel.

There were not many races standing at the top of the food chain. Most of them were struggling in the middle and lower parts of the food chain, such as the minks. So at the alliance meeting half a month later, there were many races, big and small. These races attached great importance to the opportunity to brush their good will in front of Bazel. The representatives who came were all elders with great power of speech among all races, and even the chiefs.

And in the ranks of each tribe, there were more or less one or two beautiful young girls, timidly standing in the most prominent position. Looking at the group of women, it felt like an imperial talent show, which made Bai Duan, who was standing at a high place and looking at the meeting place curiously, eat vinegar.

Bazel pinched the soft, bulging cheek of his unhappy little lover, and his eyes were extremely innocent. Bai Duan glared at him, but he would not quarrel with Bazel because of such a small thing. He put the vinegar jar aside with a groan.

The meeting place was not far from Bazel’s tree house. It was an open land in the forest. Zheng Kun led the mink people to make a good repair of the open space. Although the means were primitive, it was necessary to show a high spirit.

Zheng Kun had absolute say in how to dress the space since he had done it for more than ten years. He straightened out the open space, then built a platform at one end, on which two high flagpoles were erected. On the flagpole, there was a flag made of light and thin animal skin. On the flagpole, there was a huge flying eagle painted in red. Well, it was supposed to be an eagle. Anyway, with Zheng Kun’s third-class painting skills, it could only be seen that it was a giant bird flying high.

In addition to the platform and the flag, Zheng Kun also made a wide wooden seat for Bazel. Although the workmanship was rough, the large animal fur with unique patterns and smooth oil provided for their friendship seemed to be extremely intimidating, very high-grade.

The whole meeting place was simple and atmospheric, with a kind of wild massiness. When Bazel was sitting on the wooden chair with Bai Duan, it was a little bit… like the taste of the king of the mountain, coupled with the threat of the top predators, making the people under the platform more cautious and shivering.

Such a style was really necessary. All the people who participated in the meeting immediately realized that this alliance was not a ‘joke’ to free the minks, but a serious one — both the minks and Bazel were taking this matter seriously.

Feeling this atmosphere, the rest of the people also took it seriously, and there was no mischief in the further negotiation of the covenant — of course, it all depended on the deterrent effect of Bazel — but in just half a day, an agreement was finally reached.

Next, in order to celebrate the establishment of the alliance, all the tribes gathered and held a bonfire party. Zheng Kun also took the opportunity to bring out the fruit wine he had been trying to brew for a while, and distributed it to the beasts at the feast.

In Zheng Kun’s eyes, this fruit wine was not too successful. Compared with his original world’s wine, the taste of this fruit wine was almost 18000 miles worse. But for the beasts, it was very fresh and delicious. They held cups and bowls and admired each other.

The love of wine was the common feature of all living things. The fruit flavored alcohol, improved food and warm atmosphere, soon ignited the emotions of the beasts. They quickly threw away the estrangement between race and tribe, and become a group with great interest.

Once upon a time, the beasts were all based on tribes, and they were independent. The only time they came into contact with each other was in the wild, when they saw them or passed by them, or when they hunt and werea hunted. This was the first time that different races came together to have intimate conversations and laughs.

It was a very strange experience for the beasts to communicate easily with the other races and understand each other’s ideas and characters. Foxes were intelligent and cunning, cattle were loyal and crude, honey badgers were brave but reckless, grey rabbits were timid and cautious… Different races had their own advantages and disadvantages. When they started to find the advantages of other races and learnt from each other, they would reap immeasurable benefits.

Of course, these were all that happened afterwards. At this moment, the beasts at the bonfire party were simply new to their new friends. They had their own different interesting three views, and exclaimed with their eyes wide open.

In addition to food and wine, Bazel, who was known as the ‘leader of the alliance’, was the most popular one at the party.

Because of Bai Duan, the mink tribe “ascended to the sky step-by-step” and tasted the sweetness of pillow style. With the mink tribe’s ‘model’ in front, the rest of the tribes would not be outdone.

The beautiful young men and girls who were brought by the elders of the clans were like the stars and the moon. They were frightened by the power of Bazel and dared not take the initiative to disturb him, but there was no problem for them to sit or stand, or scratch their heads in the distance.

From time to time, they sent a charming eye wave, or wiggled their soft bodies to pose as temptation. Boys and girls tried their best to make Bazel look at them more. However, Bazel didn’t understand the customs, and didn’t notice the careful thinking of the beautiful people.

With all his attention on his little lover beside him, Bazel’s eyes looked at Bai Duan, who was dizzy from a bottle of fruit wine in his arms. He only felt that his body was burning, and his always gentle eyes became hot and bright.

Bai Duan’s body was too young, and he hadn’t been trained with alcohol. After a few cups of fruit wine, his mind was disoriented. His cheeks, neck and even his whole body was covered with an attractive red color. His eyes were clear and watery, and scattered. The whole mink was simple and charming.

Fortunately, Bai Duan’s spirit was strong enough. Although he was drunk, he still insisted on not falling asleep. However, he never thought anything of his appearance, but his current state was even more deadly — he almost killed Bazel.

Drinking all the fruit wine in the cup, Bazel’s eyes grew more and more sharp and frightening, just like a predator who had been staring at its prey, and would like to rush up to swallow the other party in the next moment.

With such a ‘fierce’ gaze, Bai Duan had no instinctive reaction of fear and panic. He felt Bazel’s gaze, looked at him subconsciously, and gave a silly, satisfied smile. After laughing, Bai Duan immediately threw away the bottle in his hand and jumped into Bazel’s arms. He found a comfortable position and was satisfied.

Being rubbed by his warm and wine smelling sweetheart, Bazel’s fierce appearance became more and more ‘terrifying’. Lifting up his hide, he wrapped Bai Duan, who was quite different from his original figure, and curled in a tight ball.

How could such a charming little lover be shown to others?!

Bai Duan and Bazel felt that they were full of love and sweetness, but the beauties around them didn’t feel that way at all.

When a purple golden eagle, as a top predator, showed an ‘attack’ posture, even if the target was not himself, it was enough to scare the rest of the beasts in the prey position.

The more daring beasts were stiff and dared not move a little, for fear of attracting the attention of the natural enemy, while the less daring ones were uncontrollable and turned into the animal forms one after another. They fled back to their own people and dared not venture any more.

Looking at Bai Duan, who was stared at by Bazel, wrapped in his arms but not moving at all, and even acting a little grumpily with the wine from time to time, the beasts felt deep admiration.

——Indeed, if you wanted to please a powerful predator and be regarded as an equal partner by the other side, it was not a ‘great achievement’ that anyone could achieve.

First of all, you had to have a big nerve. How could an ‘alien’ like Bai Duan, who had no fear of the aura of natural enemies, survive from the cruel food chain?!

Facing the tears and pathetic eyes of the young girls who were ‘entrusted with heavy tasks’, the chiefs and elders of all tribes had to sigh and nod their heads, and let these innocent young people live their lives. It seemed that they still had a long way to go before they could capture a purple golden eagle for their own tribe.

As the bonfire went out, the beasts who drank, ate meat and vegetables became animal like, and they fell asleep in groups. At last, Bazel was satisfied with his sweeter and more candid lover who had drunk wine and flew back to his tree house. He had a nice, warm and fragrant night.

In a word, the host and guests enjoyed the dinner, which greatly promoted the harmonious communication between various tribes. Apart from Bazel, who promoted everything, and Zheng Kun, who was “standing on the shoulders of giants”, none of the beasts realized how great and earth shaking the change it would bring to their lives…

However, one day, when they walked forward for a long time and looked back suddenly, they would find out exactly what this day meant.

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