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Chapter 175: Eleventh World (2)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

Since he was busy going back to the cave to settle down his new pet, Hu Xiao didn’t linger outside too much, so he quickly returned to Qingxia Gate. Qingxia Gate was one of the most important gates in the field of cultivation. It was located in the endless Qingxia Mountains. As the supreme elder of Da Neng and the Qingxia Mountains, Hu Xiao naturally occupied one of the most spiritual mountains and named it Yujian Feng.

Although he was an elder of the Supreme Court, the area Hu Xiao lived in was not magnificent. There were only two or three tile houses, reflecting the thick bamboo forest rustling in the breeze outside the house, which was very simple and elegant.

Back in the house, Hu Xiao picked Bai Jin off of his shoulder and put him on the ground to encourage him to explore his new home.

Bai Jin circled around Hu Xiao. After a while, he went to the yard and began to turn around. Looking from east to west, there was no fear or caution when he first came to the new environment.

In his heart, Bai Jin felt that he was very familiar with the yard, and he seemed to be able to find what he wanted with his eyes closed, which made him a little confused. However, when he saw Hu Xiao, who was slowly following him and had a quiet and tolerant gaze, Bai Jin was too lazy to think about anything.

He liked Hu Xiao and this place, that was enough. 

Seeing Bai Jin turn in circles, extremely satisfied about his future residence, Hu Xiao also let out a slightly relieved breath. He hesitated for a moment, walked out of a house, raised his hand and opened the locked door.

The house was very small from the outside, but it contained everything. As soon as the door was opened, Bai Jin was shocked by the aura, as if the pores of his whole body were relaxing.

The nimble ermine was very sensitive to all kinds of Qi, and nimble Qi was their favorite food. Hu Xiao was powerful and had a long life. He had naturally accumulated a lot of good things, most of which were stacked in this seemingly inconspicuous warehouse.

Bai Jin’s eyes shone and followed Hu Xiao into the storehouse. He was almost lost in the treasures that had plenty of spirit. However, he had not been told to do anything so he only looked and obsessed. His small body was still tightly stuck at Hu Xiao’s feet.

Seeing that Bai Jin has strong self-control and was not dominated by the nature of a Soul-Eating Ermine’s love for spirit, Hu Xiao loved it a little more — he brought Bai Jin here to test his mind. Of course, even if he had a poor mind, he would not abandon him, but would take care of his education more severely, and let him set up a firm mind early in his youth.

Now, however, the baby’s mind was clear and tenacious, but it didn’t need to be too constrained by it.

Bai Jin had no idea that he had just escaped from the harsh teaching from Hu Xiao and was allowed to enjoy a relaxed ‘childhood’. He happily followed Hu Xiao to a big cabinet and watched him open it.

What was placed in the cabinet was not a treasure, but a bunch of simple ‘small furniture’, which should be used by a small-sized ermine. Hu Xiao took one of the nests out and blew away the dust that did not exist on it. In his eyes, this was a very familiar memory to Bai Jin — he has seen such a divine color in Hu Xiao’s eyes several times.

“These are the things your elder brother used. I didn’t put them away so when he grew up and found his own partner I could give them to him. I wanted to keep it as a souvenir, but I didn’t expect it would come in handy now.” Hu Xiao sighed and looked down at Bai Jin. “What do you think?”

Bai Jin shook his tail. He instinctively didn’t like Hu Xiao’s yearning for this “elder brother”, but also had a deep jealousy towards the ‘elder brother’ whom Hu Xiao was thinking about. Even though he knew that such feelings shouldn’t exist, Bai Jin couldn’t ignore the sour feeling in his heart.

However, he disguised this unhappiness and called out twice to Hu Xiao. And Hu Xiao also couldn’t see Bai Jin’s happiness, anger and sorrow from his small head full of white hairs. Only when Bai Jin called out happily did he reach out and take out all the items in the cupboard.

Later, Hu Xiao returned these things to their old positions and arranged them in the outer room of his bedroom. Bai Jin jumped into the nest, stepped on it everywhere, and entered the comfortable nest. He had to say that although he didn’t like his “brother”, these things were excellent, and as if they were made for Bai Jin, they fit perfectly.

Although the appearance was not very impressive, these things were all made of good materials with abundant aura. In addition, they had been kept in the warehouse for a long time, making them rare in the world.

Putting the ermine nest outside, Hu Xiao was afraid that those loose cultivators who were short of money would like to become ermines and sleep in the nest all day!

Seriously, ‘people are inferior to ermines!’

Putting his head on his two claws, Bai Jin squinted his eyes comfortably, wagged his big tail in a relaxed manner, and his body language was interpreting his satisfaction with his nest.

Hu Xiao looked at him, and his eyes were dazed for a moment. He couldn’t help lifting his hand and rubbing his eyebrows and heart. Since seeing Bai Jin, he thought of Bai Duan more and more frequently, which was really strange. Hu Xiao knew that he didn’t take Bai Jin as Bai Duan’s substitute, and he could distinguish two ermines very clearly… It was probably because some of the movements of the two were so similar that they often made Hu Xiao feel that they were familiar.

However, apart from the similar appearance and small movements, Bai Jin and Bai Duan had different personalities. In Hu Xiao’s memory , Bai Duan had always been introverted and cautious, and his attitude towards him was more respectful. Although he also liked to be coquettish, he was really not like Bai Jin who showed his audacity on his face.

Bai Jin was much more livelier than Bai Duan. It was the first time he met Bai Jin, but he didn’t take himself as an outsider at all. However, Bai Duan would gradually become intimate and show his lively nature only after careful contact and confirmation that the other party really liked to indulge him.

…… In this way, the appearance of Bai Jin was more similar to Bai Duan, who was later familiar with Hu Xiao .

Realizing that he had begun to compare Bai Jin with Bai Duan involuntarily, Hu Xiao was very sorry for Bai Jin. He flipped his space ring, took out a purple vermillion fruit and handed it to Bai Jin.

Bai Jin’s pink nose moved, smelled the fragrance of the fruit in an instant, immediately opened his bright eyes and looked at Hu Xiao. He couldn’t wait to bite, and swallow the sweet juice together with the rich aura.

Two claws held the purple vermillion fruit and even though Bai Jin ate very fast, he was very cultured. He did not let the rich juice of the purple vermillion fruit stain his nest. In an instant, he ate the fruits cleanly. Bai Jin stretched out his tongue and licked his lips and paws. He could not help but look back at Hu Xiao. His eyes were full of longing.

It was a pity that Hu Xiao was not like someone who has no discretion and couldn’t stand Bai Jin’s begging. He firmly refused Bai Jin, raised his fingertips against Bai Jin’s small head who was trying to be coquettish. “Purple vermillion fruit are too much for you. You can’t eat more, or it will be too much.”

Bai Jin blinked. In a trance, some memory fragments passed through his mind. The excited big tail was slowly put down.

It seemed that someone had liked to feed fruit to him, and they couldn’t bear his pestering. They fed him as much as they had. Later… Later, it seemed that something had happened, which made the man afraid and scold him for a long time. His eyes were red when he stood by him, and he swore to heaven that he would never indulge him again…

That man… was not Hu Xiao. So, who was it? Who was the one who pampered and protected himself in the palm of his hand and had no bottom line at all?

He had violated the agreement with that person and left with Hu Xiao without permission. Would that person be worried and afraid if he couldn’t find him? Would he be… angry with him?

Bai Jin’s heart was in a mess. He felt that he was about to be overwhelmed by the negative guilt. He had no spirit and dropped his head, just like a dead ermine lying in its nest, emitting a… lovelorn aura.

Hu Xiao was stunned by Bai Jin’s lost look for a moment, but he didn’t think much about it. He just thought that Bai Jin was sad because he refused and couldn’t eat any fruit. He raised his hand and rubbed his head, sighing, “Such a child indeed.”

If someone saw such a Bai Jin, he would have taken out the fruit to make him happy. Even if he couldn’t let Bai Jin eat it, he should hold him high with his own arms and talk sweetly to let Bai Jin show his smile. But Hu Xiao was not the ‘loving father’ who doted on children. If he didn’t give, he wouldn’t give. He was a man of few words and couldn’t speak any soft words. He could only sit beside Bai Jin and pet his smooth fur again and again. He was silent and comforted.

When Bai Jin recovered from the sudden depression, Hu Xiao was relieved.

His character was cold and serious, and no one had ever dared to throw his face at him. Even the disciples who passed on from person to person had admiration for Hu Xiao, but they were not close enough. They always abided by the etiquette of teachers and apprentices. The only one who could be intimate with Hu Xiao was Bai Duan, the last nimble ermine he raised. But Bai Duan was always cute and never got angry. Even Hu Xiao did not know how to deal with a ‘bear child’ who had changeable emotions and was happy enough to go to the house and uncover tiles. If he was not happy, he would still make trouble.

——What a sweet worry.

Hu Xiao seriously worried for a while, and couldn’t help rubbing Bai Jin’s small head. It was a pity that although he did care about how to make to Bai Jin happy, there were still many things to deal with, and it was impossible to accompany him all the time.

“It’s late now. You should be tired after a day of running. Rest as soon as possible.” Hu Xiao stood up and looked down at Bai Jin. “I’ll sort out what I’ve learned. If there’s something wrong, you can find me again.”

Bai Jin made a sound, wagged his tail, watched Hu Xiao leave slowly, then put his head back on his claws, and slowly closed his eyes.

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