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Chapter 176: Eleventh World (3)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

After confirming that Bai Jin was well adapted to Double-edged Sword Peak, Huxiao went into closed door meditation and digested the results of his experience during this period of time.

Of course, before doing so, he left his mark on Bai Jin’s body to make sure that all of the Qingxia Sect knew that the little thing was protected by him. This was to prevent anyone from seeing that the soul-eating ermine was precious and thinking that it was an ownerless thing, and to curb any evil intentions.

Bai Jin accepted Hu Xiao’s closed door meditation well and had no reluctant mood. After watching Huxiao leave, Bai Jin turned his head and immediately began to enjoy himself, scurrying about in Double-edged Sword Peak.

With the mark of Hu Xiao on his body, Bai Jin was not likely to encounter any danger. All kinds of birds and animals could sense it from afar and avoided him smartly, which made them seem extremely ‘well-trained’. Bai Jin was king of the mountain on Double-edged Sword Peak in just a few days, which was quite different from that of the ermine in the valley.

On this day, Bai Jin was very happy to be lazy in the peak. Although he was relaxed, his vigilance had not been lost at all. When a dark cloud like figure quietly stared at him, Bai Jin immediately noticed.

Ermines and eagles were natural enemies, but for such enemies in the sky, Bai Jin was not empty handed at all. For some reason, it seemed that he was born knowing how to deal with these big winged guys, and the birds in the valley never benefited from him.

Bai Jin felt this black eagle was different and less oppressive this time, so was very calm. He leapt out like lightning when the other side dove with its wings down. He took three turns to hide in the leafy forest, like he was escaping or playing.

A war between ermine and eagle started without any sign or sound.

Bai Jin, by virtue of his small size and flexibility, specially led the black eagle to the place where it was difficult to fly. However, the black eagle, by virtue of its rough and thick flesh, didn’t care about the separation of leaves and branches. Instead of catching Bai Jin, several feathers were pulled off by the branches, which made him very angry.

Bai Jin was very happy when hearing black eagle’s anger. He let out “squeaks” and went back, full of arrogance. Fortunately, although black eagle was dissatisfied, he didn’t use his spiritual power to move with Bai Jin. Otherwise, how could Bai Jin be the opponent of a black eagle who was more than a thousand years old?

Just with the so-called “don’t fight, don’t know each other”, the white ermine and the black eagle quickly got familiar with each other after a chase and fight. Seeing that Bai Jin was difficult to deal with, the black eagle finally gave up the idea of seizing him and intimidating him. He gathered his wings and stopped at the top of the tree, turning into a handsome and resolute man.

“Yes, little Duan! I haven’t seen you for more than a thousand years. You’ve really made a lot of progress!” The black eagle looked mature in appearance, but his real character was foolish. He was adored by his master and still has eight points of childishness.

As soon as he said this, Bai Jin’s eyes sank, and the boat of friendship just established because of “play” turned over.

“I’m not Bai Duan. My name is Bai Jin!” Bai Jin raised his chin, squeaked and retorted.

For a moment, the man jumped down from the tree and watched Bai Jin carefully for a long time. Then he grabbed his short black and hard hair with a smirk. “Ah, I’m sorry. You guys are very alike in my eyes, and you all have the smell of Hu Xiao. I can’t help but admit it,” Black Eagle shrugged his shoulders, “but you’re really not the right age. Are you still a cub? You don’t even have a human shape!”

Bai Jin groaned and turned away from him — Bai Jin didn’t like to be mistaken for his elder brother at all. If the person who mistook him was Hu Xiao, that was fine. Other guys would not be tolerated!

Seeing Bai Jin turn around angrily and want to leave, the black eagle was a little worried. It was rare for him to have a new partner who was not afraid to play together with him. How could he simply make friends? He hurriedly arrived in front of Bai Jin, and squatted down to flatter him and said, “I apologize, I apologize. You and Bai Duan are really different. That guy is very timid. When he saw me, he ran away like his hair was on fire. How could you be so grumpy and dare to shake my face!”

Hearing that, Bai Jin stopped and shook his tail, “Seriously?”

“Of course!” He nodded, “I’m a little older than him, and we grew up together. When I was a child, I scared him several times. When he grew up, he saw me just like a mouse sees a cat. He couldn’t help pretending to die! You are more interesting! Brave!”

For the first time, he was brave, Bai Jin’s eyes were bright, and his liking for the black eagle that had fallen to the bottom of the valley finally barely recovered to the passing line. He blinked and sat on the ground gracefully, “I’ve already introduced myself. My name is Bai Jin. I’m a new ermine living with Hu Xiao. What’s your name?”

“My name is Hei Yun (Black cloud)! I’m a Sky Covering Eagle raised by Luse on the peak next door!” Hei Yun replied with a smile, “Hu Xiao is really true to Soul-Eating Ermines. He has raised two spirit pets, both of them are Soul-Eating Ermines!”

Bai Jin’s tail was flying and he was very proud, “Of course! Soul-Eating Ermines are the most popular!”

Hei Yun drew in the corner of his mouth, unable to understand Bai Jin’s pride.

“Say, Bai Duan, Bai Jin, Hei Yun… The names are really the same.” Bai Jin’s two front paws stepped on the ground and sighed.

“Hu Xiao and Luse are martial brother and sister. They were taught by the same master. Maybe they are similar in aesthetics.” Hei Yun agreed with a nod.

“Luse Wuhu? What kind of person is she?” Bai Jin asked curiously. He paid special attention to everything related to Hu Xiao .

“Luse Wuhu is really beautiful, and very gentle!” Hei Yun obviously also liked his master very much. When mentioning Luse, the eagle seemed to be shining. He talked to Bai Jin about how beautiful Luse was. As he spoke, he took Bai Duan on his shoulder and proposed excitedly, “Since you want to live here in the future, you must also deal with Luse. I’ll take you to see her now. With her permission, you can come to Jade Peak to play with me at any time!”

Bai Jin did not refuse Hei Yun’s proposal. He was tired of playing in Double-edged Sword Peak these days. Why not open up the map and meet new friends?

One ermine, and one eagle; Hei Yun turned into his beast form and shook his feathers, “Are you afraid of heights? I’ll fly you to Jade Peak!”

“Okay! I’m not afraid of heights!” Bai Jin readily replied. Not only was he not afraid of heights, but he was also very cheeky. As soon as the eagle kicked off on his hind legs, Bai Jin jumped up onto his back.

Hei Yun was startled by Bai Jin’s action, and almost turned around to shake the white ermine off his body. As a top-grade spirit beast, Zhetian Diao was arrogant and no one dared to be so unbridled on his back except for Luse!

He was a bit unhappy, but he was magnanimous. If he was unhappy, it was over. In the spirit of caring for the cub and making new friends, Hei Yun didn’t ask Bai Jin to come down, but clapped his wings and rose up without saying a word.

Of course, in order to teach this bold and reckless little thing a lesson, let him understand that one was not able to simply sit on the back of a Sky Covering Eagle. Hei Yun did not deliberately slow down. It was a pity that even though he took out the speed of his usual flight, Bai Jin, on his back, was still sitting firmly and stably, which really frustrated Hei Yun.

Bai Jin didn’t know that he was causing damage to Hei Yun’s heart. He skillfully grasped the feathers on the neck of the Sky Covering Eagle and adjusted his balance with the flying angle of the Sky Covering Eagle. It was natural, like it was a body instinct.

Sitting on the back of the Sky Covering Eagle, Bai Jin looked down at the green peaks of Qingxia Mountain. After the initial excitement, his eyes drifted into a trance, which seemed to be shrouded in a misty memory that flashed by.

In those scenes, it was also similar to right now. He was holding on to his back, as the other spread his wings and leaped over thousands of rivers and mountains…

Bai Jin’s eyes were blurred. He tried to get rid of the fog and see more clearly, but he could only vaguely find a big black bird from his memory.

… Was his important person also a Sky Covering Eagle?

Bai Jin couldn’t understand it. Unfortunately, before he came to a conclusion, Hei Yun had already brought him to the boundary of Jade Peak and stopped in a square.

It was different from the pure cold of the Double-edged Sword Peak, Jade Peak was bustling with people. There were many kinds of buildings and in the style of which tended to be gentle and elegant like women, so it was really beautiful that it was not inferior to the name Jade Peak.

In Jade Peak, there were sixty-seven female practitioners, they made the wind fragrant, smelling of peaches and filled with the sounds of laughter. It was obvious that Hei Yun had a good relationship with these practitioners. Everyone passing by would greet him with a smile, either lovingly, respectfully or with familiarly.

As he nodded to the practitioners, Hei Yun turned into a human and lifted Bai Jin off his shoulder. Seeing that white ermine’s eyes were confused and quiet, Hei Yun grinned with a gloating smile, “Scared? I thought you were not afraid of heights?”

Bai Jin’s thoughts were interrupted by Hei Yun, and he laughed at himself. He immediately flicked Hei Yun’s face with his tail.

Although he was beaten, Bai Jin’s tail was fluffy and comfortable on his face. Hei Yun was not angry at all, but he was not willing to suffer losses. He rubbed his hands and turned Bai Jin into a dirty white one, and then he gave an undisguised bad laugh.

Bai Jin clenched his teeth and stretched out his claws to scratch Hei Yun and imprison his palm. These two childish guys started to fight again, and came to Luse.

Luse raised Hei Yun with one hand, and he was in love with his mother like a son. If Hei Yun wanted to see her, he naturally didn’t need any gift.

Smiling at Hei Yun and Bai Jin, Luse saw that Hei Yun pinched the poor ermine, flattened it, rubbed it round, and had to cough a little to prevent her son from ‘bullying the small with the big’.

Luse’s age was not small, her figure was still slim, but she was also the head of the peak. Different from Hu Xiao’s cold face and hot heart, Luse was warm from the inside out. Her voice was gentle, her eyes were kind, and her every move was like a spring breeze, which made her feel warm at first sight.

When she saw Bai Jin, she didn’t mention anything like “similar to Bai Duan”. She just treated him as gently and intimately as her first friend. She not only fed him delicious lingguo spirit fruit, but also hung a jade necklace on his neck, making Bai Jin laugh warmly.

Bai Jin was very pleasant when he met someone he liked. He depended on his lovely appearance and petite posture in front of Luse to invite love, and make her stir up the twigs so she couldn’t help but hold him and touch him.

Hei Yun was so jealous that he felt that his position as a pet was seriously threatened. Heaven knows that he never enjoyed the kiss and embrace of Luse since he took off the fluff and grew hard feathers!

What’s good about a… plush! He was so angry!

Seeing her pet’s dissatisfied face, Luse could not help laughing. She rubbed Bai Jin’s small head, put him on her lap, and said that she had not forgotten her pet for the sake of a plush. “Recently, there is another group of new human workers. Shouyuan, the worker who is responsible for taking care of you, is there. Go there and choose a person.”

Hei Yun curled his mouth and didn’t have any interest, “Aren’t they all the same? You should pick me one.”

“You have a big temper, so you have to choose one that fits your eyes, right?” Luse was helpless.

“I’ll have no eye contact with those mortals! The life span of ordinary people is short. They will change in the next hundred years. It doesn’t mean much to choose!” Hei Yun hummed, picked up Bai Duan, who was lying on Luse’s lap and wagging his tail, and threw him on his shoulder, “I’m going out to play with this little guy!”

“You…” Luse sighed, but did not stop him, just smiled and looked as the two spirit pets left together.

Leaving Luse’s house, Hei Yun impolitely raised his hand and flicked Bai Jin’s head, “If I knew you were so flattering, I would not have brought you here! Don’t compete with me in the future!”

Bai Jin groaned and clawed back.

About this was the so-called “happy enemy”, a word of discord would be made, but he was not angry. Hei Yun thought Bai Jin was interesting, and Bai Jin also thought that Hei Yun was kind. It seemed that although he had known the other in his last life, he got to know the other very well for the first time.

Noisily, an eagle and an ermine went back to the former square. Hei Yun planned to take Bai Jin to see his younger brothers on Jade Peak, but Bai Jin suddenly stopped and looked in a certain direction from his shoulder.

Hei Yun grabbed Bai Jin’s little body in case he was too focused and fell off his shoulder, “What’s the matter?”

Bai Jin “squeaked” twice and raised his paw to point.

Hei Yun glanced in the direction indicated by Bai Jin and answered casually, “Where? That should be a place for selecting ordinary human workers. It’s boring. Let’s not play there.”

Bai Jin was very worried. He kept slapping Hei Yun on the shoulder and tried to drill in that direction.

Hei Yun was so confused by it that he had to walk towards the direction of selection area with his mouth broken, dissatisfied with Bai Jin wasting his time.

Bai Jin stood on the shoulder of Hei Yun. He didn’t hear what his new friend was saying. He just felt that his heart was beating faster and faster. There was something in his brain that constantly reminded him to go look. There must be something important for him waiting there.

If he missed it, he would regret it for a lifetime!

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