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Chapter 181: Eleventh World (8)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

In fact, Xiao Yun didn’t intend to expose the ‘real relationship’ between Bai Jin and Bai Duan so early. After all, he noticed that the divine sense of Hu Xiao had enveloped the whole courtyard, and his every move with his little lover was also observed by the other.

Once he knew that his little lover had had two ‘father-son relationships’ with Hu Xiao, how could he compete with Hu Xiao? Of course, taking the advantage that their love in this life was not deep, he needed to abduct his partner as soon as possible ah!

However, his little lover looked so sad that Xiao Yun was not willing to let the misunderstanding go on at all and he was also wronged! This kind of hailstone and frost that hit him on the head made Xiao Yun very angry. Of course, Xiao Yun didn’t care much about whether to expose the ‘secret’ in advance, except for his selfish intention of “competing for favor”.

He had been in contact with Hu Xiao for a while, knowing that he was honest and clean, and he was very fond of Bai Duan. Even if the other party knew that Bai Jin was Bai Duan, he would only care and love him more, and would never cause trouble for Bai Duan and himself even if Hu Xiao knew everything, he would become a great help to them.

Rubbing his little lover’s head, Xiao Yun repeated again, not only to Bai Jin, but also to Hu Xiao, “You are Bai Duan, a reincarnation, and you lost part of your memory.”

Bai Jin stared at Xiao Yun and bathed him with the tender, helpless and loving feeling of “what a silly child he is”. His eyes slowly blinked, “I’m… how could it be?”

After understanding his meaning through the contract, Xiao Yun sighed and coaxed, “You are so smart, just think about it carefully, won’t you? When you first saw Hu Xiao, you thought he was very kind and trustworthy, right? That’s because you remember that he raised you all by himself.”

Bai Jin was in a trance.

“After coming to Jade Peak with Hu Xiao, did you not think the environment here was very familiar? Even though it was your first time, you knew as much about his back garden as he did?” Xiao Yun tapped Bai Jin’s nose.

Bai Jin sniffed and subconsciously nodded his head.

“Even when it came to facing the Sky Covering Eagle, you have a memory. An eagle and an ermine are natural enemies, but you played well with him as soon as you met him, because you thought he had a familiar feeling, didn’t you?” Xiao Yun’s tone was slightly sour, and he looked at his little lover’s eyes with some bitterness.

Bai Jin’s subconscious eyes drifted for a moment, and somehow he felt a little guilty.

“But I believe you like me best.” Xiao Yun snorted and stressed himself, “We’ve been lovers for more years. We have deep feelings. When you see me, you like me very much. You don’t want to leave me for half a moment, do you?”

Bai Jin, “……”

Although this was true, it made him feel itchy when Xiao Yun said it with such an expression and tone…

With Xiao Yun’s soft words, Bai Jin’s heart shook, and he had already believed the other’s words. But he still tried to make the final struggle, “But… But I’m different from Bai Duan. Hu Xiao said Bai Duan was very obedient and smart, and never had the same pettiness and grumpiness as me, let alone crying…”

“Mmn, you used to be like that. It was a bit painful to bear it cleverly.” Xiao Yun smiled, full of satisfaction and a feeling to show off. “I’m the one who made you like this!”

Bai Jin, “……”

“However, Hei Yun also said that I am not like Bai Duan. He said Bai Duan was very timid. Even when they grew up together, Bai Duan was afraid of Hei Yun. When he saw him, he would become all stiff. He would not play with him freely like I did… ” Bai Jin was biased.

“Yes, you used to be very timid.” It seemed that Xiao Yun could not help laughing at what he thought. He picked his eyebrows and was proud. “I taught you how to be so brave now!”

Bai Jin, “……”

What was your credit, brother, why don’t you go to heaven?! It was clear that the person in the other side’s mouth was himself, but why did he still feel that he had been fed several cold ermine grains?

Dazzled by Xiao Yun, though he proved himself… He was married to Xiao Yun and had a deep relationship with him, but Bai Jin still felt a little unhappy and asked a sharp question, “Is that who you used to like or do you like who I am now?”

Xiao Yun was stunned for a moment, and instinctively realized that this was definitely a proposition that must be carefully considered. He smirked, pretending to be calm, and kissed Bai Jin’s head with a low head, “What kind of foolish question is that? No matter what you become or what your character is, there is no difference in my eyes. It’s like how no matter what I look like or what my character is, you will fall in love with me at first sight.”

“Really?” Bai Jin’s eyes widened and his face was curious.

“Yes.” Xiao Yun chuckled. “I used to be a tough guy who was too powerful and stubborn, with eight abdominal muscles, and even a young man who was even more delicate and beautiful, as soft as an angel. But no matter what I look like, even if you lose your memory, you always recognize me and love me deeply Oh, by the way, one lifetime, I became a big fat man who had grown into a ball and was extremely cowardly and self-abased. Even so, you still liked me so much that you couldn’t help it. “

Bai Jin’s eyes exclaimed, “Then I really love you…”

“I never doubt that.” Xiao Yun bent his eyes with a smile and poked Bai Jin’s nose, “I’m the same when it comes to you. Even if you haven’t changed into a human shape yet, you are still a little fluffy, and I am still…” As he lowered his voice, Xiao Yun’s tone became ambiguous and sticky, “I want to kiss you and caress you… Even thrust into you…”

Bai Jin suddenly exploded into a ball of hair, ” QAQ “

Just now, the atmosphere was so good. Don’t turn perverted suddenly. It’s scary! Your words will really make me have nightmares!

Hu Xiao, who had a sharp divine sense and overheard the private words, “……”

Should I rush in and hit him or should I rush in and hit him? Hold on, that kid is just a mortal now, and they have already become a Taoist couple, I can’t be too impulsive!

Being ashamed of Xiao Yun’s words, Hu Xiao, who was a little red in his ears, quietly took back his divine sense in case he heard anything more he shouldn’t hear. When Xiao Yun noticed that Hu Xiao’s divine sense was gone, he finally smiled with satisfaction.

He coaxed his little lover with fried fur for a long time, and swore to heaven that he would never do anything to an animal like him, who was still cute and animal like until he became human like before finally coaxing his little lover’s fried fur back.

Bai Jin had experienced great sorrow and joy in these two days, tossed and turned in the night and couldn’t sleep. Now he was in a relaxed mood in his sweetheart’s arms, and soon slept to the other’s soft whispers.

Confirming Bai Jin was indeed asleep, Xiao Yun carefully put him back into his nest, then stood up and walked out of the room.

Outside, Hu Xiao had been waiting for a long time. When Xiao Yun came out, he waved his hand slightly, and his face was cold, “Follow me.”

Xiao Yun obediently followed Hu Xiao. The pair didn’t stop until they were far away from Bai Jin’s house. Hu Xiao turned to look at Xiao Yun with complicated eyes. “Should I call you Xiao Yun or Guan Wu?”

Xiao Yun smiled, “You can call me what you want. Guan Wu is my real name, and Xiao Yun is the name of this body of course, in order to avoid revealing it in front of outsiders, Zhen Jun would be better off calling me Xiao Yun.”

Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, Hu Xiao Zhen frowned slightly, “You seized the body?”

“It’s a loss.” Knowing that Hu Xiao didn’t like such a disobedient way of doing things, Xiao Yun hurriedly explained, “However, the original owner of the body was willing to hand over the body to me, with a condition that I would fulfill a wish for him. This is the deal.”

“It’s no wonder that although you took away the body, the combination of body and spirit is very stable. Even I didn’t notice any trace left by the struggle between the two souls.” Hu Xiao’s expression calmed down a little bit, “But what happened to you and little Duan? Why did he reincarnate, and why did you have to take away the body of others?”

Xiao Yun only hid about the ‘gray space’ and frankly replied, “In order to be able to be with little Duan for a long time, we must go through some tests, and little Duan also needs to further refine his spirit. In order to protect him, I chose to temporarily close his memory and let him reincarnate in one world after another, while I follow him in the form of taking away and making a vow with the original body I have taken this is also my job.” His expression couldn’t help but become gentle. Xiao Yun’s eyes were beating with bright fire. “This is the last world we need to experience. After this world is over, little Duan and I will be able to achieve what we want and live together forever.”

As the higher world, the practitioners had already peeped into the traces of other worlds, so they had the theory of “three thousand big worlds, hundreds of millions of small worlds”. Hu Xiao knew that Bai Duan had gone to another world during the life and death disaster to save him, and he had met ‘Guan Wu’ there. Now, it was not too surprising to hear that they were shuttling between worlds.

After confirming that they didn’t encounter any crisis, Hu Xiao finally settled down, “In this case, you and little Duan will be together well.” After a pause, he couldn’t help but add a sentence, “Although you two have already formed a contract, little Duan is still young after his reincarnation. You… don’t hurt him.”

In order to raise his child twice, Hu Xiao really broke his heart and even intervened in the private affairs between the two.

Xiao Yun gave a dry cough and replied solemnly, “That’s natural. What’s more, in the period when little Duan grows up, I still have the wishes of the original to fulfill.”

Knowing that Hu Xiao was not a meddler, Xiao Yun didn’t wait for Hu Xiao’s inquiry, so he explained the original owner’s grievances.

Now he was weak and blind to the original’s wishes, and his little lover was around, which made Xiao Yun unwilling to spend too much time and effort on revenge for the original. Fortunately, Xiao Yun had never been the kind of person who was embarrassed for his self-esteem. If there was a shortcut to finish the task, he would never make a detour of ‘self-reliance’ now, there was a golden thigh standing in front of Xiao Yun, waiting for him to embrace.

In Bai Duan’s eyes, Hu Xiao was a master like his father, and Xiao Yun could also call him “father-in-law”.

Father-in-law was half a father. Was it not reasonable for a son to ask for help from his father?

He didn’t care about his age at all. If he added up his age, he didn’t know by how many years he would be older than Hu Xiao, so the cheeky Xiao Yun regarded his father very frankly. If his psychological activity was known by Hu Xiao, even if he was cool and calm, he would be able to draw him out of the sky with his sword.

Of course, Hu Xiao didn’t know anything about it. After listening to Xiao Yun’s narration, he was extremely angry. For one thing, he regretted that a good young man had been destroyed easily by his family. For another, he could not tolerate the devil cultivation that would rob people’s spiritual roots and destroy people’s fundamentals.

“I’ll take care of it.” The eyes of Hu Xiao were cold.

“How would you like to solve it?” Xiao Yun asked.

Hu Xiao sneered, “This kind of thing that doesn’t enter the stream, it’s just like cutting it with one sword!”

Xiao Yun was fond of Hu Xiao’s simple and rough approach, but he couldn’t let him do it.

He quickly stopped Hu Xiao, who was quick to walk and turned around, and Xiao Yun said, “It’s really refreshing and simple for you to do this, but it’s against the original’s wishes. If I don’t fulfill my promise to the original, I will be punished. Maybe it will even involve little Duan…”

Hu Xiao frowned mid-step, which was really “to beat a mouse, but to worry about the jade bottle”.

Because of Bai Duan and Xiao Yun, Hu Xiao had to stop to think, “So, what are you going to do?”

“The original wanted to get revenge on his family and take back what has been taken whether it is his spiritual roots or prestige.” Xiao Yun said to himself, “Now that I have escaped from the Xiao family, the Xiao family has probably released the news of the owner’s disappearance or death in a hurry. I think that the original should hope to return to the scenery, teach Xiao Xinglong, his younger brother, a lesson and beat the Xiao family’s face in public, and even publicize what they have done.”

Hu Xiao nodded, “But now you don’t have a spiritual root.”

“Without a spiritual root, I can practice.” Xiao Yun put forward his plan and said, “Ordinary people can also practice, ordinary people with strong physique can even face those who practice Qi without losing the wind. In addition, my spirit and divine sense are strong, and there are many means brought from other worlds, which should be stronger than ordinary people who practice.” 

With a disdaining cold hum, Xiao Yun didn’t put Xiao Xinglong in his eyes. “Even if he has a Heavenly Spiritual root, Xiao Xinglong won’t go far with his mind. In another ten years, the Xiao family will take part in the competition between the aristocratic families. At that time, Xiao Xinglong will surely appear. Ten years is not enough time for him to build a successful foundation. If I keep practicing in these ten years, I should be able to defeat him openly in full view of the public, to correct my name and reduce this body’s resentment, and let the Xiao family know what I have lost the only thing I fear is the unknown blackness from Xiao Xinglong.”

“Yes. Your talent is needless to say, and I have many elixirs here. As long as you are willing to bear hardships and suffer pain, I will be able to help you wash your meridians and cut the marrow, and reshape the muscles and bones, which is a higher level than the ordinary people who practice.” Hu Xiao pondered for a moment and agreed with Xiao Yun’s plan. “Then, even if Xiao Xinglong gets away with building the foundation, you can have power. As for the blackness, as long as it dares to act, I can make it never return!”

“At that time, I will defeat Xiao Xinglong in public and lead out the black Qi. Then you can disperse him under the witness of others.” Xiao Yun picked up his eyebrow and said, “It will be a natural way to expose Xiao Xinglong’s collusion with devil cultivation, and take him back to the prison of Double-edged Sword Peak. In this way, I also have enough time to slowly figure out how to take back the Heavenly Spiritual root in his body.”

Hu Xiao nodded his head and solemnly told him, “Don’t worry when you take back the spiritual root. Never use magic cultivation to enter the evil path.”

“It’s natural. The original body will not want me to fall into evil ways.” Xiao Yun chuckled, “What’s more, even for little Duan, I will keep my heart.”

Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, Hu Xiao Zhen was very satisfied, and then he made a final decision, “Okay, it’s not too late. You have a good rest tonight and start practicing with me in the morning tomorrow!”

Xiao Yun, who has just met his little lover and has not had a sweet day yet, said, “……”

There was such a gold thigh who took the initiative to help with the task. He was so happy and heartless… I really don’t plan to do anything to little Duan. Do you have to isolate us in such a hurry?!

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