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Chapter 182: Eleventh World (9)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlation

Edited by Sulo

Due to the comfort in his heart, Bai Jin slept deeply until dawn. Before he opened his eyes, he began to arch his nose to search for the familiar and reassuring scent.

However, the room was empty.

Bai Jin woke up suddenly and sat up in a daze and looked around, but still did not see the figure he wanted to find. The little body was stiff, and Bai Jin’s black eyes were a little flustered. He was afraid that what happened yesterday was just a dream he had when he fell asleep, and that he and his sweetheart reuniting was also… just a dream.

As soon as he got out of the nest, Bai Jin jumped out of the window and ran towards the yard like lightning. Fortunately, he didn’t look for long like a headless fly. Soon, he saw Xiao Yun bathing in the sun and squatting in the middle of the yard.

Xiao Yun had obviously walked far to get here. The weather was clear and pleasant, but he was sweating all over, shivering slightly, but still trying to maintain a standard posture.

Seeing Xiao Yun, Bai Jin suddenly stopped and almost rolled out. He quickly stabilized his body, tilted his head to gaze at Xiao Yun, and hesitated to lift his front paw. Although Xiao Yun’s body was at its limit and crumbling, his powerful mental power could still ensure that he remained awake and sharp at any time and anywhere. Aware of the eyes on him, Xiao Yun twisted his stiff neck, looked at Bai Jin with uneasy eyes, and hurriedly squeezed out a twisted smile.

Although Xiao Yun’s smile looked really scary, Bai Jin felt the kindness from it at a glance. His eyes suddenly brightened, and he jumped to Xiao Yun’s feet to circle around him two times.

Now, at last, he didn’t worry about what had happened last night.

Just hanging around at Xiao Yun’s feet couldn’t let Bai Jin express his inner joy. A moment later, he looked up at Xiao Yun’s shoulder, and then his back leg kicked and he jumped up and settled on it.

Bai Jin always loved to be clean and cherished his white fur. But this time, he didn’t dislike Xiao Yun’s sweat at all. The fluffy and warm little body nestled in Xiao Yun’s neck and even rubbed against him intimately.

The expression on Xiao Yun’s face was very soft. He slightly turned his head and rubbed it back. His eyes were full of affection as he looked at Bai Jin. One person, one ermine, Bai Jin could look for ten thousand years.

Bai Jin, bewitched by Xiao Yun’s eyes, couldn’t help but lift up and lick the other’s lips shyly. Xiao Yun didn’t avoid it, and instead the radian of the corner of his mouth lifted up higher and higher, and the heat in his eyes became hotter and hotter.

Unfortunately, when the air between husband and husband became more and more sticky, a light cough came, and this broke the ambiguous atmosphere.

Bai Jin and Xiao Yun were both petrified when they heard the cough and looked towards the direction of the sound. Hu Xiao, in white, was standing at the gate of the courtyard with his hand near his mouth. His eyes were full of disapproval.

Bai Jin shyly shrank back with a hot face. Xiao Yun didn’t feel embarrassed, but his eyes were full of complaints.

Hu Xiao was looked at by Xiao Yun… He could hardly hold his serious, cold face. Ignoring Xiao Yun, Hu Xiao waved to Bai Jin, “Little Jin, come to me.”

Hearing the call from Hu Xiao, Bai Jin pressed his head against Xiao Yun’s cheek, then jumped to the ground and ran to Hu Xiao .

Xiao Yun, who was abandoned as soon as his father-in-law came, “……”

Holding Bai Jin in his arms, Hu Xiao looked Xiao Yun up and down again. Seeing that he had not relaxed his practice because of the arrival of Bai Jin, he nodded with satisfaction.

“Xiao Yun is practicing. Don’t disturb him,” he said

Bai Jin made a cute “squeak” and rubbed Hu Xiao ‘s finger pleasantly. His delicate appearance made Xiao Yun blush for a while however, he still kept his horse stance and dared not move at all.

“In another half an hour, you can rest for half a cup of tea, then go to spirit spring in the back mountain and soak for two hours.” Hu Xiao arranged the next step of cultivation for Xiao Yun, and then left with Bai Jin in his arms.

Xiao Yun stared at Hu Xiao’s abduction of his little lover, and sighed for a long time I don’t know when the hard days will come to an end. Just on the first day, he couldn’t stand it… He never should have exposed the truth so early!

Xiao Yun complained at the same time, and Hu Xiao, who had successfully separated Bai Jin from Xiao Yun, was slightly relieved.

He took Bai Jin into his yard and put him on the stone table in the yard. He also sat down on the stone bench on one side and looked at Bai Jin’s eyes with some relief, “I heard your conversation with Xiao Yun last night.”

Bai Jin slouched his tail and looked at Hu Xiao timidly.

Hu Xiao raised his hand and rubbed Bai Jin’s head, muttering softly, “Unexpectedly, you are really the reincarnation of Bai Duan. But, besides him, who dares to be so close to me?”

Hu Xiao was cold and powerful. Only Bai Duan, who was raised by him since he was a child, was not afraid of his indifference and reticence, and would play coquettishly and invite favor to him. As for other birds and animals, as early as when they felt his whole body’s sword Qi, they would be far away from him. How could they unwittingly gather intimacy?

Bai Jin held Hu Xiao’s finger, and the whole ermine hung on his hand, which made Hu Xiao smile. “Your coquetry is much better than before.”

Bai Jin blinked his eyes and accepted the ‘praise’ calmly.

“Since you are Bai Duan, do you prefer me to call you Bai Duan or still call you Bai Jin?” Asked Hu Xiao. He raised his other hand and wrote in the air twice. Soon, the word ‘Jin’ and the word ‘Duan’ appeared in the air and floated steadily to Bai Jin.

Bai Jin thought for a moment, then raised his paw and slapped the floating word ‘Duan’ although the name ‘Bai Duan’ was previously rejected, Bai Jin preferred the name ‘Bai Duan’. What’s more… What’s more, he liked listening to Xiao Yun’s gentle call for ‘little Duan’. Every time he heard it, he felt his heart was about to melt.

Thinking of the scene in his sleep, Bai Jin now called Bai Duan felt a little hot again, and could not help but raise his paws to cover his eyes. He was shy.

Hu Xiao looked at Bai Duan doubtfully. He didn’t understand the little thing’s active inner thoughts at all. He just waited for him to break away from the inexplicable emotions.

Thinking of Xiao Yun, Bai Duan naturally wondered what he was doing this morning. He raised his head and squeaked to ask Hu Xiao .

Hu Xiao had not signed a master servant contract with Bai Duan this time, so he did not know what he was talking about. But Bai Duan was raised by Hu Xiao. He knew every emotion and every little action, and could guess what he was wondering about.

“He is a mortal without a spiritual root. If he wants to cultivate, he will have to put in thousands of times more effort than a cultivator who has a spiritual root.” Hu Xiao replied softly, “He has a strong character and is bound to achieve something. Be obedient and don’t distract him.”

Bai Duan tilted his head. “Squeak?”

“It’s for you that he works so hard.” Hu Xiao hid the content that Xiao Yun needed to go to the Xiao family’s house for revenge, so as to avoid Bai Duan’s worry. “He’s just a human now, and they only live for a few decades. Only when he becomes a cultivator can he stay with you for a long time.”

Of course, even if ordinary people practiced to the extreme, it was impossible to get rid of the mortal chains from ordinary bones. At most, they would live for about a hundred years. But by that time, he must help Xiao Yun regain his Heavenly Spiritual root and lead him back to the fairway. As for the twists and turns, Bai Duan didn’t need to know.

Bai Duan was young, and he was still ignorant of his own cultivation, not to mention the difference between ordinary people and practitioners. As Bai Duan wholeheartedly trusted Hu Xiao and listened to him, he believed him without thinking. He felt the hand of Hu Xiao on his head and told himself that he could never influence Xiao Yun’s cultivation.

Firm willed (?) Xiao Yun, who would not be influenced by Bai Duan at all, “QAQ”

In fact, he felt that if Bai Duan was there, he would practice harder!

In this way, Bai Duan was successfully isolated from Xiao Yun by Hu Xiao Zhen. In addition to being able to get in touch with Bai Duan during that short daily break, Xiao Yun couldn’t even see a hair of the ermine most of the time.

Yes, in order not to disturb Xiao Yun, Bai Duan obediently listened to Hu Xiao ‘s words, and never came to Xiao Yun when he was cultivating, in case Xiao Yun would get distracted during cultivation.

Of course, Bai Duan’s relaxed and dog fighting days didn’t last long. Soon, he was also under the control of Hu Xiao and began to practice hard. In his last life, he took less than three years to take on a human form. Surely this life couldn’t be worse than the last one?

Under the care of a strict master, Bai Duan and Xiao Yun were both in the hot water of cultivation. They were so tired that they were like dead dogs every day… Generally speaking, there was no such thing as kissing or cuddling in the interval of cultivation.

After more than two years, Bai Duan and Xiao Yun had changed a lot.

As a result of years of unremitting exercise, Xiao Yun was much taller and stronger than the average teenager. He had been able to compare with Hu Xiao, and his facial features had also faded from the once young looks, to becoming more beautiful and profound.

Hu Xiao was not stingy about his collection. He not only asked Xiao Yun to soak in the spirit spring every day, but also specially made a medicine bath for him. All kinds of rare treasures were smashed. Even Xiao Yun’s marrow had been remodeled. His constitution was similar to that of the disciples who had experienced the baptism and cutting marrow after the foundation was built.

Of course, the pain of forcibly remolding the muscles and bones was too much for outsiders, but Xiao Yun stuck to it one by one, and even Hu Xiao couldn’t help but feel his firm will.

As for Bai Duan, from his appearance, was only a circle larger than two years ago, and his skin was more smooth, moist and brilliant.

Under the guidance of Hu Xiao, Bai Duan’s “second” practice was particularly smooth. It seemed that he still remembered it instinctively, so he could get through without any guidance.

However, in more than two years, Bai Duan’s body was full of aura, and there was a faint sign of metamorphosis for this day, Xiao Yun really looked forward to the stars and the moon, and his eyes were almost red! Even when he was practicing, he couldn’t help running away.

Hu Xiao, who had a cold look on his face, said, “I’m sorry = =# “

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