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Chapter 180: Eleventh World (7)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

No matter how confused Xiao Yun, who was left in Jade Peak, was, Bai Jin, who ran back to Double-edged Sword Peak in tears, felt that he had been completely overwhelmed by sadness.

In a hurry, Bai Jin bumped into the arms of Hu Xiao, who had just left his closed-door meditation. He was a little confused. Holding up Bai Jin and looking at his tearful eyes, Hu Xiao furrowed his brows and felt a little pain, “Why are you crying? Who provoked you?”

Bai Jin blinked his eyes, then lowered his head again and drilled into Hu Xiao’s arms. Even though he was extremely angry with Xiao Yun, he didn’t say a word and refused to tell Zhen Jun the black news.

In the past, both his apprentices and spiritual pets were obedient and sensible, which never bothered him. This was the first time he met such an emotional little thing who liked to cry and haw. Not knowing how to comfort Bai Jin, Hu Xiao Zhen could only touch his slightly quivering back as always, and accompany him silently.

Bai Jin didn’t want to say why he was sad, and Hu Xiao didn’t ask too much. He was more inclined to push children out of the greenhouse to be beaten by the wind and rain than to shelter them completely under his wings.

Since Bai Jin refused to turn to him for help, that meant he wanted to deal with it on his own. In this regard, Hu Xiao was very supportive and encouraging anyway, with his protection, this little thing would not encounter any danger.

Because he was still angry with Xiao Yun, Bai Jin was more hesitant to think that he liked a person so much for the first time only to be mistaken as his “brother” by the other side. Even if Hu Xiao finally came out, Bai Jin did not propose to take Xiao Yun to Double-edged Sword Peak as he had wanted to the first time.

Having cried enough in his arms, Bai Jin went back to his nest to rest, only feeling tired physically and mentally. He decided to stay in for a few days, and did not run to see Xiao Yun. As for a few days later… Well, then let’s talk about it…

“Determined” Bai Jin closed his eyes. Maybe there would be a dream in the night. Bai Jin tried to forget Xiao Yun, but Xiao Yun’s figure was still strong, he appeared in his dream.

In his dream, Xiao Yun’s eyes were still tender and loving. He stroked his back, indulged and sweetened his voice, and called the name “Bai Duan” again and again.

The next morning, Bai Jin, who still clearly remembered the scene in his dream, “…”

It felt like the entire ermine was going to collapse! Clearly he hated being mistaken for ‘Bai Duan’, but why did he accept the dream so calmly and even very happily and was satisfied?!

Scared out of his mind by this ‘nightmare’, Bai Jin did not even think of going out of the window. He curled up in his nest and doubted himself in silence.

Although Bai Jin decided to stay in the nest today to reflect on his three views, he could not refuse to be visited by others. Before long, he heard the cry of an eagle in the sky. A black eagle circled over the yard like he was blocking the sun. Then it gathered its wings and fell, turning into a strong man when he landed.

When he came to visit Double-edged Sword Peak, Hei Yun first met Hu Xiao, who had left closed door meditation. Then he ran to the window where Bai Jin’s nest was. He grinned and looked into the window.

Bai Jin gave him a cold look and turned over to ignore him.

Hei Yun sat by his nest, raised his hand and poked Bai Jin’s small body, “What’s the matter? So mad?”

Bai Jin couldn’t stand the harassment of Hei Yun. He flicked his tail and patted his fingers away, “I don’t want to move now. You go to play with others.”

“I’m here to see you today.” Hei Yun blinked. “Last night when I went back to the nest, I heard that… What’s his name? Xiao Yun? The mortal said that you suddenly ran away yesterday. He looked very unhappy. He was very worried, so he dared to ask me to come and have a look.”

Hearing the name of “Xiao Yun”, Bai Jin’s ears rose reflexively, and then secretly scolded himself for not fighting, pretending to be indifferent and twisted his head.

Seeing Bai Jin’s great response to the name ‘Xiao Yun’, Hei Yun realized, “You suddenly ran away yesterday and are not happy until now. Is he the person who made you angry?”

“It’s him!” Bai Jin wailed.

Hei Yun frowned. He didn’t like the ordinary man named Xiao Yun who appeared out of the blue. Now that he knew Bai Jin was angry with him, he was more and more disgusted. “What kind of anger do you have against an ordinary man? Since you don’t like him, I’ll drive him out of Jade Peak. If I don’t get rid of him, it’s just a matter of using words to drive him out of Qingxia Sect directly.”

Although he was just a pet, he still had the right to deal with a civilian worker.

Listening to Hei Yun, Bai Jin reflexively exploded. He quickly raised his head and stopped him, saying, “No!”

“Why?” Hei Yun raised his eyebrows inexplicably. He was born with thick nerves, and could not fully understand Bai Jin’s delicate thought of “suffering from love”. 

Bai Jin was choked by Hei Yun. He didn’t want to admit that even if he was regarded as a ‘double’, he still liked Xiao Yun. Of course, even if he didn’t want to admit it, Bai Jin didn’t want to never see Xiao Yun again. He wanted to keep Xiao Yun in front of his eyes all the time!

After struggling for a long time, Bai Jin’s eyes suddenly brightened and his big tail slapped, “He, he makes me angry! I’ll go get revenge! I still want him to be my mortal, enslave him every day, trample him!”

Hei Yun, “……”

Bai Jin, “Yeah! That’s it!”

Hei Yun, “… Well, I can’t understand it, but if you’re happy….”

It was not easy to find a way of “revenge” that suited his mind. Bai Jin’s mood was finally clear. He couldn’t wait to urge Hei Yun to bring Xiao Yun to Double-edged Sword Peak.

Hei Yun didn’t care about this. He just wanted to get rid of Xiao Yun, who was an eyesore, early, but he had to remind Bai Jin to get the consent of Hu Xiao first.

Thinking of this, Bai Jin immediately went into action, got out of the house and ran to Hu Xiao .

As for the decision made last night of “I don’t want to see Xiao Yun for two days”, Bai Jin couldn’t remember it at all.

At this time, Hu Xiao was making tea and listening to the dialogue between Bai Jin and Hei Yun with his mind.

Although he didn’t ask about it last night, Hu Xiao was still worried about Bai Jin. He couldn’t help but pay more attention to two points and learned about the “love and hate” between Bai Jin and the mortal named “Xiao Yun”.

Although he still didn’t know why Xiao Yun made Bai Jin cry, he had somehow found the “culprit”. Hu Xiao Zhen, a guy who had never been in touch with love, couldn’t understand Bai Jin’s ‘love-hate’ mixture with Xiao Yun, but he didn’t mean to stop it.

“Do you really want him to be your handyman? It’ll only be for the next few decades?” After making sure Bai Jin didn’t change his mind at all, he nodded.

It was also good to look at that person with his eyelids lowered. If he was not a good one, it was also convenient for Hu Xiao Zhen to deal with him as soon as possible, so as not to cause future troubles and affect Bai Jin’s mind.

Bai Jin naturally didn’t know that Hu Xiao had marked Xiao Yun as ‘needing attention’. He was happy to ask Hei Yun to send Xiao Yun as soon as possible, so that evening, the dusty Xiao Yun appeared in the courtyard where Hu Xiao lived.

Although Jade Peak was adjacent to Double-edged Sword Peak, it was still a distance full of tests for ordinary people. In addition, all the roads up and down the mountain were mountain roads. Even though Xiao Yun’s physique was much better than that of ordinary people, he was also mortal.

Mortals didn’t have the right to visit such powerful people as Hu Xiao, but for various reasons, he was brought to Hu Xiao .

Sitting on the seat, Hu Xiao looked up and down at Xiao Yun with a sharp line of sight that seemed to point at people. It’s just… There was a trace of meditation in Hu Xiao’s eyes. He only felt that the youth in front of him seemed to be quite familiar, as if he had known the other before.

He thought for a moment but did not find a similar figure in his memory. Hu Xiao put the matter aside for the time being and told Xiao Yun to take good care of Bai Jin, and then waved at him to leave.

Xiao Yun bowed back respectfully. When he left the room, he could not wait to walk to the house where Bai Jin was.

Xiao Yun was quite familiar with this place because he had once accompanied his little lover back to his ‘mother’s home’ and spent nearly a month here. He came to the door of Bai Jin’s house and knocked on it, but there was no response from the quiet inside.

Thinking about what he had heard from Hei Yun that “Bai Jin is still angry”, Xiao Yun was confused and distressed. However, based on his understanding of his little lover, he had transferred him to Double-edged Sword Peak so soon after being angry, which meant that the other side was waiting for him to coax him in silence.

Pushing the door, he found that the door was not locked. Xiao Yun understood. He pushed the door open and stepped into the room. The room was dark, but the window was red from the sunset. A small fluffy ball was quietly shrinking in the rays of the sunset, as if it had been sleeping in the past.

Xiao Yun could not help but soften his face and pull up a smile on the corner of his mouth. He walked slowly to the window and sat down. He raised his hand and carried the little thing into his arms. He rubbed his head against the smooth fur, then kissed Bai Jin’s little ears. Xiao Yun chuckled and coaxed, “What’s the matter with you, little thing?”

When Bai Jin heard that, he was… going to explode!

The original soft fur suddenly exploded, Bai Jin looked up and stared at Xiao Yun fiercely. When a person was angry, the most annoying thing was being asked “why are you angry?” innocently without knowing that the person who made him angry was them it was simply an outrageously low EQ!

Xiao Yun was dazzled by Bai Jin. His eyes were more innocent. He didn’t know what he did wrong. Seeing this picture of Xiao Yun, Bai Jin was furious again, and felt as frustrated as if he had punched cotton.

Although he was very reluctant, Bai Jin had to open his mouth to remind him why he was angry, “Squeak!”

Fortunately, after they came to the cultivation world, the contract they had signed finally worked as it should, and they could understand each other’s meaning even if they didn’t know the language. Otherwise, Xiao Yun wouldn’t have found the key points from the series of squeaks.

After three seconds of silence, Xiao Yun finally realized what his partner was angry for.

“You… Should not be another person I like, and want me to admit my mistake. You think I even took you as a double…” Xiao Yun was amazed at the brain hole of his little lover, and could not cry or laugh.

Bai Jin snorted, shook his tail, looked sideways at Xiao Yun and said, “Aren’t I right though?” Four big words.

Xiao Yun raised a hand and rubbed his aching temples, “What are you thinking about? You are Bai Duan, and Bai Duan is you. You are the only one I like!”

Bai Jin, with eyes staring and a face stunned, “…!?”

Watching the two men with his divine sense, Hu Xiao , who was also shocked froze in silence.

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