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Chapter 185: Eleventh World (12)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo

Xiao Yun and Bai Duan had been cultivating for more than five years, which was really called ‘endless fun’.

At first, because of Xiao Yun’s mortal body, the practitioners didn’t pay attention to him at all. They thought it was as easy to crush Xiao Yun to death like an ant. Later, they learned that this mortal was not easy to deal with after they suffered losses. Because they coveted the spirit fruits and wanted to take them as their own, the practitioners began to fight with Xiao Yun and Bai Duan.

The cultivators were not as simple and rough as the beasts in the Qingxia Mountains, and various tricks emerged endlessly, which made them suffer a lot. Fortunately, Xiao Yun was not an easy target. In addition, Bai Duan had many magic weapons in his hands, which were useful.

Fortunately, most of the people who wanted to fight them were those who had yet reached foundation establishment, while the people in the golden age either disdained or hid the identity of their faces, and they would not ‘bully the small with the big’, which led to criticism.

Fighting with each other, Xiao Yun, whose pseudonym was Guan Wu, was still famous in the world of cultivation. Even once, they heard a golden age master reprimand his apprentice, “You can’t even compete with a mortal!”

Xiao Yun gained hatred among many people who practiced Qi and were close to foundation establishment. The pride of being a cultivator made them absolutely unwilling to admit that they would lose to a mortal.

Therefore, in addition to those practitioners who wanted to kill people and rob treasure, there were many low-level practitioners who were not convinced Xiao Yun was a challenge, but they were often defeated by Xiao Yun’s sword. In the process of going back and forth, they got to know some cultivators with good conduct, who could be called friends.

In addition to fighting with practitioners, Xiao Yun was also collecting information about the Xiao family and Xiao Xinglong. But to his surprise, Xiao Xinglong had not been heard of since then, and the news of the Heavenly Spiritual root’s genius Xiao Yun’s death or missing had not come out of the Xiao family. Even though “Xiao Yun” was closed off most of the time, he occasionally showed up on some formal occasions, as if nothing had happened.

Without thinking at all, Xiao Yun determined the real identity of “Xiao Yun”. It was true that Heavenly Spiritual root cultivators were hard to find after thousands of years. If the Xiao family could have one, it was already ‘heaven without eyes’. Even if he died, they would never dare to create another ‘Xiao Xinglong’.

It was impossible for a family to have two children of a Heavenly Spiritual root in succession, even if they were brothers. If the Xiao family dared to do so, it would surely be noticed by the outside world, and even suspected that there was a treasure related to the Heavenly Spiritual root in the clan, which would lead to disaster and the killing of the clan.

Perhaps, the original body being placed under house arrest by the Xiao family was to make Xiao Xinglong completely replace ‘Xiao Yun’. Once it was confirmed that Xiao Xinglong had fully integrated with the Heavenly Spiritual root, it would be time for the death of the original body.

He was calm in nature, and shouldered the family’s ardent expectations. He spent most of his time in the closed room. Except for a few family children and elders, he was not familiar with anyone. In addition, there were many ways to change a person’s appearance and posture. Therefore, it was not impossible for Xiao Xinglong to completely become ‘Xiao Yun’, and definitely not impossible for a cultivating family of thousands of years.

As for whether the real ‘Xiao Yun’ would jump out to refute after escaping, the Xiao family was not too worried. After all, ‘Xiao Yun’ was now a mortal. In this world of cultivation, where strength was paramount, he would be lucky as a mortal to keep his life, and there would be no storm at all.

No one knew where the original “good brother” was. Today, he was wearing the face of his elder brother, who he hated and killed, under his brother’s name ‘Xiao Yun’. As for who Xiao Xinglong was, he was already forgotten in the early days.

For such a result, did Xiao Xinglong ever regret it? In other words, was he happy to accept all this and feel that he has achieved what he wanted?

Of course, no matter how the other party felt, the end of his relationship with the Xiao family was decided as early as when Xiao Yun reached a deal with the original. With a sneer in his heart, Xiao Yun touched the head of his little lover and looked at him doubtfully. The ice in his eyes suddenly disappeared, “It’s almost been long enough practicing outside. Let’s start to return to Qingxia Sect tomorrow.”

Bai Duan’s eyes brightened when he heard Xiao Yun, “Okay! I’ve missed master for a long time!”

Xiao Yun, “….”

Suddenly he didn’t want to go back.

He silently suppressed his jealousy and bitterness. Xiao Yun had been hungry for five years before he was allowed to eat. Now he bit his lover’s ear angrily.

Bai Duan was bitten until he was numb and itchy and he turned to hide with a smile, “What were you thinking? You look very serious.”

“I’m thinking about the Xiao family.” Xiao Yun didn’t want Bai Duan to know he was thinking bad things about Hu Xiao, and he said his previous thoughts frankly.

Bai Duan had now faintly recovered his memory. Naturally, he could distinguish his lover from those who were suffering by instinct, so he didn’t feel too much pain. He just frowned slightly, “So, how are you going to deal with the Xiao family?”

“In the next three months, I will take part in the competition between the aristocratic families and expose the scandal between the Xiao family and Xiao Xinglong in public.” Xiao Yun’s tone was relaxed.

Hearing Xiao Yun’s understatement, Bai Duan pursed his lips uneasily, “Although the Xiao family is only a second-class family, nevertheless, there are so many people, you are beating the stone with an egg.”

“Don’t worry.” Xiao Yun combed his fingers through Bai Duan’s long hair, “I have discussed with Hu Xiao, and will be there.”

“Master will be there, too?” Bai Duan was relieved and said happily, “Since he will be there, you don’t need to worry about anything!”

Xiao Yun, “….”

Wait, honey, did you get something wrong? Although I’m just a human being now, I’m no worse than Hu Xiao even though I tried to save trouble and hold a golden thigh. It’s true!

Full of resentment, Xiao Yun and Bai Duan turned back to Qingxia Sect. When they arrived at the gate, Hu Xiao, who had received early messages from the two, also went out and stood at the gate of the courtyard with his positive and negative hands to meet them.

After several years of epiphanies, Hu Xiao’s cultivation had finally made further progress, and the shackles of transforming the peak of god were slightly loose. He must take time to really break through.

By dint of the nimble ermine instinct, Bai Duan was acutely aware of the slight change in Hu Xiao’s aura. He walked quickly to Hu Xiao and said, “Congratulations, Master!”

“Thank you.” Hu Xiao replied with warm words, raised his hand to touch Bai Duan’s head, and looked at how he had transformed from a teenager to a youth. Then, looking sideways at Xiao Yun, whose face was more and more handsome and mature, he called out his life sword, “I will suppress my cultivation to Foundation Establishment. Let’s compete.”

Xiao Yun was aroused to fight and nodded without saying a word. He was worried about how to prove that he was no worse than Hu Xiao in front of his little lover. Now it was a proper opportunity!

Holding such an idea, Xiao Yun was awe inspiring and drew out the sword that he carried behind him. Hu Xiao’s life sword sensed the intent, and it responded with a buzz.

Bai Duan retreated silently, watching Xiao Yun and Hu Xiao turn to fight together in an instant. Light and agile, with sharp edges.

Bai Duan didn’t know anything about swords or their swordsmanship and moves. He just felt that they were close to each other, and neither of them fell behind.

This battle lasted nearly an hour. At last, Xiao Yun couldn’t compare to Hu Xiao’s energy. Exhausted, he was inadvertently provoked to open the sword by Hu Xiao. He gasped heavily. Xiao Yun, who was defeated, was not very happy. Instead, Hu Xiao Zhen was very satisfied and praised “excellent” for the first time.

“With your current strength, there will be no problems with Xiao Xinglong.” Hu Xiao put his life sword away he hadn’t had such a hearty fight with someone for a long time. Even if he suppressed his cultivation, he still felt very happy.

“That’s natural.” Xiao Yun picked up his eyebrows. He turned to Bai Duan, saw that his eyes were full of unidentified and sharp exclamations, and felt that his injured heart had received some consolation.

Hu Xiao pretended that he could not see the eyes of the couple, and said in a low voice, “In this case, you can rest in the Sect for a while and treat your injuries. I have already sent a message to my friend, and he will put you in his family name. Then you can go with them.” 

“I will go with you!” Bai Duan intervened in a hurry. His expression was eager although he didn’t worry about Xiao Yun having an accident under the protection of Hu Xiao, he still had to see it with his own eyes to be relieved.

Hu Xiao didn’t want Bai Duan to participate. He frowned and looked at Xiao Yun. He nodded slightly. Then he sighed helplessly, “Well, if you want to go with him, let’s go together.” He called out his flying sword and stood upon it, “Anyway, I am here, no matter what the black Qi is, in the end, it will absolutely be unable to escape my palm!” 

As for the Xiao family, they were not even in the eyes of Hu Xiao .

Listening to Hu Xiao, Xiao Yun’s first reaction was not to be relaxed, but to say that he was not good enough.

Sure enough, Bai Duan, who just looked at him ‘affectionately’, immediately glanced and looked at Hu Xiao with both admiration and childlike love.

Just two minutes after being happy, Xiao Yun, who was ‘coldly abandoned’ by his little lover, “….”

This… Maybe it was the price of being lazy and holding a thigh…

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