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Chapter 186: Eleventh World (13)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


The friend that Hu Xiao asked for was named Yang Hui. He was born into the Yang family, a first-class cultivation family, and he had reached Gold Core cultivation. Although he was born to a famous family, Yang Hui had no airs. He had a lively personality and a wide range of friends. Only such a person could become a good friend with the cold and reticent Hu Xiao.

Hearing Hu Xiao’s request, Yang Hui was a little surprised, but in line with the trust of his friends, he didn’t ask for much, so he agreed. Beckoning Xiao Yun to his side, Yang Hui looked him up and down for a moment, and smiled, “Your name is Guan Wu, isn’t it?”

‘Guan Wu’ was indeed Xiao Yun’s ‘pseudonym’ in order to avoid conflicts with the Xiao family in advance. Xiao Yun secretly picked up his eyebrows, but his face was flattered, “I’m a younger generation. Have you heard of me?”

“Mn, heard of you.” Yang Huizhen threw out the folding fan in his hand, twisted it using a method to make the folding fan bigger, and then beckoned Xiao Yun and Bai Duan to come up. “Do you know a boy named Qiu ZhenYuan?”

“Daoist Qiu? Of course I do.” Xiao Yun raised his hand and took Bai Duan, who was exploring, to his side to prevent him from falling off the fan, “Daoist Qiu has a… very high perseverance.” 

Well, when it came to the perseverance of repeated defeat after defeat, Qiu ZhenYuan was really unique, which impressed Xiao Yun.

Hearing Xiao Yun’s words, Yang Hui showed an expression of his teeth hurting and sighed, “My disciple is too stubborn and easily lets things get to his head. If I could, I would rather he not have such high… perseverance.”

Yang Hui was very good at talking. There was no cold ground on the way. An hour later, they came to the Yang’s house and landed by the side of the boat where the Yang’s family was going to take part in the family competition.

The Yang family children were ready to go and were waiting by the boat quietly. Seeing that their ancestor brought a mortal, all the disciples showed some curiosity, no rejection and dissatisfaction, and even smiled kindly to Xiao Yun Bai Duan.

Obviously, the family education of the Yang family was very excellent, and only with this kind of bearing could one really call them the children of an aristocratic family — those like the Xiao family who were constantly pushing and fighting inside the family, and doing everything for their position in the family, would only damage the minds of the younger generation. And also affect the development of the Xiao family.

Yang Hui had long said to the elders of the Yang family that he wanted to pick a man other than the children of the Yang family to participate in the big competition. As for the request of protecting the ancestors of his family, the Yang family naturally has to agree — even if the other side was just a mortal.

Since the ancestor was in charge, until the fall of Yang Hui, the Yang family didn’t have to worry about the status of the family, and didn’t pay much attention to the family’s ratio, which was highly valued by the Xiao family. At best, they just regarded it as experience, and accepted it regardless of win or lose.

“This is the boy I have picked. His name is Guan Wu.” Yang Hui pushed Xiao Yun forward, and then pointed to Bai Duan, who was following Xiao Yun, and laughed, “This is his little partner. He is not going to play, they just go everywhere together.”

The elders of the Yang family took Guan Wu and Bai Duan to the boat, but saw a jade on Bai Duan that he held near Guan Wu light up. In an instant, Guan Wu looked different.

The Yang family elder and Yang Hui both picked up their eyebrows, but they did not ask. Everyone in the room seemed to have seen nothing like that. They continued to salute Yang Hui, and then they boarded the boat. Seeing the boat set off, Yang Hui also completed his task, and stepped on the folding fan with his sleeves waving. A small family with a big ratio, was not qualified to let a person of Core Formation be present.

Although there would be several fights soon, the atmosphere on the boat was very relaxed and harmonious. Some of the children of the Yang family practiced at home, some of them worshiped big and small clans. Now it was hard to get together. Naturally, they needed to share their own experiences with each other.

Although Xiao Yun was a mortal, he was not excluded by the Yang family’s children. Even because he was brought by Yang Hui himself, he was more favored by the Yang family’s children, and they all moved around him to inquire about Yang Hui.

Although Yang Hui was very approachable in front of Xiao Yun, in the eyes of Yang’s children, Yang Hui, who rarely returned to the Yang family, was a legendary figure who was as ethereal as an immortal and couldn’t be expected at all. These little Yang’s children were lucky to see him in person, let alone speak to the other.

In the eyes of all the children of the Yang family, Xiao Yun, a mortal, was really lucky to have such an experience. If they exchanged with Xiao Yun, even if they were mortals in the future… Well, that still needed to be considered.

Xiao Yun was cheerful and good at talking, while Bai Duan was cute and beautiful. When they arrived at the meeting place of the family, they had a very relaxed fight with the children of the Yang family. Even if other family members wondered why a mortal had entered the team of the Yang family, no one doubted that this person was not a child of the Yang family.

Because they were a first-class aristocratic family, there was also an old Nascent Soul ancestor in the family. The Yang family had a superior position among all the aristocratic families, and the treatment during this period was naturally the best.

Bai Duan and Xiao Yun were assigned to a room. After a simple cleaning, the Yang family’s children knocked on the door and asked them to go out together. Naturally, they agreed.

The surrounding environment of the site was excellent and the scenery was beautiful. Row upon row of houses were located in the shade of green trees, just like a fairyland on the terrace.

As they walked, they chatted quietly. Occasionally, they met several children of other families. They greeted and chatted with each other. Those who weren’t familiar with the other, nodded and smiled as they passed each other. Before long, there was a noise in front of them, which broke the peace and harmony around them. A Yang son, who was the leader of the group, frowned a little and said, “That’s the Xiao family.”

In the middle of the conversation, all the people of the Xiao family came here with flowers and willows. The one at the centre was the one who was worshipped by the stars and the moon, which was the goal of Xiao Yun’s trip — Xiao Xinglong.

Although he had heard a lot about Xiao Xinglong before, it was the first time Xiao Yun had seen the “good brother” himself. Xiao Xinglong was in a handsome Chinese dress. Although his face was as handsome as his original body, his arrogance and impetuosity made his temperament quite different.

Obviously, people in the Yang family didn’t like this “Xiao Yun” very much. They frowned at him one after another, and their expressions also showed rejection and contempt.

“That’s Xiao Yun, the genius of the Xiao family.” A young boy of the Yang family whispered to Xiao Yun, “I saw him a few times when I was a child. I thought he was a good man. Although he was a little bit cold, he was calm and hard-working. He devoted himself to cultivation. Now when I see him… he’s different. It’s not necessarily a change though.”

“It’s true that even the Heavenly Spiritual root can’t save him, because he thinks that the spiritual root was outstanding and doesn’t want to be aggressive.” Another son of the Yang family agreed, “When he was a child, he was really the best of his peers. Before, when he was weak, he built a foundation. Now ten years have passed, and his peers already have several real foundations, but he is still in the stage of full refining. Ha ha, it’s a waste of the spiritual root in his body!”

Hearing that, Xiao Yun tried to suppress the rising corners of his mouth and almost burst out with a rude smile. His ‘good brother’ was also depressed. Although he had captured the spiritual root of his original body, Xiao Xinglong’s accomplishments couldn’t be accomplished overnight. In ten years, Xiao Xinglong probably wasted a lot of mental power and used many talents in his family, which made his accomplishments from the first stage of Qi training to the great completion of Qi training. He had to say, this speed really didn’t waste the Heavenly Spiritual root.

Unfortunately, in the eyes of outsiders who didn’t know the inside story, ‘Xiao Yun’ had abandoned his training for ten years. Even with the Heavenly Spiritual root, he had been stuck in the simplest foundation building for more than ten years. He had become a model of ineffectiveness, which made people hate iron for not becoming steel.

Obviously, Xiao Xinglong had been immersed in the sighs and accusations of the people around him for the past decade. He was extremely sensitive to this kind of vision. In an instant, he caught the disdainful eyes of the Yang family’s children. His anger flashed in his eyes, but he tried hard to endure it — his face turned red.

The Yang family’s children were more and more contemptuous of his angry but unspeakable appearance. They didn’t mean to say hello to him at all, so they went the opposite way and didn’t look at Xiao Xinglong.

Xiao Xinglong clenched his teeth hard and stopped to look at the backs of the Yang family. His aura was gloomy and cold. He had no light and straightness that the Heavenly Spiritual root should have.

Recalling the sharp warning of the elders in his family before leaving, he was absolutely forbidden to provoke those first-class families, especially the Yang family whose ancestor was in the town during the period of deification. Xiao Xinglong could not do anything even if he was angry. He could only hold it in. His throat turned over, and there was a smell of rust.

Xiao Xinglong’s face was white. He raised his hand and stroked his chest, and his eyes became more and more gloomy under the pressure of blood.

After all, a stolen thing couldn’t compare with their own. Although he integrated with the Heavenly Spiritual root, and took this opportunity to really embark on the path of cultivation, the original slight rejection became more and more intense with the improvement of cultivation and the higher spiritual power in the body. The spirit power containing the power of lightning, which he cultivated, seemed to repel his body directly, making him feel like there was some lightning in his meridians every time he used his spirit power… The pain was unbearable.

Thinking of the demagogue of the black Qi, Xiao Xinglong’s original weak mind started to shake. He couldn’t help but fear what would happen to him when he takes that step.

Just as Xiao Xinglong was wringing his eyebrows, he suddenly saw that one of the Yang family’s children looked back at him and showed him a… a friendly smile?

Xiao Xinglong was stunned for a moment. It was clear that the smile was very simple and didn’t seem to contain any malice, but he was shocked suddenly. He felt that a chill had crossed his back, and his heart was fluttering. He was in a panic for no reason.

Xiao Xinglong with a blank expression, “????”

Xiao Yun with a friendly smile, “^_^”

If Xiao Yun knew what his good brother was hesitating about now, he would be greatly relieved and sincere: no worries, no hesitation — because soon, you will never have to make any decisions again. ^_^

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