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Chapter 187: Eleventh World (14)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 

After meeting Xiao Xinglong on a narrow road, the next day was calm. Bai Duan and Xiao Yun followed the Yang’s children around the Dabi venue, got familiar with the environment, and then went back to the house for a rest.

Of course, this ‘rest’ was dynamic rather than static. That night, Xiao Yun pounced on his little lover on the bed again, gnawing on him inside and outside, calling it ‘nourishing energy’. So the next morning, Xiao Yun, who had been ‘refreshed’, was in a good mood, while Bai Duan was in a little bit of a daze, yawning.

At this moment, Bai Duan deeply doubted who the mortal was from the both of them. They had wrestled until dawn. Why was the energetic spirit beast in the transformation period depressed, while Xiao Yun, the mortal, was spirited instead?!

It was not scientific at all!

However, no matter how bad Bai Duan’s stomach was, he still had to accept the fact that he has been ‘picking Yin and nourishing Yang’. He was dizzy and followed the Yang family’s children to the match ground of the family competition.

Due to the large number of people participating in the big match, the family match did not adopt the system of counting, catching and eliminating like the general competition, but another more common way of competition — defending.

Each aristocratic family would have two arenas for the challenge. One was for the Qi training cultivators, and they would only accept the competition of disciples in the Qi training period, while the other was for those with an established foundation.

After the start of Dabi, all families would have to stick to their own family’s challenge arena, and challenge the arenas of the other families at the same time. Each participant had a fixed number of times to attack the challenger, and then he would withdraw from the competition. Once he became the leader of a certain challenge arena, the disciple would not be able to attack other challenge arenas unless he was beaten from the position of the leader.

Because each disciple had a limited number of attack and challenge times, when many people were staring at the same challenge arena, most disciples would first choose to compete in private, and decide the last strongest one to attack and challenge.

When all the participants had exhausted the number of times to attack the challenge, or had not exhausted but no longer took the initiative to come to the stage, the family competition would end. In the end, the number of arenas occupied by each family would become the basis for the ranking of the competition.

This kind of competition not only tested the cultivation strength of the family’s children, but also tested the family’s inside information. After all, the champion of the challenge was likely to fall into the situation of being waged by chariots and warriors. How to use a very short time to recuperate and recover from wounds and power between battles, depended on the degree of elixirs the family could offer.

The Yang family was one of the largest families, so in the beginning, the challenge arena guarded by the Yang family’s disciples was relatively safe. Most of the contestants would lead the advanced family to attack the challenge arena of the family whose status was not too high — but there were also exceptions, that is, the challenge arena of Xiao family’s Qi training period guarded by “Xiao Yun”.

The Xiao family had declined in recent years. Although they could hang on the tail of their second-class family title in various ways, in fact, many new and powerful third-class families were not comparable.

In this way, it would soon become an empty “second-class family”. In most cases, it would become the focus of the challenge attack — for example, at the base stage of the Xiao family, there were many disciples who wanted to take on the challenge, and they were competing with each other.

Fortunately — fortunately, there was ‘Xiao Yun’ in the Xiao family.

Although ‘Xiao Yun’ had been criticized for ten years, he was still the genius with a Heavenly Spiritual root after all. He had been famous for a long time. In addition, his accomplishments during the Qi training period were basically incomparable.

Standing on the challenge arena, Xiao Yun’s long gown was flying and full of spirit. He raised his chin high and looked arrogant, which made the audience uncomfortable.

“It’s just to guard a challenge arena during the Qi training period. There’s nothing to be proud of.” A Yang family’s disciple murmured, angry and indignant, “He has the ability to attack the base stage.”

“You said that Xiao Yun has been practicing Qi for such a long time. Is it the requirement of the Xiao family? For today’s Dabi, let him keep the arena during the Qi training period to prevent the Xiao family from reaping nothing from Dabi?” Another Yang disciple guessed.

“No matter what the truth is, I want to challenge him!” The children of the Yang family sharpened their swords and were ready to move. They didn’t have much pressure. They hadn’t been asked by the family to win many challenge arenas, so they paid more attention to challenge the strong and break through themselves.

Turning his head and sweeping his eyes, Xiao Yun narrowed his eyes and smiled, “Let me go first.”

The Yang family people stared at Xiao Yun when they heard this, although they knew that Xiao Yun wanted to join their team, they never expected that this mortal was so arrogant that he would challenge the highest difficulty first?!

“Can’t I?” Bathed in the horrified gazes of the Yang family, Xiao Yun blinked his eyes. He was innocent. “In any case, one is not allowed to hurt people’s lives on the challenge arena. Even if I fail, there’s no loss. Just in time, I can help you explore the way in advance, learn about Xiao Yun’s details, and then you can be prepared for going to the stage.”

All the people of the Yang family tried to dissuade him, but when they saw Xiao Yun’s firmness, they went with him. After all, this was the little ancestor brought by the old ancestor of the Yang family. They didn’t have to refute the other for such a small thing.

Soon, Xiao Yun emerged from the Yang family team and came to the Xiao family’s challenge arena of the Qi training period. Then he made a slight bow and using both legs, he jumped to the challenge arena.

All of a sudden, his movements attracted the attention of the audience. Except for the cultivators who were competing, all of them turned their eyes to the Xiao family’s challenge arena of the Qi training period, either curious, surprised or interested.

‘Xiao Yun’ could be called one of the competitors to be most concerned about in this competition. Everyone wanted to see how his strength had changed over the past ten years. And “Guan Wu” on the Yang family’s team was also quite remarkable, because he was the only mortal participant in this competition — let alone this competition, which has been pushed forward for several times, no mortal had ever stepped on the court.

Now, how could these two people not attract the attention of all? The practitioners rushed to the challenge arena to see the progress and results of the fight, and to understand the means of the ‘Xiao Yun’ they feared.

Of course, for the result, almost everyone was not optimistic about ‘Guan Wu’. The only reason was, obviously, the word ‘mortal’. Although ‘Guan Wu’ could enter the Yang family’s team, which meant that the other side was absolutely excellent, no matter how good he was, the gap between ordinary people and practitioners was still like a natural moat.

Everyone wondered why ‘Guan Wu’ dared to challenge ‘Xiao Yun’. Even the ‘Xiao Yun’ in the challenge arena was stunned for a while. Then his forehead was blue and sinewy, and his teeth were clenched, “What does the Yang family intend? Sending a mortal, do you want to humiliate me?”

“Why?” Xiao Yun smiled and arched his hand to his original ‘good brother’. “I admire your talent and can’t help asking for a fair fight.”

Xiao Yun said it was friendly, but Xiao Xinglong didn’t accept it at all. How could he be happy when he fought with a mortal, even if he won, wouldn’t he fight and make others laugh?!

Xiao Xinglong’s nature was easy to get to the top of his head. He was not afraid to speculate about other people’s intentions with the greatest malice, or he would not do anything because he was jealous of his brother’s talent.

Since ‘Guan Wu’ humiliated him in public, Xiao Xinglong would not be polite. Although it was not allowed to take people’s lives on the challenge arena, there were many ways to make life worse than death.

There was a trace of cruelty in his eyes, and Xiao Xinglong was quite excited to bend his mouth, as if he had imagined the miserable appearance of the ordinary person on the opposite side. On the other side of the gentle smiling eyes, he had a stiff body, and his heart rate was faster.

Before he met him, he didn’t think about it, but now when he looked at this mortal carefully, Xiao Xinglong felt that he was familiar with the other, especially those eyes, which made him tremble.

Xiao Xinglong was in a trance for a moment, but before he could figure out where the sense of familiarity came from, he heard the bell at the ring ring three times, which indicated the beginning of the battle.

Xiao Yun smiled and gave a gift to Xiao Xinglong. Xiao Xinglong quickly returned to his mind and gave a salute. He wanted to give this mortal a profound lesson. There was a flash of lightning in the palm of his right hand. Starting was his best lightning technique.

Xiao Yun, with his feet on the ground, attacked Xiao Xinglong with his sword. Xiao Xinglong sneered thinking he was going ‘beyond his ability’. The yellow and purple lightning formed a lightning net around him, and went to Xiao Yun in an instant.

As a human being, Xiao Yun couldn’t form a spiritual shield around him like a cultivator, and the lightning net was dense and overwhelming, so he couldn’t escape at all. In a flash, Xiao Yun was covered by the lightning net.

People under the stage sighed one after another, and some of them moved their eyes away. They couldn’t bear to see the tragedy of a mortal in the stands. The Yang family’s members even had sweaty palms. They quickly prepared the elixir pills. Once the battle was over, they would immediately treat Xiao Yun’s injuries.

Just when everyone had a cold sweat for Xiao Yun, Xiao Yun was very relaxed and even leisurely scolded, “Stupid”.

The lightning net seemed to be powerful, but in fact, it was more like a shelf. After all, Xiao Xinglong was only in the period of Qi training, and he could use only a few of the lightning system powers. If he concentrated them in one place, he could still have some killing power, but if he spread them out, it would be tantamount to scratching Xiao Yun, whose physical quality was comparable to that of those who built their foundation.

Xiao Yun could have won. He was more relieved to see his opponent being so stupid.

With his long sword flicking, the fierce sword spirit split a gap into the lightning net. Xiao Yun, standing against the lightning in the sky, had no pause in speed. He rushed out of the lightning net and appeared in front of Xiao Xinglong again.

With the flash of lightning, Xiao Yun who was dressed in black and hard clothes, eyes sharp and cold, but a smile on his mouth — the flickers of lightning on his body had not yet disappeared, and the whole person seemed to be the death god coming from the lightning, cruel and compassionate.

Because of being obscured by the lightning, people couldn’t see what happened in the lightning net. When they saw Xiao Yun suddenly appear, they took a breath, one after another. Even Xiao Xinglong in the challenge arena was no exception — and because he was facing Xiao Yun directly, he suffered a greater impact.

In the past ten years, Xiao Xinglong had devoted himself to the closed door cultivation. Because of the Heavenly Spiritual root, he had not met any bottleneck, so he had successfully cultivated Qi all the way down the river. Although his accomplishments were still good, he had few real combat experiences.

Because of the surprise, Xiao Xinglong’s reaction was slow, and Xiao Yun would never give him any reaction time. His sword Qi came to Xiao Xinglong’s face.

Xiao Xinglong hurriedly pinched the attack method and quickly hid away. But because he was half a beat too slow, although he dodged the sword, Xiao Xinglong was still cut by Xiao Yun’s sword, including his clothes, sleeves and a large part of his hair.

All of a sudden, the “noble child” who just appeared as a dog had become awkward.

There was an uproar in the field. The spectators thought they could see the tragedy of a cultivator crushing a mortal, but they were the first to see… It was true that they stood tall, but the result was quite different from their imagination.

For a while, the faces of all the practitioners showed subtle and inexplicable expressions. On the one hand, they felt very relieved — after all, they were extremely upset to see the lofty appearance of Xiao Yun; on the other hand, they were ashamed — they really lost their faces as practitioners!

Everyone on the stage had a complex taste, and Xiao Xinglong on the stage was just as shocked. He raised his hand, touched his shaved hair, and his whole face flushed with rage — he knew that even if he won the battle, he would have no face.

“You are… looking for death!” Xiao Xinglong’s eyes were red, and his hands were covered in a ray of lightning, heading for Xiao Yun.

In a rage, this ray of lightning was not as weak as the previous lightning net. Instead, it had a certain sense of power. But Xiao Yun was not afraid at all. He held up his sword, and the smile on the corner of his mouth became more and more obvious under the light, which deeply hurt Xiao Xinglong’s eyes.

Yes, just be angry, and then be overwhelmed by anger, take out your last, most shameful card!

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