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Chapter 202: Final World (5)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Bai Duan was very worried about his attitude towards his amnesiac lover, and finally decided to let it go. Although Guan Wu lost all his memories, Bai Duan was still angry, so he couldn’t reconcile with him in such a light way. Well, the most important thing now was to finish the task and prove himself. As for his lover who was in the dog house, as long as he didn’t make trouble, he would let him off…

Of course, although Guan Wu lost his memory and became an ordinary human, Bai Duan still dare not look down on him. He believed that even if there was no memory of being a “maintainer”, Guan Wu was still a big boss who could easily work in countless worlds. His ability, means and scheming nature were engraved in his bones. As long as he thought about it, there was nothing he couldn’t do.

Sure enough, Bai Duan didn’t underestimate his lover. In just one night, all kinds of original materials, even Bai Duan’s love and hatred with Reed, were sent to Guan Wu, who was reincarnated as Daniel.

Daniel was born into a noble family. His father was very romantic and his lovers had a lot of illegitimate children with him. He even had several wives, but each marriage was very short.

Of all the brothers, Daniel was not the eldest, nor was his birth mother the noblest. No matter from which point of view, the title would not fall to him. Knowing this, Daniel, as a child, was like a transparent person in his family, very inconspicuous, one no one knew. At a young age, he learned to hide his light and make a fortune without a teacher.

While his brothers were still busy competing for favor and obedience in front of their father, Daniel began to accumulate his own strength, and then burst out when everyone was unprepared, not only holding down his brothers, but even his “father”.

Daniel’s reputation was not good because of his cold-blooded relatives, and he was often called the “cold-blooded devil”. However, the empress obviously appreciated his scheming and skill, trusted him, and entrusted him with important tasks many times.

In this world of Blood Kin and vampire hunters, the status of human power was actually very awkward. Although human beings had armies and guns, it was still difficult to resist the powerful Blood Kin — and the Blood Kin had a much longer lifespan than human beings. If they wanted, they could even produce more powerful weapons.

The only thing that couldn’t restrict the Blood Kin were the vampire hunters who also derived special abilities. The number of vampire hunters was not large, but they played an important role in human society. Even if they relied on their own ability to become more and more arrogant and domineering, the empress had to be more tolerant and gentle to them.

——The appearance of Daniel solved this problem for the empress.

Daniel was tough and treacherous. He could play with his enemies and make them feel grateful to him.

In several of Daniel’s moves, the vampire hunters learned that they were not above the human regime — they were able to control the Blood Kin, but they were tied in the face of the human army. Human, Blood Kin, and vampire hunters had never been a simple food chain, but a circle of mutual restraint. Only with the mutual support of the human regime could they be invincible.

After realizing this, the vampire hunters finally restrained their arrogance and learned to compromise with the human regime and the empress. The submissive vampire hunters also became the most glorious military medal of the young and promising Daniel.

With Daniel’s help, the empress finally found the reins to control the vampire hunters. Naturally, she was responsive to Daniel as if she were a parent or a child — as if she really wanted Daniel to be her own son. In this way, she would never have to worry about her own heirs when she was in her old age.

With the support of the empress, Daniel, a young man, further expanded his influence, even extended his hand into the interior of the vampire hunters, and made several mutually beneficial “businesses” with the Blood Kin.

Although he didn’t know what was going on, Daniel had a voice in his mind since he was a child, reminding him to keep on knitting his own “fishing net”. Only when the net was big and strong enough could he catch the big fish he wanted.

Since he was a child, Daniel had been waiting patiently for his “Mermaid”, and it turned out that his plan was not wrong.

Browsing the materials sent by his subordinates, Daniel frowned, and finally couldn’t help but pat the paper in his hand on the table, only to feel that his head had turned into a green prairie.

Daniel had expected that. After all, when he saw “Adrian,” the Blood Kin, he was holding a girl’s waist, kissed her neck, and sucked her sweet blood.

As soon as he thought about the scene, Daniel was a little emotional. Fortunately, his restraint was always good, so he didn’t rush to interrupt Adrian’s eating, nor hurt the girl who made him envious.

In the dark, a voice stopped him and told Daniel that if he did, his ‘Mermaid’ would be very angry — Daniel always trusted the voice, so he suppressed his impulse and pretended that he didn’t mind.

… Well, although he pretended, he was not so sincere.

Daniel had dealt with a lot of Blood Kin. Naturally, he knew how indulgent the Blood Kin were, and Adrian was one who could live to be thousands of years old.

Although he was more than one hundred years old, Adrian’s love history was very simple. For Reed, the only one he was interested in, he was only passionate and polite, without any intimate action beyond “friendship” — on the one hand, this was because of Reed’s resistance, and on the other hand, he was worried about his sister who also liked Reed.

However, even such a clean experience was enough for Daniel to drink a water bottle of vinegar. At the thought that the person he liked once cast his eyes on others, Daniel had some uncontrollable crazy emotions.

Fortunately, Reed was not a good man. Adrian should recover his precious and beautiful love after seeing his true face right?

When he knocked on the table, Daniel narrowed his eyes and hooked his lips. He felt that only by killing Reed in front of Adrian could his anger subside a little. And Adrian, probably wouldn’t mind doing it himself?

Happily deciding Reed’s fate without permission, Daniel turned his eyes to the data, and his face darkened for a second.

Unfortunately, in addition to Reed, he had countless ‘love rivals’.

Although Adrian had always been ridiculed by other Blood Kin for being “as rigid and uninteresting as a friar”, there were countless Blood Kin women who were eager to have sex with him, or even marry and have children. Adrian was handsome, powerful, noble and pure. How could he not be popular?

As for those ridiculous people, they were rejected by the other side, so they were sour.

Not only were the women of Blood Kin, but also the blood slaves who were kept in the castle to provide fresh blood for Adrian. They had delusions because of the gentle and gentlemanly actions of their master.

Just a simple scan revealed countless bastards who wanted to fight for his sweetheart. Daniel was so angry that he became a puffer fish. He secretly decided to take Adrian down first, and then slowly, and one by one, clean up these “self-defeating” rivals.

A human being could confidently deliver such “heroic words”, which was the true portrayal of “beyond his capacity.”

So the priority right now was to find Adrian — yes, Bai Duan had been hiding for a while for fear of Daniel. Even though Daniel tried all kinds of ways, Bai Duan had turned his tail and turned into black fog before he left. He could not find him.

However, Daniel would not give up easily. Since Bai Duan couldn’t be found, he turned to the troublesome vampire hunter, the enemy of his beloved, who was also his enemy.

Daniel knew the weakness of the group of vampire hunters very well because he fought with them under the flag of wisdom and bravery under the order of the queen these years. Although he didn’t know why these hunters suddenly went mad and provoked an aristocratic Blood Kin like Adrian — after all, this should be the core secret of the Vampire Hunters — it was easy to use some means to make them stand by themselves.

Under Daniel’s operation, the vampire hunters encountered all kinds of troubles, big and small. Although he didn’t hurt them, they were forced to devote their energy and hands to solve the issues as soon as possible.

Therefore, Bai Duan, who was hiding from the vampire hunters and his lover, suddenly found that the vampire hunters seemed to be less interested in their own search. Not only were the number of hunters involved in the search greatly reduced, but there were several obvious flaws in the original airtight encirclement.

In the beginning, Bai Duan worried that these flaws were another trap for the vampire hunters, luring him to turn his back on his own. However, after a few tentative attempts, Bai Duan found the holes — they were real.

Bai Duan didn’t know what was going on inside the minds of the vampire hunters, but it didn’t prevent him from taking advantage of this ‘blessed opportunity’. Of course, before fleeing the control of the vampire hunters and returning to the Blood Kin, he needed to further accumulate strength to deal with any possible accidents.

As for the way to accumulate strength… he could only hunt. This time, Bai Duan stared at a little brother who worked in a bakery and had the sweet smell of bread all over his body. After observing the bakery youth’s route home, Bai Duan waited for him on his way, and then showed him a friendly smile when the other side saw him.

Although he was of the same sex, the little brother still couldn’t escape Bai Duan’s charm. Subconsciously, he walked towards Bai Duan and showed his infatuation like a falling dream.

However, just as Bai Duan was about to take this little brother to a quiet place to enjoy himself, a familiar voice of evil stopped him, “Excuse me… Where are you going?”

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