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Chapter 203: Final World (6)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Bai Duan had a feeling of helplessness that he could not escape. He stopped and turned to look at the young man dressed as an aristocrat behind him, expressionless… 

“Good evening.” Daniel crooked his eyes and said elegantly, “It’s a coincidence that we meet again.”

Bai Duan didn’t adapt to his lover’s pretentious aristocratic gesture. He calmed down for a moment, and then nodded slightly, “Good evening, you’re moving very fast tonight.”

In the past, Daniel would come in a hurry after Bai Duan was “full of food and drink”. Unexpectedly, this time, he was making good use of the current situation.

Daniel choked on Bai Duan’s outspoken sarcasm, but quickly adjusted his mood and smiled modestly, “This is probably practice makes perfect.”

Bai Duan, “……” Well, when it comes to bickering and cheekiness, he’ll never be better than his sweetheart. He’ll bow to the wind.

Seeing that his sweetheart seemed to be a little childish, as if he was saying “don’t know what you think”, Daniel completely ignored the tall and handsome appearance and strength of the other side, and his brain was full of ‘loveliness and daydreaming’.

Of course, he knew that he could never let Bai Duan know about his miscellaneous perverted waste. Although his brain was already rippling up, he was serious and sincere on the surface, “I don’t like you sucking other people’s blood.” He took a step forward and made no secret of his warm feelings. “I’m going crazy with envy at the thought of other people’s liquid entering your body!”

Bai Duan, “……” Wait, I understand what you mean, but why does it sound so… dirty? Is it your statement or my understanding?!

Shocked by Daniel’s words, Bai Duan lost his mind for a while, and then he was seized by the other side — which was because he wasn’t alert against his lover.

Realizing that he was fooled by Daniel again, Bai Duan frowned and whispered, “Let go!”

“No!” Daniel’s face was dead serious. He was close to Bai Duan again. He even broke the polite distance between strangers. “You need blood. I understand. Can’t you drink mine? Since I met you, I’ve been trying to eat nutritious and blood improving food every meal. I believe my blood is definitely much more delicious than those common people who often can’t eat enough!” With that, Daniel pulled out the dagger at his waist, and then without hesitation slashed his thumb on the edge of the dagger, making a deep wound.

Suddenly, there was a strong smell of blood in the air — and this smell in Bai Duan’s nose was like jade dew.

Daniel was right. His blood was really more delicious than others. Although Bai Duan had never wronged himself these days and had been trying to pick out the most delicious meal, the blood of those people was less than one in ten thousand of Daniel’s.

The brain stimulated by the delicious blood sent out a sharp cry. The fangs in Bai Duan’s mouth itched, saliva was also rapidly secreted, and immediately entered the state of eating.

However, Bai Duan was also principled and didn’t succumb to his instinct to eat because he knew that as long as he couldn’t control himself and drank Daniel’s blood, he would never be able to refuse him in an upright and righteous way.

Bai Duan really knew his lover very well. As long as he gave him a color, he could step on one’s nose and face, and directly open a luxury dye shop!

What’s more, since Bai Duan didn’t taste the top delicious blood, it was better to say that once he did taste it, it would be hard to quit. Especially for such a creature as a vampire, the delicacy of blood was no different from poison, and it would become an addiction.

Quietly licking his eye teeth, Bai Duan, who had strong acting skills, not only didn’t show his salivation, but even frowned, bringing out three points of dislike. “Keep your blood away from me! This disgusting smell doesn’t give me any appetite at all!”

Stunned by Bai Duan’s accusation, Daniel subconsciously hid his wound behind him, and his face was inconceivable, “Why? Does my blood smell that bad?”

“Very unpleasant.” Bai Duan sniffed nostalgically and looked disgusted.

“How could…” Daniel was very disappointed. His golden hair seemed to dim. “I’ve been eating those nutritious things…”

“Nutrition doesn’t mean good food.” Bai Duan snorted, “Like your human medicine, it can cure diseases, but who will find it delicious?”

Daniel’s eyes brightened and he accepted the explanation, “You are right! From now on, I will eat some delicious food. What flavor do you like? Strawberry? Honeydew melon? Candy?”

By instinct, Daniel quickly said several kinds of food favors to Bai Duan, attracting the hungry Bai Duan… It was more unbearable.

With a cold look at Daniel, Bai Duan stopped his delusion, “Stop dreaming. I believe that no delicious food can improve your blood!” 

Because it was already delicious.

… However, no matter how delicious it was, he couldn’t have it. Bai Duan felt bitter and sad. He didn’t want to pay attention to his lover. He grabbed his bakery boy and wanted to leave, but he forgot that Daniel was still holding his wrist in his hand.

Holding Bai Duan, Daniel said eagerly, “Where are you going?”

“To have a meal, of course.” Bai Duan was in shambles, secretly biting his lover who was clearly a human, but why was his strength so unscientific. Because of the surging appetite in his brain, Bai Duan almost collapsed his high and cold human settings, and his tone inevitably brought some intimate complaints, “Do you want to starve me?”

When Bai Duan complained to Daniel, the other side felt his heart go soft, “Of course not, how can I let you starve?!”

Bai Duan, “……” Excuse me, I feel a little broken. Can you pick me up and try again?

After a few seconds of silent self-condemnation, Bai Duan took his wrist out of the flattered Daniel’s hand and changed his face in a second, “Then don’t stop me, it’s really troublesome.”

With that, he turned to go again. Because he didn’t want to give up his meal, Bai Duan couldn’t turn into a black fog and leave, so he had to rely on walking — and was stopped by Daniel for the third time.

“I didn’t mean to stop you from eating!” With the dissatisfied eyes of his sweetheart, Daniel quickly argued, “Since you don’t like my blood, no matter what kind of blood you like, I can find it for you!” Looking at Bai Duan intensely, Daniel showed the fear and expectation of a pursuer, which made Bai Duan totally unable to judge the truth, “But… Can’t you change your eating process? If you bite directly with your teeth, it will not conform to your noble status, and it will not be very clean — you should know that these civilians are not very hygienic, and they cannot bathe and clean themselves every day like nobles.”

With Daniel’s words, Bai Duan’s eyes gradually widened, and then his throat was itchy, which made him feel a little nauseous. Bai Duan has an impulse to clean his mouth carefully when he thought that the person he bit hadn’t bathed for several days. He also remembered that he didn’t use such a rude way when drinking blood.

As an aristocratic Blood Kin, the original’s life was more luxurious than that of a human aristocrat. Even though the human blood slaves raised in the castle needed to wash their bodies every day, the original never let his lips and fangs come in direct contact with these slaves who were extremely low in the eyes of Blood Kin. Instead, he put their blood into delicate and luxurious wine cups, and sipped it with melodious music and a beautiful scenery.

Bai Duan was ashamed of his delicacy.

As a spirit beast, Bai Duan couldn’t understand the way these nobles pretended to be forced. In his opinion, only a quick meal of delicious food would be enjoyable, and a bite of it would be a kind of torture. But even if he didn’t pay attention to his nature and loved to be clean, Bai Duan couldn’t bear to continue to bite and nibble on other people’s skin that hadn’t been cleaned for several days. When he looked at the bakery boy beside him, there was a light tangle and grievance in his eyes — and this light emotion, in Daniel’s eyes, immediately made his brain “miss the sun” again.

As a qualified pursuer, how could Daniel let his sweetheart be so embarrassed? At once, he offered a solution that had been prepared for the other side.

“Don’t worry, I’ve got the cutlery ready for you.” He took out a simple but very beautiful emerald green cup. Daniel held it in front of Bai Duan like a treasure. “This is the precious luminous cup I found from the goods of the East. It’s said that there’s a poem in the East called [Wine Luminous Cup]” — a poem that Daniel couldn’t remember where he heard, but that was not the point, “A luminous cup is the best match for wine, and since human blood and wine are both usually bright red, presumably it can also make blood more enjoyable.”

Bai Duan looked at the luminous cup in front of him, and his mouth was slightly drawn. He wanted to refuse, but glanced at the bakery boy, but he still raised his hand to take it, “Thank you.”

Daniel’s eyes brightened and he smiled, “It’s my pleasure to serve you.” He also turned to face the bakery boy and handed the dagger over in his hand.

The bakery boy got rid of Bai Duan’s bewitchment and woke up when the other side was talking with Daniel, but even when he was sober, he didn’t dare to run away. He could only reduce his sense of existence as much as possible, and tried to pray to God, hoping that the two big guys in front of him would forget him.

Unfortunately, his God didn’t seem to care for him. One was the “real devil” vampire, and the other was the human aristocrat known as the “cold-blooded devil”, and he was oppressed by two evil mountains. The poor bakery boy had red eyes as he took the dagger with trembling hands, and then cut his own wrist.

Blood trickled from the bakery’s wrists to the glow of the night glass, and soon pooled. The bright red blood rippled in the green cup. The color was really beautiful, which could bring people’s admiration. But it was a pity that the smell of Daniel’s blood, which had a very powerful scent, still lingered in Bai Duan’s nose. It was not enough to change into the blood of the little brother in the bakery.

Once again, after three seconds of silence, Bai Duan stopped taking blood and waved the bakery boy away.

Although the blood loss and scare made the bakery boy pale, this cup of blood would not affect his health. The little bakery boy didn’t expect that he could escape so easily. He called out “Thank God” in his heart and ran away with his wrist injury, like a poor rabbit that escaped from the wolf’s claw.

Ignoring the frightened bakery boy, Bai Duan drank all the blood in the luminous cup, and then licked a trace of blood from the corner of his mouth.

Daniel stared at Bai Duan’s bold action, and looked until only the delicate Adam’s apple and the soft tongue were left in his vision.

“Gulp” was the only sound as he swallowed his saliva. Daniel felt hot and dry all over. The most intuitive was his little brother who was ready to move. However, the tights that aristocrats usually wore exposed everything.

God knows that when this luminous cup was still in his hands, what Daniel did every day was kiss along the edge of the cup, and imagined the scene where his sweetheart’s red lips were printed where his own lips had been. When imagination became reality, Daniel couldn’t control his surging emotions at all, as if he had really kissed his lover’s lips.

He wanted a round of “pa pa pa pa”.

During Daniel’s imagination of sexual intercourse, Bai Duan, who had drunk the blood, looked at him subconsciously, right at the bulge on Daniel’s lower abdomen, and suddenly his face turned black.

Knowing what was in his lover’s mind, Bai Duan didn’t even bother to say a word to him. He turned around and left in black fog — and took Daniel’s luminous cup away.

Daniel looked down at his ‘pig teammate’ and wanted to teach him a lesson, but he was worried that it would affect his and his sweetheart’s future happiness… At last, he had to choose forgiveness. Obviously vampires were very open and frank about sex, but why was his sweetheart so shy and simple? It was really… It was so cute… >////<

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