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Chapter 201: Final World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Bai Duan, who escaped in the black fog, didn’t know how many were frightened by his lover’s change. He ran far away in one breath, until he consumed almost all the strength he had just recovered, which made him stop.

Squatting in the corner, Bai Duan and his system looked at each other.

White Light shook its body and hesitated, “You know that person from just now? Why do you look so frightened? “

“… Well, of course I do.” Bai Duan nodded with a complex expression, “My partner, that’s him.”

White Light,“……”

In the silence, White Light couldn’t help but love its master very much. It seemed that the host’s lover’s personality had changed a little. He was very persistent towards the host, and came to the host’s task world. In case the host wanted to break up with him, the other party’s behavior would be more extreme. It didn’t know what kind of trouble would happen…

For a while, White Light thought of a series of tragedies that he inquired about because of the break-up, and couldn’t help shivering — maybe the host didn’t want to mention the break-up all the time, because of this reason?

Of course, though he doubted, White Light had learned. The first two times, it said breakup, it was threatened to be silent, and now it never mentioned the word. “Just now your partner seemed not to know Master. Was this acting, or has he really lost his memory?”

“This… I’m not sure.” Bai Duan frowned, “But I prefer the latter. After all, when he has memories, it’s not so… his attitude is not right. He knew that I was still angry, but he used such a tough and direct attitude to me, shouldn’t he rush up to flatter me?”

White Light reeled at Bai Duan’s description — it couldn’t imagine the guy who seemed to turn into a boss flirting. However, White Light was wise not to raise any objection, because its owner seemed to be really worried.

Yes, Bai Duan was really worried. Although he was angry with Guan Wu, he didn’t want the other party to be in danger. Nowadays, Guan Wu’s attitude was so strange that he had to think nonsense and blame himself.

Bai Duan looked at White Light and his eyes brightened, “By the way, can you communicate with other systems?”

“Yes.” White Light shakes his body, “As long as I know the ID number of the other party, I can send a communication request to the other party. As for the other party’s response, I can’t be sure.”

“Then ask Guan Wu’s system!” Bai Duan said, “I remember Guan Wu told me the ID of his system. It seems to be…” He tried to recall, “037!”

“037?!” When White Light heard the ID number, it was awed, “That’s an experienced senior…”

With such emotion, White Light carefully and respectfully transmitted the communication signal, while the other seemed to wait anxiously for the signal and could not wait for the second to receive it.

Bai Duan squatted to one side and watched the light on his own system flicker, and his emotions fluctuated up and down inexplicably.

Soon, the two systems ended communication. Bai Duan quickly asked after White Light hesitated for a moment. It chose to take the lead in comforting its owner, “Please don’t worry, your partner is not in any danger.”

Bai Duan breathed a sigh of relief, raised his hand and rubbed his eyebrows, “So, what is he doing?”

White Light sorted out the ideas, which extracted useful information from a lot of complaints and dissatisfaction from 037, and then explained the meaning to the host in a clear and orderly way.

——All of this started from Guan Wu’s tossing and turning for one night. Just after daybreak the next day, he couldn’t wait to go to the service desk, find out the address of Bai Duan’s room, and then stay at the door. Because he didn’t dare to force Bai Duan, Guan Wu didn’t disturb him even though he had waited outside Bai Duan’s door.

However, with the passage of time, there was no movement in the room. Guan Wu waited and waited, and a bad premonition came into being. He tried to ring the doorbell, but still did not get a response. After trying all kinds of ways, Guan Wu had to go back to the service hall. He swore that he would never hurt the owner of the room, and persuaded the gel girl. This was the right to temporarily open the door with the identity of being Bai Duan’s partner.

When Guan Wu nervously opened the door, he found that it was empty — his little lover didn’t rest in the room at all.

Bai Duan could not be found, Guan Wu was naturally anxious. He knew that his lover could not disappear for no reason. If he looked carefully, he would surely find Bai Duan — and in fact, he did.

Guan Wu inquired about Bai Duan’s news everywhere. He put the virtual image of Bai Duan out, inquired every passing space resident, and soon found the insider.

Gerard told Guan Wu that he had received Bai Duan and helped him to select a task, and sent him to the nutrition cabin.

Hearing Gerard’s words, Guan Wu was so angry that one Buddha was born and two Buddhas were promoted to heaven. He beat the other with gnashing teeth who cried for his father and mother, which relieved his resentment a little.

It was easy to know which world Bai Duan had gone to. Guan Wu immediately decided to go to the same world — but it didn’t work.

Maybe God was helping the other to stay away from Guan Wu. The world Bai Duan went to didn’t have a second caller who met the requirements of grey space during the mission period. This… it was a little awkward.

Guan Wu looked unbelievable, but he had to accept the fact that he was forced to suffer — and then he turned around and beat Gerard again.

After watching the scene of violence, he felt sorry for his disciple and Jian Guang said, “I’m sorry.”

——Child, you can go safely, your teacher will help you… That’s how he was beaten…

Of course, no matter how many times he beat Gerard, Guan Wu had to compromise with reality and actively seek ways to break the situation. After all, he was not at all sure that his little lover could enter the world as a “protector” alone.

There was no suitable task object, which meant Guan Wu couldn’t cross the barrier between the world in the usual way of “performing tasks”, so then there were only two options. The first way was to enter the world in real life — just like Guan Wu once took Bai Duan to his birth place for their honeymoon; the second way was to temporarily seal memory and reincarnate — just like the eleven worlds Bai Duan experienced before.

If he could, Guan Wu naturally wanted to choose the first way. After all, having his memory was better than having no memory, and it was also better to grasp the situation. Unfortunately, such a way required a lot of energy points.

First, it took a lot of energy to break the barrier between the world. Second, Guan Wu was not sure how long his little lover would stay in the task world. If it was only a few months or even a year or two, but this mission world was a vampire. It was a species that could live easily for hundreds of years! Such a long time would empty Guan Wu’s savings.

Of course, Guan Wu didn’t care about his “savings”, but on the premise of coaxing Bai Duan back, he had to plan for the future of the two.

Long before meeting Bai Duan, Guan Wu had the idea of retiring from the position of ‘maintainer’ and switching to other more relaxed and comfortable job. After all, the pressure of the ‘maintainer’ was too great. The grey space also encouraged the ‘maintainer’ to work and rest, take a long vacation or change jobs from time to time to maintain their physical and mental health, and then serve the grey space for a longer time.

After falling in love with Bai Duan, Guan Wu’s decision to “change his career” became more and more firm. He knew that Bai Duan liked a comfortable and leisurely life, and did not intend to take his little lover to all the dangerous worlds and work hard for all the task holders. At the same time, he did not want to leave his lover in the grey space, enter the world alone to finish his work and get together with his lover.

Just as the so-called “gain and loss”, Guan Wu wanted to take on a more relaxed job, which meant that the energy points he earned would be greatly reduced. Although a large amount of property accumulated when he was formerly a ‘maintainer’ was enough to manage his clothing and food with Bai Duan for a long time in the future, Guan Wu also had to get rid of his extravagant habits — after all, he had to be careful about his family.

In order to avoid coaxing his lover back and letting him accompany him to eat, Guan Wu had to tightly cover his “wallet” and choose the last remaining path — sealing his memory, and reincarnation.

Of course, Guan Wu believed that even if he lost his memory, he would definitely be able to notice Bai Duan at a glance and fall in love with him at first sight, just as Bai Duan, who lost his memory, would have a deep affection for him at the first meeting.

With his own character, as long as he liked it, he would inevitably use all kinds of means to get involved in the fight and never give up until he reached his goal — well, even if he had his memory, he always did this when facing Bai Duan.

As the saying goes, “The martyr is afraid of pestering the Lang”, Guan Wu believed that one day, his little lover would be ‘moved’ by him.

——With such a good wish, Guan Wu set the time, place and origin of his birth and sealed his memory. Then, with the traction of their “contract” in his mind, he went out for a ‘walk’ in the evening one night. He happened to meet Bai Duan, who had just entered the world.

“Well, basically, that’s what happened.” After retelling system 037’s story, White Light hesitated for a moment and added, “The elder said that after losing his memory, his master will probably completely release himself, exposing some characters that were restrained by reason before. In short, it is more jealousy. I hope you don’t have the same understanding with him. If you can bear it, please bear it. If you can’t bear it… Um… Just remember to bring him back when you leave the world.”

Bai Duan licked the corner of his mouth. Although White Light’s words were euphemistic enough, he still heard the deep dislike of system 037 for its owner.

It’s grievance was having such an untidy master…

It was true that there was such a lover who was out of tune… enough to aggrieve himself… 

Bai Duan sighed deeply, shook his head helplessly and loved his lover for a second.

White Light saw his master’s lips which were slightly raised and seemed to contain a pool of honey.

White Light, “………”

——It was a little disrespectful of this total duplicity from master, how would it fix this? Am I not a good system?! QAQ

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