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Chapter 204: Final World (7)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Bai Duan always adhered to the principle of ‘eat less and eat more’ because he didn’t want to kill people. At first, he was worried about being found by the vampire hunters, so he tried to reduce the number of hunts. Now, the vampire hunters had made a mess and relaxed their hunt. Bai Duan had also boldly acted in order to quickly recover his strength, and the hunting frequency had suddenly increased.

As Bai Duan hunted again and again, Daniel also quickly caught the method of his sweetheart’s selection of prey and hunting – Bai Duan’s selection of prey was very simple and rough. As long as they were a virgin, lived cleanly, and were a beautiful looking human, he had no choice but to come forward.

Daniel was dissatisfied and confused about this. Although he was a great aristocrat, he couldn’t match the men and women around him. He was very clean; he had a clean body and mind; he looked like the best in the world; he was better than the civilians selected by his sweetheart; he was totally in line with Bai Duan’s hunting requirements.

However, his sweetheart despised his blood, but ‘favored’ those who were not as good as him in all aspects. Daniel could wake up from the dream! After thinking about it, he finally came up with the only possibility, which was that although he was more beautiful and clean than his beloved prey, his mind was more complicated, insidious, and treacherous. His “heart” was too impure, so it affected the taste of blood?

Lord Daniel knew very accurately about his personality.

In a word, although he was depressed that he could not satisfy his sweetheart in person, Daniel did not give up his determination to ‘feed’ his lover.

When Bai Duan appeared in front of the prey, Daniel would follow him. Sometimes before Bai Duan met the prey, the other party was brought to him with a smile. Later, Daniel even chose his sweetheart’s prey directly, took out their blood in advance, and held it in front of his sweetheart. As for those ‘blood donors,’ Daniel sent them away early with a sum of money, forbidding them to see his sweetheart anymore.

After all, Daniel didn’t like Bai Duan’s way of hunting at all. He didn’t want his sweetheart to show off his charm to others. For Daniel’s crazy and tough way, Bai Duan was very upset. However cold he was, no matter how he was driven away by words, the other side didn’t care. He just laughed and said, “play coquettish and cheat”, and then he never repented.

Since he was still under the control of the vampire hunters, Bai Duan did not dare to fight too much. He was afraid to attract those hunters. In addition, he was not a waste of ‘food,’ so he could only tolerate it in a helpless way – anyway… Anyway, even if he was alone, he could also hunt enough food, and now he was saved from the complex and boring ‘repetitive labor,’ shouldn’t he rely on the other?

Bai Duan comforted himself so much, and then happily and bitterly accepted Daniel’s feeding – of course, even if the food was fresh, his verbal sarcasm was indispensable.

At the end of another meal, Bai Duan looked at Daniel’s white silk handkerchief with cold eyes, and lifted his hand to wipe his lips. Drying the blood on his lips, Bai Duan let go, dropped his handkerchief on the ground, and said with indifference, “How did you do it? Why do you always know my hunting target and place?”

“This is fate’s pull.” Daniel glanced at his handkerchief and smiled back to Bai Duan. “I seem to have a strange and mysterious reaction to you. It seems that God, no, should say Satan is guiding me and telling me that I will see your beautiful and noble figure when I follow.”

Bai Duan: “…” Well, I see. It must be the influence of that damned ‘contract.’ But don’t be so disgusting, will you?

“Do you know how annoying you are?” Bai Duan felt that he could hardly resist his lover’s urgent attention and courteous courtesies. “Every time I see you, I feel very upset.”

Hearing Bai Duan’s rude words, Daniel was stunned for a moment and opened his dark blue eyes in shock.

Bai Duan’s mind was ‘clicking.’ Subconsciously, he wanted to take back what he just said – if there was no state of amnesia, this sentence must be a kind of interest in Guan Wu’s eyes… But his lover had lost his memory now. If he said so, he… Would he be sad? Was it painful to lose? Would he…give up pursuing him?

Bai Duan’s heart was in a state of confusion. Instead of struggling with his lover, he made himself nervous first. Unfortunately, he obviously underestimated Daniel’s psychological endurance. The words of his sweetheart lingered in his heart, and Daniel’s wide open eyes narrowed slowly, revealing an undisguised happy smile.

Bai Duan, with a cold face: “……” What’s the matter? Were you really driven mad by my indifference?

Just when Bai Duan was in doubt, Daniel finally managed to restrain his ‘weird’ smile, but his tone was still happy, “I’m so happy to hear you say that!”

Bai Duan, “……”

Are you really crazy? Dear?

“It’s true. Please don’t look at me with such a lovely suspicion.” Daniel could not help laughing. “You feel upset when you see me. Doesn’t it just prove that I am different in your eyes?” He looked at Bai Duan tenderly, which made him get goose bumps. “You may not know, but I have been paying attention to you, and I can see everything clearly. When you look at other people, there is no half of the wave in your eyes. Those people will not cause any wave of happiness and anger, just like human beings will not stir up emotions for an ant. Since I can make you feel upset, it means that you have really seen me and distinguished me from other human beings… ” With one hand over his chest, Daniel’s voice turned low, like the most affectionate aria, “This really makes me… I am so happy that I want to cry! “

Bai Duan, who was so disgusted that he could hardly hold his haughty expression, “………..”

After watching Daniel for a long time, Bai Duan didn’t want to say a word. He turned his head and into black fog and left. However, Daniel didn’t express his sadness of being ignored. Instead, he crouched down with a smile, picked up the handkerchief that had just been discarded by his sweetheart, and kissed the faint bloody mark.

Obviously, it was disgusting blood, but just because it touched the lips of his sweetheart, it was more delicious than the most expensive wine… Daniel was looking forward to tasting his lover’s lips one day.

After kissing the ‘Indecent’ handkerchief, Daniel folded it carefully, put it in his pocket, and turned away happily. Although the attendants around him had already changed their behavior for their master, they still could not help but silently face each other. Every time they thought their master was already crazy enough, he would always refresh their cognitive limits again. It was a big eye opener.

Bai Duan felt the same way about the troubles of these poor servants. So, when he was fed by Daniel to recover his strength quickly, he immediately decided to cross the river and demolish the bridge – to leave his lover who was in a real fight and continue his main task.

Carrying delicious blood, Daniel excitedly ‘dated’ his sweetheart, but he was pigeoned by the other party, “……”

Daniel’s valet, Tom, looked at his iron faced master and asked cautiously. “… Master, isn’t that Lord Blood Kin in danger?” 

Daniel closed his eyes, explored the connection between himself and his sweetheart, then shook his head. “No, he’s not in any danger.”

There was no danger. That’s why the Lord Blood Kin left by himself. Tom, for the first time, had to taste the taste of his masters abandoned love and was silent for three seconds. His heart was secretly happy and relaxed, but his face was worried, “This… What are we going to do?”

“Going to do?” Daniel sneered, “The monk can’t run the temple if he is running! Even if he leaves without saying goodbye, I can still chase him to his home!”

Tom didn’t know what a ‘monk’ and ‘temple’ were, but he had been with Daniel for a long time. He had been used to the strange words that his master suddenly said, and learned to ignore what he didn’t understand, and then understood it in context – that’s why he stayed with Daniel all the time as a valet.

But this time, Tom would rather not have such a ‘smart’ brain. He drew a corner of his mouth and almost couldn’t help showing a look of astonishment, “You mean… Are you going to the site of the Blood Kin?!”

“Naturally.” Daniel raised his eyebrows and spoke arrogantly and confidently. “He thought that if he left my territory, I would have nothing to do with him? Oh, it doesn’t exist!”

Tom: “…….” So evil! How could he live when he had such a willful and deadly master?! As a human being, he wanted to run to the territory of vampires. Wasn’t this a way to deliver food?!

Tom and a group of chamberlains were broken. They didn’t want to be sucked by a vampire at all. However, if their master wanted to die, they could only give their lives to accompany his ‘lovelorn disease.’ After all, Daniel was not a benevolent master. He would understand their desire for life.

After writing their suicide notes and arranging the follow-up, the servants escorted their master to the site of vampires with a tragic mood. However, Bai Duan, who fought with vampire hunters for wisdom and courage, finally returned to his own territory after several setbacks, also met the other on the only way to his castle.

With a flick of his lips, Bai Duan revealed his figure and looked at the carriage parked by the side of the road, speechless. What was his lover doing? Worried about the difficulty of hunting the Blood Kin, did he send his ‘good intentions’ to his door?!

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