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Chapter 212: Final World (15)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo 


Although Avril had always behaved innocuously, she was a pure blooded Blood Kin after all. When she was emotional, the tremendous pressure couldn’t help but rush to Daniel — this was definitely not what human beings could bear.

Bai Duan was startled. The first reaction of his subconscious was to step forward and block Daniel to reduce the deadly pressure. Looking at the sweetheart in front of him, Daniel did not encounter the fear of his life. Instead, he was sweet and almost couldn’t control showing a happy smile. After all, his sweetheart didn’t check his sister first, but took the lead in choosing to protect him. Did that mean… In the mind of his sweetheart, his position was higher than that of the sister who lived by the other and had been raised together?

At the thought of such a possibility, Daniel almost flew to the sky happily. However, at this moment, he still had to show his worried attitude, “What’s the matter? Is little sister okay?”

Although he was happy, his acting was a bit pompous. However, Bai Duan didn’t have time to observe Daniel’s ‘acting skills’. After confirming that his lover was not hurt, Bai Duan quickly approached Avril and raised his hand to hold her in his arms, “Avril, calm down!”

Daniel, who was very happy just now, “……” How angry! But… You need to keep worrying!

Hearing her brother’s soft voice, Avril turned to Bai Duan and blinked, “Brother…”

Bai Duan replied, softly and soothingly, “Mn, I’m here. With me, no one can hurt you anymore. Don’t be afraid…” 

Avril nestled into her brother’s chest, her long fingers clinging to Bai Duan’s lapel, and her knuckles were white. After a long time, her mood finally stabilized a little, but she was still impressed by the name she just heard, “Reed… Brother, where’s Reed?”

Bai Duan’s eyes narrowed slightly, but he didn’t expect that his sister was so obsessed with Reed. She didn’t respond to anything before, but she was so excited after hearing the word “Reed”. Of course, this excitement did not come from the old love, but from hatred.

Avril hated the vampire hunter who gave her infinite pain, but she hated Reed who gave her flawless love, but didn’t care, even betrayed her, pushed her into hell and sold her to the devil.

If Avril hated Reed like this, it would be a way to untie her knot? Bai Duan thought so, and finally turned his eyes to Daniel, “You just said… You brought Reed?”

Hearing the name ‘Reed’ again, Avril struggled with some emotion, but was trapped in Bai Duan’s arms and he bound her movements easily.

Daniel was full of jealousy and looked at Avril. On the surface, he smiled lightly, “Yes, I’ve brought him here and locked him in my carriage.”

Hearing this, Avril couldn’t bear it any longer. Her struggles became more and more intense, “Let go of me, let go of me, brother!”

“I can let you go, but you have to control yourself. Don’t hurt yourself!” Bai Duan frowned, sternly.

Avril made a gesture, then nodded softly, “Okay.”

With this promise, Bai Duan finally opened his arms. Avril, who had regained her freedom, turned into a black fog and burst out of the window. Then he heard a cry.

Bai Duan walked quickly to the window, looked down, and saw that the carriage that had been parked at the gate was now split. Daniel’s entourage shouted in panic to avoid, and even some people fell to the ground because they were too scared.

“… It seems that our sister can’t wait…” Daniel also saw his horse drawn carriage and shrugged helplessly, “Where did she take Reed?”

“Probably to the dungeon. I’ll go look.” Bai Duan sighed and turned to the door. Daniel also quickly followed up and decisively implemented the policy of “never let his sweetheart and sister be alone”.

Every castle of a Blood Kin had dungeons, which were used to imprison and punish those blood slaves or even Blood Kin who were disobedient. The dungeon was gloomy and cold, and the environment was extremely bad. Just being in it can gave people an infinite sense of oppression and despair.

Bai Duan led Daniel down the winding stone steps. Before he reached the dungeon, he heard the young man’s shrill cry. Bai Duan stepped quickly, and soon came to the hall of the dungeon. He saw his sister, who was full of black air, and the young boy who was surrounded by her hand and was howling loudly.

To be fair, this young man named Reed was very lovely. He was pure and had some childish features, which were deceptive. Unfortunately, today’s beautiful face was ferocious and distorted because of pain, which was obvious.

At the sound of footsteps, Reed raised his head and looked in the direction of the sound. Then his eyes lit up, struggling to reach out to Bai Duan, “Help me… Give me a break! Adrian! I know I was wrong! I regret it! Please, please! As long as you let me go, let me go I’d like to — er, ah, ah, ah!!!!!”

Before he finished speaking, Reed’s outstretched hand was pierced by the black air, and was nailed to the ground. The gushing blood splashed out and quickly penetrated into the floor gap. Although he had experienced more than ten worlds, Bai Duan was still not used to such cruel scenes. However, he didn’t stop Avril from tormenting Reed. He just turned his gaze away and looked at his lover to cleanse his eyes, “How did you catch him?”

In Reed’s wailing and praying, Bai Duan’s voice and expression were extremely calm and cool to the point of coldness. There was a deeper despair in Reed’s eyes, but he still didn’t give up trying to get close to him and seek his pity and tenderness. However, Avril could not give him such an opportunity.

“As early as I saw you and fell in love with you at first sight, I investigated everything about you.” Daniel also didn’t want to see Reed capture his sweetheart’s attention, for fear that his sweetheart would feel pity for seeing his old lover so miserable. Hearing Bai Duan’s inquiry, he quickly said, “Since I knew about you and Reed, I immediately sent someone to search for his whereabouts. At first, I thought he should be with his childhood sweetheart, but the investigation didn’t find him for a long time. Later, I found that the direction of the investigation was wrong.”

“Oh?” Bai Duan raised his eyebrows, with some gossip and curiosity in his voice. “Wasn’t he with the vampire hunter?” After a pause, he nodded, “No wonder I didn’t see him the last time I led the Blood Kin to rescue Avril — even when his lover was killed by the Blood Kin, he didn’t show up.”

“Of course, he was not there, because at that time, he had been abandoned by his lover who was ‘deeply in love and would save him even if he broke into the castle of vampire’ ~” Daniel laughed.

“What’s the matter?” Bai Duan blinked.

“It’s just that he’s defiled by a vampire, not clean.” Daniel sniffed. “He said he wasn’t touched by a vampire, but who would believe it? After all, how is it possible for a vampire to give nothing if it can make a human believe and love wholeheartedly?”

Bai Duan took a deep breath in front of Daniel’s tentative eyes. “I didn’t touch him.”

“Of course I believe in you.” Daniel was so satisfied that he almost laughed. “But other people can’t help but ‘treat a gentleman’s belly with a villain’s heart.‘”

Bai Duan snorted. He couldn’t bear the complacent look of his lover, “So, he was driven away by the vampire hunter?”

“It’s not appropriate to say that he was driven away. At least the other side gave him a grand reason, saying that he would fight with vampires immediately, worried that he would be in danger, so he was asked to leave early.” Daniel curled his mouth. “Even if the Blood Kin fight with the vampire hunters, the safest place should be the headquarters of the Vampire Hunters. If he really wanted to protect his safety, wouldn’t it be safer to take him to the headquarters than to let him wander in the human society?”

“So? Where did you find him?” Bai Duan was noncommittal.

“Funny to say, I could catch him, thanks to his own trap.” Daniel chuckled. “When Reed left the vampire hunter, he took a lot of severance money and tried to get into the upper class. It’s a pity that he didn’t expect me to tell his face to the following people. As soon as he showed up at the ball, my people found him. After asking for my instructions, they directly arrested him — at that time, he also tried to flatter the daughter of an upstart!”

Daniel had been extremely fond of discrediting his rival. He was afraid that his sweetheart still had a trace and a half of nostalgia for Reed.

Bai Duan naturally knew what his virtue was. He didn’t care about it at all. Hearing Reed’s silence, he finally turned his head and gave Avril a sigh, “Avril, it’s almost over.”

Avril raised her head abruptly, her red eyes full of cold hatred that had not yet faded, “Almost?! How could it be the same! I wish I had eaten him raw! Didn’t you give up on him, brother?”

“Avril!” Bai Duan frowned and called out with disapproval, “I let you torture him, just to hope you could vent your pent up emotions, not to let you indulge in hatred.” After a pause, he slowed down his voice. “Avril, that’s enough. It’s just a little twist and turn in your life. There are more beautiful days in your future. Don’t let such villains pollute your mind.”

She heard her elder brother’s tone that didn’t have nostalgia for Reed, but worry and wholehearted care for her. Avril’s mood finally calmed down a little. She stared at Reed, who was dying and dirty on the ground, and a smile suddenly appeared after a while. “Brother is right, how can I remember such a dirty reptile forever? Even if I let him stay in my memory for a second, it would be blasphemy to me.” Then she looked up at Bai Duan, her lips trembling. “I should be strong and brave like my brother, not tired by the past.”

“I’m glad you can figure it out.” Bai Duan nodded his head with relief, feeling that his task had finally dawned. As long as they could pass this threshold, Avril’s mind would grow rapidly. Even if he fell asleep and left the world, Avril should be able to survive and bear the glory of the Carlisle family.

Bai Duan’s “old bosom is very relieved”. In that room, Reed, who was in a coma, heard Avril’s words, but showed a frightened expression. If Avril couldn’t let go of the past and needed to torture him to vent from time to time, he may at least continue to live. But if the other party wanted to open up and not hold on to him, he was only waiting for death… 

The hoarse voice shouted, “No.” Reed tried to beg for mercy again, but no one wanted to hear him.

Avril raised her hand, the Black Mist cleanly grabbed Reed’s neck, broke the fragile part, and then carelessly discarded the raised body.

Closing her eyes and taking a deep breath, the smile on Avril’s face gradually changed from fragile and soft to arrogant and bright. At last, Avril opened her eyes, shining red eyes as if she were reborn. She smiled at Bai Duan and said, “Thank you, brother.”

“Between brothers and sisters, where do you need to say that?” Bai Duan also laughed with her. He was in a very happy mood with a trace of pride. This was probably the satisfaction brought by carving and shaping a beautiful jade with your own hands and watching its luster grow?

Did Guan Wu feel the same when he saw his changes?

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