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Chapter 211: Final World (14)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo


In response to this incident, the Church of Blood Kin and the headquarters of the Vampire Hunters started a long wrangle. The Vampire Hunters accused the Blood Kin of attacking their own towns and killing hundreds of innocent hunters, while the Church retorted that this was a must, after all, their intention was only to save the noble pureblood princess.

How could the hunters take such a cruel way to save people? Couldn’t they sit down and discuss? Why did they suddenly get into trouble without saying a word?

Laughing Church: This is not what you hunters learn? At the beginning, you didn’t say anything, and suddenly rushed into the castle of the Carlisle family, killing and injuring many of its subordinates?

Raging Vampire Hunters: The last time they were injured and killed, there were dozens of vampire hunters. This time, they sacrificed hundreds of hunters, without exception, they all died!

Sneering Church: Then you deserve it! Look at the Reed you rescued. He is alive, white, tender, and has gained a lot of weight. Then look at Avril, our little princess who has been numb, gloomy and nightmarish until now! Not to mention hundreds of hunters, even if all the hunters add up, they are not as precious as our pure blooded princess!

In a word, no matter what the Vampire Hunter’s headquarters said, the Church fiercely rebuked them and even demanded compensation from them in turn to make up for the damage suffered by their pure blooded princess.

As for the communication, it had nothing to do with Bai Duan. The only thing he needed to do now was to be patient with his sister and help her out of this dark past. The Vampire Hunters were very secretive. After being imprisoned, Avril had been suffering from torture and constant consumption of power, and her mind was blank. She had no idea what the group of vampire hunters had done to her, and the Blood Kin’s physical examination showed that she was extremely weak, but it didn’t find any hidden dangers — as for the so-called ‘secret experiment’, it was really submerged in the fog.

With sufficient and high-quality blood, Avril recovered quickly. Within a few weeks, she had rosy cheeks and looked very healthy. However, it was easy to recover physically, but it was hard to recover after being traumatized. Except for a few tears when she was rescued that day, Avril never cried again. She became cold and motionless and could not laugh. She sat in the corner silently for days on end.

Blood Kin could hardly dream. When they fell asleep, they were no different from real corpses, unless they encountered any strong stimulation — for example, when he was almost taken by Daniel, Bai Duan had a warm, fragrant and gorgeous “dream”. However, Avril had nightmares every day since she was rescued, and she woke up quickly every time she fell asleep. Even though Blood Kin didn’t have a high requirement for sleep, it was hard to be depressed day in and day out.

Accompanying Avril, Bai Duan dared not leave a single step for fear that the poor girl would be stimulated, and suddenly couldn’t think of it.

He walked with Avril at night, talked with her, looked at the stars and looked at the moon — although she rarely responded, she fell asleep during the day. Bai Duan would slap her on the shoulder when she was having a nightmare, and coax her to go to sleep.

In the company of Bai Duan, Avril’s situation was stable. Apart from being still like a doll, not crying, not laughing, and not having any vitality, there was no fierce world weariness.

In the eyes of the Carlisle family, they only thought that the relationship between their young master and young lady was getting closer and closer. As for marriage, it was only a matter of time. Even William, who had been secretly in love with his master, had quietly accepted the result without showing any dissatisfaction — he could compete with Daniel, the human being, but he dare not compare with the honorable Miss Avril.

So, when Daniel coaxed the Queen to finish the business at hand and hurried to meet his sweetheart in a happy mood, he had not yet arrived at the destination, when he heard the rumors that his sweetheart and sister were close to each other.

All of a sudden, Daniel’s anger exploded. It turned out that what he saved painstakingly was his rival?! If he knew that… then he had to bite his teeth… Filled with jealousy, Daniel stepped into his sweetheart’s castle. Daniel was not blocked because the Church called him “friend of the Blood Kin” and there was the well-known ‘ambiguous’ relationship between him and Bai Duan.

Receiving the news of Daniel’s arrival, William, as the housekeeper, took the lead in greeting him.

“And Adrian?” Not speculating his rival, Daniel went straight in.

William narrowed his eyes slightly, and replied warmly, with some unkindness, “His Excellency is in the Miss’s room, sleeping with her.” 

When he lost his love, he naturally didn’t want to make his rival feel better. Letting the other party know the reality early, it was his ‘great kindness’.

Daniel received William’s ‘good will’. He sneered in his heart, but his face did not show it, “Is he? Then I’ll go up and have a look. Miss Avril’s room is opposite of Adrian’s, isn’t it? “

As he spoke, he brushed past William and climbed the stairs. William pursed his lips and looked at Daniel’s back. He wanted to stop talking. Finally, he violated his duty as a housekeeper and didn’t stop him.

——What he saw with his own eyes should be more helpful to the other party? After all, the Carlisle family had always been single-minded. Apart from their friends, they never provoked the “wild flowers and weeds” outside. Otherwise… even as an underground lover who couldn’t stand on the table, he enjoyed it… 

Daniel was not aware of William’s regret. He stepped up to the third floor quickly and stood in front of the door. Fixing his mind and adjusting his expression, Daniel raised his hand and pushed the door open.

Unlike the rest of the Blood Kin, who preferred sleeping coffin, the Carlisle family preferred beds, which was probably because they did not show much contempt for human beings and were willing to extract the essence of their dregs. After all, the traditional coffins of the Blood Kin were rather stiff and cramped than the soft and wide beds.

So, when Daniel pushed the door open, what caught his eye was the scene of his sweetheart keeping a hold on the girl, holding her head and peacefully asleep.

All the Blood Kin had good looks, especially the pure blooded aristocrats. They were even more beautiful and moving. The man and woman in bed hugged each other and slept like a picture, but in Daniel’s eyes, it made him crazy. His eyes sank suddenly, and Daniel’s body temperature dropped. His mental strength, which had been well converged, was not under control, and the danger spread.

Bai Duan and Avril slept well. The cold and menacing aura suddenly woke them up and they looked at the door warily. Seeing Daniel leaning by the door with unpredictable expression, Avril’s face was indifferent and unresponsive, while Bai Duan’s eyes shrank slightly. There was a certain lack of heart.

“… Why are you here?” Sitting up, he appeased Avril first, and then Bai Duan, who was not frightened, gave a slight cough while trying to be calm.

“I came to see you, of course.” Daniel slowly walked to the bedside, kneeling on one knee and supporting his sweetheart’s shoulders with both hands, “It’s like we haven’t seen each other for decades. If we don’t see each other everyday it feels like three years.”

Shocked by his lover’s amazing computing power, Bai Duan was speechless.

“I missed you so much.” Daniel’s voice suddenly became sweet and soft, and there was a shallow and painful grievance hidden. He put his head on his sweetheart’s shoulder and rubbed it coquettishly. Meanwhile, he glanced at his rival lying in the same bed with his sweetheart and revealed his undisguised hostility.

Avril who felt the hostility, “……”

“… Shush.” Bai Duan’s goosebumps were caused by Daniel. He raised his hand and pushed his head to one side, but he couldn’t help but indulge a little.

Sensing the sweetheart’s softness, Daniel’s eyes brightened for a moment, propped up his body cleverly, bent his eyes, and expressed sincere concern, “What’s the matter with sister?”

“… Who is your sister?” Bai Duan resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

“Your sister, of course, is my sister.” Daniel had thick skin and a sweet voice.

Avril, who had an inexplicable new brother, “………”

Knowing the virtue of his lover, Bai Duan didn’t bother to quarrel with him, sighed and shook his head, “Avril’s physical recovery is very good, but her psychological… It doesn’t seem to be getting better.”

Daniel took a look at Avril, who seemed like a puppet without any fluctuation. He snorted in his heart, and told himself magnanimously not to have the same understanding with ‘psychosis’ — lovelorn disease. How could he compete with ‘psychosis’?

“Take your time, it will come back.” He smiled, took his sweetheart’s hand, and happily wiped the oil. “I will help you, too. Let’s go with sister and help her get better.”

——Well, it had to be “two people together!” It was all right that he wasn’t here before. Now that he was back, it was impossible for him to let his sweetheart get along with his sister alone! You know, it was not a good thing that Blood Kin brothers and sisters got married!

Bai Duan was silent for a moment, and knew that the other side could not give up the decision in any case, and was still too lazy to continue. He turned his mouth and whispered, “You can stay, but don’t make trouble for me!”

Daniel blinked, innocently complaining, “How can I make trouble?!” 

Bai Duan snorted and ignored him. Instead, he went to check Avril’s condition and gently coaxed her to go to sleep.

Daniel was watching, his eyes red with envy. However, “if he couldn’t bear it, he would be confused.” If he couldn’t bear it, he would have a knife in his heart. Finally he’d take it.

Daniel was very patient, but Avril lay on the bed in her brother’s arm, under his gentle whispers and closed her eyes obediently — Avril could relax quickly as long as she had her brother around her, and she did her best to take care of Bai Duan.

Seeing Avril fall asleep again, Bai Duan breathed a sigh of relief. He got out of bed and asked Daniel to come to the windowsill. “What else can I do for you?”

“How did you know that I wanted something?” Daniel was surprised.

Bai Duan didn’t want to explain the effect of the partnership contract to him, but frowned and urged, “I have my way naturally, you answer my question first.”

“Don’t be so cold, I just want to know more about you…” Daniel pretended to be lost, but he soon ‘perked up’ again. “As for things, it’s a good thing.” He said with a mysterious smile, “I’ve brought you a man. I think you’d like to see him very much.”

“…A man? Who?” Bai Duan picked up his eyebrows, and suddenly, with a flash of inspiration, he thought of someone.

“His name is…” Daniel laughed happily. “Reed.”

Daniel’s voice didn’t fall yet, and even Bai Duan didn’t respond, but the crystal table lamp on the head of the bed exploded not far away. Bai Duan and Daniel quickly looked towards the bed. Avril, who was supposed to be sleeping, sat up quietly. Her scarlet eyes were bloodshot.

“Re… ed…” She spoke slowly, in a hoarse voice, and her cold, abnormal gaze pierced Daniel. “Where is he?”

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