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Chapter 213: Final World (The End)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Edited by Sulo is feeling emotional that this is the last chapter for Bai Duan and Guan Wu (♡ TДT)♡


Avril’s temperament had changed since Reed’s death. In the memory of the original body, the little sister he held in the palm of his hand was naive, kind and tender as a flower. But in the eyes of Bai Duan, Avril was now arrogant and strong, and really became a noble pureblood princess. Avril, who appeared in front of the Blood Kin with a new face after rebirth, soon captured more young Blood Kin’s love — after all, compared with the fragile little princess who needed to be carefully greeted and coaxed, the Blood Kin preferred the proud and dazzling queen.

After Avril became more and more charming, the rumors about her marriage with Bai Duan were even more noisy, which made Daniel jealous. Even Avril seemed to be serious and joking about marriage, which was seriously rejected by Bai Duan. Avril raised her eyebrows to look at her brother and shrugged, “Well, I knew that my proposal would be rejected.”

“… I’m sorry.” Bai Duan had nothing to say but sincere apologies.

“No need to say sorry, brother.” Avril laughed. “To be honest, I didn’t have the so-called love for you, because we grew up together and really knew each other too well. I would rather see you happy and free than married.”

After experiencing a false love, Avril’s understanding of feelings became clearer and deeper. In contrast to Reed, Avril had a better understanding of what it was like to really like someone — like Daniel chasing her brother ‘dead without face’, ‘no face without skin’, even when it came to a nail, it was pleasant. Every time he saw her brother, his eyes would shine incomparably.

As for her brother, he should also like Daniel. Even though he rarely responded to him, her brother’s eyes were always twining around him, just as Daniel always stuck to her brother.

Avril didn’t know why he should have been ‘happy’ but instead only kept refusing Daniel’s further approach. She looked at Bai Duan and rolled her long hair with her fingers. “Since my brother likes Daniel, why not accept him?” After a pause, she softened her voice tentatively, “Is it because… Reed cheated you?”

Although her brother had always looked very calm, Avril felt that he couldn’t be free from a little influence, but he was strong and didn’t show it.

For Avril’s guess, Bai Duan took a swipe at the corner of his mouth and shook his head wordlessly, “You think too much.”

“Why do you…?” Avril didn’t believe it on his face. She just thought her brother was talking.

“Don’t you think Daniel hanging around by me… is interesting?” Bai Duan smiled, showing a little bit of his own bad taste.

Avril who didn’t know how to respond, “………”

For a long time, the pureblood princess who broke her heart for her brother’s love sighed, “Forget it, brother, you will be happy. As long as you know, no matter how you choose, I will always support you.”

“Good.” Bai Duan smiled happily, raised his hand and touched Avril’s head. He only felt that he didn’t love his sister for nothing — it was nice to have a sister!

Feeling her brother’s happiness, Avril was also happy. She rubbed the palm of Bai Duan’s hand. Only in front of her brother, could she show her innocence.

For Avril’s change, Bai Duan liked to see its success. After all, he couldn’t guard her all the time and all his life as he was. In order to have a long-term future, Avril must be independent as soon as possible. After observing that Avril had become mature and steady, Bai Duan began to gradually hand over the affairs of the Carlisle family to her, and teach them to his sister according to the original memory. At first, Avril was happy because she could help his brother. She studied very hard, but as Bai Duan gave her more and more affairs, Avril finally realized that something was wrong.

In the early morning of one day, the little princess of Carlisle family finally finished all kinds of miscellaneous things. She angrily opened the door of her brother’s study.

Bai Duan was reading the history books of the world with his cheek on the back of his hand, while Daniel was lying on the soft sofa nearby, sleeping. Two days ago, he was called away by the Queen, and he just came back from his work and reunited with his lover. Even if his spirit was so high, he couldn’t resist the erosion of the sleeping devil.

Hearing the door of the study being pushed open heavily, Daniel opened his bleary and hazy eyes, but he didn’t know what was going on. Bai Duan, on the other hand, looked up at his sister and silently asked why she was so rude.

Avril strode to Bai Duan’s desk, hands on the desk, eyes burning, “Brother! You are not going to leave, are you? “

He didn’t expect his sister to be so keen. Bai Duan was shocked for a moment, but he didn’t deny, “How do you know?”

“Do you really want to leave?!” Avril exploded, “Why?!”

“Daniel always brings me all kinds of gifts from all over the world. I think these little things are novel and interesting, so I started to look around.” Bai Duan smiled calmly and threw the black pot to his lover without any hesitation. “It’s a pity that the world is so big that he doesn’t go out and see a variety of local customs. I have been in this castle for more than one hundred years. Now it’s your turn.”

The face was incredible, but she didn’t know how to refute it. Avril could only stare at the one who was the ‘culprit’, “….”

Daniel, whose face was inexplicable but had to carry the black pot on his back, said. “I’m sorry.”

In short, no matter how coquettish Avril was, Bai Duan’s plan to “travel around the world” would not change. Now that his sister had seen through his scheme, his next moves were more rapid and unbridled.

Avril exhausted all kinds of means as she didn’t want her brother to leave her behind, but she had to finally let go with tears. During this period, she wished Daniel, the disaster, could immediately die.

Even Daniel, the “disaster” himself, was caught unprepared by the news. However, he was very pleased with it. He could not wait to have a honeymoon trip with his sweetheart without a deadline and two people’s world.

As the Queen was old, the fight for the throne was more and more fierce. And as one of the most trusted ministers of the Queen, Daniel could be said to be the focus of several heirs. Even some ruthless people couldn’t win his support, so they wanted to destroy him, lest Daniel fall to their competitors.

Daniel was very tired of these troubles. He just took this opportunity to ask the Queen to resign. Although the Queen didn’t want to let him go, she also understood the current situation was grim and couldn’t bear to sacrifice such a talent as Daniel in the competition for the throne.

After a lot of thinking, the Queen agreed to Daniel’s request and asked him to go abroad to hide for a while. When the competition for the throne was over, he would find a chance to come back and play for her country. To this end, Daniel naturally promised, as for coming back, it was natural that he would ‘look for an opportunity’.

Then, after Avril had learned how to shoulder the responsibilities of the whole Carlisle family, Bai Duan left with his lover and began to run around the world. Although he was inseparable from Daniel, Bai Duan had always adhered to a principle: no peace, no meat, no crying or grievance, no giving, no giving!

A strong force was good. Bai Duan would have been killed by Daniel, who was so hungry that his eyes were red. Now, Daniel could only hope for the best.

Every ten or more years, Bai Duan would return to the Carlisle family to take a look and deal with the crooks who were not very honest and tried to take advantage of his sister’s green wrists. Later, as Avril became better and more skillful in handling affairs, when Bai Duan no longer needed to appear, he knew that the time to leave the world finally came.

By this time, Daniel’s temples already had several strands of silver hair — however, the taste of meat could only be tasted in his sleep. Lying on his sweetheart’s leg, Daniel complained about his daily miserable life without meat. Bai Duan raised his hand and straightened his hair. His fingertips touched the conspicuous white hairs, and squinted slightly, “It’ll be time soon.”

“When?” Daniel’s spirit was shaken.

“When you leave.” Bai Duan raised his eyebrows. “It’s time we left.”

“… Go… Where will we go?” Daniel asked blankly, and before his voice fell, he saw his sweetheart close his eyes peacefully.

Calling out White Light and giving the order to leave the mission world. Bai Duan, at the end of his unconsciousness, saw his lover’s face with great fear and loss of control. He couldn’t help but feel a little hurt. But soon, Daniel also closed his eyes and fell into the lifeless Blood Kin. As for his soul, it was naturally taken away by Bai Duan.

When he woke up, Bai Duan fumbled to open the door of the nutrition cabin. As soon as he opened his eyes, he saw a rather scary face with a bruised nose.

Unable to help but narrow his eyes, Bai Duan sat up in fright and recognized the other party, “You are Gerard…?”

“What’s the matter with that question mark? Can’t you recognize me?” The grudge on Gerard’s face — as he tried to make an expression, he couldn’t help but take a breath of cold air and his face became more and more distorted.

“… It’s a little hard to recognize.” Bai Duan was honest and realistic, “What’s the matter with you?”

“You still have the face to ask!” Gerard felt his originally flowery face pitifully, and almost cried out, “I was kind enough to help you choose tasks and take you into the world. That’s how you repay me?! Your partner beat me twice! I really… What a pain!”

Bai Duan was silent for a moment and coughed softly, “I’m sorry.”

“Just a verbal apology, I don’t accept it.” Unexpectedly, Bai Duan’s character was so honest that it was so different from Guan Wu’s. Gerard couldn’t help but raise his tail. “You must be responsible for his actions!”

However, before Bai Duan could say anything, a gentle, smiling voice came in and interrupted Gerard’s stride, “Responsible? Have you got the wrong person?”

Bai Duan and Gerard followed the sound, one was expressionless and the other was shaking.

“I’m the one who beat you. I should be responsible. I’m the one who did it.” After pushing the gold framed glasses on the bridge of his nose, Guan Wu smiled gracefully and looked like a dog. “Believe me, I will be good and responsible!”

Gerard, “QAQ “

Gerard, who was almost scared into peeing, rushed into his master’s arms behind Guan Wu, but was pushed away. He had never had such a disciple!

And Guan Wu finally stepped to the side of his lover’s nutrition cabin after he easily solved the villain who was trying to ‘dig his own corner’, and extended his hands in fear.

Bai Duan did not refuse, but let Guan Wu help him out of the nutrition cabin, with a slight smile in his voice, “How did the last world feel?”

Guan Wu, “……”

If you’re talking about decades without sex….it was awful!!

“We should talk about it.” With a word from his lover, Bai Duan was in a much better mood. After the sedimentation of a world, he was now in a very stable mood when facing Guan Wu.

“Okay, let’s talk.” Guan Wu smiled a little, bowed his head and kissed Bai Duan on the forehead, in a solemn tone, “This conversation will not disappoint you. I promise.”

Once upon a time, Guan Wu, who lost his memory, didn’t know why his sweetheart was suddenly lost and happy. But after he got his memory, he understood everything, even what his lover’s deepest knot was. However, as early as in the task world, he had given the real answer, hadn’t he? Therefore, there was no obstacle between him and Bai Duan.

Understanding each other, Bai Duan and Guan Wu faced one other and smiled.

Yes, there was nothing that would prevent them from communicating with each other again.



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Thank you for your hard work! It was a pleasant journey to the end. I feel a bit reluctant to part with Guan Wu and Bai Duan. It’s interesting to read QT from the other side for once.

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Sad we don’t get to see them talk. But then again we know they finally understand each other’s feelings more than ever and ready to have good talk.


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It’s over 🙁 I really enjoyed it, thank you for translating, editing, and everything else that makes these translations so good!

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