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Chapter 28: Second World (14)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Eventually, Fu Shaohua, who said that he was unwilling to continue acting to control his illness, still reluctantly continued his career as an actor. Although his repertoire frequency has declined dramatically and he often ‘does not do his job properly,’ fans who had been worried about his real rest were still satisfied with it.

Fu Shaohua was indeed a born actor, even if the frequency of the dramas were reduced, but every role must produce high-quality end products, and was often a frequent visitor to domestic and international awards, even in the gray-haired time, he also won the laurel of the film emperor, so that other contemporary actors loved and hated him.

Their goal of pursuing and learning was to love him for his outstanding talent. They also hated him for being silent and stealing the limelight and glory when he attended the award ceremony.

Therefore, some people couldn’t see how normal his “say but don’t do” behavior was. In an interview, some reporters once euphemistically mocked him for breaking his promise, but Fu Shaohua was quite disapproving of it. He even spoke loudly and promised faithfully, which was also a way of ‘returning to his family and accompanying his lover.’

As everyone knew, Bai Duan was one of the most active investors in the entertainment circle. He invested in movies, and TV shows that his lover acted in. He also helped and supported his lover and devoted himself to his career. For such an answer, people could not find fault, could only face the dog’s expression, silently swallow the sudden food.

Since the success of the coming out of the closet, the international film emperor’s acting style suddenly changed a lot, and it became even more…free?

Whether fans or passers-by, they could clearly feel that Fu Shaohua’s posture towards the camera became more relaxed and natural, fonder of laughing and talking, and even occasionally making sarcastic and poisonous remarks, silencing the media reporters, driving his agents crazy, but they had to worry about it and clean up the mess.

But before that, Fu Shaohua was the representative of the gentleman in the entertainment circle. He was always so calm and gentle, considerate, and courteous. His words and deeds were relaxed so that people could not find any black spots. Of course, sometimes, this kind of ‘no blackspots’ was also one of the blackspots, which made people feel a little hypocritical and unreal.

Now, the international film emperor really faded away from the unreal side and became a “mortal” who laughed and scolded. Some people felt he was uncomfortable, others thought he was very kind, praise and criticism were not enough, but no matter what kind of voice he heard, Fu Shaohua still did his own thing.

For this change, they all agreed that the reason was that he completely put aside an important secret, no longer afraid of gossip, no longer hiding the truth of love, revealing his most authentic self.

But Bai Duan knew that this only meant that Fu Shaohua had completely said goodbye to the former “Fu Shaohua” and was no longer influenced by him.

By Fu Shaohua becoming more and more ‘lively,’ people gradually understood the more detailed emotional life between him and Bai Duan and had to lament their emotional experience of meeting danger and supporting each other. Although their gender had been criticized, their feelings were more real than anything else.

When interviewed alone, each other’s names often appeared in question-and-answer sessions, as if they should be together; and when two people appeared in the camera together, the attention shown in the minute details of each other was often too much for the onlookers to bear, as if they were randomly edited from the scene in the same stage. Lower, light and shadow, with bgm, was an aesthetic love mv.

Although this “anonymous” marriage was not protected by law, they were both very loyal to each other, and no one had ever photographed their “suspected derailment” or intimate behavior with third parties – even quite frequently hugging movements in the entertainment industry.

Later, these same-sex husbands became one of the model ‘couples’ in the entertainment circle. Whenever a couple breaks up and declares divorce, he was mentioned as a positive teaching material to prove that there was true love in the entertainment circle.

Of course, this did not mean that there were no twists and turns in their love life.

Once, a reporter crouched at the door of the two’s residence and captured a picture of Fu Shaohua being driven out of his home by Big Brother Bai.

At that time, Big Brother Bai was furious and changed the polite manner he had in the past. He was so hard that he grabbed Fu Shaohua’s collar and threw him out of the door. He left Emperor Fu, still wearing pajamas and barefoot, shivering in the crisp autumn wind and beating at his door helplessly. 

As for Bai Duan, who should be in the residence, did not appear from the beginning to the end, but was photographed by a reporter from the window with a vague shadow – he seemed to be bowing his head, being educated by his eldest brother pointing at his head.

When this image was circulated, the rumors about the change of love between the two people became loud and obnoxious. People began to discuss the beginning and the end of the matter intensely. They wondered whether Emperor Fu had done something to have to apologize to Mr. Bai, which led to the end of their feelings for many years.

And then – there was no and then…

The onlookers looked forward to the stars and the moon and watched the next development with trepidation. But Emperor Fu was soon able to go back into his home and continued to sweeten up his lover, which made people inexplicable, disappointed, and relieved.

Entertainment reporters were reluctant to let the matter slip away and tried to dig deep into the inside many times. However, in the face of interviews, the three parties denied it, it was an understatement that it was just an inevitable small argument in daily life and would not affect their feelings. But Bai Duan was embarrassed, Fu Shoahua innocent and the grinding of Big Brother Bai’s teeth showed that the matter was not so simple.

As a result, it became one of the major suspense cases in the entertainment industry, and no one had ever been able to decrypt it successfully. Of course, it had also become the only “strong” evidence that Fu Shaohua and Bai Duan were alienated, suggesting that the seemingly harmonious emotional life of the two men were hiding an unknown secret.

But whether they were in harmony or not, Fu Shaohua and Bai Duan carried each other to the end, and then they died to the infinite sorrow of the world.

They made outstanding contributions to China’s film and television industry. Under their guidance and support, a large number of excellent film and television works emerged in China, significantly improving the status of China’s film and television industry in the world, and profoundly engraving their names in history.

After kissing with his lover and falling asleep forever, Bai Duan only felt his soul floating and seemed to be locked in a box full of liquids. It was so dark that he could not see anything. He could only feel the fluid flowing gently over his body as if it was clearing away the dirt bit by bit.

He heard a not very clear conversation, one voice was quite strange, while the other voice makes him very familiar, although Bai Duan could not remember where he heard the voice, the desire and peace of mind that came from the heart was so obvious.

“The cause of the anomaly… Contract… daoist couple contract…”

“Daoist couple contract?… I remember…”

“… More special… It’s the first time I’ve met such a situation…”

“Processing methods… Deepening the memory blockade… Influences… It’s harder…”

“Never mind… Let’s do that…”

Bai Duan listened to their vague conversation and tried to trace it in his memory, but before he could catch any clue, he felt that the door of the memory which had been opened was once again locked tightly, laying down many barriers to prevent him from approaching.

Bai Duan was reluctant. He was sure that something of great importance was hidden behind the door, but he could only struggle farther and farther away from it and was eventually dragged into the darkness.

The monitor, which represented the activity of mental energy, stabilized again, and Guan Wu, who had been so nervous, finally breathed a sigh of relief, showing a smile that was not happy, “Success.”

“Are you so afraid that he will suck you when he wakes up?” Next to him, a man in a white coat looked contemptuous.

“I’m not afraid he’ll suck me when he wakes up.” Guan Wu caressed the smooth sleeping face of Bai Duan across the nutrition cabin window. “I’m just afraid that he will not continue to cooperate with me after he sucked me to death.”

“So, knowing that you’ve done something that would upset the other person, you’re still going to go your own way?” The man raised his eyebrows.

“Yes, even if you do something wrong, you can’t give up halfway.” Guan Wu laughed helplessly and mocked himself. “Otherwise, it would be worse to make the other party unhappy and fail to achieve his goal? If it succeeds, then even if I am beaten to death, it will be a good death!”

“Well, I wish you a good day to die. I’ll remember to collect your body then.” The man thumped Guan Wu’s shoulder, raised his hand and patted the empty nutrition cabin on the other side, and made a ‘please’ gesture. “Your wife…I’m sad by myself. Your little lover is so cute, I will take good care of him, don’t worry. Go at ease.”

Climbing into the nutrient chamber, Guan Wu’s actions were stiff, as if suddenly finding a large green cap on his head, “You can rest assured, for your promise, even if dead, I will climb back to `thank you very much’!”

The man laughed and fastened the glass cover of the nutrition cabin over Guan Wu’s face.

Watching the man leave with his hands in his white coat pocket, Guan Wu looked back at the nutrition cabin that held Bai Duan and sighed softly, “In the next world, it will probably not be so smooth. If you refuse me and stay with others, watch out for me…” After a pause, he hesitated for a while, but still did not hesitate to say anything about “destroying flowers with hot hands.” Watch out for me, I’ll make you cry.

After thinking this, he determined that his threat was a little strange. Guan Wu shrugged his shoulders and pressed the button to inject nutrients.

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