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Chapter 27: Second World (13)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Editor: Sulo


Fu Shaohua did not pay attention to what kind of uproar his speech caused. Anyway, his status in the entertainment industry was extraordinary. His words and deeds would be stared at, misinterpreted and even exaggerated by many eyes. If he cared about other people’s words, he would only restrain and repress himself and bring trouble to himself.

Of course, he never took the outside opinions seriously.

After a brief interview and happily throwing down a giant grenade, Fu Shaohua, surrounded by his bodyguards, left and boarded the car that had been ready for him, then left behind the reporters and fans, and returned to the villa where Bai Duan was located smoothly.

In the villa, Bai Duan also saw the live broadcast on his computer, and also heard what Fu Shaohua said to him. The whole person was a little excited and restless, but he ran to the door when it was opened.

After entering the door to see Bai Duan, Fu Shaohua’s first sentence was to ask playfully, teasing him, whether he had watched the report.

Knowing his lover’s evil intentions, Bai Duan did not have the heart to destroy his good mood, and had to nod, “Un, I saw it.”

“Since you saw it, what’s your answer?” Fu Shaohua was still wearing the suit that he had attended the awards ceremony in. Bai Duan was unsure whether he was busy coming back, or if he had no plans or intentionally did not change. He went to Bai Duan sitting on the sofa, knelt on one knee and grabbed Bai ‘Duan’s hand that was on his knee.

Fu Shaohua shocked Bai Duan, who was trying to suppress his frustration. The first reaction was to pull his hand back. However, he only twitched it a few times.

“What’s your answer?” His ears were red, his expression was calm, and his complaints were a little loud. “Didn’t you know that long ago? Why ask?””

“I can hardly express myself once. Can’t you cooperate a little?” Fu Shaohua was speechless. Fortunately, he had the foresight and knew that his little lover had passed away in a dignified and charming life. Whatever he said, he had to understand it in the opposite direction.

“Once in a blue moon?” Bai Duan drew his lips up, and it was not polite to poison his tongue. “Are all your words, which are so vulgar and numb that my ears are about to cocoon themselves, false?”

Fu Shaohua was speechless.

Looking at his uncomfortable, happy but trying to hide lover, Fu Shaohua simply grabbed his left hand, took out the red velvet box from his arms, opened it, and put one of the simple and generous rings on Bai Duan’s finger.

Then he picked up his cell phone and ”clicked” a picture to prove that he had ”perfectly” completed his proposal, and sent it online, quickly coming ”out of the closet.”

After all this, he turned his head satisfactorily to his lover and did not need to show off a few words, but found that Bai Duan was staring at the platinum ring on his left ring finger as if he were in a trance.

“What’s wrong?” Fu Shaohua picked up his mobile phone and asked in surprise, “Shouldn’t you be so happy that you don’t know north from south?”

“How could it be?!” Bai Duan looked back, turned a white eye skillfully, and then thought, “I just think…this ring is very familiar. It seems that I have seen it somewhere.””

Fu Shaohua gave a ”click” in his heart, but his face remained silent. He also said a joke, “No wonder you are not surprised at all. Did you see me when I customized the ring?”

This style of ring, Bai Duan, of course, was familiar with it, after all, this was a pair of imitations, and the real ring, still firmly held within the soul of Bai Duan, in addition to Fu Shaohua, no one could get it. Fu Shaohua was glad that Bai Duan remembered the ring which was very important to them, but unfortunately, it was not the right time to wake up his memory.

“Nonsense, I didn’t know you ordered the ring!” As a matter of fact, Fu Shaohua paid attention to Bai Duan. He rubbed the ring on his finger and did not know how to describe the feeling in his heart. “I just feel familiar with it. It seems that I have seen it from somewhere… No, not just seen, but…it belongs to me?””

“That’s a coincidence.” Fu Shaohua was reluctant to let him continue to think, “When I first saw the rings, it was the same feeling that they were destined to belong to us, perfectly matched my fantasy about the wedding ring.” He lowered his head and kissed Bai Duan between his fingers. “I’m relieved to see that you like it so much. After all, it’s something we’ll wear for life.””

Bai Duan could not restrain his mouth, just wanted to respond to his lover’s words with great mercy, but was suddenly interrupted by the ringing of his mobile phone. He took his hand out of Fu Shaohua’s hand and looked at the name displayed on the screen. Bai Duan gave Fu Shaohua a wink. He immediately connected the phone and began to deal with the inquiries from the family members who received the news.

Looking at Bai Duan that responded sincerely to his family and completely threw the doubts about the ring out of the clouds, Fu Shaohua felt sorry and relieved. On the one hand, this phone call thoroughly dispelled Bai Duan’s tracing the origin of the ring, on the other hand, it completely destroyed the good atmosphere just brewed. He really didn’t know what it should be called, but it was still not the time.

Obviously, the Bai family side took a serious attitude toward the ”sudden” exit, but Fu Shaohua had been prepared for it and was not worried about it. Instead, this Emperor was opening his own social networking site to check the situation on the Internet.

Today, Fu Shaohua’s identity was different from the past. The sudden appearance of the international film emperor after winning the award was a big event that could ignite the whole entertainment circle. Unfortunately, those who were sensitive at smelling out media did not express their views at first. Even some reports were just neutral enough to explain the whole story without mixing with any emotional color.

Fu Shaohua knew that they were just waiting for the Bai family’s response.

Compared with the entertainment media, it was the first voice of people in the Performing Arts circle. In terms of speech, they also tended to bless and identify with each other. Directors, writers, actors, producers, these people had voiced their support for this pair of homosexuals; described their deep feelings of inseparability and mutual support over the years; appealed to the public to look at this matter rationally, homosexuality was not a disease or a sin, but a different way of life.

Looking at the support of all aspiring actors, Fu Shaohua couldn’t help laughing, turned his head, and looked at Bai Duan who was still talking to his family.

Bai Duan and Fu Shaohua had been mixing in the entertainment circle for so long, and they have indeed formed a lot of friendships, but it was still in their interest to make this happen.

Fu Shaohua was an international film emperor, even if he was influenced by reputation because of coming out, he could not completely shake his solid position in the entertainment circle after all these years – but all the films and TV dramas that Fu Shaohua participated in both had a good reputation, and good box office results, so few people were willing to offend him.

Compared with Fu Shaohua, most people cared more about Bai Duan, the Golden Lord investor.

The vast majority of actors and directors wanted to shoot good films and be praised by audiences instead of tucking swords, but art and reality were sometimes incompatible. Classics needed to be carefully crafted, slow work could produce exceptional work, and to make money to live, rough-made, dog blood “idol dramas” came into being. Therefore, Bai Duan, who was never too involved in the operation of the actors, and generous investors would appear precious.

As long as the crew Bai Duan invested in was not extravagant and wasteful, he would always have no worries about their funds, and the success rate of his fiery eyes and never-failing means that the crew could never lose money. Therefore, the favor of Bai Duan could be said to be the aspiration of all directors and writers; and to participate in films invested in by Bai Duan was also a shortcut to the success of many actors; there were many investors willing to follow the steps of Bai Duan, to improve their chances of benefit.

These years of investment experience with high accuracy and high returns made Bai Duan the ”Golden ‘Lord’ of the entire performing arts circle and formed a broad network of human relations and investment industry chain around him. But anyone who mixed in the circle would always hope to get his favor, and such a position would not be affected by the ‘out of the closet’ comments at all. Even the Bai family’s involvement was difficult to shake it. After all, this was Bai Duan’s business, and there was no overlap with the Bai family’s sphere of influence.

Fu Shaohua may fall into a depression because of the ”scandal” about coming out of the closet, but he wouldn’t hold a large amount of money, be directed by the director and writer, and be regarded as the God of wealth. If only Fu Shaohua came out, the entertainment circles might have to think twice before deciding their attitudes, or even because of competition, but once they added Bai Duan, they had nothing to hesitate about.

Whoever held the money was the boss, not to mention just like a man, even if they did more excessive things, they would never say ”no!”

With the support of directors and stars and the lack of media to drive the rhythm, it was difficult to arouse any storm even if there were anti-terrorism speeches unavoidably. Some of Fu Shaohua’s fans declared that they were unacceptable and threatened to take off their powder. Some remained silent and wanted to wait-and-see, but some quickly accepted the reality after the panic.

Fu Shaohua had long said that he had a very affectionate lover, but when he talked about the other, he always used words such as ‘lover,’ ‘other half,’ ‘sweetheart’ which have no gender preference. The speculation about “girlfriend” was based on the fact that he once had an ex-girlfriend. In this way, Fu Shaohua could not be regarded as cheating his fans.

What’s more, although everyone knew that Fu Shaohua had a lover, they had never seen this ‘girlfriend,’ on the contrary, he often appeared in front of people with Bai Duan, his feelings very sincere.

As long as Fu Shaohua played in movies and TV shows, the name Bai Duan would appear among investors, and his visits to the studios were common. Even though the two were only compatible with their brothers and friends, there were already many corrupt women who liked to match them as a CP. From time to time, some people speculated that the relationship between them was ‘ordinary,’ but not. What kind of atmosphere was formed between them?

Nowadays, Mr. Bai, the investor who had been supporting Fu Shaohua in all aspects of work and life, was obviously more suitable for his lover’s position than the ‘girlfriend’ who had never appeared before, and Fu Shaohua’s success could not be separated from him.

In addition to the news that the idol came out, most fans also cared about another thing, that is, Fu Shaohua’s statement that he hoped to ‘return to his family and compensate his lover’ after winning the award.

Although some people thought it should be Fu Shaohua’s escapism or threat to his fans because of his fear of coming out of the closet, many fans still ‘prefer to believe that they have, not believe that they do not have,’ and they were apprehensive that their idols would indeed disappear and stay away from the entertainment circle.

What’s more, actors who had been forced to disappear or even commit suicide from homosexual rumors were not without them. Fans who liked them were still deeply saddened by their memories today, while Fu Shaohua…it was also true that homosexual scandals forced them to commit suicide by cutting one’s wrist.

Looking back on the past, no one wanted to repeat it.

Actually, apart from a few extreme fans, the actor’s private life had little impact on the audience. Most people just watched the news of their idols breaking up, cheating, or even taking drugs. They would soon forget. Everyone had a lot of troubles to deal with in their life. Who would be in the mood to hold on to others?

Compared with idols who liked a man, they were more worried that the other party would stop acting!

Fu Shaohua did not know how to respond to the messages eagerly asking him whether he really wanted to “return to his family.”” When Bai Duan finished his phone call, he saw these messages, and could not help but look at Fu Shaohua and offer his words of relief, “I have already talked with my parents and grandfather, they will not oppose us being together. Public opinion does not matter. You do not have to give up acting for this.”

“I don’t want to continue acting because I’m worried about it.” Fu Shaohua put his mobile phone on the table.

“Why is that? To accompany me?” Bai Duan frowned. “Then you don’t have to.”

“You just want to spend more time with me for one reason.” Fu Shaohua shrugged his shoulders. “Actually, I’m not interested in acting.”

“How can it be?!” Bai Duan stared. “Why are you not interested in acting after all your efforts and time?”

Fu Shaohua sighed and raised his hand to wipe his forehead. “It’s like I once asked his ex-girlfriend if she regretted it for the sake of his original wish. It’s also his hope to be a real actor with high praise.”

Bai Duan had a dull face.

“To tell you the truth, I don’t like acting at all.” Fu Shaohua pouted and complained in tone, “In front of outsiders, I need to imitate my original character and play him all the time – even though I have changed a lot according to my own character and influence, I still feel fatigued. So, I really don’t want to play the original role, but also continue to speculate, substitute for another role, which makes me feel like I’m not going to be fine!””

Bai Duan was silent for three seconds: “… Why does it feel like you’re not going to be fine? I think you’re fine.”

“… Well, you’re right.” Fu Shaohua looked right. “So I can’t let my symptoms continue to be serious.”

Bai Duan: “…”

That was a good and reasonable statement. I can’t refute it at all!

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