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Chapter 150: Those unlike us
Translated by Crystal of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Qi BOSS’s words were so shocking that even Jin Boss got swayed.

Everyone thought for a second that maybe this was the real cause of the Great Depression, the one that was feared and hated by many.

But JinYu quickly shook his head and erased that thought. First of all, he didn’t know much about the time, but for it to gain the name, it must have its cruel and vicious parts. Parts that most people couldn’t accept. There was no point in figuring out the reason anymore, the results were unchangeable.

“Um, okay, okay I get it, I’m sure you will avenge me, stop with that ‘killing aura’. You’re just making everyone else uncomfortable. Now come and read the description about the area with me. Mainly, I want to focus on the Great Emperor and the habitation of the beasts. Also, who the humans responded. Maybe it will help clear up the current situation.” JinYu waved Qi QingLin over as he was talking.

Suddenly he chuckled and said to JiaWu and YiWen, “Say, this situation, could it be caused by an avid fan of the Great Emperor, or better yet he was reborn? Tsk, tsk, we all know the things avid fans can do, and for the Great Emperor…his appeal must have been off the charts.”

JinYu laughed heartlessly while YiWen and JiaWu felt the corner of their mouth twitch. Don’t jinx it! Why do we feel the likelihood of such a thing being quite high? Also, what do you mean his charm was off the charts! Can’t you see the BOSS changing expressions over there?! Even if it was dead man, you’re still calling a man ‘appealing’ in front of your lover! That’s clearly a landmine!!

On the other hand, the whale that triggered the BOSS was still going on like normal. YiWen JiaWu exchanged glances and communicated silently ——- say, how many times do you think they will do it tonight? Tsk, I’m gonna bet money on JinYu not looking so hot for tomorrow’s negotiation.

However, soon the two felt a shiver and lifted their head up to see Qi QingLin staring at them. Thus, they went back to being silent backdrops.

As for the BOSS, he waited patiently for the night to come and as for what happened, that was private information.

“You mother fu**er, I’m changing, get away from me!!”

The next day, the underlings who kept watch around the 138 Beast Store got woken up by the sudden scream. Rubbing their eyes, they started collecting information. Due to the numerous informants lurking around AnJie recently, the bosses of the street felt less enjoyment recently. Thus, the best way to relieve stress is to find enjoyment or get enjoyment out of others!

However, the problem lies in the person who could make others laugh or torment them, was silent as a lamb. Come on, how could you, the icon of restlessness turn to the light?! You’re making everyone else lose face!

So, when these underlings heard the very-informative-scream, they all got excited. Their multi-coloured eyes lit up like lightbulbs, causing the soldiers nearby to shiver.

Currently Jin Boss was wake and expression was normal, to be honest, he even looked better than yesterday. However, the aura surrounding him was definitely one of ‘don’t come near me’. The BOSS just looked at him, helpless. As for WuYin, he was at the roof eating happily. Even though he didn’t hear anything yesterday due to the barrier, this one line was enough to tell him everything. Tsk, tsk, tsk, his master and his master’s wife really got along well.

“Stop looking! You seen me in formal attire!!” Once JinYu changed into his luxurious red-black-gold Tang robe with a golden QiLin embroidery, Qi BOSS’s became search lights. Seeing JinYu like this just made him want to pounce him. But, seeing that they did it yesterday and a certain whale was about to explode, he’ll hold it in for now. Otherwise, he would be sleeping on the floor tonight. (Search 长袍 to see outfit, it’s a one piece, high collar, long sleeves, robe with slits on both sides around the legs. You’ll wear pants underneath of course)

JinYu wore an elegant and classy robe, matched with his short hair and a cold smile, it was powerful. Thus, when he walked out of the store, those underlings were instantly shook. After their momentary pause, they started searching for their cameras.

My god this would definitely get my boss cracked up! When did that bastard who almost wore pyjamas outside wear something so formal! Definitely blowing this up and plastering it on the walls!!!

But just as these underlings hurriedly got out their cameras, they became useless. The cameras that were said to last a decade broke down in front of them.

When lifted their heads up, they saw the cold chuckle of a certain BOSS.

If you take a pic, I’ll break you down!

“XiaoXue, come here!” JinYu shouted from outside the house inwards, disregarding the amount of people hiding outside. Then, a snow-white, energetic Snow Eagle charged out, completely letting loose. The scene of a three meters tall Snow Eagle running out was so powerful it blinded all the watchers. Not that it was unheard of, but at such a sensitive time, when all the beasts were avoiding humans, to see such a high levelled beasts running up to a human cheerfully…yep, it’s incomprehensible!!!

Regardless of what everyone else thought, Jin Boss was already on XiaoXue’s back and headed towards the Royal Hunter Academy. It was nine in the morning and the sun was bright with no clouds in sight. Yep, just a bit windy, but a certain BOSS was putting up a barrier.

At the same time, the major forces of the Capital Star and the Ten Families all headed towards the Royal Hunter Academy. No matter what, this negotiation was a major turning point in the history of humans and beasts. This negotiation would directly affect how the humans and the beasts will take their next step. So, it was an important event for both parties.

What made the politicians discontented and unhappy but still had to pay attention to was the fact that this negotiation was done by some-beast special. Unlike the last time, where the beasts did nothing, this time they somehow announced on the web, telling the humans that the beast in charge of the negotiation with Jin Boss was the number one scholar White Fox Beast under the third prince. Supposedly this beast have five different identities, where three are well known scholars of the Capital Star…

The moment his identity was exposed on the web, a shockwave was felt through the academic field. They stared wide-eyed and red-necked at the fact that their aspiration or rival turned out to be a fox! And a fox that looked more handsome than them in human form! In an instant, many things were thrown and broken. Are you kidding me?!

Just as humans were scratching their heads in embarrassment, the beast’s webpage got hacked by humans. Then, an image of a shamelessly showoff but handsome men’s video replaced the white fox’s. The credentials for this man made humans let out a sigh of relief and made beasts howl.

YiWen, male, bypassing appearance and income, he has three titles, the principal researcher on beasts, the principal/chief researcher on supernatural powers (异能), and the first to break and merged heavy ions.

Although the three titles were impressive, it wasn’t enough to get all of humanity excited, what was important was the fact that these three titles topped the white fox’s perfectly. What really did the final blow was the video posted by YiWen. It was a certain fox in human form, lowering his head and saying he admired YiWen.

Thus, a certain white fox got blasted away by a certain silver dragon. WTF!! Why would I, YinLong have such an idiot as an underling!!!

That wasn’t the end. As the clock struck ten, in the training field of the Royal Hunter Academy sat all of the major forces, with the beasts on one side and the humans on the other. Everyone stared intensely at the beast and human in the middle, or more properly, two humans. A certain whale who hadn’t had a good expression all day due to a certain nighttime activity looked at the fox on the other side. This beast had another powerful aura around him, clearly his transformation to a human was helped by one of the three beast kings.

But even then, this beast with an expression of wanting a fight wasn’t on par with him. Even though he leaned towards the beasts, it was a negotiation and negotiations required an equal playing field.

Thus, he simply turned around, swayed his sleeves and said to YiWen, who stood respectfully behind Qi QingLin, “You go, his not qualified to talk with me.” After all, even if this fox was high levelled, he couldn’t’ represented the entire beast community. But he, even alone can represent at least three families out of the Ten Families. So, he needed to talk with someone who could at least represent three tenths the beasts population. That was the quickest and most effective way to save the problem.

Thus under the dumbfounded gaze of the humans, and the dumbstruck gaze of the beasts, YiWen bowed politely towards JinYu and Qi QingLin. Then, under the supportive gazes of JiaWu, DingBai, and BingHei, he showed a foxy smile and started the first round of negotiation with Bai WenChang.

Thus, the two managed to conduct at least a hundred negotiations in the days after. The moment one is mentioned to the other, they would be biting their teeth in hatred, but also became the person who appreciated the other the most. What they didn’t know was that every negotiation of theirs would become textbook examples and taught as lesson materials. The two would also be coined as the ‘closest opposing species’ and become the fantasy and research of generations to come.

In the future, a memoir by a certain famous person said the following when he saw the human and the fox…My God! How is there a beast and human that is so alike?! At least one of them was born from the wrong mother, right?!

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January 18, 2020 1:35 am

What JinYu said shot too close for comfort. He was right again, but just doesn’t know it… yet. I bet the “honorable” descendant of the Great Slaughterer will sooner or later expose himself as such to show those stupid people who they are dealling with. Well at least they will know who to blame for this mess and who will have a miserable end.
For now the negotiations are in full swing, if the descendant is to attack, he will do it soon.

Thank you for the chapter!

May 9, 2020 11:58 pm

I am confused because the author either keeps bringing in people we do not know up to this point, or the author is changing characters names. The questions is, who is Bai Wenchang? Especially since, up to this point, the only Bai clan members mentioned are the following: ● Bai HongHu – DaBei’s previous owner, who was beat up by Qinglin and JinYu ● President Bai Fuchi – The current President of the Star Planet ● Bai Cai – Tried to steal our MCs furnishing, but instead he too was beaten up!! 😂 I have created a spreadsheet for this… Read more »

August 15, 2020 11:25 am

……i hope the last lines of the previous chapter and the first one of this one isn’t foreshadowing because I’ll cry–

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