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Chapter 63: Fifth World (4)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Trapped in Samuel’s arms, Bai Duan tried to struggle, but in any case, it was just like shaking a tree with a silver spoon in his hand. He was a little weak in speed and strength. Although he was well-off, the original ‘Samuel’ had been receiving regular and strict combat training since he was a child. He had been on the front lines of the rampaging demons several times, and came back with extraordinary skill. Now after being transformed by Samuel, the strength of this body was even higher; it was easy to subdue Bai Duan.

The arm that encircled Bai Duan’s waist was slightly forced. Samuel directly held him up like a child and let him sit in the bend of his arm. Then he stepped into the pool, regardless of his robe being soaked by the bath water.

Bai Duan’s hands and feet were bound by the beam of light, even twisting his body and rubbing against it for a long time had no effect at all. Then he heard Samuel’s original gentle breath suddenly become hot and fast, and he became stiff and obedient.

Living in Black Street, Bai Duan was also ‘knowledgeable’. Black Street residents never hid their desires. Even though Bai Duan was not interested in this aspect, he had seen many times where someone would brew sauce in public and knew that a person was making love. The physical reaction when he wanted to even Bai Duan had met a villain who tried to rape him. The villain didn’t succeed, he was beaten by Bai Duan. In the second half of his life, Bai Duan was taught how to be a human being, but this experience left a very bad impression on him, which led him to be extremely exclusive towards love and desire. He only felt that human beings were ugly and was disgusted when they were controlled by such desires, like beasts.

However, unexpectedly, when Bai Duan leaned against Samuel’s arms and felt his heart beating violently and the hot breath spraying on his neck, he did not feel the consistent disgust and distraught feelings, but his body became feverish and trembled slightly, as if he was infected, overflowing with a trace of expectation and desire from deep within his bones.

Due to his ‘abnormal’ response, Bai Duan was frightened and scared, stiff and confused. Subconsciously, he raised his hand to close his shirt, even if it was in vain, he was shocked when he bowed his head to look down.

“What did you do to me?!” Looking at the black, sticky dirt oozing out of his skin, Bai Duan was shocked pale, and his body couldn’t help attacking the body behind him.

Samuel groaned because of his ‘sudden attack’, but he had no time to control his body’s reaction. He quickly pacified his frightened lover, “Don’t worry, I put some holy water into the pool. The diluted holy water can wash away the dirt deposited in the body, restore the vitality of the body, and cure the past dark injuries. Which is something that no one wants to get.”

Bai Duan was stunned and felt a little bit odd. He found that his body seemed to be really light and healthy, which relieved him a little. However, he was still wary of Samuel, only partially grateful, “Why did you let me bathe in holy water?”

Samuel sighed at the fact that his good intentions were not rewarded, but the smile on the corner of his mouth was rather hostile. He raised his hand, stroked Bai Duan’s cheek, “Otherwise, I can’t talk.”

“Who wants you to talk?!” Bai Duan immediately blew up and stared at Samuel fiercely, but he could only see the gentle and affectionate smile within those blue eyes, without any contempt or falsehood.

Involuntarily, Bai Duan was attracted by such eyes and he stared at the other person in a daze. In the next moment, he felt a sudden cold breeze on his chest. Samuel had taken the opportunity to pull his clothes apart.

Bai Duan suddenly regained his mind and was annoyed that he had lost his mind because of Samuel. He never knew that he could be controlled by a face. Knowing how dangerous Samuel was, he was still confused by him.

“You let me go!” Bai Duan blushed and struggled again, but Samuel ignored his resistance. He leaned over near his lips like he was delivering punishment, like he was going to give a bite of intimacy. Then he gently pressed the tip of his nose against Bai Duan’s, his voice was hoarse and he muttered, “Honey, don’t move. You know why, right?”

During the conversation, Samuel kept moving, thoroughly scraping against Bai Duan’s skin. Then he stroked his skin with both hands, washing off the dirt that was leaving his pores. He even washed Bai Duan’s little brother.

Bai Duan was ashamed and annoyed. His whole person turned red like a shrimp cooked in boiling water. What’s worse, his body even had a reaction under Samuel’s actions. The parts that had never been touched by others, which even Bai Duan himself had always ignored, were shaking and hardening. He raised his head, let out some tears, and then quickly integrated into the water.

Watching Bai Duan’s reaction, Samuel did not want to let go of this ‘blessed opportunity’ that was naturally in front of his eyes. No matter in the last world or in the world before that, he had to endure for a long time before he was finally able to eat the meat in front of him and almost ended up going crazy. It was hard to take a small and fresh love route in this life. So why not… eat first?

Reaching for his light and naked sweetheart, Samuel grasped Bai Duan’s erect part under his bewildered eyes and stroked it gently.

After so many years of experience, Samuel’s skill was naturally good and superb, and he knew Bai Duan’s sensitive points very well. Soon, the green Bai Duan was disarmed and surrendered, before he ejaculated. 

Samuel chuckled and kissed Bai Duan’s red ear, “It looks like you liked it?”

Bai Duan, who really liked it, was speechless, but was unwilling to let Samuel be proud. He grinded his teeth hard, “This is just the most normal reaction!”

“Oh, is it?” Samuel saw through Bai Duan’s bluff and slightly raised his eyebrows. “If other people do this to you, you will be so obedient and show such a face full of charm and let them hold you in his hands?”

Bai Duan choked for a moment and turned his head silently. If he had been treated like this by someone else, he would have been so disgusted and desperate to die after killing the other person. How could he have such a feeling of enjoyment and shyness, or even…still have something to say?

What’s the matter with me? Was all this really the result of that unknown spell? In his heart, Bai Duan was confused. His reason told him not to indulge, but his feelings couldn’t resist and fell back to Samuel, constantly clamoring to get close to him, obey him and attach himself to him.

It was just… it was horrible.

Seeing Bai Duan’s complexion fade from coquettish and shy crimson to pale and panicked, Samuel had to slow down his pressing pace and caress his short hair soaked with pool water, “Don’t be afraid of me. Although I’m not a good man, I really don’t mean to hurt you.” He held Bai Duan’s cheek and his eyes were tender and sincere. “What I said before was not to deceive you. I really fell in love with you at first sight. Even though you left me, I didn’t have any resentment. The so-called technique of manipulating your feelings you worried about doesn’t exist at all. I swear to the God of Light. We had such special feelings for each other as soon as we met. It must be God’s will that we are destined to fall in love with each other.”

Bai Duan’s uneasiness was gradually soothed by Samuel’s words, but he did not simply let go of his guard, only calmed down.

With a slight hiss, Bai Duan turned his mouth and said, “You say you are not a good man. Do you still believe in the God of Light? The God of Light has no believer like you! You swear by the God of Light but you can’t believe in him at all!”

Samuel choked a bit; he couldn’t deceive his lover. He had never really regarded the God of Light as his lifelong belief, and had to look away from him. In order to play the original body perfectly, he was a little deep in the play and could not help but always put the God of Light on his mouth, full of the temperament of a believer.

Unexpectedly, he deceived the world, the Holy Church, and the Knights of the sanctuary, but his lover immediately knew.

Finally, Bai Duan pulled back from Samuel. Bai Duan felt very happy. Even he didn’t realize that his initial warning and rejection of Samuel had dissipated in a short period of time. Instead, he took on the tit for tat of being happy enemies.

After Bai Duan’s slight advantage, the atmosphere between the two men was more harmonious. Samuel was no longer lustful, and began to help Bai Duan clean his body conscientiously. He stroked the scars on Bai Duan’s body, urged the holy light in his body to eliminate them one by one, and finally stopped his fingers at Bai Duan’s chest.

Bai Duan’s chest was white and smooth, with no hair. The pink nubs stood proudly on it, pitifully lovely. However, Samuel’s attention was not attracted by the beauty in front of him. Instead, he felt his thin ribs, which were sticking out, and sighed softly, “You are so thin…”

Bai Duan pursed his lips, turned his head to one side and mumbled, “It’s none of your business…”

This was the first time that someone cared about him and it was coming from Samuel in such a painful tone. Even though Bai Duan was still alert towards Samuel, he couldn’t help but soften his attitude. His stubborn retort sounded shy and coquettish.

“Of course it’s none of my business.” Samuel picked up his eyebrows, and his tone was ambiguous and full of hints. “You look so thin and weak that I can’t bear to start. I’m afraid that you will be hurt if I use a little force…”

Bai Duan’s face was red again because of Samuel’s shameless words. He pushed Samuel away. He was surprised to find that the beam of light that had been wrapped around him had disappeared quietly. He hurriedly climbed out of the pool, grabbed a robe and draped it over his body, and ran away, leaving wet footprints.

Samuel leaned against the pool wall, squinted at Bai Duan, and remembered the round and smooth buttocks. He couldn’t help licking his lips, and squinting proudly.

In one world, he was a loyal, honest, generous and gentle elder brother; in the last world, he was a simple, shy and introverted fat man. In these two worlds, he had been suppressing his desire for Bai Duan. Although such roles were interesting occasionally, he preferred to indulge in his nature and do things that made Bai Duan shy and helpless.

The bad master of high rank and the shy chamberlain… 

Well, this play was quite interesting, wasn’t it?

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