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Chapter 64: Fifth World (5)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

The more fanciful he was, the hotter his heart became. Samuel leaned against the pool for a long time and didn’t suppress his body’s reaction. He had to reach out and hold his ‘interest’. At the same time, he remembered the playing with Bai Duan just now. He was forced to relieve the fire in his heart by being self reliant.

Bai Duan, who rushed out of the bath, fell down on the soft bed and was so ashamed and angry that he held his knees to his chin and was stunned. After a while, he finally calmed down and frowned seriously. Because he found that his attitude towards Samuel was very abnormal, not only was it abnormal that his heart was beating faster, but there was also a deeper, more dangerous feeling that even he could hardly noticed…dependence and trust.

Bai Duan grew up in Black Street since he was a child. As an orphan without a father, mother and limited strength, he learned a lot in Black Street. He was cold, ruthless, and black handed most importantly, he learned to be patient and cold.

If the other side was an insurmountable existence in any way, then no matter how he was treated, Bai Duan could control his emotions, be humble and patient, take self preservation as an ultimate goal, and try to avoid further infuriating the enemy.

But in front of Samuel, who was high-powered, unpredictable and irresistible, he had a very different response.

If the other side was not Samuel, Bai Duan wouldn’t bear to have a showdown with the other side so quickly and directly explore the purpose and attitude of the other side. On the contrary, Bai Duan tended to pretend that he didn’t know anything about his past ‘save or die’. After all, Samuel was totally different from the Son of God everyone else knew, and he didn’t even see Samuel at that time.

Bai Duan wanted to disguise himself as a Black Street kid who had escaped from Black Street. He would worship Samuel as a God. He would try his best to please him, soften him, and accept all the punishment imposed on him, so as to alleviate Samuel’s dissatisfaction and even hatred. Even if he couldn’t do it, such cowardly performance would also help Samuel to despise him, to ignore him, to lose interest in him and to relax control over him, this would help Bai Duan escape from life when he was not prepared.

This was the real wisdom of a man who held hatred against Samuel but had no resistance.

However, Bai Duan, when he was alone with Samuel, directly put his grudges on the table. He was tough and unfriendly towards Samuel’s attitude. He also tried to provoke the other with words and behavior. It was all tit-for-tat with him, never yielding to each other, and even being complacent.

This was not only different from Bai Duan’s usual practice, but also extremely stupid. It was just like seeking death.

When his head calmed down, Bai Duan looked at his performance coldly from the perspective of an onlooker. He had to admit that his previous practice was not so much a ‘negotiation’ with Samuel, but a constant exploration of the other side’s bottom line without fear. On the one hand, he was afraid of doubting Samuel, on the other hand, he was instinctively trusting the other side, thinking that it was impossible for Samuel to hurt him. It made him feel the unlimited indulgence and care the other side gave.

This attitude was so contradictory that Bai Duan couldn’t deal with it. Now he didn’t know what kind of attitude he should show Samuel.

Was it ‘arrogance based on favor’ of continued talent?

After all, Samuel seemed to like his arrogant attitude and even indulged in his feelings; or should he suppress his instinct and keep a distance from Samuel so as not to sink deeper and deeper? Was it true when Samuel said he didn’t curse him? He really had the same feeling of love at first sight? Even if he couldn’t save himself, he still didn’t complain or hate him?

In other words, it was just a game the Son of God played when he was bored. When he was tired of playing, he would turn his face mercilessly…

Bai Duan’s mind was tangled, but before he could come to a conclusion, he heard light and steady footsteps. Bai Duan raised his head reflexively to look towards the direction of the sound. Just after his blush was removed, his color was restored again, “Why aren’t you wearing clothes?”

As soon as he said it, he wanted to slap himself. When facing Samuel, Bai Duan’s instinct was to act before he reasoned with himself, and frankly this reflected his thoughts in front of Samuel without reservation or disguise.

Samuel picked up his eyebrows, raised his hand and stroked his long blonde hair over his shoulder, arranging it so that it could block his private parts and lower abdomen, but his expression was indifferent and innocent, “Wear clothes? What should I wear? Aren’t you wearing my clothes right now?”

Bai Duan choked, and then looked at the low-key and elegant but luxurious robe he was wearing. He subconsciously closed the neckline again, and felt the smooth cloth flowing over his skin like water.

“Comfortable?” Samuel took note of Bai Duan’s action and chuckled, “This is a robe that has been blessed by the holy light. It will not let cold or heat through, and it will deflect all weapons. It will also automatically form the holy light shield when attacked. Only the Pope and the Son of God can have it.”

Bai Duan took a swipe at the corners of his mouth. He felt that these clothes were too heavy for him to wear or take off, but he didn’t have any. Bai Duan didn’t want to continue to be red in front of Samuel.

Fortunately, Samuel didn’t mean to embarrass him or force him to take off his clothes. After all, he had just met Bai Duan. There were still some contradictions and bumps that hadn’t been solved. Being too aggressive would not only not get him any good results, but it would also make Bai Duan feel offended and insulted.

Turning to the wardrobe, Samuel took out a robe out of the closet, and then turned to Bai Duan, who had just breathed out a sigh of relief.

“…What are you doing?!” Bai Duan caught sight of Samuel’s eyes and was alert again.

“Hmm?” Samuel raised his mouth and smiled with a bad but charming smile. “You are my chamberlain now. Don’t you have to act the part? Just now, I had to teach you how to bathe me. Now, you need to learn how to change my clothes for me.”

Bai Duan puckered his lips and subconsciously recalled Samuel’s ‘teaching’ method. Suddenly, there was a burst of pink on his body, as if his skin was still touched and ‘cleaned’ inch by inch by Samuel.

After scolding himself for his ‘shamelessness’, Bai Duan was worried about his future job, and so he finally climbed down from the bed that he had made a mess of, and then carefully took Samuel’s robe. As soon as the robe was in his hands, Bai Duan felt the gap between the robe and his clothes, and his eyes could not help drifting. The clothes worn by the servant were better than those of the master, which was the case…right?

Bai Duan was calm with a flat face, but Samuel had long been a roundworm in his stomach. At a glance, he knew what he was thinking, “What? Surprised?” He raised his hand and pinched the back of Bai Duan’s neck, which was enough to scare the youth to death. He turned stiff, but because of Samuel’s action, there was a flash of crispness, with a dangerous and exciting impact. “The Holy Light robe is the most precious treasure of the Holy Church, even if I am one of the only ones who can wear it.”

Bai Duan felt that the robe on his body was extremely hot, but before he could react, Samuel suddenly reached out and pressed down on his shoulder. In the next moment, the wide robe that didn’t fit him tightened and shrunk in a flash of light. After the holy light dissipated, it had become a size suitable for Bai Duan, even the pattern, color and style on it had changed. It was like ordinary clothes worn by ordinary people. Bai Duan would have suspected that he had changed clothes if it wasn’t for the unusual smooth touch.

Stunned, Bai Duan looked up at Samuel.

Samuel lowered his head and kissed his forehead fondly, “Do you like it? It will be yours later.”

Bai Duan blinked, subconsciously bringing that piece of sweetness to his heart. He had almost calmed down and had to say that the adaptability of Black Street people was extremely strong. To Bai Duan’s surprise, apart from pure happiness, he had no gratitude or fear. Instead… it was as if this was a normal thing that Samuel should give all the good things to him.

Bai Duan was shocked by his understanding of such cheekiness. He frowned and waved away the inexplicable feeling. He raised his hand to take off his clothes, “I can’t!”

Samuel looked at Bai Duan with a smile, and looked at him quietly pulling at the belt at his waist. Until Bai Duan’s action became rushed and flustered from being careful, did Samuel finally open his mouth, “Give up. You can’t take it off.”

Bai Duan’s expression was inconceivable.

“Though the robe of light is on you, it is, in essence, connected with my heart.” Samuel stroked Bai Duan’s head and explained with a smile. Speaking, as if to verify the truth of what he said, he just casually hooked the collar around Bai Duan neck. The robe, which had never been moved no matter how Bai Duan pulled, suddenly loosened, revealing the delicate clavicle and a small half of the beautiful shoulders.

Bai Duan, who grabbed his collar reflexively, “…”

“You see, it’s great, isn’t it?” Samuel smiled happily. He bent down and touched the tip of Bai Duan’s nose. Then he leaned close towards Bai Duan’s ear and lowered his voice before saying in an ambiguous tone, “No one can take it off and put it on except me. Your body only belongs to me, only I have the right to look at and treasure it.”

Bai Duan, with blank face, “….”

It was just… a facade???!

What’s wrong with the Holy Church? How can it cultivate such a serpent to ‘help’ the public?

The collapsed Bai Duan endured again and again, but finally couldn’t bear it. He shoved his clothes in Samuel’s face.

In front of Samuel, he may never be able to remain calm and rational, so… he might as well follow his instincts.

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