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Chapter 65: Fifth World (6)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In the end, Samuel still failed to teach his little ‘chamberlain’ how to dress himself, but he didn’t care about it. He was still naked as he took Bai Duan into his arms and got on the bed with him. His excuse was ‘he didn’t want to sleep on the carpet, so he was mercifully allowed to share the bed.’

Bai Duan struggled so hard but he could not shake off Samuel’s arms. He even found that his clothes, which could not be pulled down, became loose and almost fell off. Finally, he accepted the reality.

After all, a small part of his body had been attached to Samuel’s red and naked skin, and the burning heat in his lower abdomen was ready to move. The sense of aggression was completely equal to his crotch, which made his body slightly warm.

Trapped in Samuel’s arms, his body was wrapped in the other’s heat, and his nose was full of the other’s breath. Bai Duan thought that he would tighten his body and open his eyes until dawn. After all, people in Black Street were vigilant. They went out alone and excluded all from entering their territory. Even Bai Duan never slept in the same room with others, let alone on a bed, so close.

However, he didn’t expect that he would just close his eyes in Samuel’s arms, and soon fall into a deep sleep. He didn’t wake up until it was very bright. His body and soul were well rested, and he didn’t want to move at all.

Nestled in a warm and soft bed, leaning against Samuel’s arms, listening to the steady heartbeat from his chest, Bai Duan was dazed for a long time before he realized his situation, and his body went stiff reflexively.

He had always been a light sleeper. He would wake up the moment there was a breeze. Now, Samuel’s appearance completely subverted his habit.

“Good morning.” Samuel’s voice was a little hoarse, with a slight nasal sound when he got up in the morning. “Did you sleep well last night?”

Bai Duan licked his lips and couldn’t contradict him. He could only hum, “That’s because your bed is very comfortable.”

Bai Duan told him the truth; he had never slept in such a comfortable bed since he was a child. Even the thick carpet on the floor was much more comfortable than his narrow, damp wooden bed.

Samuel was silent for a moment, sighed and kissed Bai Duan’s hair, “When we get back to the Holy Church, you will get a more comfortable bed, which will be hundreds of times better than this one.”

Bai Duan’s head tilted and his face was at a loss he couldn’t imagine what a better bed would be like.

“I’m not lying to you.” Samuel chuckled, “I carved a thousand year old holy wood for the bed given by the Holy Church, which is inlaid with pyroxene and surrounded with incense. It has the effect of relaxing the spirit and sleeping, beautifying the face, and can slowly accumulate the power of the holy light in the body. And the bedding is made of brocade, lying on it is like you are in a soft cloud, like a dream like a fantasy… “

Listening to Samuel’s words, Bai Duan could not help showing his eager and curious look, and saw that Samuel’s look became more and more gentle, “Not only the bed, but also the Holy Church’s efforts to provide for the whole continent, with all its food and clothing. It can be said that it is perfect. There is nothing that the Holy Church can’t get and use.”

This was the Holy Church on the surface. In fact, it was more extravagant and wasteful than the royal family. It was just that both the provider and the supported were used to it and didn’t think it was wrong at all.

Of course, Samuel himself, while sneering at the extravagance of the Holy Church, was not going to make any change either. First of all, it was not easy to change the extravagant style of the Holy Church. On the other hand, such a life was also in Samuel’s mind. His little lover had suffered too much because of the task he took over temporarily. Of course, he should let the other party enjoy it and make up for his previous suffering.

Because of Samuel’s description of the life of the Holy Church, Bai Duan’s rejection of the Holy Church finally subsided by three points. Even if he thought that being in the Holy Church was like a bird in a cage, it was a blessing that he had no worries about food, housing and water.

Freedom was precious, but people born in Black Street preferred to lose freedom in exchange for adequate food and stable residence.

“The only drawback in the Holy Church is that it is very strict and the rules are troublesome but you’re my chamberlain. No one can command you except me, and you don’t need to care about others.” Sitting up on his side, Samuel idly combed his long blonde hair to the back of his head, and showed his good figure. His blue eyes looked at Bai Duan gently, and his tone was bland with a bit of bullying. “If someone bullies you, just come to me.”

Bai Duan was fascinated by his appearance again, and his mind was in a trance.

He had no parents and struggled to grow up as a child. Even though he was used to living alone, he still longed for a broad and firm shoulder to protect him from the wind and rain. It must be said that Samuel’s gentle and domineering appearance really stabbed Bai Duan’s soft spot, and stirred his most vulnerable heartstrings. When Samuel stretched his arms around him, Bai Duan did not resist.

Samuel and Bai Duan did not stay in bed for long because they were leaving for the Holy Church today. However, by the time they were dressed, it had been a long time since they woke up.

Bai Duan’s cheeks were red, his eyes bright, and his legs slightly soft, while Samuel’s mouth was hooked and he smiled contentedly and evilly. He knew that the most harmonious time was when he gets up and before he put on his clothes.

However, when the two came to the bedroom door, their faces suddenly changed. Bai Duan lowered his head, put on the mask of timidity and restraint, Samuel also pressed down the arc of the corner of his mouth, converged the dissolute and uninhibited aura in his bones, and turned back to the Son of God, who was gentle, benevolent and indifferent.

Aware of the change, Bai Duan and Samuel took a look at each other.

Bai Duan secretly rolled his eyes, as if mocking Samuel’s inconsistency, while Samuel raised his hand and stroked Bai Duan’s head to hide the twinkling pain in his eyes.

His simple and straightforward lover had learned to disguise himself and be fake. Although this was an essential growth for them, Samuel still felt extreme pity.

If circumstances permit, Samuel hoped that Bai Duan would always be as pampered and confident as their previous world. However, there was uncertainty in every world, even Samuel could not fully control the whole situation.

The only good news was that Bai Duan was not as vulnerable as Samuel was worried about. Even if he was left alone in a poverty-stricken and dangerous place like Black Street, he still quickly adapted to it and tried to make his life better.

At the end of this life, Bai Duan’s memory of this life would also be sealed to avoid the accumulation of negative emotions. When all his memories were unsealed, his soul strength and willpower should also grow to a level that would not be easily defeated, and he would laugh at the suffering he experienced.

With a slight sigh, Samuel opened the door and gave a little nod to the Templar standing tall in front of it.

As soon as the eyes of the Templar looked at him, they brightened and hurriedly bowed their head to greet him. Although it was strange why the Son of God, who always worked and slept regularly, got up so late, they did not ask. Later, their eyes moved behind Samuel and became slightly stunned.

Noticing the eyes of the Templar, Samuel leaned slightly to the side, exposed Bai Duan behind him, and introduced him with a smile. “His name is Bai Duan, the chamberlain I brought back yesterday. Bai Duan, this is my guard Knight Andre, who is specially responsible for my safety. You should get along well in the future.”

Andre looked at Bai Duan in disbelief. It was obviously hard to imagine that this white and beautiful boy was the dirty Black Street boy from yesterday. Yesterday, Bai Duan’s skin was sallow and his clothes were shabby. Now, Bai Duan had washed away the medicament that covered his skin color and had been baptized by holy water. He was like a completely new baby. Compared with the vagrant from Black Street, he was more like a young gentleman from a noble family even being physically weak.

No matter who liked the pleasant things more, even Andre, who couldn’t see Bai Duan yesterday, couldn’t help but soften his face at this moment. He nodded his greetings to Bai Duan. Although his attitude was still a little high, he was much more pleasant than yesterday.

Bai Duan was so frightened that he looked like a gentle and harmless animal trying to explore a new environment, which made Andre’s gaze more gentle. On the contrary, Samuel frowned and moved his body to block Andre’s eyes on Bai Duan.

‘Get along’ was just a pleasantry. He didn’t want Bai Duan to have any interaction with others at all.

It was a pity that the faithful and upright Templar didn’t know what kind of duplicity he served. He carefully followed Samuel’s instructions, took care of Bai Duan, who had just joined the team and knew nothing about anything, and offered to give him a ride after learning that he could not ride a horse.

Sitting on the exclusive chariot of the Son of God, Samuel watched his sweetheart being pulled up by another man and placed between his arms. He only felt his eyes were red with envy. However, the rules of the Holy Church were annoying. In private, he could indulge in Bai Duan and even secretly let him wear his holy robe, but in public, he had to keep a distance from Bai Duan, allowing his status and dignity to make an insurmountable gap between them.

After all, he was now just a nominal ‘Son of God’ and had no ability to fight against the rules of the Holy Church.

Staring at Andre’s back for a few seconds, Samuel put down the curtains of the chariot without any expression on his face, and began to think in his heart about how to seize power and control the whole Holy Church as soon as possible.

The curtain cut off Samuel’s gaze toward Andre, and freed Andre from the sense of crisis just now. He moved his body a little, breathed a little, looked down at Bai Duan sitting in front of him, “The mood of His Highness, Son of God today…it doesn’t seem very good?”

Bai Duan was stiff and absent-minded, “Huh? Is it?”

“Yes, it is.” Andre’s intuition had always been sharp, and his tone was absolutely sure. However, he didn’t intend to say anything more to Bai Duan, but after admonishing him to be careful with his words and deeds, he shifted the topic, released one hand and pressed on Bai Duan’s shoulder, “Relax a little.”

Bai Duan leaned against Andre’s arm, sat up straight, and drew away from Andre.

“We’re more than a day away from the Holy Church. It’s easy for you to get tired because you’re so tense. You won’t be able to bear it. Don’t worry, riding is not a terrible thing. I won’t let you fall down.” Andre thought Bai Duan’s ‘fearful’ look was quite interesting and his tone was amused.

Bai Duan nodded at random, trying to relax, but with little success he couldn’t relax at all.

He was red almost all day yesterday. When he was naked in Samuel’s arms, he was able to sleep in peace and contentment. But today, Bai Duan and Andre were riding together on the same horse and were separated by thick armor. However, Bai Duan couldn’t bear the breath of other person at all.

His body was tense and he could attack instantly; the nerves in his brain were screaming, warning Bai Duan that a stranger had invaded his territory. Even though Andre had no malice towards Bai Duan, he still couldn’t bear the excessive approach of the other party.

Sure enough, only Samuel was different.

Bai Duan had to realize once again that Samuel’s heart was full of frustration and jealousy for this particularity, and there was a trace…of secret joy after accepting the reality.

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