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Chapter 70: Fifth World (11)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

Due to a sudden attack from the demons, the whole Holy Church was shocked in an instant. The attendants fled and passed on the news, and countless Templars came from all directions to encircle the demons. However, they didn’t know whether they should be shocked by the sudden appearance of the demons or pay attention to the bishop.

Different from the humble and unimportant attendants, most of the Templars were born into the noble class. As the strong shields and swords of the Holy Church, they were also the focus of the Holy Church’s brainwashing.

In the eyes of these loyal Knights, the high-ranking bishops of the Holy Church were the masters of their lives. Even if these masters were ambitious, they still had noble moral characters; they controlled power only to better serve the God of Light but, instead of heeding God, they wanted to control the world and guide the ‘confused’ beings.

Therefore, even if a group of ‘blasphemers’ of lower rank were found in the Holy Church, their loyalty to higher-level bishops would not be affected. After all, those were not the objects of their loyalty. However, the appearance of red, naked, corpulent, rotten, desolate and lascivious people, who were second only to the Pope and the Son of God, was far beyond their scope.

Although their minds were blank from the scene in front of them, the knights had to suppress their inner struggle, raise their long guns and sharp swords towards the demon, and protect the cardinal who was crawling under the demon’s feet and yelling at them.

To everyone’s surprise, even if surrounded by the Knights of the Templars, the demon didn’t fall at all. It roared and clawed, and rushed straight at the shining weapons.

The holy light had always been the natural enemy of the demons. There were no demons who were not afraid of the bright and warm light. However, this demon seemed to have changed. Even if the holy light weapon stabbed it, it only left a light scorch mark. Due to frequent injuries, the demon was fierce, and the attack on the Knights was more fierce.

The Knights were constantly wounded by the demons. Under the black decayed air rising from the sky, even the holy light became more and more gloomy, just like the faltering belief in the minds of all people. What would it mean if the Knights of the Templars could not kill a demon that had invaded the Holy Church’s holy land?

If the holy light was no longer a powerful weapon to kill demons, could the future of this continent still have hope? And the reason for all this, was it because the demons had become more powerful? Or because the Holy Church’s actions made God feel disappointed, making the holy light decline and no longer shine?

The always determined Knights were shaken and confused as never before, and just when their faith was on the verge of collapse, a holy light arrow came from afar, straight through the heart of the demon.

The demonic thing screamed and stumbled backward. In the next moment, a light net fell from the sky, and the demon was accurately covered in it and captured in an instant.

The demon struggled and roared in the light net, but it was unable to resist the tighter light net. Before long, it was cut into numerous small pieces by the light net, and turned into black gas that dissipated in the air. The net destroyed the demon, and then it turned into a light, disappearing into the sky. It broke the black smog left by the demons and the clouds shrouded over the Holy Church, and made the sky bright again, and the Holy Church a focal point.

Under the radiance, the Son of God, dressed in white robes, walked over slowly. His face was cold, beautiful, dignified and compassionate, as if he were the incarnation of the God of Light come down to the world. With his steps, the Templar Knights had to put away their weapons and kneel on one knee, while the attendants had to kneel on all four, and they began to recite the prayer to the gods.

Yes, even though the Holy Church was decaying, they still had the Son of God.

At any time, the holy light in the Son of God’s hand was still powerful and dazzling, protecting them from the invasion of demons, and maintaining the purest faith in their hearts.

He raised his hand and healed the knights wounded by the demon with holy light. Samuel walked to the cardinal slowly.

As early as when the Knights besieged the demon, the escaped bishop had already put on his robe and arranged his appearance. However, no matter how gorgeous and exquisite the clothes were, they could not cover up his rotten interior.

Samuel, with a long body and an expressionless face, gazed at the bishop. His blue eyes were filled with grief and anger. Under his cold gaze, the bishop could not help shivering for a moment. Instinctively, he felt ashamed. He looked away, and lowered his arrogant head for the first time.

“Bishop Doleck, you…” Samuel’s throat clenched. It seemed that there were thousands of words to question, but when they reached his mouth, they lost the desire to escape. After all, facts were better than eloquence. No matter what language, it couldn’t cover the ugly truth.

Staring at the confused bishop, Samuel’s disappointment in his eyes was deeper. His originally white face was even whiter. Even his slender body seemed to be faltering because of the huge blow.

Sometimes the unspeakable blame was the most intolerable. Looking at the Son of God, who was disappointed to the extreme, people were even more frightened, for fear that their only salvation would abandon them because of disappointment.

Coincidentally, both the Knights and the attendants bowed their heads and prayed respectfully and devoutly. The voices of countless people gathered together, grand and solemn, full of pure holy faith, and it soothed everyone’s shaking, uneasiness, anger and depression caused by the recent disaster.

Listening to the people’s sincere praise for the God of Light, Samuel’s face finally softened slowly and changed back to the kind and gentle Son of God.

He sighed softly, and his voice was low, “Bishop Doleck, I will report this to His Holiness, who will decide your punishment.”

Doleck opened his mouth, but he knew that the situation was over, and his head was bowed in despair.

Samuel closed his eyes and said nothing more. He quickly leaned over, passed Doleck, and headed for the Pope’s residence—and, of course, as he passed Bai Duan, who was hiding in the crowd, he did not forget to slow down a little and push him to keep up with him.

Bai Duan got up in a hurry and followed by Samuel’s side with obedience and care. He still hadn’t recovered from the ritual-like prayer chant.

It had to be said that although the Holy Church harbored filth, the brainwashing power was really first-class and powerful. Even Bai Duan, who was born in Black Street and never believed in the gods, was almost washed by the beautiful and sacred ode.

Aware of Bai Duan’s trance, Samuel slowed down and walked with Bai Duan side by side, looking at him, he said, “Do you think my image just now was very tall and holy? Do you love me a little more?”

Bai Duan lifted a corner of his mouth, glanced at Samuel’s triumphant smile and snorted, “What’s the matter with the word ‘love’? You feel better about yourself, don’t you?”

In Bai Duan’s eyes, although he really enjoyed the feeling of making love with Samuel, it didn’t mean that he had any sincere feelings that could be called ‘love.’ At best, it was just a physical relationship and mutual help to solve their physiological desire.

Of course, he also had to admit that Samuel, who had just pretended, was really… beautiful to the extreme. Bai Duan wanted to press him under his body, tempt him, bully him, make him struggle, full of emotion, show an expression of desire, and completely break his holy and flawless mask.

Hearing Bai Duan’s sarcasm, Samuel smiled and looked at him as if he were looking at a child who was being a mischievous fool. He was full of love and concern, “It doesn’t matter if you don’t admit it, I understand it.”

Bai Duan was very angry. He really wanted to beat the Son of God. Unfortunately, they were not in their private palace. Bai Duan had to resist his impulse to ‘offend the superior below him.’

Instead of arguing with Samuel about such meaningless and inconclusive topics, Bai Duan said, “You didn’t bring that demon into the Holy Church, did you?”

Samuel raised his eyebrows, “Why do you think so?”

“Did you?” Bai Duan narrowed his eyes. “I just found out that Doleck’s hobby in front of you, and there was a demon in his room… Tsk Tsk. The scene must have been very interesting at that time. He was afraid, and I don’t know whether he would try to do something else…”

Bai Duan’s voice was full of schadenfreude, but it was a pity that Samuel didn’t want to listen to him at all.

Frowning, Samuel’s voice was not satisfied, “Put away the mess in your mind!”

“What’s the matter?” Bai Duan was stunned, and his subconscious was a little uneasy. He was afraid that Samuel still had a sentimental attachment to the Holy Church, and didn’t like his dismissive and contemptuous words to resign from the high position cardinal.

No, why should he be afraid that he would offend Samuel?

Bai Duan’s heart was tangled, but Samuel didn’t know. He gave Bai Duan a look, raised his hand and nodded, “How can you imagine scenes of another man naked, his body moving and making love?! That Doleck guy was old and ugly, do you think I’m blind?! Even if you want to think, you can only think of me!”

Bai Duan, who was a little relieved, still felt complex and didn’t say anything. It was just…it was unreasonable. He couldn’t communicate well at all! Again, ignoring Samuel’s words, Bai Duan stared back and said, “What’s the point?!”

Samuel shrugged his shoulders and murmured, “That is the point,” but he finally obeyed Bai Duan’s wishes. “I didn’t bring the demon into the Holy Church, but I ‘let it out.’ To make the effect better, I added some special abilities to it, temporarily improving its resistance to holy light.”

Bai Duan’s expression was a little inconceivable, “You mean, it was already in the Holy Church?”

“Yes.” Samuel nodded, his mouth slightly sealed, and immediately smiled with a face as warm as jade, holy and noble with an evil spirit. “Look, this matter is not over.”

Bai Duan was speechless.

Please allow him to order wax candles for the bishops whom Samuel was thinking of.

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