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Chapter 69: Fifth World (10)

Translated by Addis of Exiled Rebels Scanlations

In order to make Bai Duan forget his ‘momentary blunder’, Samuel made great efforts to directly make Bai Duan, who just lost his virginity, lose his mind and become a slave of desire and lust.

Bai Duan was so drowsy and tired that he couldn’t lift a finger, while Samuel was so satisfied that he lifted Bai Duan out of the bath, wiped him dry, and placed him on the luxurious bed that he once showed off to the other. Unfortunately, Bai Duan didn’t have the energy to observe this ‘legendary’ bed which had once made him extremely curious. His head had just touched the pillow, and then he fell asleep in the fragrance left by Samuel.

After stroking Bai Duan’s wet hair, he had to dry it with holy light. Samuel was satisfied to see that Bai Duan’s dry and bifurcated hair was restored to its smooth luster. He could not help but bow his head and kiss him gently.

Later, he went back to the bathroom to erase the discordant traces left by Bai Duan. The Holy Light robe, which was so pitiful since it had been thrown into the pool, was lifted up and shaken, and then set aside with a careless attitude.

After clearing up the bathroom, Samuel returned to his bedroom, climbed into the bed, held his sleeping lover in his arms and closed his eyes.

When Bai Duan opened his eyes, he had no idea that he had spent the whole night in Samuel’s arms until he saw the light of the morning.

Bai Duan frowned. Before he was fully conscious, he’s mouth was stuffed with a red fruit.

Reflexively biting the fruit, the sweet juice made Bai Duan’s eyes bright, and the hunger in his stomach was relieved in an instant. He raised his head and looked at Samuel, Bai Duan, who was like a languid, resting beast, licked his lips. “What was that?” he said.

“Jumbo fruit. Not only tastes great, but also strengthens the body.” Samuel brought the fruit tray from the head of the bed and put it on the bed. “You used to eat irregularly, starve frequently, and have no nutrition in your body. It’s the best thing to nourish you.” As he said this, he introduced other fruits and vegetables to Bai Duan, each of which were extremely valuable. It was very difficult for the prince and nobles to get them, and Bai Duan had only heard of their names. But here, in the Holy Church, and to the Son of God, these were just ordinary fruits that could be enjoyed at any time.

Bai Duan quickly tasted all kinds of fruits from the fruit platter while Samuel was there. Even if he ate the fruit, he could not eat it easily, and soon became entangled with Samuel’s lips and tongue. With the delicious flesh and sweet juice mixed in, the kiss was more and more irresistible.

Bai Duan was panting as he pushed Samuel away and turned his head to one side. He felt Samue’s lower part, which began to become energetic again, announce its sense of existence against his waist.

“No, I won’t do it!” Bai Duan moved his body and tried to avoid Samuel.

Samuel was a little disappointed. “Why? Is it still uncomfortable? I cured you with the holy light…”

“It’s hard!” Bai Duan glared at him. “Do you think the light is omnipotent?”

Samuel shrugged his shoulders, but finally he didn’t nag his lover. After all, he was a considerate and gentle ‘host’ that needed to show long-term and warm ‘hospitality’ to the ‘guest’.

Suppressing his body’s reaction, Samuel touched Bai Duan’s head, turned over and let him lie on his chest, lazily closing his eyes again.

As long as Bai Duan was around, Samuel always forgot what diligence was. He couldn’t help lying on the bed with his lover in his arms until the end of time. After sleeping, he woke up… and continued the cycle.

However, Bai Duan, who now had a large stomach full of fruit, did not feel sleepy. He listened to Samuel’s heart beat for a moment, and suddenly thought of something. He looked up and said, “Yesterday, what did Bishop Jenka look for you?”

While listening to Hope’s account of the people of the Holy Church, Bai Duan paid special attention to Bishop Jenka. He always felt that this guy…was not a good guy. He was worried about Samuel.

… Although Samuel himself was not a good guy.

Hearing Bai Duan’s question, Samuel hooked up his lips and opened his eyes, “Him? He just asked me about the attack in detail, and agreed with my guess about the internal staff of the Holy Church. He said he would help me find the real assassin, and there are people who are quite suspicious.”

“Really?” Bai Duan frowned. “Doesn’t it take a thief to catch a thief?”

Samuel especially liked Bai Duan’s duplicity, which he didn’t care about but worried about. He chuckled, “It’s not true that Jenka is not the culprit.”

“So sure?” Bai Duan’s eyes widened with amazement and sat up on Samuel’s chest. “Do you know who the assassin is?”

Samuel’s eyes were salivating over Bai Duan’s chest stained with kisses, and his breath sank a little bit. Out of his male desire to possess and show off, he didn’t erase the traces printed on Bai Duan when he used holy light to relieve Bai Duan’s fatigue. He even spent time making them more gorgeous and bright.

Bai Duan noticed Samuel’s gaze, but he was not as shy and uneasy as he used to be. Instead, he lifted his eyebrows, raised his hand and slapped Samuel’s chest. Anyway, he had done the last step with Samuel, and felt very comfortable. Eight times out of ten, he would let the other do him. Bai Duan had no need to be shy and embarrassed. Everything was covered.

Samuel was patted by Bai Duan and his throat tightened. He reached for Bai Duan’s waist and stroked the attractive waistline with his fingers. His voice was low and hoarse, and he was a little careless, “Assassin? Well, of course I know… There is no assassin.”

Bai Duan’s mouth dropped open, a little incredulous, “No assassin?”

“Well, no.” Samuel never lied to Bai Duan. Except, of course, for his husband like little interests, and he chuckled, quite simply revealing the truth, “No one wants to kill me. I got hurt because I used a forbidden spell, and it backfired.”

Bai Duan looked at Samuel with blank eyes, and he didn’t know what to say. “So, it’s obviously your own pot, but you left it to others?”

“No.” Samuel blinked, his face pure and innocent, “I just took the pot out. As for what happens next, won’t everyone actively throw it at each other?”

Bai Duan was so disgusted by Samuel’s pure appearance that he couldn’t speak.

“At the end of the day, I was able to do so only by taking advantage of their desires.” Samuel held back his innocent posture, narrowed his eyes slightly, and smiled softly. “They didn’t care why I was hurt at all. They just wanted to take this opportunity to defeat their opponents and take advantage of the Pope’s serious illness to rise on their own. Naturally, I will cooperate with them and let them ‘achieve what they want’.”

Samuel said the last four words meaningfully. This dark context made it really fascinating. Even Bai Duan was excited, “So what? When you do this, you also want to ‘beat the opponent and get on top yourself’?”

“Yes.” Samuel nodded his head calmly, and politely changed his original tame performance to explain it from another angle, making his ‘change’ seem more logical. “Over the years, I obediently acted as the mascot for the perfect brainwashing of the Holy Church, which made everyone relax their vigilance against me. I did it in order to be able to hide behind the scenes to watch the tigers fight and see their dogs bite back and get a mouthful of hair. Only then can I profit.” After a pause, Samuel raised his mouth and his blue eyes were full of ambition. “What I want to do is to control the Holy Church, not be a puppet controlled by the Holy Church.”

Bai Duan licked his lips and looked down at Samuel, who he was sitting on. He only felt that his ambitious appearance was particularly attractive and he wanted to be conquered. With a little patience, Bai Duan quickly gave up his struggle, bent over and kissed Samuel. He used so much strength that he knocked into Samuel’s teeth and caused him to open his mouth.

Samuel’s lips were slightly opened, enjoying Bai Duan’s invasion. In the last world, his character was introverted, so even though he was still the top, Bai Duan always took the initiative in the bed, often pressing him under his body to have sex. It often turned Samuel’s spirit upside down.

Today, although he had no memory, Bai Duan still seemed to like this position, loving the feeling of controlling Samuel in any way he could.

Since his lover was so active, Samuel did not refuse. He held Bai Duan’s waist in one hand, and stroked his back from top to bottom with the other hand, sliding all the way to his groin, and slowly penetrated his backside.

Bai Duan did not refuse, but allowed Samuel’s advances, and even pushed his waist down, making it more convenient for Samuel to expand his nether regions.

They were able to love each other thoroughly. The original habit of loving purity and having no servants in the palace made it easier for Samuel and Bai Duan to ‘eat’ without fear.

Just when they had to close their doors for their loving, the inner part of the Holy Church, which had been in the dark, became more and more turbulent. With the help of Samuel’s ‘assassination attempt’ and injury, a large-scale search was carried out in the Holy Church as they ‘looked for assassins’. However, many ‘blasphemers’ who had misbehaved in private and violated the rules and regulations were found instead.

The Bishops were able to achieve their present status, and their means, intentions and connections were more than equal. They all wanted to take this opportunity to wipe out each other, but in the end, they were ‘injuring the enemy by one thousand and self damaging by eight hundred.’

Although the punished ‘blasphemers’ were not in a high position, which would not hurt the power of the bishops, this action finally tore off the disguise of peace and revealed the ferocious fangs.

The internal cleansing of the Holy Church made people feel they were in peril and nervous. What was unexpected was that its influence was not only limited to the inner part of the Holy Church, but also spread to the people through unknown leakers, which was obviously the last result that the Holy Church wanted.

In the minds of the people, the Holy Church had always been a synonym for holiness and nobility, so when they came to know that the Holy Church was so tainted, the impact would be more intense. Although the Holy Church took immediate action to block the news and pacify the people, their trust in the Holy Church could not be remedied in a short time.

The Holy Church naturally knew how important their image was in the minds of the people. Several Bishops had to shake hands for a while and take the lead to restore the reputation of the Holy Church. However, they didn’t expect that when they had just reached an agreement on the front side there would be a big surprise on the back side; a powerful monster suddenly appeared inside the Holy Church.

The place where the devil appeared was the residence of a bishop. In order to avoid the devil, the bishop ran out of the bedroom in a mess, followed by a number of men and women who were covered in traces from the aftermath of an orgy. The red, naked skin exposed the dirty, perverted and degenerate light of the Holy Church to the public.

And the fate of the world completely reversed at that moment.

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